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Number of stories archived in 2001: 397

500 Miles by stompy sara. Rating: (PG) Summary: a little downtime (Vietnam). Warning: language First Archived: 2001-04-28. Hits: 2916

A Fun Day by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: Four People from the VA go on a date with Murdock, Face, Reg, and Joxer. First Archived: 2001-02-20. Hits: 1096

A Handful of Choices by Jenny. Rating: (PG) Summary: This will be the first in a series of shorts to follow up on "The Right Choice". Each will be numbered, but all under the generic title of "A Handful of Choices". (Simply because I have no other inspirational titles to pick from! Warning: No real warnings except major sap and minor emotional upheaval. First Archived: 2001-08-21. Hits: 2403

A Handful of Choices #2 by Jenny. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A continuation of the FF, "The Right Choice" and "A Handful of Choices # 1" Warning: Remembered sexual activity. Male/Female consensual. First Archived: 2001-08-30. Hits: 2144

A Handful of Choices #3 by Jenny. Rating: (G) Summary: A continuation of the FF series, "The Right Choice" and "A Handful of Choices" Notes: Takes place after Theory of Revolution. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-05. Hits: 1715

A Handful of Choices #4 by Jenny. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: None Warning: None First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 1894

A Is For Assassination by Cat. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The Team becomes divided by a psychopath who uses each member's vulnerabilities to pit them against one another. Warning: Violence, Adult Language, Sex and should other warnings apply, they will be posted in the header of that particular part. First Archived: 2001-08-20. Hits: 5367

A Is For... by Cat. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a snippet, I guess. Not sure what to classify it as. Warning: Some language, sexual suggestions. Other than those mentioned above, none that I can think of. First Archived: 2001-03-20. Hits: 1859

A is for...A-M by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: Just a few glances at our guys. In alphabetical order. Warning: Slash, here and there� First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 2001

A Meagan Sue Wedding by Jenny. Rating: (PG) Summary: My response to the Mary Sue Week proclamation. First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 882

A Miracle For Christmas 1-4 by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (R) Summary: A Christmas Tale in response to Black Fire's challenge. In order to get home to his sick mother, BA wants to fly home and the team goes with him for support. As the plane carrying the team crosses the Rockies, a freak accident in the middle of a storm leaves the team in need of a miracle in order to survive. Warning: Anguish, Injuries, Pain, Explosion, Death of non-main characters, and of course Foul Language. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 4500

A Priest's Confidence by Jenny. Rating: (PG) Summary: Ever wonder who taught Face everything he knows? I did, and this is what came out. Warning: Hanky alert. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 2677

A-Team The 2nd Generation's Next Adventure: Nick's Great Escape by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: Nick escapes his kidnappers with a little quick thinking,
and Tessa helps out with the Team a little. Warning: None so far. First Archived: 2001-12-13. Hits: 732

A-Team The 2nd Generation: Hannibal-Matthew's Idea by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (PG) Summary: None. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 680

A-Team/Superman X-over by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: What if the Superman/A-Team words collided into each other full force? First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 764

Acceptance by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: A finish to my list of poems. The last one...and the hardest to write. Warning: some slight angst. First Archived: 2001-04-23. Hits: 898

Achilles Heel by MAGIKSPIDES. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Evil plot bunny taken up from Capt .Rat. A darker side to the Facial one. Is Face a killer?????? Warning: Graphic violence, language, angst. First Archived: 2001-07-24. Last Story Part: 14. Hits: 4423

Adverse Reactions by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (R) Summary: Richter changes Murdock's medication hoping to work through his patients fixation with trash bags, and the result is a mentally unstable patient suffering from depression, delusions, and thoughts of suicide. When Murdock escapes a desperate call is made to the team. Will they be able to save their friend from himself? Warning: Anguish, Mental Illness, Suicidal thoughts and maybe a tiny bit of foul language. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 3418


After All by Danielle. Rating: (PG) Summary: Years after they are pardoned, Face reflects on their lives. Warning: Angst First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 2730

After The Honeymoon 1 by Facefreak. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sequel to Mr. And Mrs. Templeton Peck. Face and Christina after the honeymoon. Warning: Violence, Very explicit sexual situations between a woman and man. First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 2261

Against All Odds by Angievette. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face and Murdock realise exactly what they've got after it's gone. Warning: Light Slash m/m, references only. Major character death. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 2268

Against Love's Fire by witchbaby. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: (the as-promised addendum to Want You to Want Me) Sex, sex, and more sex. I *did* promise, didn'1 I? Warning: m/m sexual situations. Graphic. If this is not your cup of tea, PLEASE do not read this story. First Archived: 2001-02-19. Hits: 4087

Alight 1-2 by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: (This story has been removed at the author's request.) Warning: Some violence, angst, death of a minor character and reference to torture. First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 2359

All Along The Watchtower 1-2 by Emma Peel. Rating: (PG) Summary: How the boys got together Warning: Swearing (lots), implied death not of major characters First Archived: 2001-09-05. Hits: 2776

All The Ways That Count by Catherine C. Plummer. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock asks Hannibal a question at the VA. First Archived: 2001-03-20. Hits: 2368

Aluminum Bellies by Fingers & Val. Rating: (R) Summary: Things go wrong when Face decides to exercise his way to riches. Warning: SLASH - not too graphic First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 3330

Always on My Mind by Lacy. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Someone form someone's past comes to visit. Things are reveled that make everyone question what they think they know. Warning: Pain, confusion, bad words, the usual stuff First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 3010

Amy's Little Friend by jenben. Rating: (G) Summary: just a little something i came up with during math. amy is not happy. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-10-29. Hits: 1521

An Adventure In Chicago by Susie Owens and Georgia Bentz. Rating: (PG) Summary: Young HM get ready for a trip with his Gran'pa. Warning: Safe. First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 933

And Along Came Matthew by Facefreak. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face is surprised to find out that Christina has been keeping a few things from him. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 1068

And Then A Hero Comes Along by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: The team has escaped Hanoi Hilton and is now recuperating. Warning: Mention of torture, and injured characters. And is completely void of slash. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 3414

And Then The Morning Comes by Major Brat a.k.a. Kre17. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Morning confessions. Warning: SLASH. m/m sex. First Archived: 2001-08-30. Hits: 3304

Angels of the Morning by witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: A day in the life of Templeton Peck. First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 1783

Anniversary by Murdocksflychica (Beth). Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The guys remember a tragic event on their way to meet up with each other. Warning: *Major Character death*. Contains violence, bloodshed, and language. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 2460

As Long As You Love Me So by emmastark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: It's really cold outside. It's really cold inside. Murdock and Face must cuddle up to keep warm. Warning: Slash, language. More slash. First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 4732

