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Stand By Me


Murdock wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing Face so much grief. But he knew how much Face had been through already tonight. He didn’t want to push it and cause Face anymore grief that could send him right over the edge. ‘Somehow Baby, I’m going to figure out just what it is that’s hurting you so much. Somehow I’m going to fix it.” Murdock just wondered how he was going to do that.


“Yeah, Murdock?” Face was quieter now, calmer.

“Someday you’re going to need to tell me. Someday soon.”

Face stiffened. “Yeah, Murdock, I know.” He barely whispered. “I know.”

Murdock rolled Face so that he was on his back and leaned over him. He looked deep into his eyes for a moment and bent down and kissed away his tears. Murdock whispered softly to Face, “How can I fix this?”

Face looked at Murdock, but didn’t answer. He didn’t know how to answer.

Murdock drew Face in for a kiss. “I love you so much,” he murmured. “I was so scared when we almost lost you.” Murdock then began to explore Face’s warm, soft mouth. Drawing in with pleasure, his beautiful taste and scent. He worked his way down Face’s neck, moving to his ears and softly sucking each earlobe. Blowing gently into his ear. “I’ve missed this,” Murdock whispered.

“I’ve missed you,” Face said softly.

Murdock then began to explore Face’s chest. Kissing each nipple softly. He was careful of his ribs and slowly made his way down Face’s stomach. He was delighted that Face was already aroused. He smiled up at Face. “Your eyes are so beautiful Face.” He whispered softly. “I could look into them forever.”

Face smiled. He reached down to pull Murdock’s head back up to his. Murdock met his lips and kissed him softly. As he was kissing him he reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer pulling out a small bottle of lubricant. He lay next to Face still kissing him passionately. His right hand erotically exploring Face’s body. He then pulled back, breaking the kiss to look deeply into Face’s eyes. “Are you sure?”

Face nodded. “It’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

Murdock smiled. The words making his heart flip for joy. He lovingly stroked Face’s cheek. “I know baby, but it’s just that you’ve been through a lot today, I don’t want to push it.”

Face felt safe. No one had ever loved him the way that Murdock did. Being with Murdock made him feel a joy he’d never known before. “I’ve never known a love like this Murdock. You make me feel safe, warm and comfortable. But most of all, you make me feel loved.”

Murdock beamed. Feeling a happiness inside he never knew was possible.

Face continued, “I’ve been with a lot of women.” He stopped while Murdock chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s saying the least.”

Face smirked and tried to ignore the comment. “But none of them have ever made me feel the way that you do. Do you know why I let you make love to me so soon that night?”

Murdock shook his head. His hand still caressing Face’s cheek, neck and hair.

“Because I guess somewhere deep inside I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I was just always too afraid to think about those feelings. Or to act upon them. When you told me how you felt, I suddenly was able to admit to myself what my heart was trying to all these years. And when you made love to me, it was beautiful and special. It was true love. I learned from you what true love was. I learned what ‘sex’ and making love was really about. And you taught me the difference between the two. You helped me to trust and love. Something that I never thought I could do. Something that I have never done before. Ever.”

Murdock’s eyes were filled with tears. Tears of joy and of love. “I didn’t think that I could love you anymore then I already did Facey.” With that he leaned in and kissed Face again. He memorized each sensation and explored his mouth like never before. He placed some gel in his hand and while still kissing Face, he slowly spread it on his lover. He slowly pushed his finger in past the small ring of muscle, then another finger. When he was sure Face was comfortable, he ever so slowly maneuvered himself so he was above Face and all the while kissing him he slowly and seductively entered his body. He opened his eyes to look at Face. Face looked calm and angelic. Murdock watched Face as he made love to him. Face opened his eyes and smiled into Murdock’s eyes. Murdock returned the smile.

They made love half of the night and when they were both exhausted they lay in each others arms, happy and content. Right at that moment, nothing mattered but the two of them.




Additional Warning: This next chapter contains a wicked, twisted and sick torture scene and speculated/actual drug use. {I guess this chapter really brings out my evil side.} The guys are forced to hurt Face in a terrible way. For those of you who don’t think they want to hear this part, now’s the time to move on. I’m really not trying, nor do I want to offend anyone! ~ Jes Parker


Face woke to a pain in his chest. He tried to rise, but was unable to. Opening his eyes he saw Murdock wrapped around him. He smiled to himself remembering last night. Quietly pushing Murdock to the side, he slowly climbed out of bed, trying not to disturb him. He groaned as his body argued with his movements. His entire body sore from his run in with Nick and Joe yesterday, but his heart happy. He sank down into the chair, trying to catch his breath. His ribs really hurting him. He closed his eyes.

“Face?” he opened them back up. Murdock was kneeling before him.

“Hmmm?” Face asked, trying not to let onto his pain.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” He suddenly gasped as he tried to get up.

Murdock had felt Face get up and watched as he had stumbled to the chair. He saw the pain on his face.

“No, you’re not. Hang on I’ll get you some medicine.”

“Thanks.” Face said appreciatively as he took the pills.

“Let me look at your ribs.” Murdock helped Face sit up a bit and slowly unwrapped his ribs. After looking them over and feeling to make sure they were still in the right place he wrapped them back up again.

