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Love is in the Air? Part 1/?

Rated:PG-13, NC-17 later
Summary: A relationship starts for one of the team, while helping to get
a woman’s son back
Warnings: Someone gets shot!
Copyright: Lacy 2000


Part 1

At the VA, Murdock is sitting in his room singing. There are two nurses talking outside his room. He goes to the door to listen. One says “This new patient is really a handful. She’s really crazy too.”

The other says “I know. I heard she’s crazier than Murdock.” They hear a scream and run toward it.

Murdock says “No one is crazier than me. I won’t allow it.” He heard screams and looks down the hall.

Coming down the hall are a group of orderlies and nurses. They are all talking at once. A woman is screaming. The nurses are barking orders. The orderlies are trying to hold on to a woman in a straight jacket. She is kicking and trying to break free of their hold. She is screaming, “I don’t belong here, I don’t belong here.” The group moves past Murdock’s room. The woman screams again and looks up. She and Murdock make eye contact. She quiets down. The nurses unlock the room next to Murdock and put her into it. After the door is lock, the woman starts throwing herself against the door and screaming, “Let me out. Let me out.” Soon she quiets down. She goes to the corner and sits. She pulls her knees up to her chest and sobs into them.

A nurse walks up to Murdock room and unlocks the door. She says “Time for therapy!” Murdock follows her out.


As they go past the woman’s room, Murdock says “What’s her name?”

The Nurse says “Her? Jody. She’s a handful isn’t she?” Murdock nods. He goes into the Doctor’s office.


At an uptown apartment, Face is on his couch kissing a beautiful woman. There is a knock on the door. He gets up, much to the protest of the woman. He opens the door to see a hunched over, white haired man standing there. He says “Can I help you?”

he man says “Templeton Peck?”

Face says “Yes. What can I do for you. I’m kinda busy…”

The little man pushes past Face into the room. He looks at the woman and says “Nice catch Templeton.”

The woman says “Maybe I should come back later.” She gets her purse and goes toward the door. Face is protesting. The woman kisses him and leaves.

Face turns, with a very sad look on his face, to talk to the old man. The only person standing there is Hannibal. Face sighs “Hannibal…”

Hannibal smiles and says “Just had to check on you kid.”

Face says “But that was…do you know what you interrupted?” Hannibal laughs and lights a cigar.



At the VA, Murdock is on the couch, talking to the Doctor. There is a knock on the door. The nurse opens the door and says “Sorry to bother you Doctor, but the new patient is giving us a problem.” The Doctor sighs and follows her out.

Soon the Doctor walks back in. He says “Sorry about that HM. The new patient is really acting up.”

Murdock says “Maybe if I could talk to her, she would calm down.”

The Doctor says “That would be an splendid idea. Would you like to do it now?”

Murdock says “No time like the present.” He follows the Doctor to the room.

The doctor unlocks the door. He says “Be careful HM. We don’t know what she’ll do.” Murdock nods. He goes in the room. The woman starts screaming “Leave me alone.”

Murdock says ” Hey. No one’s going to hurt you. Just calm down. I’m here to talk. What’s you name?”

The lady looks at him and says “Jody Artalejo.”

Murdock says ” OK. That’s good. That didn’t hurt did it? Ok. Now…What else are you going to tell me?” Jody shakes her head. Murdock says “Ok. I’ll talk. I’m HM Murdock. I’m a patient at the VA. I was a pilot in Vietnam, a Captain. Obviously, you have military experience or you wouldn’t be here. Right?”

Jody nods and says “I was a Sergeant, sir.”

Murdock says “Ok. Drop the sir. It’s just Murdock. Now, why don’t you belong here?”

Jody says “I’m not crazy!”

Murdock says “Me either. I’m really just here for the exercise plan.” Jody smiles. Murdock says “Oh, see I made you smile. Ok really, why are you here?”

