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BA The Mechanic By Lindi


     BA was checking his van. It was night time and he was unable to sleep. His van was the lifeline for the team. If he did not keep it in good shape then the team could be caught by Decker or worse the bad guys could kill them if the van failed in getting them to safety. BA had no choice. He had to keep regular checks on his van. He already had checked the van during the day but since he couldn’t sleep he decided that another check up on the van wouldn’t hurt.

     “BA, you already checked the van today.” A sleepy Hannibal said. BA, Hannibal and Face were staying in the abandon warehouse they some time use. They had to sleep on cots when they chosen to sleep in the warehouse.

     “I know but I could not sleep so I decided to check the van again. Do you have a problem with that?”

      “No but I was not having trouble sleeping until I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor and now I can’t get back to sleep.” Hannibal said.

     “I am sorry. I accidentally dropped my tools on the floor.” BA apologized.

      “That is okay.” Hannibal said. They heard Face yell “Leave me alone!” He sounded much like a child. Hannibal glanced back were the lieutenant was asleep on his cot. “It sounds like he is having another nightmare.” Hannibal observed.

     “Yeah, Do you think we need to wake him?” BA asked.

      “No.” Hannibal answered. “BA, I think this next case that we are taking you are going to like.”

       “What do you mean the next case? I didn’t even know we had a client.”

         “I lied to you when I said that you woke me. It was the phone ringing that woke me. It was your mother. She said that your friend Toby Tucker owns a garage now got  his arm beat up badly by a man and his goons call Sammy Gallon. It seams like they are extorting business owners for asking for a fee to keep them safe. Your friend refused and got beat up.”

      “I know who you are talking about. Toby and I were going to go into the garage as partners after I returned from the war but it can’t happen now. I say we can drive out now.” BA said.

       “No BA. We can wait until morning. You need a couple hours of sleep and there is no need to wake Murdock and  Amy up.” Hannibal said.  Face stumbled over to where BA and Hannibal were standing. “You couldn’t sleep either.” Hannibal said.

     “No.” Face mumbled.

      “Well get some sleep kid in fact we all need to get some sleep. We are driving up in the morning to see BA’s mother for a case.”  Hannibal said. Face looked at Hannibal. “I will tell you about it in the morning.”

     “I am going out for a walk.” Face decided. He left quickly before Hannibal could say any thing to him. He hadn’t walked for from the warehouse when he heard a pitiful cry in the dark. He looked around for the sound. He finally so the creature that made that pitiful cry. It was a small gray kitten. Face walked over to the kitten and picked it up. It didn’t try to run. “Where is your mother?” Face looked around but did not see an adult cat. He tucked the kitten into his pocket and went back and climbed into his vette and drove to an all night grocery store where he brought some kitten food and some milk. He drove back to the warehouse. Hannibal and BA were already asleep. Face preceded to take care of the kitten.


         “Murdock shut up you fool!” BA shouted.

     “What? I am not saying a thing.” Murdock said. He, Amy, and Face were in back of the van. They were on their way to see Mrs. Baracus. The sound came again.

      “Murdock! You fool! I told you to shut up!”

      “BA I am not making that sound. I hear it but it isn’t coming from me. I can ask Billy if he is making that sound. Billy are you making that sound? BA Billy says he isn’t making that sound.”

     “It has to be you because it is coming from the back seat.” BA said.

      “It isn’t me!” Murdock yelled.

       “Face, do you know that you have a bulge in your shirt and it is moving?” Amy asked.

      “My gosh Face! Amy is right. You have an alien in your shirt!” Murdock screamed.

      “No. Murdock I do not have an alien in my shirt.” Face said.

       “You do. They have gotten to you. Denial is the first symptom to having an alien in your pocket syndrome.” Murdock said.

      “Murdock what are you talking about?” Amy asked.

      “Alien abduction. The mother ship sends spies down here and they are small enough to get in our shirt pockets. We of coarse deny that this is happening to us. The only way to save Face is to blow him away along with the alien of coarse Face would be dead but we would be safe.”

     “The only thing that I have in my shirt is the source of the sound that you all are hearing.”

       “The alien.” Murdock interrupted.

      Face pulled the kitten out of his pocket. “I was hoping it would be quiet.”

      “It is the ugliest alien that I ever saw!” Murdock yelled.