“Maybe one of these days I’ll make love to you without broken ribs.” He smiled mischievously up at Face.

Face tried not to laugh, but didn’t succeed. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Soon, they were dressed and Hannibal and BA had joined them and they were trying to decide what they were going to do for breakfast, when they heard a knock at the door. Hannibal went to open it.

“Hey, Hannibal who is it?” Murdock turned to see Hannibal backing into the room with his hands in the air. He watched helplessly as Nick, Joe and six other guys entered the room, guns drawn. Murdock and BA quickly rose their hands. Face however just stood there, an angry look on his face.

Murdock looked at Face. The look he saw in his eyes panicked him. Hopefully he wasn’t about to do something that would get himself killed.

The trio watched as Nick approached Face.

“Why aren’t your hands up, son?”

“Why would they be? Are you robbing me?”

Nick backhanded Face.

“And I’m not your son.” Face retorted.

Again Nick hit Face. “Still have quite a mouth on you don’t you son.” Nick faked a sigh as he turned to the rest of the group. “I tried to knock some sense into him and that mouth of his. Had him pretty well trained for awhile there. Didn’t I, son?” He turned to look at Face. Face didn’t say anything.

Murdock was finding himself hurting for the little boy inside Face. It was a familiar feeling. For all the things he endured in life, all the things life dished out to him and all the things Face continued to go through. ‘To think I was the one who was committed,’ he thought. How had Face managed? How’d he still manage to stand there so strong?

Joe turned to Nick. “Nick, let’s get them out of here before we attract too much attention. I’ve still got a town to run here.”

Nick smiled and nodded as he caressed Face’s cheek. Face pulled away from his touch.

“Oh, I see we’re going to have a serious lesson to learn aren’t we boy?”

Face grinned and said “Yeah, for you.”

Hannibal, Murdock and BA’s mouths flew open as Face punched Nick. Joe and two others jumped on Face. Joe butted him with his gun and the other two wrestled Face to the ground. Face however put up a good struggle. Nick stood above Face. Joe wrestled Face’s arms behind his back and locked handcuffs into place. The other men motioned BA, Murdock and Hannibal outside. When they didn’t move, Nick cocked his gun to Face’s temple.

“MOVE!” he ordered.

The guys followed the other men outside. Face was roughly jerked to his feet and led out as well. They were all thrown into the bed of a pickup. Murdock and Hannibal quickly moved to Face’s side after he was thrown in. Hannibal used his shirt tail to try and wipe the blood away from Face’s eyes.

“Face, you need to calm down. You’re going to get yourself killed.”

“Maybe that was the plan.” Face retorted.

“FACE!?” Murdock shot.

“I’m sorry, guys … I … it’s not you. I just … don’t think I want to go through this again … that’s all.” He hesitated as he looked into Murdock’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired. I’ll calm down.”

Hannibal, Murdock and BA’s hearts filled with pain. What were they going to do?

Hannibal whispered, “We just need to stay calm. I’ll think of something.” ‘But what?’ he muttered to himself.


They were taken deep into the woods where a house stood on a sprawling ranch. The truck stopped and they were led to a pole barn and shoved inside. Hannibal, Murdock and BA’s hands were immediately chained to a wall.

“This is just so you don’t get in my way for now.” Nick laughed as BA growled at him.

Face was left standing not far from where his friends were chained up. He looked helplessly around him. ‘Great,’ he thought. ‘Now what?’

Nick approached Face. “Now son, I suggest you behave now, or I’ll have my men start shooting you’re friends. Do you understand?”

Face nodded.

“Okay Joe, you can take him out of his cuffs. He’s not going to give us any trouble are you, Lieutenant?”

Face glared at Nick.

Nick hit him. “ARE YOU LIEUTENANT?” Nick said louder.

Face shook his head.

“No. No. What do you say?” Nick asked as he hit Face harder this time.

“No,” Face said between gritted teeth.

Joe hit him in the back with a bat.

“NO WHAT?” Nick asked again.

“No, Dad!” Face sneered.

“Very good boy! Now, first thing we’re going to do is give you a bit of an attitude adjustment. Do you remember how we used to do that?” Nick’s eyes were laughing. Face closed his eyes.

“I can’t hear you!”

“Yes,” Face said in a small voice.

Again Joe hit him in the back.

“Yes, Dad!” Face gasped.

Hannibal, Murdock and BA looked on in horror. They could see Face trying hard not to cry out each time he was struck. Tears threatened Hannibal and Murdock’s eyes. BA was cursing under his breath. They watched as Face was led over to a table.

They placed him on the table so he was lying on his stomach. His legs were shackled to the table, then his arms were drawn out to the side and shackled down. Face’s eyes met Murdock’s eyes. Murdock saw the pain and wished desperately he could stop this. Then Face quickly looked away. Murdock knew he didn’t want them to see him like this. He wished that Face would look back. Murdock believed if he could hold eye contact Face would know he was there with him, that he wasn’t alone. He watched as Face began to struggle against the restraints.

