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Brotherly Love Part 8

The rest of the team and Amy were standing outside the van. They could hear fighting and screaming, so they knew their friend was still kicking. It took every ounce of self control they had not to run in and help their friend. But as Hannibal Kept reminding them this was Murdock’s fight, not theirs.

“Come on Hannibal you can’t let him fight Roger alone” Amy cried “We don’t have a choice Amy, this is not a team fight,” Hannibal said as he watched the house.

“Hannibal’s right Amy” said BA “The crazy man has to do this on his own it’s family business,”

“I thought you guys were family” Amy said accusingly.

“We are Amy but Murdock wanted to do this on his own, and I am respecting his wishes, if we think he is trouble we will be in there” Hannibal said

Then they heard the shot. Before the sound had even stopped ringing through the air they were inside. What they found was a room that resembled a war zone. Furniture broken, glass on the floor and the two Murdock brothers rolling around. Both were covered in blood, from Hannibal’s vantage point he could not tell who had been hit. He said a silent prayer that it was not Murdock.

“Amy go out to the van and get on the radio, listen and make sure no cops are on their way”. Hannibal ordered

“Face go with her, Me and BA will get Murdock and get out of here” Hannibal said

“OK come on Amy” Face said

Roger still had hold of the gun, and was getting ready to fire it again when he felt himself being pulled up in the air.

“Drop the gun sucka, or I will drop you” Growled a deep voice “What, let me go I need to kill him, Let me go!!” Roger was trying to free himself from the strong arm of the man behind him .

“Let him go BA” Murdock had risin to his feet, “This has to end now”

“NO Fool we need to get, the cops will be here” BA stared at his friend. BA could see there was blood coming out from under Murdock’s jacket. But it didn’t seem that Murdock realized he had been hit.

“I don’t care, let them come, if I don’t finish this now he will just come after me again.” Murdock said as he grabbed the gun from the floor where it had fallen when BA grabbed his brother. “Let HIM GO BA, I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO SHOOT YOU TOO!!!” Murdock was yelling

“MURDOCK ! GO OUT IN THE VAN NOW!!!” Hannibal was getting worried, he had never seen his pilot like this.

“NO HANNIBAL, I HAVE TO FINISH THIS NOW. HE KILLED MY MOTHER HE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!” Murdock couldn’t control his anger.

“CAPTAIN THAT IS AN ORDER, GO!!!” Hannibal was hoping pulling rank Murdock would respond.

“WE ARE NOT IN THE ARMY ANYMORE,YOU CAN’T ORDER ME!!!! THIS IS MY FIGHT, NOT THE A-TEAMS, LET ME TAKE CARE OF IT MY WAY.” Murdock turned his head and stared into his friends eyes. “Please Hannibal I can’t let him live”

“Murdock you are not a killer, you couldn’t kill an unarmed man. I know you, you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. Please give me the gun. Killing him won’t bring your mom back” Hannibal couldn’t tell if he was getting through to his friend.

“Come on Murdock, give Hannibal the gun, You are better than this. Come on little brother, I know you can, Please do it for the team,” BA was telling his friend.

“If you kill him you will go to jail, what would we Do without you” BA had never spoken to Murdock like this, but he had to get through to him. “We need you more than you need vengeance” Please Murdock”

BA was pleading with his friend.

Roger was watching the exchange between the men. He was trying to figure out a way to get the gun. He could feel the arms holding him relax as the big man spoke to Murdock, he used it to his advantage and lunged forward with all his might, it worked he slipped out of BA’s grasp and tumbled on top of Murdock.

Both BA and Hannibal ran forward but it was too late, the fall had knocked Murdock out, and Roger had the gun and was pointing it at Murdock’s head.

“Don’t move or I will blow his head off” Roger said as both men stopped their attack and put their hands up.

“Let him go Roger, Like I told him the cops are coming” said Hannibal

“What makes you think I care, I have spent my whole life in jails, knowing Junior here is dead would make the rest of my life in jail worth it.” Roger cocked back the hammer, and pulled the trigger.

Part 9

Face had run back into the house to see what the hold up was. Man leave it to Hannibal to make a dramatic exit. He thought, as he ran in the door he was stopped by a terrifying sight. Murdock was on the floor unconscious, covered in blood. His brother was standing over him with a gun pointed at his friends head. BA and Hannibal were helpless. They couldn’t do anything without sealing Murdock’s fate.