Jody says “Ok. My husband was killed in combat about a year after I had our son Jesse. His father decided that I was an unfit mother so he took Jesse from me. When I took him to court to get Jesse back, he had me sent here.”

Murdock says “What was your husband’s name?”

Jody says “Michael. He was a Ranger.”

Murdock says “Ok. Jody, I might know some people who can help you. Do you want their help?”

Jody nods and says “I don’t have much money…”

Murdock says “This one’s on me.” He starts to leave. He turns back around and says “Oh yeah. If you’re real good they’ll take that jacket off you. It really doesn’t go with your shoes!” He winks at her. She smiles as he leaves.

Outside, the Doctor says “Well?”

Murdock says “She’ll be okay. She just needed a friend.”

The Doctor says “Okay. Well back to your room.”

Murdock says “Can I call my Granny first?”

The Doctor says “Ok.” Murdock goes to the pay phone. He dials.

At Face’s apartment the phone rings. Face answers it.

Murdock says “Hey Granny. How are you? I’m okay. I just wanted to call and check on you. I hope I get to see you later. Ok Bye.” He hangs up and walks back to the doctor.

The Doctor says “HM you do know your Grandmother died a few years back?”

Murdock says “I know. Who do you think pays those person to person calls to heaven?” He goes in his room singing.


At Face’s, Hannibal says “Who was that?”

Face says “Murdock. He wants out. I think he has a job for us.”

Hannibal says “Ok, lets go get him.”


Murdock is sitting in his room singing to Billy. The door opens and a nurse says “Murdock, you have a visitor.”

Face walks in, in full military attire. He says “Captain, get your things together. You have a military ceremony to attend.” Murdock salutes and starts packing. Face smiles at the nurse who instantly melts.

Outside, the van is waiting. Murdock opens the door. BA says “What’s up you crazy fool?”

Murdock says “Well hello to you too Big Guy.”

Hannibal says “What’s up Murdock?”

Murdock says “Well, they just brought in this new patient today. I had to talk to her and…”

Face says “What does this have to do with us?”

Murdock says “I’m getting to it! Anyway she was really upset about being there and when I ask why she told me her story. Her husband was killed in a VC camp a year after she had their son. Her father-in-law decided that she was unfit to take care of Jesse, her son, so he took him. She took her father-in-law to court and he had her committed. I thought maybe we could help.”

BA says “That’s no way to treat a woman or a kid. Let’s help em.”

Face says “Something tells me this is going to be a freebie.”

Everyone looks at Hannibal. He lights a cigar and smiles, “Well, let’s get her out.” Murdock grins.



Hannibal smiles and says “Let get her out and see what she has to say.” Murdock grins.

Inside the VA, two nurses are at the Nurses Station talking about Jody. A Doctor walks up to them and says “I’m here to pick up a patient.”

The Nurse says “Which one?”

The Doctor looks at a file in his hand. He says “Jody Artalejo.”

The nurse looks through some papers. She says “I have no papers for her transfer.”

The Doctor says “Isn’t that just like the Army? They send me to do something and then they don’t have anything in order. Well, I do have this paper on it.” He shows her a paper.

She looks at it and says “Well, it seems to be in order. I’ll get her.” She goes to Jody’s room. She brings her out into the hall. The Nurse says “Here we are. Now Jody, you go with this nice Doctor.”

Jody looks at the Nurse and says “I’m not crazy. And I’m not going with him.” She turns to run away from the Doctor. He grabs her arm and pulls her up close to her.

The Nurse says “Do you want me to sedate her?”

The Doctor shakes his head. He whispers to Jody, “Murdock sent me.” Jody looks at him. She calms down. The Doctor says “Thank you for your help.” They leave.

Outside, Murdock is pacing beside the van. He says “Face, do you think he’ll get her?”

Face says “Calm down Murdock. The scam I gave him was fool-proof.”

BA says “Yeah man. He’ll get him.”

