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Just what the doctor ordered part 15

Murdock awoke blindfolded and tied to a chair. He tried to loosen his hands to no avail. He heard footsteps coming towards him and turned his head towards the sound.


“Hello, It is nice to see you again Murdock. It has been a long time.” The voice said.The man roughly removed the blindfold. Murdock blinked a few times while his eyes adjusted to the light in the room. He looked at the man who had captured him. Murdock drew in a sharp breath as he reconginzed the man before him.

“Lee, what the hell are you doing here. You are supposed to be in jail!” Murdock said

“Yea and you are supposed to be dead, So we are both lucky aren’t we. Well one of is about to hit a run of bad luck.” Milton/Lee laughed. “Did you really think I was gonna sit in a military jail for the rest of my life. Murdock you always were stupid. You really fucked up my plans you know that.. But now it looks like I will get to have some fun. I will have my son call in the military to take care of your friends, and I will kill you and the two bitches at the lodge.” Lee/Milton slapped Murdock across the face. Murdock closed his eyes for a second then stared back at him.

“You really don’t think it will be that easy do you Lee? You know that my friends will find you. And trust me they will. You won’t know when but they will come. And when they do it won’t be very fun ….. for you. So why don’t you just save yourself some pain and turn yourself in. You really don’t want to take the A-team on again do you. We are so much meaner now than before.” Murdock told him bluntly.

“I am so scared, here let me untie you. Don’t let the big bad A-Team hurt me” Milton/Lee said sacastlcly. He punched Murdock with all his strenth in the chest.” You are in no position to tell me what to do.”

Murdock was trying to regain his breath. He looked up at his captor and said “It’s your funeral” Murdock crooked out through ragged breaths. Murdock’s refusel to take him serously drove Milton/Lee over the edge. Years of pent up anger at Murdock and his friends came pouring out. He started punching Murdock in the face and chest repeatdly. Murdock tried to get out of the way. He tipped over the chair and smashed his head on the floor. Murdock was unconsious. Milton/Lee regained his control. He checked Murdock’s pulse. It was strong. Milton could her Murdock taking ragged breaths. He sat the chair back up and left the room.

Just what the doctor ordered part 16

Richard looked in on the man his father had captured. He couldn’t believe how badly he was beaten. Richard felt sick to his stomach. He knew his stepfather could be violent, but he never thought he could be this bad.

” I can’t do this ” Richard thought. ” I can’t let anything happen to Joe. ” Richard ran out of the building and jumped into his car.

Hannibal was puffing on his cigar trying to come up with a plan on how to find Murdock.ย  They had no idea where Milton was.

“Heather do you know where Milton hangs out? Where does he live?” Face asked

” I don’t know, he just calls me. I have actually never even seen the man.”

“Dammit what now Hannibal no telling what they are doing to the crazy fool” BA slammed his fist on the steering wheel of the van.

“Easy Sargent, we’ll find him.” Hannibal said, Just then the phone rang in the van.

“Joe’s Pizza” Hannibal said

“Oh I’m sorry, I must have the wrong number,” A voice said.

“No Joe is that you?” Hannibal recognized his daughter’s voice.

“Hannibal, umm is everything ok there. A friend of mine just came by. He said that he knew where Murdock is. I don’t understand isn’t Murdock with you.”

“Who said that Joe, is he there now? ” Hannibal asked a little sharper than he meant to

“UM yea you want to talk to him?” Hannibal could hear Joe take the phone away and heard a boy clear his throat.

“Hello” A shaky voice asked

“Look kid I don’t care how you know where my man is just tell me where he is. Don’t make me come over there and ask you face to face.”Hannibal said

“I am sorry Mister, I didn’t want to anything to happen, he made me” The kid sounded like he was gonna cry.

“OK son what’s your name,”Hannibal lightened up.


“Ok Richard, Now do you know where my friend is. I promise nothing will happen to you.” Hannibal knew what ever this kid had done he didn’t want to.

“There is a old barn out on route 19, your friend is there. I am really sorry mister I didn’t want to help honest.”

“Well you are on the right side now. Is there anything else I should know..”

Hannibal was still not sure if he could trust this kid.

“UM well Milton um, he’s nuts. Just be careful.” Richard hung up.

“OK BA Let’s roll.” The team headed out to the barn.