      “Murdock it is a cute kitten.” Amy said. “Can I hold it?” Face gave Amy the kitten.

      “It is a cute little kitten.” Murdock said as he petted the kitten.

      “It is hungry.” Amy said.

      “I have food for it but I don’t think that BA would want me to feed it inside his van.”

       “Where did you get it?” Amy asked.

      “I found it last night.” Face answered.

        BA pulled the van to the side of the road. “I do not want a cat inside of my van now throw it out!”

       “It is too small to throw out!” Face objected.

       “I say to throw it out!” BA yelled.

        “BA look at it. It is only a kitten!” Amy said.

        “No. The cat has to go!” BA said.

        “It is a kitten.” Amy said.

       “I don’t care. It can’t ride in my van!”

        “Hannibal!” Face said.

       Before Hannibal could answer Murdock said “I am a shame of you BA for wanting to throw a helpless kitten out on the side of the road. We are on the way to see your mama. I am going to tell on you for trying to throw a helpless little kitten out on the side of the road.”

      “No fool don’t tell my mama!” BA begged.

       “I am going to tell your mama about how mean you can be to a poor helpless little kitten!”

        “The kitten can stay but Face you will have to clean up after it.” BA said.

        “I will.” Face agreed with a smile.

          “Face, what is the name of the kitten?” Murdock asked.

       “I haven’t given it a name yet.”

         “It has to have a name.” Murdock said.

        “Face do not give that cat a name.” Hannibal warned.

        “Why?” Face asked.

         “Because you are a fugitive. Life on the run is no place for a pet especially if that fugitive is the ATeam.” Hannibal said.

      “Hannibal, I think that the cat can adjust to life on the run in fact the A Team needs a mascot. I think that would be the perfect name for the cat.” Murdock said.

      “Mascot it will be.” Face said.

        “I like that name.” Amy said.

        “Face I promise you that I will not let Billy get a hold of Mascot.” Murdock said.

        “I would appreciate that.” Face said.


     BA opened the door to his mother’s house. He did not want to wake her since it was late at night. “There you all are.” Mrs. Baracus said.

      “Mama, you didn’t have to stay up and wait on us.” BA said as he hugged his mother.

      “I didn’t. The alarm woke me up fifteen minutes ago. I knew you would be here about this time.” Mrs,Baracus had to hug every one else. She stopped as she saw the kitten in Face’s arms. “What is this cute little thing’s name?”

      “Mascot. I found him last night.” Face said.

        “He must be hungry.” Mrs. Baracus went into the kitchen. Face, Amy, and Murdock followed. Mrs. Baracus gave the kitten some milk in a saucer. “It is so cute. I think that Mascot is the perfect name for the A Team’s cat.”

     “That is exactly what I told your son.” Murdock said.

      “How is Billy liking the cat?” Mrs. Baracus asked.

      “He was jealous at first but by the time we arrived both of them were curled up together sleeping.” Murdock answered.

      “That is good.” Mrs. Baracus said.

       “Amy you can sleep with me. Hannibal and Scooter can sleep in his old bedroom and Face and Murdock can sleep in the guess bedroom.” Mrs. Baracus said.

      “Face Mascot really likes you.” Murdock said. They were laying on the bed in the room that they were sharing. The kitten were curled up beside Face.

      “He should. I was the one who found him.” Face said.

       There was a knock on the door and Murdock called “Come in.”

       Amy walked in. “I had to say good night to Mascot.” She petted the kitten.

      “You do not want to say good night to us?” Face asked.

        “No.” Amy answered.

       “I don’t blame her. I am too ugly and you Faceman is too good looking for Amy to say good night to but Mascot is perfect.”

     “Murdock you are not ugly.” Face said.

       “I am too.” Murdock said.

       “No. You are not ugly.” Amy said.

        “I am too. The only ones who likes me is Billy and Mascot.”

         “That isn’t true Murdock. I like you and so do Hannibal and BA.” Face said.

         “I like you also and so do Mrs. Baracus.” Amy said.

         “So there are a few more who likes me.” Murdock said.

         “I always wanted a pet. I prefer a dog. I never could have one. Dogs and orphanages doesn’t go together. We had cats around but they were wild. I remember this boy had caught a kitten. He had some matches and set the poor thing on fire. I put the fire out and hit the boy in the face with my fist then I took the kitten and tried to heal it. I was up most of the night with it. It died before sunrise. I blamed myself for the kitten’s death. Father Macgill tried to convince me that the kitten’s death wasn’t  my fault but I did not believe him.”