The Doctor walks up to the van with Jody. He is taking off his disguise to reveal Hannibal. Jody looks at him. Then she looks at Murdock and says “You really did it didn’t you?” Murdock smiles at her. Face flashes his smile but she doesn’t notice it. Jody says “Who are you guys?”

Hannibal says “I am Col. John “Hannibal” Smith. This is Capt. H.M. Murdock, who you already know. This good looking face is Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck and this mohawk with chains is Sgt. BA Baracus. More commonly known as the A-Team.”

Jody’s jaw drops. She says “The A-Team? I heard stories about you in ‘Nam. I hadn’t heard anything about you in a while and I thought you were dead.”

BA says “We ain’t dead. You must be crazy.”

Face says “I’d love to continue this conversation but I think we better get out of the shadow of the VA.” Everyone starts getting in the van.

Jody clears her throat. Everyone looks at her. She says “I don’t mean to be a bother, but like Murdock said this jacket doesn’t match my shoes!” Murdock laughs as he unties the straight jacket. They get in the van and leave.

Inside the van, Hannibal has his seat turned around. He is smoking a cigar. He says “Ok, Jody. What’s your story?”

Jody says “Well, my story is that my father-in-law has stolen my son, Jesse. He had me committed because I wouldn’t give him complete custody. That’s where Murdock found me. You know, I really appreciate your help. If I had any money, I’d pay you but…”

Face says “I’m sure we could work out a payment.” He smiles at her.

Murdock says “Face. Down boy.” Face glares at him.

BA says “Jody, what about your husband? What does he say about all this?”

Jody looks at the floor. She says “My Michael was killed in Vietnam.”

Murdock says “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Hannibal says “You’re husband was Michael Artalejo?” Jody nods. Hannibal says “I knew him in Nam. He was a damn good soldier. I tried to get him on the team but he was captured and killed. I’m sorry for your loss.” Jody smiles.

Face says “So, who is your father-in-law?”

Jody looks at the floor again and says “Antonio Artalejo.”

Murdock says “Antonio the Ax?”

Jody says “I didn’t know this when I married Michael. Michael was nothing like his father.” She looks at the floor. She says, almost in tears, “I just want my son back.” Murdock puts his arm around her. She looks up and says “I’m sorry. That’s no way for a soldier to act.”

Hannibal says “It’s understandable. Now, what did you do in the Army?”

Jody says “I did a little bit of everything. I was a mechanic, a pilot, a supply officer and I did recon. My actual assignment was as a medic. The boys on post called me Doc.”

Hannibal says “Well, Doc, we’re going to get your son back. I promise.”

Face says “Do you have any idea where they might have him?”

Doc says “The only place here would be his house in L.A.”

Murdock says “Then that’s where we go right?” Hannibal turns his chair around and smiles.

BA looks at him and says “He’s on the jazz, man. He’s on the jazz.”


At the house in L.A., The Ax is holding a baby. The baby is crying. He yells for Angela. She comes in and takes the baby. She says “Tony, you can’t yell every time he cries. You have to learn to comfort him. After all you will be keeping him since his Mom left.”

Tony looks at her. She smiles at the baby. He says “Take him and put him to bed.” Angela goes out. Tony sits down at his desk.

Outside in the van, Hannibal is loading a gun. He says “Well, guys let’s go.” They all get out. Hannibal says “Doc, stay here. When I radio you, drive to the gates and pick us up.”

BA says “What’s the plan?” Hannibal smiles.

Face says “Oh no Hannibal. Not that again!” Murdock pulls his baseball cap down over his eyes.

Doc says “I think I missed something.”

BA says “We’re going through the front door!” Hannibal smiles and laughs.

Inside the house, The Ax is sitting at his desk. His door bust off the hinges and the guys walk in. Tony says “What in the hell..? Who are you people?”

Hannibal says “You’re neighborhood baby-sitters. Now, I heard you have a child here that needs a Mom, right?”

Tony says “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?” BA picks him up from the chair.