Nick laughed as Joe hit Face again with the bat. Nick reached for Face’s shirt and ripped it off. Then he cut the bandage from his chest. Nick ran his hand seductively down Face’s side. Face jerked under his touch. Then Nick picked up a whip and cracked it once for Face to hear the sound. Then he began whipping Face with it … over and over and over. He wasn’t going to stop until he either heard Face cry out or Face was unconscious.

Murdock and Hannibal began screaming at Nick to stop. BA was threatening Nick. Suddenly Nick stopped and walked over to where they were chained.

“OK new rule. You’re giving me a headache. You either shut up or I’ll really make his day. You think this is rough? You haven’t seen anything yet. I take it Peck didn’t tell you about all the things Joe and I did to him when he was a boy. About all the things we made him to.”

Suddenly Face was screaming. “SHUT UP NICK!! JUST SHUT UP!!”

Hannibal, Murdock and BA were terrified at their Lieutenant’s tone.

“What did you do?” Hannibal asked in a dangerously low tone.

Nick laughed.

“Please Nick! Just be quiet.” Face was pleading with Nick.

Nick turned back to Face. “Why? Don’t you want them to know that you’re a thief, tramp and a murderer? Amongst other things? Don’t you want them to know about the little games we used to play?”

Hannibal, BA and Murdock were very quiet. Their faces full of shock and questions. Nick just laughed. He turned back to see Face silently crying.

“Turn him over, Joe!”

The guards and Joe turned Face over so he was locked to the table on his back this time. Now Nick began to whip Face across his chest and belly. He grinned as he watched the skin rip each time he hit him.

Finally, Nick grew tired of this game and decided to move on. He walked over to the wood burning stove that was located not far from the table Face was strapped to. He put on gloves and pulled out of the fire a long poker that had been resting in the fire. The end was glowing red hot. Nick laughed as he walked over to Face, showing him the end.

“Mine forever,” Nick laughed.

Hannibal, Murdock and BA gasped and cringed as they watched him place the red hot poker on Face’s lower belly. Face was screaming now. Nick, loving the sound, held the poker even harder against Face’s stomach.

Hannibal felt sick. The smell of burning flesh was in the air. Hannibal looked to Murdock who had tears falling down his cheeks. He looked at BA who looked back at him with a solemn vow in his eyes. Hannibal nodded his agreement. He looked back to Face. His heart breaking. Face was nearly unconscious when Nick finally pulled it away. He stood there admiring his work while tears rolled down the lieutenant’s face.

“You are still fun boy. I almost forgot how much I liked the sound of you screaming.”

He then told his guards to release Face from his restraints. Face was dragged over to where Nick was standing. Nick grinned down at Face as he produced a needle.

“No!” Murdock could barely hear Face whisper the word. He watched as Nick laughed and Face struggled to get away. Nick looked over to where they were chained.

“Face didn’t tell you about his little drug problem did he?”

Hannibal, Murdock and BA refused to answer.

Nick just laughed. “It was great. I got him hooked on Heroin so I knew that he wouldn’t go anywhere. Needed his drug fix.”

Murdock looked at Hannibal. Hannibal just shook his head sadly. They turned back and watched as Face tried to crawl away from Nick. And as Nick just laughed, and stuck Face with the needle, injecting him with the contents.

“Go ahead and undo them for now. We’ll come back in a little while and play some more.”

The guards undid Murdock’s restraints first. He quickly ran to Face’s side. Hannibal was next, followed by BA. Murdock just knelt next to Face for a stunned moment looking at his fallen friend. Then he reached out and checked to make sure Face had a pulse. Hannibal arrived at their side and they carefully rolled Face over. Face had his eyes open, but he wasn’t focusing on anything. BA slipped next to them and crouched down to talk to Face. Hannibal retrieved Face’s shirt, which was lying nearby and gently started to wipe the blood from his chest and belly, careful to avoid the brand.

Murdock gasped when he was able to see the brand clearly. “Oh Facey! Oh baby! I’m so sorry, baby!” He kept mumbling.

Hannibal tried to examine it without touching it, knowing that this would cause Face more pain. It was about the size of a quarter, a circle, with a “N” inside. “Nick!” Hannibal hissed.

Face was sweating now, trembling violently. He began to mumble incoherently. They did their best to calm him and make him as comfortable as they could. Murdock sat cross-legged on the floor and pulled Face to lean against him. Hannibal and BA each grabbed a hand and stroked his cheek. They listened as Murdock sang softly to him, then they joined in.

After awhile Face seemed to snap out of it a bit and calm down, relaxing against Murdock. He looked around to each of his friends.

“Thanks,” he muttered.

They all just smiled and squeezed a bit tighter. Hannibal and BA for the first time began looking around themselves. Hannibal started to form a plan in his mind. BA picked up on his plan before he even said anything. In one corner of the pole barn was an old truck. Nearby, old parts, welders, batteries … everything they would need.

Hannibal smiled at BA. “Don’t worry kid, we’ll get you out of here.” Hannibal said reassuringly to Face.

Before they could move though they heard Nick and Joe outside.

“Damn!” Hannibal muttered. His plan would have to wait. He wondered if Face could hold on that long.

“Hang on Face!” he whispered softly in Face’s ear. “Hang on!”

