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Story Orphans

Story Orphan from Angela

I’ve been a fan of a-team fan fic for many years, but there’s one plot line I haven’t seen and wondered why nobody has expanded on it. Can’t remember the name of the episode, but it’s the one where the tree falls on Murdock and BA has to lift it in order for Murdock to be pulled free. It would be nice to see an angsty little piece on that….. I always thought it was a bit bizarre that he escaped injury in that incident. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from Kell

Have this plot bunny in my head every time I watch the A-Team. But Im not a very good writer and I don’t have the time for it really. The idea I have is what if there was a 5th member of the team that was a girl and was wanted with the team. And is in a realtionship with John Smith. The guys know about it. Would be nice if it followed the series. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphans from DevinBourdain

  1. A redo for the ending of the episode One More Time. Instead of Face hanging onto the helicopter the enemy manages to pull him off leaving Hannibal no choice but to leave Face behind in order to take the general and his daughter to safety. The government decides to go back on their word and arrest the team before they can go back and rescue Face. Hannibal now needs to formulate a plan to keep himself, BA and Murdock from court-martial and a life time in prison, as well as rescue Face before it’s too late. In the mean time Face has no idea where the rest of the team is and is at the mercy of Rashaad, who is angry at Hannibal for making him look like a fool and stealing his prisoners, and plans to take his frustration out on the Lt. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.
  2. Someone from General Fullbright’s past is out for revenge, only they are too late to take it out on Fullbright himself. This new enemy plans to have their revenge on Tia when they realize Fullbright has a daughter and that the a-team has brought her back to the states. Can the A-team keep Tia safe from this new enemy? Set after The Sound of Thunder but before season 5 and answers the question what happened to Tia. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.
  3. Face and Murdock scam their way on to a small passenger plane when returning back to LA after a little down time. The plane crashes in the hills leaving the four passengers stranded and fighting for survival against injury, weather conditions and lack of supplies. The other passengers happen to be Decker’s wife and daughter. The race is on to see who can reach the group first: Hannibal and BA or Decker (who is highly motivated to rescue his wife and daughter) and his men who will arrest Face and expose Murdock as being a member of the A-team. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from Cara

This my plot idea, I would like to give up for adoption so to speak. Its an NC-17 idea, a cross over between A-team TV series(not the film) and Law and order special victims unit, one of my favourite shows. It’s as follows: Hannibal has twin daughters who for work for SVU, one is a detective one is a police physiatrist. They are stalked by a man who has connections to their work. The detective is attacked and raped, they call on the A-team for help in tracking down the rapist and whilst the team are with them the detective falls for face and they get together behind Hannibal’s back. Hannibal has to cope with the relationship, and his guilt at not being there for his children as well as trying to protect them.NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from Mamie

Sometime in the seventies, I think, Tom Jones recorded as song about a prisoner, on death row, who dreamed he was back home. His parents greeted him as he stepped down from the train, and then his wife is running to meet him, too. When h e realized he was only dreaming, he says “there’s a guard and a sad, old padre. Arm in arm we’ll walk at daybreak, again I’ll touch the GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME.” And that is also the title of the song, “THE GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME.” Whenever I listen to the song, I think of FACE in the prison cell, waiting to be executed for the murder of GENERAL MORRISON. I know TEMPLETON was an orphan and does not remember his parents. On the other hand He can dream can’t he? And being the only one raised CATHOLIC, I figure, he would like to have a priest present. I am sure the lyrics can be found somewhere on the Internet. I would just like to see what someone does with the story based on that song. FACE could always dream he sees ELLEN OR EVEN LESLIE. LESLIE WOULD BE EVEN BETTER. TEMPLETON WAS INTENDING TO MARRY HER. I JUST THINK IT WOULD MAKE AN INTERESTING STORY. BUT THEN THAT IS JUST ME. IF SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO GO FOR IT, THEY CAN. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from SoulInLondon

In the episode Firing Line, in season 5, (and why couldn’t all the episodes be as good as those first three?), the lawyer for the guys,Benny, says that all four of them will take the stand. We see B.A., Hannibal and of course Murdock but what about Face? What could Face say on the stand? He is the teams conman so how could he tell the truth and nothing but ,not to mention the fact that there was evidence that he forged Morrison’s signature. This can be any length,slash,fluff or full of angst but I just wondered about that comment. I do realize that I need help, but I blame it on the jazz.


