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A Response to Bloo’s Challenge, by Hannurdock

As I walked into the livingroom after school I saw the A-Team with my Aunty. Ignoring them all I switched on my computer and started to play the [Computer game – Toonstruck]. Murdock was as mad as I suspected, holding [A stop sign]. The reason we wanted to hire them was because of the night we were watching [the video of Face/off]. Three masked intruders had entered the room, hurling insults and talking in a manner which implied they had never heard of a thing called a [Dictionary]. They squashed the [Jam Donut] I had dropped as I struggled with them. To top it all off they grabbed my [Yo-yo] and smashed all my CDs including my childhood favourite [CD of 30 Children’s playground songs]. I quickly grasped [A book on Judo], and threw the nearest man over my shoulder to the floor. The other two then laid into me, hitting me repeatedly with the [Double chocolate sponge cake] my Aunty had prepared earlier in the evening. It was the next day my Aunty had been to see Mr Lee.

Anyway, I played on my computer and heard a ferocious growl from behind me. I turned to see BA playing with my [Persian cat]. I smiled. It was out of character for him to be gentle.

“OK” Hannibal said to my Aunty. ‘You’ve hired the A-Team. Now, we’ll wait for those slimes to return – then we’ll take care of them.’

I sighed with relief and went upstairs to play with my [Train set]. BA followed behind me and asked me if I was alright.

‘I’m OK’ I said. ‘I just wish those men would leave me and my Aunty alone.’ ‘They will soon’ BA promised.

I walked to the bathroom, eager to jump into the [Jacuzzi]. I saw Face lighting some candles with a [Box of waterproof matches]. He smiled at me and said ‘You need to relax.’ I suddenly realised he had no trousers on and only wore a [G-String].

Suddenly, there was a noise from downstairs. The lights flickered and went off. Face grabbed a [Flashlight], took my hand and we went carefully down the stairs, Face still trouserless.

All hell had broken loose. The three masked men had returned and Hannibal, BA and Murdock were fighting them.

Hannibal threw a man into the wall, and I heard smashing glass. I knew it was [an ant farm] my Aunty had. I heard her gasp in horror as a [Dancing gorilla] pounced on her, and she sprayed the beast with her [Deodorant spray]. Murdock felled his opponent by hitting him repeatedly with a [Floppy disk], Hannibal’s opponent felt the full impact of a case of [Car wax] and BA grabbed a [Magnet] and threw it like shuriken at his adversary. The police arrived soon afterwards and took the punks away to serve time. Of course the A-Team had gone well before that, laiden with the payment and all the gratitude me and my Aunty could possibly give.