Murdock says “That big angry mudsucker doesn’t like to be lied to.” Tony motions down the hall. Murdock goes to investigate.

Tony says “How did you get in here?”

Face says “You have holes in your security.” He throws down two guns.

Tony says “What about the perimeter guards?”

BA says “If there were more guards, there would be more guns.” Murdock comes back in holding Jesse and leading a very frightened Angela. She looks around the room.

Hannibal says “Ok, now we’re leaving and we don’t want you to bother Jody or the baby again, got it?” BA drops him. Angela runs over to him. The guys leave. Tony buzzes for security.

Hannibal radios Doc. She pulls the van up to the gates, crawls in the back, and opens the door. She crouches behind the seats. The guys come out of the house just as the security guards start firing. Face yells “Murdock, get the baby to the van, we’ll cover you!” The others return fire as Murdock breaks for the van. He jumps in and the others follow.

They take off. Doc is holding Jesse, cooing to him. Face looks at the baby like it is a disease. Hannibal says “BA, we’ve got company.”

BA says “I know Hannibal, but I don’t want to upset the baby.”

Doc says “Don’t worry BA. Where I come from crazy driving is a way of life. Shoot, me and Jesse had some friends that would jump bridges in their car. He can handle it.” BA grins and floors it. The cars flowing start shooting.

Face says “They really want to protect Jesse, huh?” Murdock grabs a gun and goes through the sunroof. He fires on the cars. A bullet hits the first cars tire, sending it end over end in front of the second car. Both are stopped. He comes back in smiling.

Hannibal looks at him and says “Nice.”

Back at Tony’s, he is yelling at his head of security. He says “You call your men security. They have my grandson!”

The man says “Sorry sir. They were on us so quickly. We didn’t have time to…”

The Ax yells “Silence! Now you listen to be. I want my grandson back. I don’t care if you have to kill every man they have. I want him back and her in the VA!” The security guard leaves.



In Face’s scammed apartment, everyone is sitting around eating chicken from KFC. Doc says “This is a nice place. How can you guys afford it?” Everyone looks at Face. She says “Oh, I understand. Face scammed this place huh?”

Face says “Ah, my reputation precedes me.”

Doc says “I heard about your scams in Vietnam. Pretty good for an amateur.”

Face says “An amateur? Your calling me and amateur? I’ll have you know I once scammed a caddy in the jungle.”

Doc says “I scammed radio privileges in a VC camp.”

Face says “I used out Officer’s Club for a Night Club.”

Doc says “So, I told a VC camp leader that I was his long lost American daughter and he believed me.”

Face tries for words, but can think of nothing. Murdock and BA start giggling. BA says “She got you there, man.”

Face says “Well, she does have potential.” Jesse starts crying and Doc goes to check on him.

Hannibal says “Guys, we need to prepare for the Ax’s next attack. Any ideas?”

Doc comes back through the hall. She says “I don’t mean to be a problem but Jesse is really hungry. He can’t eat just chicken. We need baby stuff.”

Murdock says “We can’t go to your apartment and get things. They probably have it staked out.”

BA says “We can’t just go to the grocery store ’cause we are wanted.”

Doc says “I’ll go. I have a little money.”

Murdock says “I’ll go to make sure no one bothers her.” He looks a BA.

BA says “Ain’t no crazy fool driving my van.” He looks at Face.

Face says “No. No way. I just waxed it.”

Hannibal says “Lieutenant.”

Face gives him the keys.. He says “If it comes back with so much as one speck of dust on it, you will clean it with your tongue, inside and out.” Murdock and Doc laugh as they leave.

Hannibal looks at BA. He says “BA, I need you to help me scout out some lookout sights.” They start to leave.

Face says “Hannibal, you can’t leave me with this baby.” Hannibal shuts the door. Face yells “Hannibal.” Jesse wakes up and starts to cry. Face rolls his eyes and goes to get him.