At Your Service by Reckless. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: After their pardon, the A-Team faces off against their toughest challenge - greedy trial lawyers. Warning: Humor. Some language. Some sexual references (all off-screen). A couple of religious jokes. Lawyer jokes. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 1520

Babysitting Adventures by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (PG) Summary: Murdock is sent on a solo mission to babysit airplanes, While he Should be excited about the mission, he's filled with doubts and trepidation. Because working for Stockwell doesn't agree with him. Warning: Could be Pretty or Ugly depends on how well it's written. One swear word in it.... First Archived: 2001-07-31. Hits: 1607

Bad Moon Rising by Stiney. Rating: (R) Summary: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Murdock's afraid of the big bad wolf. Warning: Slash, cussing, um, weird monsterness. First Archived: 2001-09-08. Hits: 1571

Bald-Be-Gone by Ducky the Loon. Rating: (G) Summary: This is a closet drama (written in play format but only meant to be read). *And* it's SILLY. Seems the Team has been pardoned 'n' stuff and are now in a different line of work...where Face's persuasive skills are QUITE applicable. THIS STORY HAS BEEN REMOVED AT THE AUTHOR'S REQUEST. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 1045

Banking on Success by Fingers. Rating: (R) Summary: A little straightforward trip to the bank goes awry for one of our Team....This story is set in the time period of the fourth season - when a certain posting of a certain colonel has been made to a certain state and yes I know coincidences like this just don'1 happen hehehehe..... Warning: Violence & blood, language, stated THREAT of non-cons, death of minor characters First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 5988

Because I Love You by Kara Kirk. Rating: (R) Summary: A woman goes through something women should NEVER have to go through. Warning: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Please do not read any further if you do NOT approve. The F-Bomb has been dropped a couple times. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 1581

Being a Nurse at the VA by PartlyK. Rating: (G) Summary: A bit of fluff about the VA... First Archived: 2001-07-06. Hits: 1067


Billy by Leonidas the First. Rating: (R) Summary: How can you save someone who does not want to be saved? Warning: A bit of graphic description of injuries and violence. First Archived: 2001-02-07. Hits: 1995

Birds by Cathy Fisher. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock brings the Team a present and chaos breaks out. Warning: Sap and sentimentalism. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 1595

Bitter Harvest - Baby Birth 1-2 by Rita R.. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: It's time! Maggie is about to have Hannibal's son... which throws everything and everyone in a tizzy. (I've gone ahead and put in the earlier stuff when she finds out she's pregnant, so it's not such a jolt. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-05. Hits: 1307

Blazing Star by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (R) Summary: After the events in Rising Star, Murdock's life begins a change as he is forced to face the grueling challenges of being as both a Chopper Pilot and a CIA Agent in he unforgiving jungles of Vietnam. Warning: Violence, Anguish, Lot's of Foul language. First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 2830

Blue Christmas by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: This is the first Christmas since leaving Vietnam. Murdock is in the VA and the Team has not yet been able to visit. Christmas with the A-Team turns out to be anything but a Blue Christmas. Warning: Anguish I guess and maybe slashy in part 2 First Archived: 2001-01-02. Hits: 2542

Blue Moon of Kentucky by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Response to January Missing Scene Challenge from the A-Slash list. The scene is from the episode Cowboy George. In this episode, Face is being roughed up by the guys in the bar when he fails to produce Cowboy George but instead produces Boy George. Behind the men, Murdock pulls a gun and makes them let Face go. Murdock is deadly serious in this scene, not his usual playful, wacky self. The challenge was to write a scene that explains why he is so serious and what happens after he pulls Face out of the bar. Warning: M/M consensual and nonconsensual sex, violence First Archived: 2001-07-22. Hits: 4964

Bottle of Worry - Poem by Murdock's Crazylady. Rating: (G) Summary: None. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 621

Boy I Tell You by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: Murdock thoughts. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1377

Breakfast At Templetons by Logansmoneypenny. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge from Captain Marina and Fingers. Warning: Silliness. First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 1382

Breaking Him by Deb. Rating: (R) Summary: Does the team always watch out for its own? Warning: Death story, language, adult situations, rape, violence. Some of it is quite gruesome. First Archived: 2001-01-17. Hits: 4823

Breaking Point by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: Face copes with an ordinary day during Season Four. Warning: Lots of angst and depression. Some foul language and sex (not graphic). Some suicidal thoughts. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 3981

BREAKING THE RULES by Tee. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A missing scene from "One More Time", but in my universe, which means the scene with Face and Rhonda was just a con! The prologue of this is taken directly from the show. Warning: m/m slash First Archived: 2001-07-22. Hits: 4756

Broken Silence by Murdocksflychica (Beth). Rating: (R) Summary: None Warning: Angst, mentions of violence and torture, descriptions of wounds inflicted, a swear word or two, mention of rape (nothing graphic) First Archived: 2001-10-29. Hits: 4335

Call My Name by WendyByrd. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: His encounter with Leslie leaves Facereconsidering some of the things he believes in, with Murdock offering his "opinion."; Warning: Slash. M/M consensual sex. Do not read this story if you have strong Christian/Catholic beliefs. It contains things that many, well most, people would probably consider sacrilegious. First Archived: 2001-07-06. Hits: 3701

Can Friendship Survive This? Parts 1-7 by Susie and Kimberly. Rating: (R) Summary: Murdock and Face have a argument.
Disclaimer: We do not own them
Author notes: We hope you enjoy this
Warning: Warning: This is a slash story m/m with M/F if this bother you please do not read. First Archived: 2001-08-22. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 3446

Can't Fight the Moonlight by kre17. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Warning: mention of sex m/m. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 1274

Can't Say Goodbye by Angievette. Rating: (PG) Summary: As promised to some, this is the sequel to Starlight, Starbright. Hannibal and Face's friendship is pushed to the limit as they come to terms with recent events. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 3464


Case Notes by Emma Peel. Rating: (G) Summary: What does Murdock have to do to get his release from the VA? First Archived: 2001-08-04. Hits: 1728

Caving Into Desire by Cat. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Catherine Smith (shameless Mary Sue) and Face find their own way of coping with the cave-in. (blinks innocently) Warning: Explicit sex, some language and really bad writing, LOL. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 2172

Challenge of the Rock by Ldot. Rating: (PG) Summary: BA and Face must escape from Alcatraz and their nemesis, Colonel Decker. Warning: I believe there's a tiny bit of swearing. First Archived: 2001-09-19. Hits: 4703