Roger pulled the hammer back and closed his eyes, he felt his finger tighten around the trigger and prepared himself for the kick from the gun. He heard it go off, but it didn’t feel right. Instead of feeling the kick in his hand, he felt a burning pain in his back. Then he felt his legs go weak, and he fell to his knees. He could feel a warm trickle of liquid run down his back. Roger was confused, why was Murdock still breathing. He should be dead, he thought. I fired didn’t I. He looked down at his hand where the gun should have been. It was laying at his knees. He felt dizzy, and he had a burning pain in his back. Then he realized.. “I didn’t shoot. I was shot. But who?” Then Roger passed out, he landed across his brother’s chest.

Hannibal and BA didn’t see Face come in, they were surprised to see him standing there as they were pulling Roger off Murdock . What surprised them more was that Face had not drawn his weapon. Then if face didn’t shoot who did? The answer came by a sound of moaning from behind the couch. Face ran over to find Amy curled up in a ball holding a small caliber hand gun. Amy looked shocked “He was gonna kill HM I couldn’t let him Face. Oh my god I killed a man, Am I gonna go to jail” Amy looked up as Face knelt down and gently took the gun from her hand. He took off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders. And carefully helped her up and walked her as quickly as he could out of the house. “shh it’s ok Amy, shhh it’s ok don’t cry.” Face kept whispering in her ear as he watched for the guys to come out.

Hannibal came out with BA behind him carrying a now awake Murdock. “Amy I know you are upset but the police are on the way and you need to tell them what happened, and we need to get Murdock to our doctor.” Hannibal said as he held Amy’s shoulders. “Can you do that Kiddo”?

“What do I tell them Hannibal, How do I explain all this?” Amy was almost in hysterics.

“Tell them the truth, Roger abducted you and you shot him in self defense. Just leave us out of it” Hannibal said

“What about Murdock, is he ok?” Amy said as she looked in the van where Murdock lay.

“I am ok Muchacha, don’t you worry about me I am tough as nails” Murdock said to Amy as he gave her a weak but heartfelt smile.

“You may be tough as nails fool but your as sharp as a box of rocks” Said BA

“Yea but I am just a teddy bear huh Babe” Murdock said with a laugh then grimaced in pain.

“OK guys I can do this, Murdock I love you” Amy said as she reached in the van to give his hand a squeeze

“OK go BA” Hannibal said as Face shut the door.

The cops believed Amy’s story, after all she is a respected member of a major newspaper. They took Roger away to a local hospital to be treated for his flesh wound. Amy’s gun was a small caliber so it didn’t do any permanent damage. After the police did some digging into Roger’s past they found that he had escaped from a mental hospital. He had been sentenced to it permanently for making threats to the governor of Texas, So instead of keeping him in LA they sent him to a better-secured hospital.

The team brought Murdock to a local doctor they had helped a few months before for free. So he was more than willing to help the wounded captain no questions asked. He had a pretty bad stomach wound that was complicated by powder burns due to the fact he had been laying on the gun when it was fired. But after a few days on bed he was well enough to move.

The first thing he did when he left the doctors house was go see Amy. She was relieved to see Murdock up and around and ran to hug him but stopped, when she saw him cover his stomach.

“Are you ok HM?’ she asked with her eyes full of concern

“Right as rain Amy, just feels like a sunburn,” Murdock said as he held out his arms for her to him

She gingerly entered his arms and put her head on his shoulder. As he stroked her back she wept She wept for her, for him and for Roger. She knew he would never let himself get to know the wonderful man that was his brother. She really felt sorry for Roger, he had so much anger in him. How could someone hate a brother for just being born. It made no sense to her. She took a deep breath and stepped back from Murdock. She avoided his eyes.

“What’s wrong Amy? Are you ok?” Murdock asked

“OH Murdock I was so scared, I thought you were gonna be killed”

Amy said as she turned her back to him and put her head in her hands. “Amy I am fine. We are all fine” Murdock said he was starting to feel uneasy by her tone.

“We are not all fine Murdock, christ you got a hole in your gut” Amy said as she spun around and stared at him.