Story Orphan from Zoe A surrogate father/son story revolving around Face and Hannibal, pre or post season five.

Someone (Murdock, BA or Stockwell) comments to Hannibal that things seem better between the Colonel and his LT. Hannibal either confides or confesses back to an incident that happened a few weeks ago: Hannibal and Face are returning from a mission; the others having gone ahead. Hannibal and Face’s relationship has been strained for a while. (set maybe after Mind Games or Alive at Five perhaps or just the tension of working for Stockwell. I always wondered if Face secretly blamed Hannibal for their prediciment w/Stockwell) They’re driving a rental car, it’s night, they start to argue which is why they don’t see the bus heading towards them on the road.

Hours later Hannibal awakes to find the car submerged in the lake. Its raining. While Hannibal is banged up, Face is really bad off. After getting out of the lake, Hannibal and Face find shelter in an abandoned house. Hannibal considers going for help but the storm is worsing and Face is really bad off. They’ll just have to wait the storm out. Hannibal cares for Face as much as Face will let him cause there’s still all this tension and bad feelings. A feverish Face takes the reader back to the early days of his and Hannibal’s relationship either in Nam or on the run. Hannibal is worried about a coma so he keeps Face talking. So they talk and argue and Face gets sicker and sicker. Face reveals (if its set in the Stockwell era) that AJ helped give him life but Hannibal was the only father he ever wanted. This eventually leads Face and Hannibal to resolve some of their issues. But their problems are far from over. The bus they crashed into earlier was a prison transport bus. Some of the men on the bus survived the crash and are also in search of shelter.

Face is helpless and nearly unconscious. Hannibal is literally one man against maybe four. An interesting twist might be these bad guys are the sam bad guys the team rounded up a few days ago. The guys get in and hold Hannibal and Face hostage. Hannibal tries to reason with them but its clear they have no intention of making this easy. Hannibal along with the others made a vow never to take another life after Nam. Can he resolve this without anyone getting killed? If comes down between Face’s life and the lives of these men how far and hard would Hannibal have to be pushed to save the man he feels in his heart and mind is his son? And in the aftermath can he live with the choice?

This story has been ADOPTED by Jacqueline.


Story Orphan from Johnnygirl

In the episode A Nice Place to Visit, Amy and Ray’s widow Trisch are holed up in the Brenner homestead, fending off two of the Watkins brothers. Amy has a rifle pointed at the front door and she’s recently fired a warning shot at one of the brothers. The warning shot, coupled with the timely return of the team, has the Watkins brothers leaving in a hurry. In the episode, Face makes a speedy exit of the recently aquired car and, closely followed by Murdock, he bounds up the porch steps to the front door. He knocks. . .

Now, in the episode, he calls out after knocking and Amy pauses, lowering the gun just in time, and answers with a questioning, “Face?” She is obviously relieved and the woman open the door and Amy embraces Face, relieved.

However, what if Amy didn’t realize that Face had replaced the Watkins brother at the door and she mistook his knock and grab at the knob as the Watkins brother’s dismisal of her warning and, before giving Face a chance to call out, she fired the rifle and seriously wounds Face?

Face is hit before he or Murdock can even process what has happened, the force of the bullet throws him back into a startled and shocked Murdock! Murdock instinctively catches/clutces Face as they both go down and, seeing the blood on Face and on his hands, and now processing the sound of the shot, he realizes what has happened and is immediately overcome with concern and trying to assess his closest friend. Amy realizes what she’s done a second too late and she drops the rifle in shock. The team has to deal with Face’s serious condition and the consequences of what Amy’s fear and/or carelessness has/could cost them. . .while trying to protect Trisch and fend of the Watkins clan, who will return for the final confrontation which will now take place at the Brenner homestead instead of the Watkins service station as it did in the originally aired show. Pinned down in preparing for fighting off the crazy Watkins brothers, will Hannibal’s forced medical ‘training’ from Nam be enough to save his second in command? Will Murdock be able to forgive Amy for what she’s done, especially after having to care for the seriously injured Face? Will Face be able to forgive her? Will the rest of the team? Will she be able to forgive herself? NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from SoulInLondon