At the grocery store, Murdock and Doc are checking out. The lady at the counter says “Oh, you have a baby?” Doc smiles and nods. The girls says “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Doc says “A boy.”

The girl smiles at Murdock and says “You must be a proud Papa?”

Doc starts to correct her but Murdock says “I’m very proud.” They take their bags and leave.

Outside, Doc says “Murdock, what was that about?”

Murdock says “What I told that girl? I told her the truth. I am proud. Of you. You have been so strong and brave through this.” He kisses her cheek and opens her door. She gets in and they leave.

At the apartment, a man is sneaking up to the door. He reaches for the door knob and is knocked out. BA picks him up. Hannibal opens the door and they take him inside. Face comes out of the bedroom, holding Jesse. He says “Where did you find him?”

Hannibal says “He was sneaking around outside and I thought we might need to talk to him.” The door opens and Murdock and Doc walk in. Doc looks at Face and says “Murdock, this is not the Face you told me about in the car.”

Murdock says “He’s holding the baby.. He must be an imposter. Who are you? Where is Face?”

Face glares and says “Very Funny.”

Doc looks at the man laying on the couch. She says “Who’s this?”

BA says “He was sneaking around and I don’t like people that do that.” The guy starts waking up. He opens his eyes to see BA glaring at him. He tries to run but BA grabs him and sets him back down.

Hannibal says “Unless you want BA to take out his aggressions on you, tell us who sent you and why.” The guys just looks at BA.

BA growls and the guys says “OK, my name is Hairy Phil. The Ax sent me to kidnap the kid.”

Hannibal says “You give the Ax a message from me. Tell him that he messed with the wrong people. Now he’s gonna pay.”

Hairy says “You’re threatening the Ax? Are you crazy?”

Murdock says “Only on paper!” BA escorts Hairy Phil downstairs.

Doc collapses onto the couch. She says “I can’t believe the Michael’s father would try to kidnap Jesse.”

Hannibal is looking out the window. He says “Just what I thought, that son-of-a-bitch was sitting in the parking lot.”

Face says “What now?”

Hannibal says “We wait. And we sleep. I’m taking first watch. Then BA, Face, and Murdock.”

Doc says “What about me?”

Hannibal says “You rest.” Doc starts to object but Hannibal says “Sergeant, that is an order.” Doc gets up and takes Jesse to the bedroom.

Murdock says “Where are the rest of us going to sleep?”

Face says “There is another room down the hall. We can share it.” They leave. Hannibal sets up for his watch.

The night goes by uneventful. Hannibal, Face and BA go through their watches. Murdock is sitting up. The door from Doc’s bedroom opens. She comes into the living room. Murdock says “Hey, what are you doing up?”

Doc says “I had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep.”

Murdock says “You know, the doctors in the VA said if we talked about our problems they would go away.” Doc shakes her head. She looks at the floor. Murdock takes her chin in his fingers and tilts her head up, till she is looking in his eyes. He says “Hey, you know you can trust me, right?” Doc nods and smiles at him.

He leans forward until he lightly brushes her lips with his own. Doc gasps at the feelings. Murdock captures her lips. He traces the outline of them with his tongue. She parts her lips just slightly and Murdock forces his tongue inside. He gently caresses the inside of her mouth. His hands are tangled in her hair. He kisses her until both are gasping for breath. They break away and he looks into her eyes.

She can see the passion burning in his dark brown eyes. She whispers “Murdock…I can’t…”

Murdock silences her by putting his fingertips to her lips. He says “I know. I’ve just wanted to do that since I first met you at the VA.” She gets up. He says “Hannibal will be up in a few minutes.” She nods and goes back to her room. She closes the door and leans up against it. She lifts one hand to find it shaking. She closes her eyes and sighs. In the living room, Murdock is still looking at the door she disappeared behind. He sighs and touches his lips. He smiles.

Outside the window, a man is smiling. He says “So, she does have a weakness. That baby is a good as back in the loving arms of his grandfather.” He climbs back up the side of the building.