Character Sketch 1-4 by Adalia. Rating: (G) Summary: A typical TAT car chase, from thirteen different points of view. Decker, Crane, and two MPs chasing the Team chasing the two baddies who have taken Amy hostage Warning: None, except for the gruesome death of a few cars and the utter humiliation of the MPs. This is simple (aw, alright, confusing) character exploration. And oh yeah, the baddie uses one swear word. First Archived: 2001-09-17. Hits: 1666

Charming by Sharon Price. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face, Decker and an incidental bystander. First Archived: 2001-03-13. Hits: 3089

Choices by Cat. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: This is another attempt at drabble. We'll see if Cat can actually count correctly *this* time. LOL Warning: Slashy content! First Archived: 2001-04-16. Hits: 1536

Christmas In Oz by jenben. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: An unhappy Murdock discovers that there is no place like home. Even if home is with three forgetful friends who love you a whole lot. Warning: Some vulgarity. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 1947

Christmas In The Mountains by A. Nannie Mouse. Rating: (PG) Summary: An answer to Black Fires Christmas challenge. Warning: One slightly rude word and my questionable writing skill. First Archived: 2001-12-13. Hits: 2168

Circumstances Beyond Our Control by SherryGabs. Rating: (R) Summary: Face must come to terms with himself after finding out AJ Bancroft had been his father. Warning: Slashy. F/H show their love, but not too graphically, imho. Lots of angst and mushiness. First Archived: 2001-09-17. Hits: 3314

Comfort by Ginny. Rating: (R) Summary: After witnessing a traumatic event Amy turns to Murdock for comfort Warning: Violence, Language, M/F Sex First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 2341

Coming To Terms by SnowFlake. Rating: (PG) Summary: 1975 - The team has to deal with an in increasingly delusional Murdock. Warning: Some language, mental instability First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 2515

Con Job by A. Nannie Mouse. Rating: (G) Summary: Decker and Crane go to a con. Circe 1985. Warning: 8.5 on the silliness meter. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 1407

Crimson by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: 100 word or less scam challenge Warning: Death of a major character. First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 1662

Dark of the Morning by witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: An early morning interlude between Face and Murdock Warning: slash, but no sex First Archived: 2001-01-20. Hits: 1792

Darkness Resolved by Witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: Dark nights and scary dreams. Sometimes you just need rescuing. Warning: Slash. m/m situations, but no sex. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1978

Deadly Revenge II by Susie Owens. Rating: (R) Summary: Hannibal Smith asked an old friend to help Murdock. Face finds trouble. Warning: Violence. Flashbacks of torture while Lyle was a POW. Also sex. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 3147

Death Sentence by Rita Ractliffe. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: (Excerpt from Deja Vu)Face has a close encounter with the AIDS virus, but not one you would normally expect. Warning: None.... sappy, maybe some tissue time.[WIP, so a couple of incomplete items, sorry.] First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 2048

Deception: Future Crossroads by Murdock's Crazylady. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Sequel to "Deception." Alex is training when a bright light flashes from the sky...she finds a sort of ship...Gohan says he needs the A-Team.. One of the team will die...He comes from 4 years in the future...dragonballs?!... Warning: none right now, but maybe later on, a few swear words here and there First Archived: 2001-07-03. Last Story Part: 22. Hits: 893

Demons 1-2 by Reagan. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Um, Face is afraid of prison. Warning: Language, but the last part is a strong R for adult content. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 4394

Descent by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: back story for F/M Author's note: inspired by 'Leisure' which is a bit obscure so I've quoted it here at the start of part one. Warning: slash; a different pre-breakdown view of HM. First Archived: 2001-07-05. Hits: 2295

Deserved Payment by Facefreak. Rating: (PG) Summary: The team is hired to fight off a woman�s brother who only wants her inheritance. Face falls head over heels in love with her. Love story, basically. First Archived: 2001-09-18. Hits: 1772

Did It for You by Dana. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: his fic is AU. The first part is a missing scene from the episode Firing Line. But in general, it's fifth season. Also everyone knows that the A-Team's bodies disappeared from the morgue. Summary: Who was the A-Team really protecting? Warning: War memories. First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 1798

Dies Irae, Dies Spero by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A case takes the Team to New Orleans, and unleashes old and new demons for them to deal with. (Note: This story was adopted from one of Ratgirl's orphan ideas at the VA Story Orphanage.) Warning: Non-Consensual sexual situation with a minor, violence, language, death (not of a major character), m/m consensual sex First Archived: 2001-03-14. Hits: 3742


Don't Leave Me Again by jenben. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Dougie Kyle kidnaps Murdock to get Face. Warning: There is some very descriptive torture (no non-con, friends); one main, really bad thing. I mean, really bad thing. You'll know it when you read it. Just be aware and don't hate me. First Archived: 2001-10-09. Hits: 4171

Don't You Just Hate This? by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: Response to Nadia's Fee Challenge. A bad guy unbeknown to him hires the A-team First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 1360

Door into Summer (Sequel to Angels of the Morning) by witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: Late spring fades into summer, and Face is looking for what's missing. Warning: light slash (well, so far *1*) First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 1749

Double Gemini's Redemption by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Mary Sue story. Everyone is snowed in at the Langley Compound Warning: surprise-no angst, no mental illness themes, no trauma, with no vague references to childhood violence, and no suicide attempts or references to suicide First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 1496

Dread by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: Vietnam -- 1971. Camp 213. Warning: Violence, war situations, language. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 3735

Dream of Me by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock takes Beth out. Warning: It is safe. First Archived: 2001-12-12. Hits: 839

Dreams Re-sealed by SnowFlake. Rating: (R) Summary: Murdock reflects on his relationship with Face. Warning: his story deals with m/m topics. If you are under the legal age of consent in your area or have a problem with the description of male/male sex please READ NO FURTHER! If you choose to read it, don'1 blame me if it upsets you, I did warn ya! (Although there is nothing graphic in this piece) First Archived: 2001-05-01. Hits: 2147

Driving By Moonlight by Alanda. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: None Warning: A little language; I do want to add this warning- what I am about to write about is VERY stupid to do. Don't attempt it. Don't even think about attempting it. First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 1591

Early Morning Blues and Greens by witchbaby. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: An early morning Face/Murdock PWP, written to celebrate the birthdays of Emma and Lark. Warning: Slash. Sex. Lots of it. First Archived: 2001-04-22. Hits: 2326

Eavesdropping by Cabaret. Rating: (G) Summary: It started off a poem, but on reflection it's more like a stream of consciousness, except for it's not written in the language of the Murdock, you could look at it as Murdock's let Hannibal down, Hannibal told him off and this is a third person account written in the first person of him collecting his thoughts. I guess you could see it a lot of ways though. (Oh and it's supposed to be two voices melting into one but keeping their opinion) Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 1374