Hi, I am an old/new fan of the A Team. I watched it back in the 80’s and now I have rediscovered it on DVD. This idea has intrigued me from the very first. In season one, in the episode ” The Beast From The Belly Of The Boeing” in the scene where Hannibal is just getting ready to land the plane he says “Face, if we crash…” and then BA freaks out. I have always wondered about that line, what was Hannibal going to tell Face? I know, I have a problem, but anyway, I am not an author but I respect those of you who have the imagination and talent to put the ideas on paper and if anyone would like to put my mind at ease after all these long years I would appreciate it. It can be long, short a drabble, slash or not. This story has been ADOPTED by Ocean-Born-Mary. Read it here: “Goin’ Down”.

Story Orphan from JunkFoodMonkey Set in season 5. Murdock escaped from the VA to come to Washington to be near the guys. He manages to get some of his medication by forging prescriptions, but when the pharmacy become suspicious of some of the stronger drugs (since they would usually only be used in hospital) he starts leaving those off. As a consequence he starts to display more “bad crazy” symptoms of mental illness. The team notice this and are worried.

Stockwell meanwhile has checked out Murdock’s supposed “release” and finds out he actually escaped. He visits Murdock at home and there’s evidence there of Murdock’s growing paranoia, like tinfoil lined walls for example. Stockwell deliberately waited for Murdock to have time to develop symptoms before he approached him, since he knew within 30 minutes of Murdock showing up at Langley that the release wasn’t on the level.

Stockwell says he will get Murdock medication and not tell the team about him escaping if Murdock does what Stockwell wants. (What Stockwell wants is up to the adopter of this bunny!)

Murdock, not thinking straight of course and fearing that if the team find out he’s not officially released they’ll send him back for his own good, agrees to Stockwell’s terms.

There, now I’ve made the mess, someone else can clear it up. This story has been ADOPTED by howlinmad002.

Story Orphan from kosmic

I only have a basic idea but the A-team are hired by a young woman to help find her brother who is has been taken prisoner by some organisation (not sure who or what), who hold several other people prisoners in a big camp.

Unfortunatly Face, Hannibal, B.A and the girl end up being captured too and held prisoner, Murdock manages to escape capture somehow.

But the people that are holding them prisoner arent very nice and the boys have to try and prevent them hurting the girl as well as planning an escape and then rescuing her brother. But Murdock does help them somehow. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Email kosmic to adopt this story.

Story Orphan from Peachy

I am an avid reader of A Team slash fiction, but never had a go at writing a story (not enough time!). I do, however, have a well-harboured fantasy that I would love to come to life:

“The team are in Peru on a mission to catch a drug cartel. They are in the middle of dense rainforest to be precise and completely lost thanks to Murdock and Face’s crazy argument (face was holding the satellite navigation system when Murdock pushed him over. Not that it meant to hurt, but Face makes a meal out of it) To make matters worse, the heat has got to BA and it’s left to Hannibal to hold him up as they get deeper into unknown territory. Will they find the plane before the unknown illness gets too much for BA? Will Hannibal finally loose it with the yelling pair lagging behind him? What are they arguing about anyway?

Things look bad and it’s getting dark. Sure they are trained survivalists, but they weren’t properly prepared for this trip and don’t carry the basics (you can decide why, but it must be Face’s fault). Then, unexpected help arrives. They happen upon an exploration team and are offered shelter for the night at their base close by. Hannibal’s not sure … he’s sure he recognises one of them, but can’t think why. He agrees to go as the risk to BA is too great.

