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Play Fantasy Online Games

More than 50 years have passed since the first video game in history: Spacewar was put on sale in the very distant 1962! Since then, there have been, on store shelves and in bedrooms of millions of children, adolescents, and young adults, the various Pong (1972), Pac Man (1980), Tetris (1984), Super Mario Bros. (1985) and so on, up to the Nineties, with the fighter game, like Street Fighter, Doom, Tomb Raider, and the racing game like Need for Speed and survival horror like Resident Evil.

These last few years, then, have seen the explosion and evolution of Fantasy video games. The success is such that, whatever rankings published by industry magazines are taken into account, the top positions are occupied almost predominantly by the Fantasy genre.

And what are then the five best Fantasy video games that you can play now?

  1. The Legend Of Zelda

The pleasure of adventurous discovery, passion for puzzles, Evil (The Calamity Ganon) that will never be defeated definitively, but only silenced for a few generations. And therefore, with each new chapter of the saga, the player already knows what it will go against.

The same applies for the Breath of the Wild, the latest effort, in the order of time, of the producers of The Legend of Zelda, who have made a decided step backward, toward the origins of the game, offering an undeniable advantage for those who play this game from the beginning.

  1. Final Fantasy

In its seventh edition, this game allowed Sony and the first Play Station to dominate the market. The Final Fantasy Project has launched 12 years ago and, since then, has evolved continuously, also changing direction, in an attempt to reach a compromise between the wishes of the players and the needs of the artists behind the scenes.

One aspect that is worth emphasizing regarding this product of Square Enix is that, despite divergent opinions especially on the latest edition, the score that the game gets in the online rankings is never less than 9/10: perhaps also thanks to a wealth of details that take your breath away.

  1. Dark Souls

From Software launched, in 2015, Dark Souls 2, a challenging and ambitious project, which met the expectations of the public. And especially those of the most demanding audience, those players with different skills and with so much patience and passion.

Because to complete the adventure of Dark Souls 2 you will have to face a level of the challenge much higher than the average dungeon crawl (games set in cramped and intricate spaces, which must be explored by players to find something or someone) action RPG.

  1. Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment began in 1993 the fantasy video game saga that still rages in the world of games, with spin-offs in the cinema and beyond. The segment is that of the real-time strategic video game.


From the very beginning, the appreciation of the public was evident, also because the game, first, upset the canons of the Real Strategy Game. Natural evolution then materialized with World of Warcraft, in the early 2000s, became a real mass phenomenon.

  1. Devil May Cry

From the RSG prototype to the patent of the contemporary action game; from Warcraft to Devil May Cry. In 2001, at the release of Capcom’s masterpiece, the genre was still and improperly called “hack’ n ‘slash.”

The charisma of its protagonist, with white hair and leather jacket, fits perfectly with the environment halfway between gothic and demonic fantasy. Rich in technical and spectacular elements, it brings with it the narrative of a millennial War, The Legend of Sparda and Mundus, the extras of deformed Griffins and grim faces like that of Nelo.