Edge of Winter by witchbaby. Rating: (G) Summary: It's autumn in Langley and things are difficult. Face and Murdock are both struggling to deal with the whole Stockwell situation, but they're struggling in very different ways. Warning: Light slash. First Archived: 2001-10-29. Hits: 2359

Elusive Thoughts by Hannurdock. Rating: (PG) Summary: Hannibal on the couch. Takes place after the episode 'Semi-Friendly Persuasion' I have posted this here, although it isn'1 much to hear your thoughts on what Hannibal meant by his little heart to heart with the team. Its nothing special, but I hope you like it. Warning: None, just a little emotion. First Archived: 2001-04-11. Hits: 1924

Encounters by Tiffany May Harrsch. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: : UFOs want to hire the A-Team? Or use them? The Team stops at a small town for a rest and get caught up in the mysterious visitations. First Archived: 2001-08-20. Hits: 1002

Enough by Jenny. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: This takes place immediately after the ep The Bend in the River. Warning: explicit, consensual m/f First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 2651

Eulogy by CornerDemon. Rating: (G) Summary: A surprise visitor pays his respects. Warning: Character death. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1391

Eve of 1969 by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Graphic depiction of the team's New Year's Eve in a Prisoner of War Camp. This contains heavy anguish, self-sacrifice and descriptions of torture. Warning: Violence, Anguish, Non-Con M/M (Rape), Injury of Main Characters. If you can'1 handle this type of stuff then stay away. First Archived: 2001-05-09. Hits: 3684

Even Heroes are Human by Ivanova. Rating: (PG) Summary: Ivanova Warning: Even Hannibal isn't perfect, and sometimes he realizes it. Deep thoughts. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 2276

Eye Of The Beholder by Nubiangeek. Rating: (PG) Summary: You wanted Mary Sue? You got 'er. She's equipped with a little spice! First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 966

Face Writes A Story For The VA by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock reads Face's story Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 1231

Faceless Truth - Poem by Cathay. Rating: (R) Summary: Murdock in the VA, thinking. Warning: Allusion to m/m consensual relationship. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 773

Family Found by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: How things could have been for Face. Author's note: This is in response to Susie's challenge. Susie challenged us to rewrite an episode. How could I resist? I love what ifs! The episode that this fic is based on is Family Reunion. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 2160

Feelings by Shay. Rating: (PG) Summary: BA's thoughts while driving home. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 1410

Final Run by murkymud. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Day starts bad, gets worse. This will follow Smith for the rest of his life. Warning: angst, death First Archived: 2001-05-01. Hits: 2381

Five Original Poems by Murdock's Crazylady by Murdock's Crazylady. Rating: (G) Summary: None Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 450

Flying Lessons by Nubiangeek. Rating: (R) Summary: Sequel to "You Lift Me Up". Spiraling into the depths of madness and then soaring to the heights of passion, two people find that they are flying with one wing. Warning: Deals with sexual abuse and violence. First Archived: 2001-08-30. Hits: 1476

Follow The Yellow Brick Road by Angievette. Rating: (G) Summary: I think the title says enough. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 993

Following Orders by Laura H.. Rating: (G) Summary: During a phone conversation, BA finds he must get some (unwanted) help. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 1505

Fool by Major Brat a.k.a. Kre17. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Pairing: Murdock and Face. Warning: M/M consensual sex. First Archived: 2001-04-26. Hits: 3170

For The Love of a Child 1-5 by Susie & Georgia. Rating: (R) Summary: A little girl comes to visit. Disclaimer: Don't own the team or Jade Copyright 2001 Authors notes: Sequel to "Please Don't Ever Leave Me". We hope you enjoy Warning: Slash M/M f/m .There will be sex but no details. First Archived: 2001-08-30. Hits: 1161

For We All Have Family Somewhere by Anita Squires. Rating: (PG) Summary: Takes place in an AU looking at what might have happened if Hannibal had a family try to hide some of the major events that impact on him that he can't share with the people closest to him and how the Face and BA finally become enlightened. Warning: death of a few minor characters. First Archived: 2001-09-18. Hits: 1906

Forgotten by Nutty. Rating: (R) Summary: The team get hired by someone that Murdock knew in the past or does he? Warning: swearing, violence and blood in later parts First Archived: 2001-07-05. Hits: 2727

Found by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: The story of Templeton Faceman Peck. Again, another of my theories. Don'1 know if this is right or not. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 2565

Free Will? by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: Warning: A poem First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 734

From A Deeper Darkness by Stompy Sara. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The military assigns a new man to find the A-Team - and the new man decides breaking Murdock is the key to the team's downfall. Warning: Slash, m/m com/noncon. sexual situations, language, violence, angst, torture. First Archived: 2001-01-05. Last Story Part: 23. Hits: 4154

Getting Away by Dana Snyder. Rating: (PG) Summary: This is an answer to what if Without Reservations happened after The Gray Team. The Team finds out who hired the three thugs to kill the Attorney General. Warning: Swearing and Violence in later parts. First Archived: 2001-01-20. Hits: 2423

Getting Away With It by Logansmoneypenny. Rating: (PG) Summary: None Warning: Slash First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 1596

Ghosts by Reckless. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Face�s thoughts during the night at the Hanoi Sheraton in �Sound of Thunder� as he recalls the dead soldier from his flashback. �Story depicts war death. Warning: Slash, sex, violence, angst, swearing, h/c,� war memories and war death (not of main character), severe mental distress.� [Mentions some events that might spoil parts of �Mind Games� and �Beneath the Surface.�]� Also, there are a lot of terms used that are not politically correct, but which � are intended to reflect the attitude of the characters in the past and do not reflect the beliefs of the author. First Archived: 2001-07-04. Hits: 3050

Gin by Emma Peel. Rating: (G) Summary: Face tries not to think about the future First Archived: 2001-07-08. Hits: 1975

Girl Crazy by Tee. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face has met a girl and wishes he hadn'1. First Archived: 2001-02-20. Hits: 3058

Golden Groves - Poem by Cabaret. Rating: (G) Summary: I have no idea what this is about except that it's about Murdock! Warning: Due to inebriation this has a nursery rhyme style rythum, sorry. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 634

Goldeneye by Angievette. Rating: (PG) Summary: Someone has it in for one of the team and it's closer to home than they think. Warning: Murdock's thoughts, very dark. Murdock lovers, beware. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 1421

Goldilocks by Face's New Flame. Rating: (R) Summary: Murdock spends a lazy day chez Peck. no lot, but, umm. not much anything else either Warning: slashy and requires rose tinted glasses First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 1755