They arrive at the base, rather relieved. The pair have calmed down too. It’s not what was expected … the impressive trailers and mechanical equipment hardly fit in with the explorer’s story. The Team soon find out why. They are greeted with a beating, handcuffed and thrust into a steel bunker cell. When they wake they find themselves a man down — where’s Face? The man somewhat familiar to Hannibal appears, changed from the charming man he was into a menacing, unpredictable wildman with a machete. He’s got Face to talk, and Face has broken down and spilled about the Team (or has he?) Now the bad guy demands that they do a sadistic mission for him or Face will die (besides which, the bad guy is a freak and has already done indescribable things to Face or so he claims).

Hannibal must come up fast with a plan and when that one doesn’t work — a contingency plan. Murdock struggles to manage his guilty feelings and really goes madly insane imagining what’s happening to Face. The bad guy had picked Face out as he seemed the weakest one and most likely to comply. Murdock thought it should have been him.

Of course, they find their Jazz without a minute to spare. The bad guys are put behind bars and the arguing pair finally discover what’s worth fighting over.” This story has been ADOPTED by Tjitske (12/06/09).


A-Team/ Remington Steel Xover Story Orphan from J_Jenn

I had an idea for a story and I really dont’ know how to write it so I decided to give it to someone who can probably use it. The plot is that Amy Allen has a cousin who is a detective, and knows all about the A-Team, and has kept the secret b/c she has secrets of her own with the fake boss of Remington Steele. “Remington” knows a certain blonde haired hero from the Team. I would really like to see something like that written. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from Sandy

My name is Sandy and I am new to the A team fan fiction site. I am a writer and have been basically plotting a story for quite sometime but other obligations have prevented me from getting my story going and so after reading about plotbunnies I thought I would pass my story idea along to anyone who may be interested. The title I haven’t quite decided on yet but am going between “Massacre” or “Alone”. Anyway the plot of the story is this (the team is employeed by helpless residents in a remote town (haven’t quite decided where yet) against a violent gang leader and his gang after a poor couple’s only child is carelessly and unmercifully shot down by the leader of the gang. The team decides to take the mission free of charge after meeting with the locals and learning of the deadly incident. Once they garner supplies and come up with a plan they are ready it seems to take on the thugs however when one local is threatened she slips up and devulges t he whole plan to a member of the gang who instantly meets back with his fellow gang members who come up with their own unique plan of stopping the team. Garnering their own supply of machine guns and other assorted weapons from a local weapon shop they come up to the home where they team is staying late in the night and totally demolish the home with a barrage of bullets. Caught off guard the entire team except for Hannibal is wounded. Hannibal shattered at the state his team is now in as they all suffer major injuries becomes emotionally and physically distraught. Eventually he finds strength as he realizes that he must now find a way to care for, fight for and save his entire team as well as frightened locals from this ruthless, seemingly unstoppable gang.

Anyway that’s my plot-bunny. I hope someone likes it and will create a story for it. NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Story Orphan from Silverstar

I have stories that are sitting around in a corner waiting to be taken home.

1) A total AU slash(Face/Murdock) with violence and non-con in the past. What if Face never escaped with the others in Vietnam. So while the others continued with the canon of the series while he stayed in a POW camp and then eventually a mental asylum (even crazier than Murdock). Fast forward to the present (at the time of their eventual capture and recruitment) where Stockwell/Decker believe they found a “trump card” to control and/or capture the others. When the team finds Face again and try to reconnect past friendship and love. Possible introduction of Face’s half-sister who has been trying to find him and keep him away and/or protect him from the Team.
This story has been ADOPTED by Cassiopia.  Read it here:Have You Heard The Birds Singing?

2) During an assignment by Stockwell Face is kidnapped by Kyle. During his imprisonment he is abused (emotionally,physically, sexually etc) believing he was abandoned and then cracks (Stockholm Syndrome) and becomes Kyle’s abused pet/bodyguard.
-Stockwell finds out about Face and sends the team to recapture him for information.
-The sting operation gets Murdock captured by Face and Kyle wants proof of loyalty:shoot Murdock. Face hesitates and Kyle shoots/abandons him. In custody, Face tries to escape back to Kyle.
-The Team have to deprogram him or else Stockwell will turn him over to prison.
-Murdock falling in love with Face during the procedure trying to break through to him (his own version of Stockholm Syndrome).
This story has been ADOPTED by Cassiopia.