“Amy come on I am ok This isn’t the first time I have been shot.” Murdock said

“Well it’s the first time I have seen it, I shot a man Murdock I SHOT A MAN, I SHOT YOUR BROTHER!!!”

Amy was crying “Amy please don’t cry come here” Murdock held his arms open again


“Well the third time, the medical care is free, like buy 2 bullets get the 3rd one free” Murdock instantly realized it was not a good time for jokes, “Amy you know what we do and you know why we do it. What do you want me to do”? Murdock was searching her eyes.

“Leave with me, I can’t stay here, come with me we will go somewhere where no one knows who we are!!! Please Murdock” Amy said through her tears.

“AMY YOU KNOW I CAN’T DO THAT, DON’T ASK ME TO LEAVE THE ONLY FAMILY I HAVE LEFT. I CAN’T.” Murdock was shocked she would even ask that.


“Amy love ,,you knew this was me before we started this. you asking me to leave the team would be like me asking you to stop reporting and never talk to your mom again. You wouldn’t be able too. So how can you expect me to leave the team.” Murdock was crying with Amy now.

“Well” Amy said as she took a deep breath “I guess that’s it then, I cant do this anymore, it is too hard, I am sorry I love you too much to watch you get hurt anymore.” Amy said and Murdock knew it was over,

“Well Muchacha I love you too and if that’s how you want it I will respect that, but I am not gonna pretend it doesn’t hurt. This hurts more than a thousand gun shot wounds” and with that Murdock kissed her on the cheek turned and headed back to Face’s car and drove away.

Part 10

As Murdock pulled up in front of the room he was sharing with Face, he replayed the last months in his head. He had never been so happy in his life, at least not that he could remember. And it was because of Amy. She accepted him and loved him for himself. Not many women (If any) would be with a man who was in a mental hospital with no chance of release. And even if by a stroke of luck, they did release him he would be on the first plane to Levenworth for treason. And if not that he would be on the run with his friends. “Well I guess this is for the best” He said to no one, “what the hell did I have to offer her anyway” Murdock hit his head on the steering wheel of Face’s Vette. And the horn blew. It made Murdock jump, the he saw the door of the room open and Face came out. Murdock gave his friend a fake smile, and said “Sorry Faceman, Billy jumped on my lap.” Murdock said as he got out carefully of the car. He was still very sore from the wound in his stomach.

“You ok Murdock” Face asked as he studied his friend. He was sure his friend had been crying. There were still tears on his cheeks. “What’s wrong?” Face asked again as he took Murdock’s elbow to help him into their room.

“Nothing Facey, really, Just tired, I think I am gonna take a nap.” Murdock said as he laid down on the bed and place his ever present ball cap over his eyes.

“Ok Murdock, I am gonna head over to Hannibal’s room, so you can get some sleep.” Face said as he left,

BA and Hannibal were sitting at a table in their room playing a game of poker. BA was losing and not too happy about it.

“MAN I know you are cheating Hannibal, and when I find a way to prove it …..BA growled and waved his big fist towards his commander.

Hannibal just grinned and put his cigar back in his mouth.

“Now BA would I cheat” He said with a grin, “I think you have me confused with Face”

Just as Hannibal finished his sentence Face walked in. Face saw the two men playing cards and walked over to Hannibal and pulled 3 aces out of Hannibal’s front pocket.

“Hannibal I knew it man, I knew you were cheating” BA exploded as he threw his cards down .

“Now BA it’s just a game” Hannibal said as he shot a look at Face for giving him up to large man. “Yea just a game that you took 50 bucks from me, I want my money back sucka” BA said as he advanced on Hannibal. “NO Make it 100, 50 for what you took and 50 so I don’t pound you in to the ground” BA said

“AWW BA come on” Hannibal said

“Don’t BA me Hannibal, give me the money” BA said

“Fine Here” Hannibal said as he handed BA the money.

“Thanks Face” Hannibal said in mock disgust, he knew BA would catch him. BA counted the money and out it in his pocket, Hannibal was looking at Face so he didn’t see BA smile as he pulled 3 queens from his under his pile of gold necklaces.

“Sorry to interrupt your game guys but I think we have problem.”

Face said as he sat down in the nearest chair.

“What’s up Face” Hannibal asked as he took out a new cigar.

