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Four Vignettes

Vignette #1: Murdock Saves the Day (G)

Murdock pulled the chopper back into the air quickly.

“Be careful, guys,” he said.

Already he could see Face, Hannibal, and B.A. were moving. They were heading away from the
drop zone to a ramshackle building that Intel said was being temporarily used as a munitions

Murdock flew his bird into the sky and headed back to base, even though it didn’t feel right to be
leaving his unit, and he probably wouldn’t have done it except he’d been ordered. Although he
wasn’t one who naturally followed orders about when and where he was to fly, this time Hannibal
had fixed him with a look that said “Don’t argue with me; just do it.”

At the time, there hadn’t seemed like any good reason to fight.

Suddenly, a voice crackled through the chopper’s radio: “HQ with a message for Capt. Murdock.”

“This is Murdock; what’s the message?”

“The Intel was a set-up…again.”

“I’m goin’ in.”

Murdock wheeled the chopper around in an abrupt about-face. As he whistled over the jungle
tops towards the landing zone, the sound of gunfire and explosions was definitely getting closer.
He swept his eyes across the open areas looking for the guys, for signs of a fight, for anything that
would tell him where they were and that they were still alive; then he saw them heading for a
small clearing, pursued by what looked like half the Viet Cong army, and he knew it was up to
him to save the day.

The End (Vignette #1)


Vignette #2: One of Those Days (G)

In spite of the heat and the darkness, Murdock and Face were moving quickly.

“Face, do you see Hannibal or B.A.?” Murdock said.

“Not yet, so just keep moving.”

They continued running low and fast along the alleyway until they had reached the back of the
abandoned warehouse. Standing beside the locked door, Face withdrew his lock-picking tools
from his pocket and whispered: “Just what the doctor ordered.”

Nervously, Murdock whispered: “Face, will you just get on with it?”

As Face nimbly undid the lock, two large, familiar-looking men emerged from around the corner
of the warehouse, weapons raised in readiness for a fight.

One of the goons grinned and said, “So, we meet again.”

The other man fingered his gun menacingly and motioned for them to go in.

At the door, the first man paused and took a good long look at Face. He leaned closer.

With a cold whisper, he smiled and said: “Gentlemen, this is not your day.”

The End (Vignette #2)


Vignette #3: B.A.’s Surprise (G)

As they heard the van pull into the driveway, the rest of the team, who were already inside the
darkened house, moved into position quickly.

“Stay down, everyone,” Hannibal said.

“Colonel, nobody’s moving. We’re packed in tighter than boxes at a warehouse.”

“Put a lid on it, Captain,” Hannibal quietly ordered.

They could all hear the sound of footsteps approaching the front door before a heavy fist began to
pound on it. Without any warning, B.A. Baracus pushed through the front door, eyes surveying
the darkness, fists raised and ready to fight. B.A. lunged at the first thing he saw moving, which
unfortunately turned out to be Murdock.

As the lights flashed on and everyone yelled “Surprise”, a startled Murdock looked up from where
he was pinned beneath B.A.’s knee and croaked, “Hey, big guy, didn’t you get my message?”

Looking around at the roomful of people in brightly-coloured party hats, B.A. bent his head
closer to Murdock’s and said: “Better tell me that message again.”

“We’re waiting for you at Amy’s, so when you get here, there’s no need to do the secret knock,
just come on in.”

B.A. looked sheepishly at Hannibal and Face. “With all that jibber-jabberin’ about a secret knock,
I thought you guys were in some serious trouble,” B.A said with a growl and pressed his knee
against Murdock a little closer.

The pinned pilot gave a weak grin and squeaked: “Happy birthday.”

The End (Vignette #3)


Vignette #4: No Time Like the Present (Slash/R)

They had to act quickly. Not a word was said. Their bodies were just a collection of legs and
hands and lips, moving. They didn’t care that they were supposed to be staking out the

“Don’t take your eyes off the place,” Hannibal had ordered.

But he hadn’t known he would be competing with “it.” That unnamed, undefinable feeling of need
and desire and lust and want that becomes too difficult for even the most determined to fight.

“God, I want you, Murdock.”

Murdock was breathing heavily into Face’s neck as he answered: “Yes, I do believe I’m gettin’ the

Face cried out with pleasure and screamed: “Again.”

Murdock thrust again and again, each movement taking him further, deeper in.
“I love you, Face.”

In the darkness behind the warehouse, they cried out as they came together, holding one another
closer, closer. The long night moved silently toward day.

The End (Vignette #4)