3)During a mission Face is injured and his face and body has scars. He doesn’t believe it can be repaired or that anyone would love him (particularly Murdock) without his looks so he takes off letting the others believe he died. Face tries to live an isolated life in a small town (I imagine he wears sunglasses, hat and something that covers his scars) that is now being harassed by a gang. Unable to handle it by himself he is forced to contact the A-Team through a friend who lives in the town but the team immediately figures it out who sent them. This story has been ADOPTED by Shadowwalker213. Read it here:Neverness

4) During their time in the camps, one of the prisoners (a rival of Face for a position on the team) makes a secret deal with “trades” Face to the VC Captain in exchange for an escape route that he provided to Hannibal. Then on the night of the escape he mildly wounds Face so that he would be easily recaptured by the enemy soldiers. Held in the prison camp to be the VC Captain’s personal toy and then sold to a crimegang or kept after the war and became remade (and possibly addicted to drugs) into a personal bodyguard/companion and whipping boy for the drug lord leader.

Years later now dying of cancer and his guilty conscience makes him search for the A-Team to tell them what really had happened at the night of the escape. He had researched on the last known whereabouts of Face and tells them where he is.

The team attempts a dangerous kidnapping scheme even though Face would prefer the team would kill him or never found him (I thought of adding that he had one of his legs crippled to prevent him from running easily) because he doesn’t care if he lives anymore.He had given up on trying to escape and living a normal life.

(When they do free him he develops an unhealthy clingy attatchment to Murdock which concerns Murdock especially since he’s not sure if Face understands love or relationships. Which turns disasterously especially when Face starts to attatch himself onto anyone that shows the slightest bit of affection and makes Murdock jealous.) This story has been ADOPTED by shadowwalker213..  Read it here:Covenant

Story Orphan from Ccccccc222 (Mamie)

I am not an A-Team author, but I have an idea for a story. In several episodes BA anticipated HANNIBAL was going to try to knock him out with a sedative, and once he shoved MURDOCK into the needle held by AMY. Or so he thought, when MURDOCK collapsed to the ground. What BA did not know was that MURDOCK had the needle up his sleeve and injected BA when he was laughing and not being fooled. Another time BA thought by switching hamburgers he had given MURDOCK the spiked hamburger when again, MURDOCK collapsed on the ground. Then, BA falls victim to the REAL spiked hamburger. And as you know this is all to avoid flying. Well, I have always wondered WHAT IF MURDOCK REALLY DID GET THE SEDATIVE meant for BA, AND THEY WERE STUCK WHEREVER THEY WERE WITH NO BACKUP. No way to get out where ever they are. MURDOCK is much lighter than BA, therefore MURDOCK will probably get pretty sick and be totally out of it for quite some time if MURDOCK got a dosage meant for someone the weight of BA. To make it more interesting have the baddies after them and have them in hurry to get out of there to avoid capture. I gave the idea to someone else and she is working on it. I just would like to see what someone else would do with it. IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT THE IDEA, BE MY GUEST. This story has been ADOPTED by Closetfan.  Read it here:Fair Play

Story Orphans from Fingers

1) I have a story that is almost fully grown, it is at the adolescent (ie posted as a draft many moons ago…) but unfortunately it has been lying abandoned waiting for me *cruel mom* that I am to give it some more attention but unfortunately it lies languishing at the bottom of the pile, neglected, unwanted while its bigger and well rounded brothers and sisters got and are getting their moms attention.. It would appreciate a home where its central Amy / Decker storyline coming together to find the guys and its hint of a MFU xover and its exciting storyline will find proper fulfilment and treatment. It’s name was Serendipity… Anyone who wants to have a look at the file and take it over can contact me direct at [email protected]. uk

2) It is about 10 years after the bank raid …. But what if all had gone well and Morrison was never killed? What if Face had been severely injured during or after the robbery and the Team had only just got him back through the DMZ alive ?

Core of the Plot bunny: Hannibal has risen through the ranks to become a one star general specialising in ‘special assignments’, his aide was a certain pilot ? rank, called Murdock, rumors in the pentagon tagged the pilot as insane but the General protected him as much as he could. BA was given a battlefield commission as reward for his part in the robbery and is still in the army… Face was medically discharged and had a rough few years adjusting to civilian life but now he is a successful businessman….