“I don’t know exactly, but Murdock came back a little bit ago and he seemed really upset. But he wouldn’t tell me why” Face said

“You don’t think it’s Roger do you?” BA asked

“No I don’t, I think after the last run in with his brother, Murdock would not keep that to himself.” Hannibal said as the other two men nodded in agreement.

“Well I know of someone who might know” Face said.

“Amy” said BA and Hannibal in unison.

“Well let’s go pay Amy a visit maybe she can shed some light on what’s bugging the Captain” Hannibal said as he rose and headed to the door. BA and Face followed him.

Amy had just finished crying, she felt horrible for hurting Murdock but she had to protect herself. As much as she loved him, it would be easier to live without him knowing he was alive and well, than live with out him because he was dead. At least that is what she kept telling herself.

Amy picked up the phone and dialed her parent’s house.

“Hello” Said Amy’s mom.

“Hi mom” Amy said trying to sound upbeat.

“Amy what’s wrong?” Mrs. Allen knew her child too well to fall Amy’s act.

“Nothing Mom. Just wanted to hear your voice” Amy said as the tears threatened to fall again.

“Are you hurt? Is HM ok? What’s wrong?” Amy’s mom demanded. Mrs. Allen knew about everything that had happened in her daughters life since she met the A -Team, she also knew of her daughters love for the pilot.

“OH MOM I broke up with HM,” Amy said as she started to cry and tell her mother the whole story.

Amy’s mother listened as her daughter recounted what happened earlier in the day. And didn’t interrupt although she wanted to.

When Amy had finished her mother waited for the tears to stop.

“Well Amy you are a big girl now and I can’t tell you what to do, But I will say this. Isn’t the present more important than the future.” I know HM’s situation is unique, and I know at times dangerous, but no one knows the future. So you can’t say that it is certain he won’t be around for the next 50 years.” Amy’s mom said as much as she hated to. She hated the idea of her daughter wasting her life on this man. He could never give Amy the life her mother wanted for her. But he was a nice man and Amy loved him so she bit her tongue.

“Why don’t you come over and stay with your dad and me for a few days?” Mrs. Allen asked.

“Yea that sounds good, I will be there in a few hours.” Amy said as she heard a familiar engine pull up.

“Mom it sounds like I have company so I will see you later ok” Amy said as she hung up.

“OK HUN” Mrs. Allen said to a dial tone, She always does that to me.

Amy opened the door before Hannibal had the chance to knock. “Hi guys, what’s up?” Amy asked although she knew why they were here.

As the guys entered the house Amy shut the door behind them and muttered under her breath “Sure come in”

“We were hoping you could tell us Amy” Hannibal said

“Murdock seemed really upset when he returned from here. but he wouldn’t tell us why. We were hoping you could let us in on it” Face said.

“Face, Hannibal, BA, I am sorry Murdock is upset, but it is really between us.” Amy said hoping that would be enough.

“Look Amy you know us well enough to know that if something is upsetting one it upsets all.” Hannibal said

“BUT this is between Murdock and Me, Hannibal and that is how I want it kept” Amy was getting mad, this was another reason it was so hard to stay with Murdock, the group was so close that it was almost like if you date one you date them all.

“That’s not good enough kid” Hannibal said as he shook his head.

“Well that’s all you are getting Hannibal, and don’t call me kid!!!” Amy shot back.

“OH I get it” Face said “You guys broke up”

“Ok yes we broke up ok now you know,” Amy said as she flung herself in a chair.

“Why Amy I thought you guys were crazy about each other” Face said

“We just did ok Face, can’t we just leave it at that”

“NO, Tell me why, I have an idea and I want you to prove me wrong” Hannibal said with a glint of anger in his blue eyes.

“Hannibal it is just to hard ok” Amy knew she couldn’t tell them she tried to break up the team. They would never forgive her. She had lost Murdock she didn’t want to lose their friendship too.

“OH than I am right aren’t I MISS ALLEN,” Hannibal was standing next to Face, BA was sitting on the couch. They watched their commander as his face started to get red with anger.

“Sorry Murdock, it was fun but it’s to hard to be with a man in a mental ward. Sorry I made you think I loved you , but you will get over it.” Hannibal was pacing the room.