Face looked into Hannibal’s eyes, fear and desperation welling inside him.

“Face, you hang on,” Murdock whispered “and when we get out of here we’ll just have to reenact last night!”

Face grinned up at Murdock. “Promise?”

Hannibal caught on to what they were saying and grinned mischievously at Face, “Hey don’t I get a say in this?”

Murdock and Face laughed. Hannibal, Murdock and BA felt relieved … for about 30 seconds.

Nick, Joe and his men walked in just then and motioned them to their feet. Face watched as Murdock, Hannibal and BA were again locked to the wall. Suddenly his heart ached. ‘I’m sorry guys. I’m so sorry that I got you into this,’ he thought.

Murdock caught the look on his friend’s face. He waited until Face met his eye and he shook his head, his eyes telling him that it was okay. Face smiled at him.

Face heard Nick shouting at him and slowly turned his head to meet his eyes. Nick was surprised at how calm and collected Face was and how cool his eyes were when they met with Nick’s.

Hannibal, BA and Murdock were surprised to. They feared that Face would try and do something stupid. They all silently told Face to cool it. Face heard them..

Nick approached Face.

Face held his ground watching Nick carefully. Inside the fear was overwhelming him, but outside he refused to show it.

Nick decided that Face needed to be broken, so he motioned to his guards to hold Face while he beat him. Face tried as best as he could to block the blows out, it was a losing battle though. Joe joined in when just Nick wasn’t getting a rise out of him. Pretty soon, his men let go of Face and they beat him until he couldn’t get up anymore. Then they began to kick Face. Face was now grunting in pain. Finally exhausted, they stopped. Face lay still.

Hannibal, BA and Murdock weren’t sure at first if he was still breathing, finally they saw his chest rise and they breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’ve trained your soldier well, Colonel, he barely cries out in pain. Don’t worry though, I can break him of that habit. I know what makes him scream.”

Hannibal glared at Nick. “I’ve also trained him to be a killer when needed …” Hannibal drowned off, satisfied that his threat was in the air. Nick just turned back to Face.

Satisfied that Face was down for now, Nick kneeled next to him and began stroking his hair, and body. Joe moved next to him and did the same.

Murdock felt as if he’d been kicked in the stomach. BA was getting angrier, straining against his restraints. Hannibal looked on, thoughts of killing Nick crossing his mind. They watched as Face screamed and tried to get away from them. Soon, Nick and Joe had Face stripped. Face kept trying to get away, but each time he tried, he was hit or kicked.

Nick raped him first. Face screamed in pain. When he finally pulled away from Face, Face desperately tried to get away. He kicked Nick and rolled onto his back, opening himself up to Joe who pulled out a knife and stabbed Face in the right chest. Face doubled in pain, gasping for air. Joe pulled the knife out laughing and fiercely rolled Face back over, ramming himself into Face. Face sobbed.

Hannibal, BA and Murdock sobbed along with him.

After Joe was done, each of the six guards took their turn. Finally the last one pulled out of Face. Face lay on the ground in his own blood.

Nick looked at the trio chained to the wall. “You want a piece of the action too?”

They all shook their heads.

Nick laughed. “I think you do.” He unlocked Hannibal from the wall. “Rape him!”

Hannibal shook his head.

“DO IT!”

“NO!” Hannibal said firmly.


Joe put his gun to Face’s head and cocked it.

Hannibal sighed and walked over to Face. Slowly he knelt down beside him and stroked his hair. “I’m sorry, Face.” Face just shrugged.

Nick laughed. “Do it, Colonel.”

Hannibal then unzipped his pants. He felt sick at all the blood. “I can’t, it won’t cooperate.”


“OKAY! OKAY!!” Hannibal stroked himself a bit, wishing with all his might that this would all stop and he wouldn’t have to go through with hurting his friend in this way. He knew if he didn’t get it up soon Face would die, but how the heck was he supposed to in these circumstances? Finally by sheer will he was able to get a semi-erection and very, very carefully he entered Face.

“HARDER!” Nick yelled.

Hannibal sighed and moved faster being careful not to hurt Face. At least he hoped he wasn’t hurting him.

Soon Nick was satisfied and ordered him back to the wall. “Your turn,” he said to Murdock as he unlocked him.

Murdock stood frozen.

“YOUR TURN!” Nick yelled at him.

“I can’t.” Murdock said in a small voice, looking desperately at Face lying on the ground.

“Oh really? Then you’ve just signed his death certificate. Joe.”

“NO!!” The scream ripped out of Murdock. He sighed inwardly and nodded as he walked over to Face. He’d never seen the look on his friend’s face before. He couldn’t even begin to read it. “Facey, I’m sorry baby,” he muttered. Face just stared at him. He cringed at the sight of all the blood. He found himself having the same thoughts and problems Hannibal had moments earlier. He finally silently slid into Face. Face didn’t move. Murdock thought his heart would break. When he was done, Nick walked over to BA.

“Your turn.”

“I don’t have sex with men.”

“You will today, or you’re friend will die.”

BA sighed. Before he could move however, a scream erupted from Face. Nobody was prepared for what happened next.