10 years on the unit is gathering for a reunion but one member is missing … will the others rally around when the government disown and abandon him to his fate? ADOPTED by Lani. Read it here: A Different Beginning

Story Orphans from Ratgirl


–  In the middle of a job, one of the Team is scamming, disguised as a doctor, when bank robbers with a wounded man take him hostage.  (Maybe Face while breaking out Murdock?) This story has been ADOPTED by Lisa. Read: Brother’s Keeper

–  On a rainy day, BA picks up a young hitchhiker who is more than he/she seems. (Good solo BA story.  Maybe modern legend, ghostly hitchhiker?  Or paid assassin trying to get to the Team?  Ordinary troubled teen?  Or special troubled teen who needs the kind of help only the Team can provide?) NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

–  The Team is hired to protect a rock star who happens to have a strong resemblence to one of the Team members while one of the others displays an unsuspected musical talent.  (Too similar to “TGTN” & “CBG”?  Could work, with effort…) NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

–  The UFO Murdock saw in Vietnam comes back for him. This story has been ADOPTED by Murdock’s Therapist. Read it here: Out of the Night

–  The Team runs across some bad voodoo and various nasty undead types down south.  (Research, research, research…+ a glut of supernat. on list? Nah…Don’t think anybody’s done zombies yet.) ADOPTED by Lark. Read it here: Dies Irae, Dies Spero

–  To help a travelling girlie show, Face and Murdock don dresses.  (*way* silly.  *LOL*  Watching too much Xena, girl…But if Bruce Campbell can do it, why not Dirk & Dwight?  Dream on, Warrior Rat.) This Story Has Been ADOPTED by Emerald Princess 20 (05/03/10). NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

————————————————————— —-
–  Hannibal and his men are hired to work the same case as MacGyver. (Hmm.  Need to watch Mac more before attempting this.  Phoenix Found. is involved in a little bit of everything it seems.  Should be too hard.  But diff. in MOs would prove interesting.) This Story Has Been ADOPTED by Sara V. Read: The Kidnapping of Allisson Andrews

Story Orphans from Auntie Hill

These are just a few:  

*** A foreign dignitary of some sort asks the Team for help recovering stolen treasures of his homeland (pick one). One of which is a box, said to be cursed. While in the van alone, Face is staring at the beautiful box, and finds it’s a puzzle box. He opens it……Murdock is walking towards the van. Sees flash of light, runs over—finds box on the floor, open, but Face has vanished… NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

***A woman hires the Team to keep mysterious stalker away–she is writing a book about her experiences as a teenage runaway. Police think the stalker is all in her head. She reveals, after they are hired, that she knew Face as a child. They were on the streets together as kids…. This Story Has Been ADOPTED by Magikspides.   Read it here:Stalker

*** An old friend comes to the Team looking for Face. He seems a pathetic and lost individual. He asks Face for money—Face gives him thousands. He needs a car–Face gives him his prized corvette. This “loser” type clings to Face, always needing something. The Team have no idea who he is, but Face contiues to support him and take care of him. This Story Has Been Adopted by Shadowwalker213.  Read it here:Auld Lang Syne

*** The Team crash in the woods after a Stockwell mission. Face has been hurt in the plane crash, but BA is so busy attacking everyone for putting him on the plane that one notices—at first. Lots of guilt from Murdock, but Face isn’t hurt THAT bad. Lots of talking around the campfire. Maybe some delirious ramblings from Face. This Story Has Been ADOPTED by Lisa. Read it here: Another Sacrifice

*** Another con-man shows up—(Pre-Stockwell era.) He ends up getting on the road w/ the Team–running from mobsters that Hannibal has pissed off. He & Face have apparently known each other since Orphanage. He insults Face, says TRULY horrible things to him, etc. Face just takes it. Jerk/conman reveals some of Face’s secrets. Conman has female partner who decides she like Face better…Romance?   This story has been ADOPTED by Jullian Gray. Read it here: Haunted Past