Good Days and Bad Days and Going Half-Mad Days by witchbaby. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Hurt, comfort, teasing, sex, love. . . the only thing missing is, um, plot. Warning: SLASH. Guys tumbling head over heels in love. And oh, yes, sex. Don'1 read this if you're not into this. First Archived: 2001-03-09. Hits: 2375

Grrr by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Nadia's VA Scam Challenge. Getting Murdock out. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 1551

Guardian Angel by Maygin. Rating: (R) Summary: This story takes place in Vietnam. In the early days of the team, before they became really close. Warning: Violence and language almost said. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 3178

Hack And Slash by Cat. Rating: (R) Summary: Warning: M/M overtones. First Archived: 2001-02-22. Hits: 1674

Haiku Around the Theme of B.A. Baracus by Catherine C. Plummer. Rating: (G) Summary: My tribute to B.A. during his week. Warning: Questionable haiku ahead. First Archived: 2001-04-16. Hits: 544

Hannibal's Melancholy by Rita Ractliffe. Rating: (G) Summary: On his way to visit a JAG attorney, Hannibal makes some momentous side trips in Washington, D.C. Warning: None.... sappy, maybe some tissue time. First Archived: 2001-01-02. Hits: 983

Happiness Is A Warm Gun by Wendybyrd. Rating: (PG) Summary: I have no idea how to describe this. A tiny exploration of how Murdock defines �hero� maybe. Or just Murdock�s reflections after a bad day. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-08-17. Hits: 1483

Have I Lost My Touch? by Christina B.. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Cadillac Challenge. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 1729

Haven by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A short vignette that takes place a bit after �Retreat�. Warning: m/m consensual sex First Archived: 2001-07-08. Hits: 2217

Heart of the Matter by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Missing Scene response from Bounty (from the A-Slash List): Sometimes even good intentions are wrong. Warning: Slash, explicit m/m sexuality. First Archived: 2001-09-03. Hits: 3222

Hearts Entwined by Cindy Brewer. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Timeline: Fifth season after the episode Family Reunion Sequel to Shattered. Fifth season. While on vacation Colleen and Face run into an old girlfriend of his who's crazier than Murdock and wants the reward for the A-team. Summary: Face and Colleen take a much needed vacation but trouble soon follows. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 1386

Helicopters, Light Sabers, and the Jedi Code by Bobbie Decker. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: First Archived: 2001-03-28. Hits: 1065

Helping Out by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. Warning: Frankie actually says something intelligent. Sorry to anybody who takes any offense to the warning First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 1199

Hidden Memory by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: The Ateam get ready for a new job in Murdock's hometown. First Archived: 2001-02-19. Hits: 1473

High Winds by Jenny. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: First Archived: 2001-09-19. Hits: 2538

Hold Back the Night by Lark. Rating: (R) Summary: Old fears are often the worst. Warning: Slash (non explicit), talk of violence First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 2674

Hostage to Fortune by Evermore. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face has left the Team, and run off to Maggie Sullivan's to hide. He fears what the others will say when they find out why he left, but the Team worries he's been kidnapped. (Post-fifth-season). Notes: Published in Deadly Maneuvers #2 (Sockii Press, August 1998). This story disappeared when GeoCities died. Warning: Bad Language. Major Character Death. First Archived: 2001-02-22. Hits: 2216

How Do I Say I Love You? (Poem) by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: nothing specific...Just a forming of thoughts. First Archived: 2001-04-22. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 497

How I Fell In Love With Murdock - Poem by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: My Poem for Dwight Schultz/Murdock Week. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 806

I Am Alive - Poem by CJ Taylor. Rating: (G) Summary: None. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 621

I Am Become Death by Nicole Wilson. Rating: (R) Summary: The A-Team is hired by the CIA to find a missing suitcase of plutonium. They travel to a survivalist enclave in western Pennsylvania to retrieve it, accompanied by Dr. Goldman, a nuclear weapons expert. As a result of this mission, new information comes to light regarding Murdock's involvement with the CIA as a young man and the long-term effects upon his mental health. A sequel will follow. Also, I reintroduce two characters from An Old Bold Pilot, if you care to read that first; it's not absolutely necessary. Warning: Violence. Bad language. I refer twice to the usual horrendous stuff from Face's past. Lots of bad guys die but no major characters. None of the team remains undamaged, though. Do they ever? First Archived: 2001-01-20. Hits: 4482

I Hate This Plan by Ldot. Rating: (PG) Summary: Hannibal has a plan to kidnap a Cong General, but it doesn't quite go as well as he hopes. This is set during the Vietnam war. Warning: only some blood First Archived: 2001-07-25. Hits: 3082

I Never Asked - Poem by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: It's a poem from Face's POV. Face is uh brooding after being shot. Warning: A very unhappy injured character. This is not slashy I promise. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 1479

I Opened My Heart by Lacy. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: One of the team experiences loss. Warning: Sappy, slight slash, character death, graphic parts. Murdock lovers beware! First Archived: 2001-04-11. Hits: 1201

I Will Never Be The Same by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Don'1 believe in summaries. Warning: M/M SLASH/consensual (A little slashiness--not graphic) First Archived: 2001-04-16. Hits: 2149

If I Only Had A Plan by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (R) Summary: Sung to the Wizard of Oz's tune of 'If I Only Had A Brain' Warning: Just plain silliness. First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 826

If Only Tears Could Bring You Back by Bobbie Decker. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Hannibal's point of view. Warning: Angst, Main character death, suicide, violence, and mention of a m/m relationship. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 2140

In Turn by MerynM. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face is sick; Murdock comforts, and remembers a time when he was the one ailing... Smarmy, h/c Warning: Vomiting; language First Archived: 2001-01-05. Hits: 5360

Incident on G Street 1-3 by Janet Jeffries. Rating: (R) Summary: A seemingly random accident leaves Face injured, the team without a van, and questioning Stockwell's involvement Warning: Some slight swearing, serious injury to team member First Archived: 2001-04-28. Hits: 5632

Indecent Proposal by Jasmine and Jullian Gray. Rating: (R) Summary: The team must decide if a proposal is worth it. Timeframe: Season 1 Warning: Some swearing. First Archived: 2001-09-29. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 3529

Independence by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: What does a wanted man do on the fourth of July? First Archived: 2001-07-25. Hits: 1224

Into A-Space by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: Warning: some mild swearing. First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 993

Invincible by stompy sara. Rating: (R) Summary: Just another moment of friendship between Murdock and the Faceman. Warning: language, mention of violence First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 3206

Is It Real? by Red. Rating: (G) Summary: Couldn'1 stop with the three poems...Blame Susie for this one, it was her idea. First Archived: 2001-04-22. Hits: 505

Is It Wrong To Feel This Way? by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face thinks about something. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 1297