They heard Face scream and watched as he stood and prepared to slam into Nick. Then they heard the gunshot. Everyone turned towards the noise and saw Joe standing with the gun in his hand, they looked back and saw Face holding his stomach and then sink to his knees.

“FACE!” Murdock, BA and Hannibal screamed in unison. Their eyes filled with panic, fear and concern. Murdock dropped back down beside his friend and quickly clamped his hand over the gunshot wound and stab wound, blood oozing between his fingers. He looked at all the blood, the tears freely falling down his face. He tried to ease him to the ground, but Face just knelt there paralyzed. “Facey? Face? Oh please, Face, look at me.” He heard Nick in the distance as he gazed upon his lovers face, his hands against his stomach and chest pushing as hard as he could as if to keep the blood inside.

“JOE!” Nick reprimanded. “You know I need him alive!” Suddenly a sly grin formed over his face. “Oh well, just a slight change in my plans that’s all.” He turned to the other two men and unlocked them. Before they could move six guns were on them. “You can go now. Your van’s out front, get in it, drive back to your hotel. Take him to the hospital and we’ll kill him. The rule of the game is you have to save him without the hospital.” Nick grinned.

Nick then knelt next to Face and Murdock. He pulled out a needle, Murdock tried to pull Face to him to protect him, but Nick just held a gun to Face’s head. “I can finish him right here if you wish.”

He laughed as he handed the syringe to Murdock. “Here you do the honors. You be the one who conjures up his old addiction and the fun that comes with it.” Murdock shook his head no, shaking with fear. Nick hit Face’s head hard with the gun. Murdock watched the stitches in his head rip open blood falling down his face. Murdock heard the scream escape his own lips as he looked desperately at Face who was shaking his head trying to clear it. Face met his eyes as Murdock held his arm and slowly injected Face with the contents of the needle. Murdock knew it was Heroin. His eyes were pleading with Face’s to forgive him. He saw Face blink his acknowledgment, just before the Heroin took affect. He watched Face’s eyes glaze over and they both cringed as they heard Nick say.

“But remember, I’ll be back again one day and I’ll make your life and the life of your friends a living hell.”

With that Nick turned and left the building, Joe and the guards followed.

Hannibal was next to reach Face’s side. “Face?” he knelt down next to Face. Face was still on his knees. Murdock was kneeling on the other side of Face. Hannibal pressed his hand over the gunshot wound, letting Murdock concentrate on the stab wound. BA had gathered Face’s clothes and brought them over. BA handed them the shirt and they both pressed the shirt into the wounds. Then BA picked Face up and carried him to the van. He laid Face gently inside and Murdock and Hannibal got in next to him. Murdock grabbed a blanket and covered Face with it. His hands went under the blanket to push on the wounds, trying desperately to stop the bleeding. He heard Face gasp and try to sit up, pushing Murdock’s hands away.

“Sorry, Facey. Sorry. I have to baby. Hang tight. We’ll get you outta here.” Murdock muttered as he slowly pushed Face to the floor.

Hannibal on the other side, reached into the medical kit for the blood pressure cuff. He frowned at the reading.

“Bad, Colonel?” Murdock whispered quietly reading the look on his Colonel’s face.

Hannibal could only nod. Fear had almost completely paralyzed him.

BA’s voice cut through his deep thoughts, “Hannibal? What do I do?”

Hannibal looked up to his Sergeant sitting behind the wheel with a look that Hannibal knew mirrored his own. He didn’t know how to answer. If they didn’t do what Nick said … but if they did … either way the outcome didn’t look too good. Hannibal shook his head as if that would clear away the morbid thoughts.

“Go to the hotel and call Maggie. I’ll think of a plan.” ‘I hope,’ he thought.

Murdock was talking to Face who had his eyes closed. “Facey? Facey? Wake up. Open your eyes. I need to know your still with us.”

Face slowly opened his eyes. “M-M-Murdock?” Face gasped.

Murdock smiled. “S’okay Facey, I’m here. You just have to hold on tight okay? Just hold on.” Murdock had pulled Face’s head into his lap and was rocking him a bit. He could feel Face shaking violently beneath him. “You cold?”

Face nodded. Suddenly he began blinking furiously, darkness threatening to consume him.

“Face? What’s the matter? Face?” Murdock looked panicked. “Hannibal?”

Face’s body began jerking spastically. Hannibal immediately reached for the monitor, not really needing to know the results. “He hasn’t eaten, and with the blood loss …” his voice trailed off. He reached for the glucose. He couldn’t find a spot on Face’s belly so he rolled him a bit and injected it into the muscle in his butt. Within moments his body slowed.

Murdock checked his breathing while Hannibal got the stethoscope and listened to his heart and lungs. He could hear Face trying desperately to get the air through his left lung, on his right side he couldn’t hear any breath sounds. He put his hand under the blanket to the chest wound. He could feel a bit of air escape and the blood beneath was bubbling a bit. The knife had penetrated the lung.

Murdock looked at Hannibal. Hannibal nodded. The unspoken question answered. Murdock looked scared. Hannibal reached out and put his hand on Murdock’s shoulder as BA pulled up to the hotel. “We’ll get him through this. We will!” Hannibal promised. Murdock nodded.



