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A Night To Remember

So far the night had been perfect. She was dancing with the man of her dreams. His strong arms held her close. She could feel his burning gaze looking at every inch of her. He led her for a while and she then led him.

The music suddenly changed to the romantic sound of the tango. Templeton Peck takes Susan into his arms and leads her into a breathtaking tango. They own this dance floor. He spins her around and around until she was dizzy and takes back into his arms.

As the music fades, her classmates are shouting and clapping. “I didn’t know you had those moves.” Levett Jones said. Susan blushes and holds Face’s hand. “I didn’t know I had those moves either until I met him.” She told him.

Face and Susan walk over to the table nearest the balcony. He pulls her char out for her and she sits down. He quickly walks around her and sits down by her side. “Would you like something to drink?” he asks. “I’ll have whatever you’re having.” She responds to him.

“I’ll be right back.” He seductively says. Face quickly gives her kiss on her forehead. He walks over to the buffet line and gets two glasses of punch. He begins to walk back to the table and he sees that Susan is not there.

He turns and looks out of the doubled doors and sees Susan on the balcony looking at the amazing sunset over the Mobile River. He eases out on the balcony and walks up behind her. “Here’s your punch my lady.” Face says nonchalantly. Susan turns around and sees this gorgeous man paying attention to her.

“How come you’re out here?” he asks setting the glasses on a near by table. He walks over to her ad wraps his arms around Susan. She wraps her arms around his. “Felt somewhat stuffy in there.” She turns and looks at Face. “I like it better out here.” Susan rubs her arms. “Are ya cold?” he asks. “A little.” She replies. Face takes his tuxedo jacket and puts it around her bare shoulders.

“Better?” he asks. Susan smiles at him. “Much better; thank you.” She answers. “You’re welcome.” He replies. Face rests his chin on her shoulder. Arms still wrapped around her. Susan sees a riverboat gong down the river. Face sees her eyeballing the boat as it makes the way past them. “What are you thinking about?” he asks.

“Just wondering if the people are having a wonderful time like I am.” Face turns her around. His ocean-colored eyes gazing into her greenish-bluish eyes. They move closer together. Susan wraps her arms around his neck. Face moves closer to her. They two well-dressed couple kiss. Fireworks explode and bands played.

Hannibal Smith sees his second in command and his lady love getting to know each other better. “I love it when a plan comes together!” he says as he turns around and takes hold of a beautiful redheaded woman and takes her into his arms for a breathtaking tango.

Meanwhile, on the balcony, Face and Susan break the kiss. “Wow!” they both say in unison. They both laugh. “I love it when a plan comes together.” Face says. Susan hugs the blonde man.