It Figures by Stiney. Rating: (R) Summary: Little ditty about Jack and Dianne... no wait Face and Murdock. :) Warning: light slash First Archived: 2001-06-26. Hits: 1611

It's A Wonderful Life? by Murdocksflychica (Beth). Rating: (PG) Summary: Face is feeling depressed around the holidays. TAT meets It's a Wonderful Life. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 1791

It's Coming For Me by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (G) Summary: A silly Halloween tale. It's Halloween Night and Murdock is hiding in fear. Warning: Halloween Story First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 1209

Jamestown II: Perdition by Barb. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: An old enemy of the team resurfaces and wants revenge. Warning: A bit of con and non-con touching, both het and M/M. Nothing too serious. If you don't like the idea of our guys killing for any reason whatsoever, you probably won't approve of some things in this story. Cuss words. First Archived: 2001-08-21. Hits: 10376

Just A Boy and His Melon by Danielle. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Adalia's Throwaway Line Challenge. How did Hannibal get experience throwing watermelons at bad guy's cars you might ask? First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 806

Just Another Day at the Beach by Lani. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: When the team gets done with a job they all decide to take a break and do some things they want to do before the next job comes around. Two members of the team have been sexually and emotionally involve with each other for over a year and one wants to spend his down time with his lover. Where will they go to spend time alone? Will they run into trouble? Warning: Minor Swearing, M/M relationship, Gay bashing, Some Violence First Archived: 2001-02-16. Hits: 1602

Kingdom Come by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Response to flaw challenge issued by Merry. Warning: Possible interpretation of major characters dying. This is not a happy story) First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 1960

Kinks and Shrinks by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: With Murdock, you should always expect the unexpected. Warning: very m/m slash, but there's some of that filthy het. smut implied too.... First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 2041


Lie to Me - Poem by kre17. Rating: (PG) Summary: In inside look at a team member's view of the Vietnam War. Can be taken from anyone's POV Warning: Kinda dark and heavy. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 648

Like Diamonds in Honey by Deb. Rating: (G) Summary: Um, a team member reflects. How's that for vague? First Archived: 2001-03-09. Hits: 1412

Listen by Cathy Fisher. Rating: (G) Summary: Face is sick of the spirit of Christmas. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 2295

Little Orphan Murdock by Ducky the Loon and Ratty. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: The *basic* premise is that Murdock was adopted by rocker Ted Nugent, who wants to reform him and make him a sane, upstanding American citizen�AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. [THIS STORY HAS BEEN REMOVED AT THE AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Warning: Language, Nuge-speak and COMPLETE CHAOS. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 701

Living With the Decision by Dana. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: If we don't make the choice who will? Warning: Character death, lots of angst, alcohol use, swearing. Hey it's not a pretty fic. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 1876

Lonely Nights by Rosebud. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: M/M not blatant. More Murdock getting angsty over Face Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-08. Hits: 1697

Long Live Our Love by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Summary: Murdock hears a song that makes him think of an old friend. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the A-team Stephen Cannell does. I do own Irene and a little of Melisa. Melisa is Murdock's Crazy Lady with her permission. And Irene is my sister who wanted to be in one of my stories. "Long Live Our Love" is was written by J Jackson and perform by the Shangalas � 2000 Susan Owens Authors notes: I hope you enjoy comments are welcome but not necessary. This is the third story of Murdock and Face being brothers. The first two can be found in Pax's archive I think you know the addy. If not with the list mom's permission I will tell you. The first two stories of Murdock and Face being brothers is "The Search" and the other is "Relatively Speaking." Warning: Warning: Nothing at the present moment. First Archived: 2001-08-18. Hits: 1416

Long Lost by Jes Parker. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A response to Hannurdock's Relationship Challenge. This story takes place sometime after the 5th season. No pardon from the weasel Stockwell so they left and headed back for sunny California. Tawnia showed up and rejoined them ... for a time. Warning: IN THIS STORY THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE, TORTURE AND BLOOD SHED (MOST OF IT PERTAINING TO OUR DEAR FACE, CUZ I CAN'1 HELP MYSELF!!) DOMESTIC/CHILD ABUSE AND THERE WILL BE HETEROSEXUAL SEX!! REFERENCE TO SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS. NO ACTUAL SEX BETWEEN THE SAME SEX WILL TAKE PLACE, BUT IT WILL BE MENTIONED!! CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED CUZ QUITE FRANKLY I'M GETTING A BIT PERTURBED BEING KNOCKED FOR IT!! LASTLY THERE WILL BE SWEARING IN THIS STORY AND REFERENCE TO CHILD ABUSE/ PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL AND RAPE!! First Archived: 2001-03-21. Hits: 5248

Lost Memories 2 by Dana Snyder. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: A bit of mild swearing, a tiny bit of torture mixed with a lot of angst. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 2144

Lost The Plot 1 by Angievette. Rating: (PG) Summary: This is a mix of silliness, some action, and some romance. If you only knew the hours I spent ploughing through my CD collection for Murdock's dialogue. Lucky for me, I work in a music shop too. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 999

Love Is A Crazy Thing by Kara Kirk. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: A little story of the Murdock and Face Chronicles. Short and sweet. Warning: THIS IS A SLASH STORY! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT INTO THIS KIND OF THING! This is a M/M relationship story. Kissing. First Archived: 2001-05-07. Hits: 1605

Love is in the Air by Lacy. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A relationship starts for one of the team, while helping to get a woman's son back Warning: Someone gets shot! First Archived: 2001-01-12. Hits: 1762

Love Never Dies by Kara Kirk. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: a woman deals with her feelings about the A-Teams execution. And is shocked to learn of the unspeakable. Warning: 0-bomb has been dropped. Ummm supposed character deaths.... Emotional First Archived: 2001-05-01. Hits: 791

Lovers Now and Forever by Lani. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Hannibal is worried about his lover, finds out why and is determined to make it up to him no matter what. Warning: M/M relationship and sex. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 2446

Lucy by Angievette. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: No summary as it will give the plot away. Warning: main characters death, no real viloence or swearing. First Archived: 2001-07-24. Hits: 1296

Mac Murdock, P.I. by Shay. Rating: (R) Summary: Just a quick look into Murdock's fantasies. Warning: Very brief reference to M/M consensual relationship. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 961

Magic Fingers by Wendybyrd. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face a.k.a. Ashley Hemmings is throwing a big charity event but his plans for social success are interrupted by the arrival of Murdock and the discovery of jewel thieves. Face and Murdock get to have some exciting, and hopefully funny, adventures as they try to figure out exactly who is doing the stealing and why, and find out some other interesting things about themselves as well. Warning: Mild (so very mild) language, and some slashy feelings and situations (though it�s a love story.) First Archived: 2001-06-22. Hits: 2075