Just what the doctor ordered part 17


Milton was angry. He had gotten word through one of his men that his loser step brat had been up at the lodge. So just to be safe he sent 3 of his best men to retrieve the boy and the girl. That way if Smith and the others some how got through his defenses he had another card to play. Milton smiled at the thought of the surprises he had waiting for the rest of the A-Team. He had changed his mind about turning them in to the Army. That was not as much fun and a little dangerous from himself. The Army too wanted him and they might have figured out who he was. He had the whole place rigged up with explosives. Milton decided to wait for his other two guests to join him.

The van pulled up about a mile from the barn. The men got out. As BA went to the back of the van to get their weapons, Hannibal told Heather to stay in the van and monitor the radio. When he gave the word she was to drive in hard and fast.


“OK John, I am sorry for getting you into this. I am sorry for so many things.” Heather told him/ “It’s ok Heather. We will work everything out. But first things first. Come on guys. BA take the rear. Face take point. Be on guard we don’t know if this place is rigged.” Hannibal said as the guys took their positions.

As they made their way through the woods they found the little presents left for them. There were booby traps everywhere. As they regrouped about 25 yards from the barn BA said to his friends. “Man this place was set up like NAM. I don’t think we are dealing with a businessman Hannibal. ”


“Yea I was thinking the same thing. Either this guy hired someone or he has experience. Either way we need to get to Murdock and quick. ” “Ready Hannibal” BA said

Hannibal looked at Face who shook his head. Hannibal made gestures that told the two which way to go .BA went to the left of the barn, Face to the right, Hannibal went to the front. They each took out 2 guard each. After the perimeter was clear Face picked the lock on the barn door and went in. They found a few more trip wires hooked to grenades. The most frighting one was actually hooked to their friend. It was taped to his wrists with the trip wire tied to his legs. As they checked for anymore, Hannibal went over and carefully assessed his pilot’s injuries.ย  It looked like he had gone 10 rounds with Godzilla .He was unconscious but breathing strongly. Hannibal grabbed some smelling salts from the first aid box Face had the foresight to grab. He opened the package and waved it under Murdock’s nose. The captain moaned and slowly started coming around. As his eyes began to focus he say the smiling face of Hannibal.

“Hey cap, how ya feelin kid? ” Hannibal asked as he untied and ungagged Murdock.

“Hannibal, man am I glad to see you”Murdockย  tried to get up but found out that he couldn’t. He was too weak from the beating.

“Just take it easy, Brother” BA said as he grabbed Murdock before he could hit the floor. “It’s not Milton Hannibal, IT is but it’s not” Murdock said his fear and anger rising.

“Slow down Murdock your not making sense, Maybe he has a head injury.”Face said “Man has never made sense, why should now be any different” BA said shaking his head.

“Dammit listen guys, Milton is not Milton, He is Lee, He’s Captain Lee.” Murdock said looking at his friends. He carefully checked himself over for any serious injuries. When he was sure he was ok he carefully pulled away from BA. BA allowed his friend to test his strength. When BA was sure Murdock could keep himself up he lowered his arms. “Murdock are you sure, Jack Lee? I thought he was in jail. ” Hannibal didn’t doubt what his friend was telling him. Murdock may be crazy but he was not dumb. If he said it was Jack Lee than it probley was. Face and BA both passed looks of shock to each other,

“Well Hannibal looks like we got more trouble than we thought huh.” Face said as he ran his hands through his sandy blond hair.

“Aww man, Not crazy Jack Lee. That guy is nuts ” BA said.

“I take offence to that Sargent,” Said a voice from the door.

“Welcome to my little party gentleman. Here are a few more guests for are little reunion” As Milton /Lee was saying this two of his men pushed Heather, Joe and Richard in the door. Hannibal quickly went to Heather and Joe. He put protective arms over their shoulders.

“Now that the gang is all here, Shall we begin. Please remove your weapons, or my friend here will slit the nice captain’s throat. “Quickly before anyone could move in defense a large man grabbed Murdock and placed a 10 inch blade to his throat. They could see a small trickle of blood already began to run down the knife.

The all quickly dropped their guns. The big man released Murdock but not before punching him hard in the back. Murdock hit the ground face first at BA’s feet.

“This isn’t over Lee, Don’t think it is.” Hannibal yelled at Lee’s departing figure.

“OH I know it isn’t Smith, I am just getting started. “With that he turned and had his men close the doors behind them. The people in the barn heard a large thump.