      Face had a far away look on his face as he spoke. It was rare for him to talk about his childhood and when he did everyone listen. “My suspicions of me causing the kitten’s death was confirmed because the very next day I was sent to a foster home. The Bently’s. Mr.Bently stayed drunk most of the time. He was a dangerous man. He would beat me for sport. He found it amusing to put his cigarettes out on my arm. Mrs.Bently was no better. She only got me for the orphanage to use as a slave. I had to clean. I had to draw her a bath. She was so lazy. If  I did not do what she asked she would beat me also. One day I accidenly dropped her drink in her lap and she jumped up grabbed me and dragged me into the kitchen. She hit me with a frying pan. She must have knocked me out because I came to on the kitchen floor. I was drenched in cold water where she had thrown it on me. I burned dinner one night both the Bently’s beat me. I had to be taken to the hospital. I had a broke jaw and there wasn’t a place on my body that wasn’t black and blue. Father Macgill was so angry that he actually said a cuss word when he picked me up from the hospital.”

      “Where you dreaming about the Bently’s last night?” Murdock asked. Face looked at him. “Hannibal said that you were having a nightmare.”

      “I don’t remember what I was dreaming about.” Face said. He laid back down and pulled Mascot up to him then he pulled the covers over his head. Murdock and Amy knew that Face wouldn’t talk about his childhood again for a long time so Amy left to go to bed and Murdock turned the lights off then climbed into bed.


     “It is good to see you again Toby?” BA said as he shook Toby’s hand. One of Toby’s arms was in a cast. “Did Sammy Gallon break your arm for you?”

     “One of his goons did. We need someone to stop them.” Toby said.

      “We will stop them.” BA promised.

       “I am glad that you are here along with the A Team. I need a good mechanic right now. I am down and I promised the customer of that car that I will have her car fixed by tomorrow but as you can see I will not be able to keep that promise.” Toby said.

     “Consider it already fix because I will work on it.” BA said.

       “I was hoping that you would say that. The parts that you need are already here.” Toby said. BA walked over to the car to have a look.

     “There is nobody better than BA when it comes to mechanics.” Murdock said.

      “I know that is why I wanted BA to be my partner in this garage but thanks to the army that will not happen. BA would never had robbed that bank nor would he ever kill someone in cold blood.” Toby said.

      “None of us would.” BA said.

       “This man Sammy Gallon where does he stay?” Hannibal asked.

        “On New Street. He owns a garage there but he isn’t a good mechanic. The only thing that he is good at is taking money from the hard working people.” Toby said.

      “He may be good at taking money but we are good at getting it back.” Hannibal said as he lit his cigar.

       “Hi. I am having trouble with my car. I broke down not for from here. I was on my way here to get you to look at it but the darn thing just broke down.” Face said to Sammy.

      “Where is it? I can take a look at it.” Sammy said.

       “If you can drive me I can show you.” Face said.

         “I will get my tow truck. What was the car doing before it broke down?” Sammy asked Face.

         “It was knocking and making noise like this.” Face started to make some noises.

         “Okay that will be  enough. I think that I can figure it out for myself.” Sammy said.

          “You are the mechanic. Here is my car.” Face said.

            “Pop the hood so I can take a look.” Sammy said.

            Face did as told. Sammy opened the hood and was very surprise when Hannibal came out of where the engine was supposed to be holding an assault rifle aimed at him. “That might be my engine problem. I have no engine instead I  have a man in the hood of my car holding an assault rifle trained on you.” Face smiled.

     “Who are you two?” Sammy asked.

      “You owe some business owners some money that you stole from them for a protection fee that is called extortion. Extortion is illegal.” Hannibal informed Sammy.

      “What are you talking about?” Sammy asked.

        “You know exactly what I am talking about slimeball. Face read the sum of the money that this slimeball owes back.” Hannibal said.

     “Gladly.” Face said as he read out the figures. “The owners would like that all back in cash.”

       Sammy Gallon laughed. “I think that you two are barking up the wrong tree.”

       “Do you have a problem with giving the money back?” BA asked as he laid a hand on Sammy’s shoulder. Sammy looked at BA and gulped. He shook his head no.