Make Way For Murdock 1-10 by SherryGabs. Rating: (R) Summary: Just why is Murdock making Face's life so difficult? Warning: Slash, language, fun and unexpected surprises. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Last Story Part: 14. Hits: 2290

Makes Sense to Me by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: Just some feelings of one for another, no sex. First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 1132

Man With A Van by Face's New Flame. Rating: (R) Summary: does BA love anything more than his van? Warning: slash. also very silly. really there is no excuse for this sort of thing, sorry.. oh, and very very AU First Archived: 2001-09-21. Hits: 1356

Manhunt In The Jungle by SilverWolf. Rating: (R) Summary: The ATeam meets Tour of Duty in 'Nam. First Archived: 2001-03-26. Hits: 2187

Mary Sue Plays The Game by Kat. Rating: (PG) Summary: For Mary Sue Week First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 582

Me and Murdock by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: For Mary Sue Week. A fan gets Murdock. Warning: Safe. First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 834

Mea Culpa by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: BAD Face! Norty Face! Warning: Slash and Evil Face; probably swearing too. First Archived: 2001-08-24. Hits: 2246

Melly and CrazyKid: The VA's two youngest patients/horrors by Murdock's Crazylady and Retard Mel. Rating: (G) Summary: Two 4 and 5-year-old patients terrorize the VA with pranks and other mischief. Warning: Torment to all patients, including the real team, whom is running this VA, and to all clones (but mostly Face and Hannibal, hehe) First Archived: 2001-02-16. Hits: 483

Memories - Poem by Lacy. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A poem. About sex. Warning: Thoughts about sex. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 562

Midnight Magic by Kara Kirk. Rating: (G) Summary: It's the guys first Christmas without the Colonel and something VERY strange happens. Strictly the Team! :D First Archived: 2001-01-05. Hits: 697

Mind, Body, and Soul by Lacy. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: One of them is hurt. The others worry. Warning: slight m/m. Nothing graphic. Pain, main character hurt, love! First Archived: 2001-04-11. Hits: 2678

Misperceptions by MerynM. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: B.A. and Face find themselves in a discussion about what B.A. thinks of the conman. Warning: Some language. First Archived: 2001-03-15. Hits: 3510

Moments In A Lapse Of Reason by Cabaret. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Murdock has a dream Warning: Light Slash (nothing explicit) First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 1266

Moments of Stillness by SnowFlake. Rating: (G) Summary: Face is sound asleep but Murdock hasn't slept all night. Though this time it's not the nightmares that are keeping him from rest. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-03. Hits: 2447

Moon Dance by Stiney. Rating: (R) Summary: Little dancing, some LUV! :D Warning: Some m/m kissing thats about it. First Archived: 2001-07-11. Hits: 1210

Moonlight Sonata by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: PWP -- An evening in the park Thanks to Elizabeth for betaing this. Warning: m/m consensual sex First Archived: 2001-03-09. Hits: 1304

More Pixie Dust 1-2 by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sequel to Sprinkle of Pixie Dust Warning: SLASH- and VERY SLASHY AT THAT First Archived: 2001-07-11. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 2226

Morning Sun, Trouble Begun by Strange Music. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 1572

Mountain Hideaway by Pepper. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: An Alternate Universe A-Team fan fiction story. It is a Discipline story. In this series, corporal punishment is looked upon favorably in the United States as a determent for misbehavior of children of all ages. Warning: Strong discipline. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 2275

Mr. and Mrs. Templeton Peck 1 by Facefreak. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sequel to Deserved Payment. Face and Christina after the wedding. Warning: Very explicit sexual situations between a woman and man. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 1249

Murdock and Face Wish the VA List Happy Birthday by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Just wishing everyone a Happy Birthday. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 636

Murdock tries to write a story for the VA by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock tries to write a story, but Face keeps interrupting First Archived: 2001-01-20. Hits: 837

Murdock's Christmas Eve by Pieces Scatter. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Black Fire's Christmas Challenge. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-13. Hits: 1279

Murdock's Crazy Barmy Army Come Out To Play 1 by Cabaret. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: It's just one of our many missions documented. Warning: Nothing bad, some light cussing here and there. Mostly just silliness. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 669

Murdock's Scam by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock scam Author notes: taking on Flame Challenge hehe I hope it a hundred words but it might be more sorry. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 811

Murphy's Flaw by Reckless. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong when, while trying to get the goods on a crooked contractor, Face, Murdock, BA and Hannibal separately reveal personality flaws that jeopardize the mission. A sort-of response to the VA mailing list flaw challenge, Warning: Graphic sex (m/f). Some violence. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 3245

My Mary-Sueish Wedding by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: For Mary Sue Week First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 556

Nasty Weather by SnowFlake. Rating: (R) Summary: Da Nang, 1969. Murdock is enjoying some time off-base, but the night is about to take a bad turn as he leaves the bar. Warning: Language, violence, rape (nothing graphic, and not of main character) First Archived: 2001-05-01. Hits: 1861

Never Be Afraid by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: Poem. First Archived: 2001-06-25. Hits: 954

New Beginnings by Tee. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: This story is a sequel to Break-in in Belmont, but can stand-alone. It takes place less then a year after their conviction. Face gets sick, but nothing serious. First Archived: 2001-02-12. Hits: 9671

Next Time by Face's New Flame. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: It depends on who's in your head when you read it, so I can't, really Warning: Very slushy First Archived: 2001-06-26. Hits: 1540

Night of Terror by Captain Polka Dot (Susie). Rating: (G) Summary: Answering my own challenge, except no haunted house. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-05. Hits: 2128

Not This Time by Shay. Rating: (PG) Summary: Poetry doesn'1 sum easily. Hannibal's thoughts? First Archived: 2001-04-22. Hits: 712

Numb by Black Fire. Rating: (PG) Summary: Well, it is A view of Without Reservations and Face in the whole final season. Warning: Some dark thoughts and feelings, it is a bit sad, too. First Archived: 2001-12-12. Hits: 3482

Numb by Emma Peel. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock has a bad day Warning: Mild swearing and v depressing. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 1730

On The Run 1-10 by Susie Owens. Rating: (R) Summary: Face helps Murdock though the night and The A-team gets shocking news. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-08-30. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 3398

One Of Those Nights by SnowFlake. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: The team is shacked up in a cheap hotel room and dark &memories surface in the late hours. Warning: Nightmares, vague reference to torture. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 3462

One Tin Soldier 01-05 by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Alternative Universe--- What I'd think would have happened if Face ended up in the VA instead of Murdock Warning: traumatic war memories and alcoholism First Archived: 2001-04-26. Last Story Part: 5. Hits: 1825