BA opened up the back doors and reached in for Face, cuddling him close to his body. He looked down into the lieutenant’s face and softly muttered “I’ve got you Faceman. We’re here.” Face opened up his blue eyes and looked into BA’s sad brown eyes. BA smiled. “You’re gonna be okay, I promise.” Face nodded.

BA lay Face down on the bed and Face closed his eyes again. He felt panicked because it was so hard to breathe, but he also felt safe. His friends were there. He welcomed the darkness as it overtook him and lead him away from the pain.

Murdock and Hannibal came in with the supplies. Murdock firmly placed his hands on Face’s chest and stomach. Face gasped with pain bringing him around a bit. His hands shot up to try and remove Murdock’s hands.

“No Face. I got to. I have to stop the bleeding.” He reached to softly push Face back on the bed. He watched as Face grunted in pain. Murdock’s heart ached. He wanted so much to make the pain go away for Face. He tried to push the memories of what had happened to the back of his mind. He remembered their love making last night. How much he loved the man who lay bleeding beneath him. How he thought his heart was being ripped out of his chest each time that bastard hurt his poor Face.

And then when the gun went off … he thought he had lost him … he could see Face dropping to his knees … Murdock shook his head. He started to talk to Face, not about anything in particular, just wanting to comfort Face. Comfort his best friend and the man he loved. His eyes traced Face’s body, his bruised and bloodied beautiful face, the whip marks on his chest and belly, the stab and gunshot wound, the brand … Murdock couldn’t pull his eyes away, his stomach knotted at the sight. He felt as Hannibal sat down next to him.

Hannibal followed Murdock’s eyes. He grimaced. “BA, get some ice please.”

BA nodded and headed out the door, softly closing it behind him.

Hannibal took Murdock’s chin in his hand and forced his eyes to meet his own. “Murdock, it’s going to be okay. We’ll fix it.”

Murdock nodded sadly. “Can we Hannibal?” he asked softly.

“We’ve got to,” was all Hannibal could say. Hannibal then picked up the stethoscope and listened to Face again. He shook his head. Then he took Face’s pulse and checked his blood pressure.

BA came back with the ice and placed some in a washcloth handing it to Hannibal. Hannibal took it gratefully and placed it gently on the burn. Face sat up in great pain, a low scream escaping him before he could choke it back. Murdock and BA gently pushed Face back to the bed. Face was sweating profusely, his body shaking from cold, pain and fear.

Murdock began whispering to Face, “Ssshh Face, s’okay. I know it hurts baby, but the ice will numb it. Let us help you, Face.” Murdock felt Face relax a little bit. “Can’t we give him something for the pain Hannibal?” Hannibal shook his head.

“We can’t take the chance of it interacting with the Heroin he’s got in him. We’ll have to wait until Maggie gets here. She’ll know what to do.” Hannibal then took some burn ointment and spread it gently on the burn. Murdock watched as Face struggled against the pain.

BA went to the bathroom to retrieve towels, washcloths and a bowl. He soaked one cloth with water and walked back to the other room. He sat down near Face’s head and began to gently rub the cloth against his sweating head. Hannibal took the bowl and poured peroxide into it, then he dropped a washcloth into it. His eyes met Murdock’s.

Hannibal began to gently clean the whip marks. Face could hardly gasp as he struggled beneath their hands. It was getting harder to breathe.

Murdock continued to soothe Face. He would give anything to take the pain away from Face. He noticed Face’s lips slowly turn to a shade of blue.

“Oh shit! Hannibal! He can’t breathe.”

Hannibal stopped what he was doing and BA was at his side immediately. Hannibal put the stethoscope to his chest. He shook his head at BA who immediately began to breathe for Face. Murdock looked on in desperation. He felt the wound bubble beneath his hand. Hannibal continued to listen to Face’s lungs, a feeling of dread washing over him. Murdock caught the look.


“He’s not getting much air. We’re going to have to put in a chest tube.” He hesitated. “On each side.”

Hannibal moved to retrieve the things he would need. Murdock watched helplessly as BA breathed for Face, at one point BA sat up between breaths and Murdock watched as Face opened his blue eyes and looked into Murdock’s. The fear he saw there was unbearable. Suddenly Face closed his eyes and Murdock felt his body relax beneath his hands, too relaxed.

“FACE, NO!!” Murdock sobbed “NO FACE , PLEASE!!” He heard Hannibal come running as Murdock’s hands were desperately fumbling for a pulse on his neck. He put his hand over Face’s heart and screamed “FACE!” Murdock’s hands immediately cupped over Face’s heart and he started doing chest compressions in sync with BA’s breathing. He felt Hannibal’s hands clamp next to his own as Hannibal struggled to keep as much blood inside Face as possible.

Their eyes met. “HE CAN’T HANNIBAL! HE CAN’T!” Hannibal nodded his agreement and talked softly to Face. Murdock was yelling at Face between sobs. Begging for him to come back to him.

“I can’t lose you Face! I can’t! Please don’t leave me, Face! Please!” In the distance Murdock could hear the chopper. Suddenly he heard BA exclaim that he had a pulse. Relieved Murdock dropped down next to Face embracing him as much as he could. “Thank you! Facey I love you!” he kept repeating.

