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Challenges Part Two

Challenges Page Two

These challenges have all had responses, but you’re welcome to join in! If you have a response, simply email it to either SherryGabs or paxiljunki. (hint: pax is slow as molasses.) Be sure to include:

  • Your Pen Name (not your real name)
  • The title of your response
  • The title of the challenge
  • The response in either plain text, Word, or html

Murdock’s Dark Side Challenge from Snickers
Fellow VA Members,

I issue the following challenge. Write a story (whatever length you want) exploring Murdock’s dark side. It can take place anytime/anywhere. Feel free to explore his thoughts and feelings or make him the hero in the rescue of a team member(s). Absolutely not allowed is having him roll up into a ball helpless or putting him into a catatonic state. He must be strong and completely aware of himself and his actions. (no crazy “doesn’t know what he’s doing stuff”.) Slash is allowed.

Let’s get writing!

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Grey Team Challenge from Sherry
The last post of mine (Then & Now) gave me an idea for a challenge. Just what would the Team be doing in their senior years? Would they still be able to help those who have been wronged? Could they still go after the corrupted malcontents they used to go up against?

Your challenge is to write a story where the Team are all senior citizens. They come across a problem that involves them getting together as the Team they were years before. To the best of their abilities, at least. It can be of any length, comedy or drama, whatever content you want. I only ask that they all still be around with Hannibal still being about 20 years older than the other three.

Hope some of you can work up something for this. It could be fun:)

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500 Word Challenge from Bloo

Right, I have dropped the glove and am challenging the VA to a challenge of wit which will include sveral little tasks to do, this being the first. You have to write a short, no longer than 500 word which is heavily influenced by TAT. You all have to include the following items/word:

  • Flashlight
  • Train set
  • Floppy disk
  • Persian cat
  • An ant farm
  • Dancing gorilla
  • Deoderant spray
  • Double chocolate sponge cake
  • Jam donut
  • Dictionary
  • G-String
  • Jacuzzi
  • Car wax
  • A book on Judo
  • Box of waterproof matches
  • A stop sign
  • CD of 30 Children’s playground songs
  • Yo-yo
  • Magnet
  • The video of Face/off
  • Computer game – Toonstruck

Now, when you include a word off the list, put it in these brackets [… ]. You must use them all to complete the challenge, which means you will go onto the next stage – the person who get’s through this completing ALL tasks is the TAT queen/king of March, then I’ll set some other tasks and so on, It’s a friendly thing and if you don’t want to participate – that’s fine by me – I just though some of youz might like a little challenge!!

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500 Word Challenge Part 2 from Bloo

Now onto the second part!You have to write an essay about your fav TAT character – and it has to have real as well as bogus reasons for your choice. Must be under 500 words AND include the following…

  • Handbag
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Baby oil
  • Porche

REMEMBER: this is not a story, it is factual, coming from your POV.