      Murdock skipped over to Sammy and said. “It is kind of funny that you would say that we are barking up the wrong tree because I have here in my hands an expert in tree climbing.” Murdock pulled Mascot from out of his shirt. “This expert says that we are climbing the right tree.”

     “We will give you twenty-four hours to decide what you want to do. You can make it easy on yourself and give the money back or you can make it hard on yourself and not give the money back. If you decide not to give the money back we will collect it all back.” Hannibal put his cigar out by using Sammy’s chest. Hannibal then said to the others without taking his eyes off of Sammy “Let’s go.”

     BA ran to the driver’s seat and Face climbed into the van as Murdock passed Sammy he called over his shoulder “Come on Billy! Don’t bite the man at least not yet.” Sammy stared at Murdock. “Billy is my invisible dog.” Murdock explained as he calmly walked over to the van and climbed into it.

     Sammy tried to move but Hannibal shot at Sammy’s feet. “Don’t move if you value your life but if you don’t value your life feel free to move then you will become a piece of dead meat.” Hannibal climbed into the van but he stuck his head out of the window as he kept the gun trained on Sammy until they were out of sight. Hannibal stuck his head back inside and said. “I love it when a plan comes together.”


     “Murdock I can’t believe that you took Mascot out where he could have gotten hurt.” Face said as he took the kitten away from Murdock.

     Jenny a blonde hair woman who owes a coffee shop in front of the garage who is also a victim of Sammy Gallon was talking to Amy. She said. “That Face is a wonderful caring man.”

     Amy answered. “Yes he is.” Amy couldn’t help but think to herself how a man as Face was shown nothing but abuse in his childhood how he became a person who cares. The priest and nuns must have done an excellent job with him was the only thing she could think of. Face looked over at Amy. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

     “Amy can you kitten set? ” Face handed Amy Mascot.

       “Of coarse I can.” Amy said.

       “Make sure that Murdock doesn’t bring Mascot onto the firing range any more.” Face said.

       “I will.” Amy said as she rubbed the kitten’s check with her own. Mascot purred. Amy started talking nonsense to the kitten.

     “I know that Murdock is always talking nonsense but Amy and Face why do you two think that you should be talking nonsense to a cat?” BA asked.

     “BA it isn’t what you say to the kitten it is how you say it. Mascot knows he doesn’t have any thing to fear from us. He knows he is safe with us.” Face said.

     “If he hangs around us for much longer than he will be a dead cat because we are not safe to be hanging around with.” BA said.

     “BA you should try holding the kitten and talking to it.” Amy said as she held him up to BA.

      “Get that thing out of my face!” BA said.

     “BA you should not call Mascot a thing in front of him. You might hurt his feelings.” Murdock said.

      “It is a cat! It has no feelings!” BA said.

       “Cool it! Here comes Sammy and his slimeballs.” Hannibal said.

       Sammy walked into the garage. Five of his mechanics were with him. “Do you have an answer for us?” Hannibal asked.

     “The answer is no! There is no way in hell that I would give the money back!” Sammy said.

      “I was afraid that you would be taking the hard way out.” Hannibal said.

        “You are damn right that I would be taking the hard way out.” Sammy said coldly.

        “Please don’t cuss. We do have a minor in here and he doesn’t need to hear those kind of words. Isn’t that right Mascot? You don’t need to hear those words.” Murdock said as he petted the kitten that Amy was holding. Sammy walked over and hit Murdock in the stomach. Murdock doubled over. “Mascot doesn’t need to see violence either.” Murdock said.

     “Hey! Why don’t you all pick on some one your own size?” BA yelled. The fight was on. Amy quickly took cover holding onto Mascot. Face grabbed a grease gun that was laying beside him and sprayed grease in one of the slimeball’s face then he hit the slimeball in the face.  The A Team was able to come out on top as they through Sammy and his slimeballs out of the garage Hannibal said. “You are going down Sammy. We always win.”

     “Is Mascot alright?” Face asked Amy.

       “Yes he is but you don’t want to know if I am alright?” Amy asked.

      Face was acting like he was thinking really hard then he replied “No.” Amy punched him on the arm.

      Murdock walked over to where Face and Amy was at. He said to the kitten. “Mascot I am sorry that you had to see that.”