He stopped to glare at Amy. “Am I close Amy?”

Hannibal would never have done this for BA or Face, their love lives were just that, theirs. But Murdock was different. He couldn’t really date, nor had Hannibal ever seen him in love. That is until Amy came back in to his life. And with everything Murdock had been through in the last 6 months, he was not in the strongest of shape. Physical or mental. And Hannibal would be dammed if he was gonna let anything else happen to his friend.

“HOW DARE YOU HANNIBAL, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!!” Amy jumped up and was standing toe to toe with Hannibal “YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BETTER THAN THAT!!

“I don’t think I know you at all Amy. But if I am wrong than prove it tell me what happened” Hannibal said flatly


“Amy why, why would you do that” BA was the first to speak.

“OH come on BA, you hate Murdock, you wouldn’t care if he left.”

“That is not true Amy and you know it” Face interrupted before BA could say anything. But from the look on BA’s face he was very angry.

“Come on guys we are done here, we have more important things to do than talk about this.” Hannibal said as the rest of the team followed him to the door.

“Forget about us Amy, and forget about Murdock if it makes your life easier. We will make sure the captain is ok” Hannibal said with heavy emotion.

“Hannibal I am sorry” Amy said

“So am I kid, I am sorry you came back” Hannibal said as he walked out. then Amy heard the door slam and she was alone.


The conclusion

The Guys drove back towards the hotel where they were staying. No one had said much since they left Amy’s. They knew that her choice was her own, and there was really nothing they could do to change her mind. They were all just concerned for their friend. “Well who is hungry” Hannibal was the first to break the silence.

“I could eat” said Face

“Me too” BA said.

“Well lets stop at Belly Busters and get something for Murdock too, I think he should eat.” Said Hannibal “But the problem is I don’t have any money” He said with a grin

“Face do you have any cash?” Hannibal asked

“No, put the last of my cash into this new suit” Face said with mock sincerity he knew what Hannibal was doing.

“OH man fine I will buy” Growled BA from the drivers seat.

“OH that’s great Sergeant, since you have that new found wealth.” Hannibal said with a laugh as he slapped BA on the shoulder.

40 dollars later they were back at the hotel, with their food. They were glad to see that Murdock was awake and willing to eat. “Thanks for the food guys, love me some belly buster’s” Murdock said as he bit into his hamburger.

“You ok Cap?” Hannibal asked eyeing Murdock with a fatherly look.

“Well I have never been OK, just ask BA” Murdock said with a grin. “But seriously I will be. I am not mad at her, I understand.” Said Murdock as tears came to his brown eyes.

“With the life I lead maybe I should write a book” Murdock said with a laugh. “Or A TV show, you guys could be in it too” Murdock said as his friends watched that gleam return to his eyes.

“OH no” said Face “Not a good idea Murdock they would probably cast that Dirk Benedict guy as me” Face knew that what his friend need was not to be coddled but to be treated like always. Face really loved playing along with Murdock.

Face had been lost in his thought of who would play him in Murdock’s TV show that he didn’t realize his friend had stopped talking.

They all ate in silence for a few minutes till Murdock broke it.

“I called Dr. Richter today, while you guys were at Amy’s. I asked him if he would support my release request,” Murdock said. The guys were shocked, Murdock had never said he wanted to leave before. Hannibal was the first to regain use of his voice.

“Are you sure Murdock? What about your treatments?” Hannibal wanted to ask a different question but was afraid of the answer.

“I can go to group and private sessions and still live off the grounds.” Murdock said then took a big drink of his soda.

“What about the Army?” BA said.

“Well they really don’t have anything on me. I wasn’t with you when you at Hanoi, and they have never been able to prove I flew you out after the escape from the stockade. All they really have are rumors.” Murdock said matter-of-factly.

Face jumped out of his chair and left the room. He couldn’t listen to what he knew was coming. Murdock wanted out of the VA, his home for the last 15 years. That only meant one thing, next he would tell them he was leaving them too. Face couldn’t handle the thought of Murdock not being there. What would he do with out his best friend. Who would run scams with him? Who would make him laugh? Face punched the wall.

“Faceman? You ok? What’s wrong?” Murdock asked as he put his friends shoulder. Face didn’t hear his friend come out of the room.

Face spun around, and looked into Murdock’s eyes.