“Murdock. Murdock.” Murdock heard his name being softly called. His eyes met Hannibal’s. “Come take over for me, I got to get those tubes in.” Murdock nodded as he kneeled next to Face his hands clamping down on Face’s belly and chest. He was grateful to feel Face move in pain beneath him and watch as his eyes fluttered open.

“Hey, Baby.” Murdock smiled. “Stay with me, okay?”

Hannibal cut the left side first, the less injured of the two. He soon had the tube in place. They all felt a moment of relief as they watched Face suck in air. Hannibal went to work on the other side. Face jerked away as Hannibal tried to make the incision, cutting his side. Murdock instinctively lay down a bit on Face to try and hold him. BA gripped Face’s shoulder above where Hannibal was trying to make the incision.

“I know it hurts kid, I know. I’m sorry. Just hang on it’ll be done in a minute.” Hannibal finished the incision and pushed his fingers in the hole. They heard the knock at the door.

BA, Murdock and Hannibal all looked at each other.

“Go get it BA, I can’t take my hand out now.” Hannibal sighed. “BE CAREFUL!” he added.

BA nodded and went to open the door gun drawn. Hannibal tried to push his way through the chest cavity, Face’s broken ribs cutting his finger. “Damn!” he swore. He kept going.

Maggie stepped in the door looking down the barrel of a gun. “You guys have to stop greeting me like this,” she said. She pushed past BA and sighed as she took in the scene on the bed. Face lay on the bed soaked in blood with Murdock almost laying on him. Hannibal was kneeling next to the bed, she couldn’t see what he was doing. But she saw the amount of blood, on Face, on the bed, on BA and on Murdock and Hannibal. “Go help the pilot.” She told BA. BA nodded and headed out the door. She stepped beside the bed. Hannibal didn’t even look up.

Murdock looked into her eyes. After a pause he began to rattle off, “Gunshot wound to the stomach, stab wound to the right chest penetrating the lung. Hannibal’s trying to get the tube in now, but I think he cut his finger on Face’s broken ribs. Left chest tube in place, lung partially collapsed. Heart stopped for two minutes, several broken ribs, whip marks, severe bruising. He was beat and hit with a bat, mostly to his lower stomach and lower back, anal tearing, and …” his voice trailed off.

“And what?” Maggie asked afraid to know the answer. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and seeing. How was this man still alive?

“And a brand mark on his lower stomach.” Murdock finished, looking like he was going to be sick.

“A WHAT?” Maggie felt as if the air had been let out of her lungs.

Murdock pulled the covers back a bit to reveal the cloth full of ice. Maggie removed the ice and gasp at what she saw. The burn, glistening with burn ointment was an angry red and a slight shade of black, a big swollen blister formed on top. She carefully sat the ice back down. She then noticed the dirty, blood soaked gauze around the Lieutenants wrist.

“What happened to his wrist?” She asked quietly.

Murdock looked down at Face’s wrist, Hannibal turned his gaze to his lieutenant’s closed eyes.

“Well?” she asked nervously wondering why they were avoiding her.

“He, uh, he well …” Murdock started.

Hannibal sighed and said “He slit his wrist.”

“HE WHAT?” Maggie couldn’t believe her ears. “NO! When?”

Murdock was crying softly, Hannibal couldn’t drag his eyes from his friends beaten face.

Maggie took in the scene and decided now was not the time to pursue it. She looked at Hannibal, “How you doin?”

Hannibal shook his head. “I can’t get through his ribs. They’re everywhere.”

Maggie sighed, “Here let me try.”

Hannibal shook his head, “I can’t. I’m stuck.”

“You’re what?” Murdock and Maggie asked at the same time.

Right then BA came back in with the rest of the load. “Maggie, Joe had to go, he said to call if you needed him.”

Maggie nodded and turned back to Hannibal. “How are you stuck?”

“I got behind his ribs a bit, but they shifted and if I pull back …” his voice trailed off. They all got his point.

“This just gets better and better,” Maggie muttered. “Okay.” She said trying to figure out where to start. “Murdock how’s the bleeding?”

Murdock shook his head. “Won’t stop Maggie. Need to get these wounds closed.”

“We need to get him to a hospital.”

“Uh-huh Maggie,” Murdock started. “We can’t. They’ll kill him.”

Maggie knew better then to argue with Murdock. He had a deadly serious expression on his face.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. BA you remember how to set everything up?” BA nodded and set to work. “Murdock do you think you can manage to dig that bullet out?” He looked at her and slowly nodded his head.

“But why Maggie?” Murdock started

“We don’t have a lot of time. He’s in serious trouble so we’re all going to have to work together. I know

that you all know what you’re doing, so you’re going to have to help me. OK?” They all nodded. Maggie continued. “Murdock, you’re going to get that bullet out, BA as soon as you’re done setting the equipment up, you’re going to help Murdock.” BA nodded. “Hannibal, stay where you are, I’m going to come in and help you. But first I want to get Face sedated and intubated and hooked up to the monitors. I’ll also give him something for the pain.”

“Uh, Maggie.” Hannibal started “He’s on heroin.”


“They injected him with it, twice.”

“Do you know how much?”