     “Face get me a gas tank, six hoses, and enough oil to fill that gas tank.” Hannibal ordered.

       “You put gas in a gas tank not oil.” Face said.

       “Not this time Face. We will be filling it with oil.” Hannibal said as he put an arm around Face’s shoulder. Face pulled a cigar out of his pocket and gave it to Hannibal he then lit it for him.

     “Amy come with me and bring Mascot with you.” Face said.

       “Take Murdock with you.” Hannibal said.

       “No I need Amy for this con.” Face said.

        “I will take care of Mascot Murdock said.

        “I also need Mascot help on this con.” Face said.

          “Hannibal what does Face have in mind?” Murdock asked.

        “I don’t know but I can guarantee that Face will get everything that I asked for.” Hannibal answered.

          “I would like to talk to your manager.” Face said to the cashier of the store that he and Amy were in. Amy was holding  Mascot. The cashier called for her manager who promptly came. The manager was a red hair woman. Face smiled at her as she approached.

      “What can I help you with?” The manager asked.

        “My name is Charles Duncan and this is Lucy Still. We both represent the humane society and this kitten is for adoption as well as many more cats and dogs. We would like to find homes for all of them but it is impossible at times.”

      “I am an animal lover but I don’t know what I can do for you.” The manager said.

        “We were wondering if you could donate six hoses for us. The hoses we can use for giving the animals baths. The baths helps the animals to look better that helps the animals to be adopted out. I am afraid without hoses most of the animals would be put to sleep.”

      “You kill the animals?” The manager asked.

       “Unfortanely we do because there are too many of them. Baths helps the animals to be adopted. It is all we can do to help the animals. You wouldn’t be helping us out . You would be helping Fluffy out and you do want to help Fluffy out and the others animals don’t you?” Face took Mascot out of Amy’s hands and put the kitten in the manager’s face.

     “He is so cute.” She said.

       “Yes he is.” Face said as Mascot let out a pitiful meow. “See Fluffy is asking you for help.”

       “I will get the hoses for you.” The manager said.

        “I thank you and most important Fluffy thanks you.” Face said. The manager couldn’t help but pet the kitten before she walked away.

     “Face, I see it so many times but I still can’t believe how you  can always get what we need.” Amy said..

      “It is talent.” Face bragged.

       “There is only one problem.” Amy said.

        “And what will that be?” Face asked.

         “You didn’t ask for cat and dog food nor did you ask for cat and dog toys but that manager gave you some anyway so what are we going to do with those?”

      “We will let Mascot have some but when all this is over with we will donate it to the real humane society.” Face said.

      “That is a great idea.” Amy agreed.

        “Well if it isn’t the wise guy and his girlfriend and his cat.” Sammy Gallon said as he and his five slimeballs stepped out of the shadows.

      “Actually Amy is a friend not my girlfriend and the cat is actually a kitten.” Face said. Sammy hit Face across the face. Face felt a trickle of blood from his lips.

       “Chain these two up.” Sammy ordered.

         “Where is everyone else?” Face asked.

         “You two are the first two that we caught.” Sammy answered.

           “Lucky us.” Face said. Face figured that there were too many for them to fight so he decided it would be best to wait for a chance of breaking free.

     “Face, how are we going to get out of this?” Amy asked. They were chained up together facing one another. Their arms were around each other.

      “I would think that this was fun if you wasn’t the woman in front of me.” Face said.

       “Face , I can do without your sarcasm.” Amy said through gritted teeth.

        “Okay lets call a truce until we can figure out a way out.” Face said.

        “Agreed..” Amy acknowledged.

        Face felt Amy up so close to him he was having trouble concentrating because she felt so good with her in his arms. Amy on the other hand was thinking I have to get away from him. He smells so good. “We can drop and roll to try to loosen the chains.” Face suggested. The two dropped and rolled.

     “One of my legs are free.” Amy said.

       “One of my arms are free.” Face said.

        “Good now you can help hold yourself up to keep your weight off of me when you are on top.” Amy said.

      “Tell the truth Amy you like having me on top of you.” Face joked.

        “Only in your dreams.” Amy grunted. Face was holding himself up with one hand and Amy had her free leg wrap around his hip.

       “Face roll. I don’t want you on top of me.” Amy said.

       “I can’t roll.” Face said,.

        “Face this is no time to be joking.!” Amy yelled.