“You gonna leave us too, are you gonna run off with Amy?” Face asked with pain in his voice.

“Face, where is this coming from? I told Amy I couldn’t leave you guys and I meant that.” Murdock said.

“But you never mentioned this before Murdock, until Amy brought it up what else should we think?” Face was having a hard time believing his friend.

“Temp….” Murdock used Face’s real name to get his point across. “I have been thinking about this for a while, even before Amy came back. This isn’t even my idea, I wish I could say it was. Dr. Ricter told me about 9 months ago he felt I was well enough to leave” Murdock took a breath and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“I tried to make it look like I had a relapse, because I was scared. I was scared of living on my own and I was scared of what the Army would do. When I talked to him today, he said he had gotten word from some people he knew in the MP’s, they have nothing on me. And I am not going to be a concern of theirs. They kinda have their hands full with bigger fish.” Murdock said with a smile.

“So what are you gonna do?” Face asked

“Well I have money saved from all these years, payments from the army, and from our jobs, so I could get a place to live, maybe I will get married and have some little bambinos” Murdock said.

“But Murdock….” Face looked crestfallen.

“Easy Muchocho I am joking, could you imagine me with kids?” Murdock said as he raised his hands to ward off the hands of Face that were smacking him in the arm.

“OK …OK I give I give, hey not the head its not under warranty anymore…” Murdock and Face were laughing so hard that they didn’t hear BA and Hannibal come outside.

“UGHHHHHH” Murdock said as he fell to his knees.

Face stopped his laughter and bent down to check on his friend. “Hey Murdock I am sorry. you ok?”

Murdock suddenly pulled out a water gun from under his jacket and sprayed Face. “Got ya HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA” Murdock saw the look of shock on Peck’s face, and dropped the water gun and scooted behind BA.

“I am gonna get you Murdock” Face said with false anger. HE couldn’t actually do anything to the Captain because he was still recouping from a gun shot. But Face had always believed Vengeance is best served cold.

As the team looked at each other Hannibal said to Murdock “So are you sure you are ready?”

“Yes. I am Hannibal. I faced my brother and survived, with my sanity, and no worse for wear all things considered. I am sorry about what happened with Amy, but facing Roger helped me realize I am not as weak or as crazy as I have let myself think I am all these years.”

“Where will you go?” Face asked again

‘Well I can’t get my own place because Decker would never let me out of his sight, soooo….if you guys don’t mind, I am thinking of joining you. I can share a room with BA, he and Billy need to get to know each other better.” Murdock said as he looked at BA.

“BA what do you think” Hannibal asked

“NO The fool may think he is sane but he is not sharing a room with me, he isn’t sane Hannibal, he still thinks he has a dog. There ain’t no dog !!!” BA yelled

“I never said I was completely cured BA I just said I was well enough to leave” Murdock said with a look of hurt in his eyes. “Don’t you love me? I love you big guy” Murdock said as he took a step towards BA.

What Murdock didn’t see was Face had picked up the fallen squirt gun and handed it to BA while Murdock had been talking to Hannibal.

“Sure Murdock I love you….” BA said as he pulled the squirt gun and unloaded all the remaining water into the Captain’s surprised face. Hannibal and Face were in hysterics at the sight of Murdock’s drenched face and BA’s giggling. It wasn’t often that BA dropped the tough persona and just had fun.

“Ahhh I can’t believe you would attack an unarmed man. A wounded one no less. I am shocked BA,” Murdock said as he pulled another water gun from his jacket.

“Well at least a wounded one” Murdock then started spraying BA with the water.

“OK OK GUYS that’s enough” Hannibal said he realized that even though BA was fooling around too there was only so much the big man would take. “Murdock lets go to the VA so you can talk to the staff.”

“Ok Hannibal.” As Murdock got in step with his commander.

Hannibal said “I am proud of you Captain, I am glad that you feel safe enough with us to leave the VA. And I am glad you are staying with us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.” Hannibal said as he embraced the Captain. “Hey We are a team right” Murdock said as he returned the mans embrace.

“Yes Murdock we are. We are a family too. Hey what would you call your TV show?” Hannibal asked

Murdock thought for a moment. “Star trek the Next generation” Murdock said with a grin.

Hannibal just laughed.