They all shook their heads.

“OK, when?”

BA looked at his watch. “Bout four hours ago the first dose and 45 minutes with the second.”

Maggie nodded.

Murdock thought of something “We gave him glucose about 30 minutes ago, but all the blood …and he hasn’t eaten …” his voice trailed off.

Maggie nodded again. “OK, I’ll check it again and get him on a saline with glucose.” She couldn’t believe all that she was hearing. What Face must have went through, and the guys had to watch … she couldn’t even begin to think what they were feeling right now. She didn’t want to leave the guys up to helping her the way they were, but she didn’t have any other choice. Face was going to die if they didn’t fix everything NOW. Did they have enough time she couldn’t help but wonder. She shook that thought out of her head and set to work.

“Murdock try putting gauze in the hole of the stab wound. That should slow the bleeding for a little while and help direct the air where it’s supposed to go.”

Murdock nodded and grabbed the gauze and started to pack it into the wound. Face groaned and struggled a bit under him. “Sshh Facey, s’okay. Maggie’s here. Everything’s going to be okay.”

Face groaned and muttered, “H-h-hannibal, g-g-et your hand out, it hurtsss.”

Murdock looked down at Hannibal.

“Oh Face, I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“Please Hannibal. Please??”

Murdock and Hannibal looked into Face’s pleading eyes. The words tugging at their heart strings.

Maggie was busy getting a line started on Face. She motioned to BA to get a pain killer. BA nodded and filled the syringe. Murdock carefully rolled Face a little bit and BA injected the painkiller into Face’s hip. Maggie got the line in and fluid going. Then she grabbed a couple different bags and hooked them to the IV as well. Next she grabbed an infusion pump to begin giving Face blood. BA finished setting the machines up and handed Maggie an airway. Maggie tilted Face’s head back and looked down his throat with her light. Murdock watched as Maggie slid the tube down Face’s throat. Beside him he felt Hannibal shift his weight against his leg.

“You okay Colonel?”

Hannibal managed a bit of a smile “Yeah, hand’s just cramping up.”

Maggie finished hooking up the respirator and monitors then she turned to Murdock. “Okay, BA get the stuff you’ll need. Murdock you ready?”

Murdock nodded.

Maggie checked to make sure Face was comfortable and grabbed her tools and slid down next to Hannibal. “Okay Hannibal, I’m going to make a large incision in his side and …” her voice trailed off. “What happened there?” She asked noting where the scalpel had cut Face earlier.

“He moved.”

“Ahhh … right like I was saying, I’ll make an incision and then pull his ribs away from your finger, then we’ll get the chest tube in and fix these ribs. You okay so far?” Hannibal nodded.

Maggie began to slowly make the incision. At the same time Murdock was making an incision in Face’s belly to widen the hole to try and retrieve the bullet. He was careful to watch for internal organs. This wasn’t the first time they’ve had to remove each other’s bullets. He breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed the bullet hadn’t struck any organs. He quickly retrieved the bullet from a muscle and began the slow process of cleaning the wound and stitching it.

Meanwhile Maggie was freeing Hannibal’s fingers and they inserted the chest tube and set to work setting the bones. Soon Face’s side was stitched back up and Maggie was listening to Face’s lungs, heart and admiring Murdock’s work. “Good job, Captain.”


“You too, Sergeant.”

BA just smiled a modest sheepish grin.

“All right, let’s get to work on that stab wound.”

Hannibal stood looking over their shoulders holding a towel to his finger.

“Hey Hannibal, you okay?” BA asked.

Maggie turned to look at Hannibal and Murdock’s head swiveled around.

“I’m alright, just cut my finger a bit on Face’s ribs.”

“Let me see,” Maggie grabbed for Hannibal’s hand.

“I’m fine. Take care of Face, he needs you more than I do.”

Maggie turned to BA. “Sergeant.”

“Gotcha, Maggie.” He walked over to Hannibal and grabbed his hand. Hannibal started to pull away, but sighed as he knew that he couldn’t. BA decided the cut wouldn’t need stitches and set to cleaning and bandaging the wound.

Murdock and Maggie began unpacking the chest wound. Maggie soon had the hole in the lung sealed and the wound stitched back up. Next she moved to the burn. She told Murdock to clean the whip marks and stitch the ones that would need it. Hannibal and BA helped.

“What’s this ‘N’ stand for?” Maggie asked cautiously.

Murdock’s head spun as he glared at Maggie, his face softening as he realized that she didn’t mean any harm by it. “Nick,” he hissed through gritted teeth. “The man who adopted him.”

“The one who did this to him last time?

“Yep,” Hannibal said through gritted teeth.

Maggie saw the deadly look in the three men’s eyes. A shiver went up her spine. She finished cleaning and dressing the wound, sighing as she stood to face the guys.

“I’m going to clean the wound on his wrist and re-bandage it. Murdock will you clean the wounds on his face, stitch any that need it?”

“You got it, Maggie.”

“BA, will you go get more ice?”

“No problem, Maggie.”

“Hannibal after I clean this wound I’m going to check the anal tears and check for internal damage. I’ll need your help.”

“OK, Maggie.” They set to work to their tasks.