        “I am not joking. Mascot has climbed on my back if I roll over I would squish him.”

          “Mascot get off of Face’s back!” Amy said,.

         “He is kneading my back.” Face said.

         “It can’t hurt. He is only a kitten.”

          “It doesn’t hurt. It tickles.” Face laughed.

           “This isn’t funny!” Amy said through gritted teeth.

          “It is from where I am laying.” Face said trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

           The door opened and BA, Murdock and Hannibal walked in. “Talk about kinky.” Murdock said. Face and Amy looked up at the men.

     ‘Hello now I have everyone.” Sammy beamed.

       “Oh crap. I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.” Hannibal said.


     “Hannibal, I got your stuff that you wanted.” Face said. They were all chained up around the gas tank.

      “At least now we are not chained together.” Amy said.

       “I have to get out of here! Sammy took Mascot. I hope he doesn’t hurt the kitten.” Face said.

        “Mascot will be okay.” Murdock tried to reassure his friend. Face wiggled until he was able to slide out from the chains. He then picked the lock freeing the others.

      “I am so glad that Sammy left us our stuff.” Hannibal said. The team went to work.

      The door opened and Sammy and his slimeballs walked into the garage. Mascot was in Sammy’s arms. “Where are they?” Sammy demanded. Murdock jumped up from hiding with a hose in his hands. He turned the nozzle as oil came out on the five slimeballs. Sammy had escaped from the oil bath. BA grabbed a hold of the five slimeballs. They were slipping. BA through them into a car then sealed the door shut.

      Face ran after Sammy. He jumped him and immediately took Mascot away from Sammy. “I will take my kitten back now.” Sammy was fixing to get up when he felt a boot on his hand.

     “Don’t bother to get up because if you do I have no problem blowing scum like you away.” Hannibal said as he held a gun on Sammy.


      “Thank you for your help. We all will be testifying against Sammy.” Toby said.

       “You are welcome.” Hannibal said. Toby handed Hannibal a bag. Hannibal looked in. It was money.

        “I know you didn’t ask for money but the other store owners and I decided that you all deserve something.” Toby explained.

       Face and Amy came into the garage. “The humane society appreciated our donation.” Amy said.

       Face walked over to Mrs. Baracus she was holding Mascot. “I am going to miss him but I know you are going to take good care of him.” Face petted the kitten. “You be good for Mrs. Baracus.” Amy had to pet the kitten. BA walked over to his mother to say goodbye. He then petted the kitten.

      “Where is Murdock?” Hannibal asked.

        “I am coming.” Murdock said. He said bye to BA’s mom then he petted Mascot. He then climbed into the van and everyone else followed. BA had driven several miles before Murdock said. “Face that was nice of you giving Mrs. Baracus Mascot.”

     “It was Face. Mama gets lonely and now she will not be lonely.” BA said.

       “Hannibal was right. Life on the run is no place for a pet.” Face said.

       “I got you something Face. I know it isn’t the real thing but I thought you might like it.” Murdock handed Face a stuff toy gray cat.

      “Thank you Murdock I like it.” Face said.

       “Billy! No!” Murdock shouted. He lunged at Face and grabbed the stuff cat. “Don’t worry Face I will not let Billy kill your cat.”  BA pulled to the side of the road and got out. He opened the back door and grabbed the stuff cat.

      “This is only a toy! There is no dog!” BA threw the stuff cat out.

        “That is my stuff cat that Murdock got me!” Face yelled as he and Murdock jumped out of the van and ran after the stuff cat. BA got back into the van and stranded the two men. “I can’t believe that BA just stranded us!” Face shouted.

      “I can’t believe that BA could be mean and throw a helpless toy cat out on the side of the road!” Murdock yelled.

     “I bet you Murdock that you and I can get back to LA before the team does.” Face said.

     “How?” Murdock asked.

       “Just watch.” Face said as he stuck his thumb out. A car pulled to the side of the road and a pretty blonde driver got out of the car.

      “Do you two need a lift?” She asked. The passenger who was the exact copy of the driver got out of the car. “We have plenty of room.” She said.

     “Twins.” Murdock said. Face smiled as he and Murdock climbed in the back seat. “To the airport.” Face said. As the driver headed for the airport Murdock said.” I love it when a plan comes together.” Face’s reply was a laugh.