Open Your Eyes by Stiney. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face finds out what he really needs. Warning: Slash. A m/m kiss that's about it. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 1765

Over The River 1-4 by Alanda. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: Language, Slash, Violence First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 2368

Painted Black by Black Fire. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face gets hurt (Sorry, easy target), HM freaks and there's guilt all over... I am German, so that my spelling and grammar are not perfect most of the time, but I do try. The song referred to is by the Rolling Stones and either spelled Painted Black or Paint it, black... Warning: There is some blood, a bit of violence etc. in it, and I think it might get worse. First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 4162

Pants On Fire by Wendybyrd. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face learns the meaning of a children's rhyme, to the team's amusement. Warning: Hmm, some language, nothing too shocking. First Archived: 2001-05-03. Hits: 1191

Parental Instincts by Adalia. Rating: (G) Summary: A potential client uses a rather unusual method of contacting the team, managing to both frustrate and impress Hannibal, embarrass Face, surprise Murdock, and annoy BA. All at once. Warning: BEWARE: Silliness ensues. First Archived: 2001-09-08. Hits: 2564

Past Friends by pclip. Rating: (G) Summary: This is a response to the Time Travel challenge. The Team suddenly gets transported back in time, where they help out some POWs. Warning: This is a The A-Team/Hogan's Heroes crossover. Knowledge of Hogan's Heroes is not necessary, but it helps. It also helps to have seen at least one episode, because some of the things are a touch hard to explain. I try, but it's probably more helpful to see it. First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 1634

Past Secrets by Nikita. Rating: (R) Summary: Is Face keeping secrets? Warning: I have No idea really where this fiction is going to lead. The R rating is here because I KNOW there will be violence, cussing and the sort. There MAYBE a sex scene, but I don't know. As of right now, it is just slashy thoughts. Also, there will a lot of h/c. First Archived: 2001-07-06. Hits: 4077

Picking Up After You by SnowFlake. Rating: (PG) Summary: Murdock worries about Face. Angst all over the place. Ack, why can't I write anything nice and light for a change?? Warning: Depression, angst, mental instability, very vague reference to suicide First Archived: 2001-06-24. Hits: 2814

Piece of Cake by jenben. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: The boys find themselves in trouble with an old enemy of Hannibal's and a sick Murdock. Warning: This is based on some torture that is mild or eluded to. I wouldn't call it graphic, but I don't want anybody to be upset. No sex. No slash. No swearing. First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 2937

Piece of my Heart by witchbaby. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Warning: M/M slash, angst, heartache First Archived: 2001-01-12. Hits: 1395

Pink Buttons by Wendybyrd. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: A sequel to Magic Fingers, but where that story was my attempt to pay homage to all great screwball comedies, this is more of my tribute to the cheesy swashbuckling stories I grew up loving, picking up shortly after where Magic Fingers left off. Warning: Vague references to bad things, mild swearing, and slashy stuff. Also, a lot of cheese. First Archived: 2001-09-17. Hits: 1272

Plan by Emma Peel. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock thinks about leaving the VA for real Warning: Mild swearing, and either happy or depressing depending how you look at it. First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 1129

Playground Rules by Angievette. Rating: (G) Summary: What if Hannibal, Face, Murdock and BA had met as children? Just a short story from a wacky idea. Warning: No violence, swearing. Just good clean fun. First Archived: 2001-09-18. Hits: 1732

Playing Soldier by kre17. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Face has to deal with the death of young man he knows at the base. Will he be able to move on without ever feeling guilty about it? Warning: Supporting character death, profanity, m/m relationship. THIS IS A SLASH FIC! First Archived: 2001-07-27. Hits: 2274

Please Don't Ever Leave Me by Susie and Georgia. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A strange package is send to Face. Disclaimer: We do not own them. But I do own Georgia Benson. Copyright 2001 Author notes: Hope you enjoy. Warning: This is a fantasy M/F slash story. Violence, consensual, and non-con sexual content. First Archived: 2001-08-24. Hits: 2972

Proof by Lacy. Rating: (PG) Summary: The team takes care of each other. Warning: Character hurt. Nightmares. Maybe considered slashy, mostly a H/C story. First Archived: 2001-06-24. Hits: 2765

Protected by Glenda. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: For Brat (Kristy) on her birthday. Sorry it is a little late to the list but I wanted to at least make it a semi-enjoyable experience for you all. Warning: Slash of course First Archived: 2001-09-02. Hits: 2156

Protection by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: Warning: Language, injured character, brief (non-explicit) discussion of adult sexuality, memories of war. First Archived: 2001-03-09. Hits: 3869

Que Sera, Khe Sanh by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: Hannibal comes up with a bad plan, Face gets an education and Murdock and BA get taken for a bumpy ride.� And a lot of bad jokes. Warning: Some violence, injury, a little sex (not particularly graphic), some m/m (also not graphic), swearing. First Archived: 2001-07-04. Hits: 4401

Reach Back, Remember by Spike Doggy. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Remembering a close incident from their Viet Nam days, Face and Murdock realize that they have to come to grips with their past, stirring up forgotten feelings in both. Warning: Slash! m/m sex, explicit! (woo-hoo!) Pairing: Face/Murdock First Archived: 2001-02-19. Hits: 2793

Real by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: Originally posted last year, as an answer to the A-Slash Missing Scene Challenge, regarding the team's first Christmas in 1973 after they escape from jail. Warning: Light slash, language. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 2047

Reassurance by MerynM. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face contemplates one of his worst fears and how he deals with it. Warning: None I can think of except maybe some language First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 2892

Red's Birthday Party! by Lacy. Rating: (R) Summary: Red has a birthday. The girls throw her a party. Things get wild in the VA Warning: Ummm, this is a party. You know how things can get at a party! Mention of alcohol intake. We are all of age! (Well, some of us are anyway!) First Archived: 2001-05-09. Hits: 475

Reflections by Snowflake. Rating: (R) Summary: Vietnam, 1970. B.A. breaks up a fight before it gets started, and finds out why Murdock is so bent out of shape. Warning: Reference to some rather icky stuff. Language. Can't think of anything else. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 2664


Relp! by Spiny. Rating: (PG) Summary: Where did Shaggy go, and is there enough food? First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 777

Respect by Cathy Fisher. Rating: (G) Summary: Something happens at a funeral. I know, not very detailed, but any more would give it away. Warning: Perhaps a little angst, but not much. First Archived: 2001-12-04. Hits: 1473

Retreat by Lark. Rating: (R) Summary: After a tragedy, Face and Murdock take some time to heal.��� Warning: M/M Relationship (nothing explicit), Character death (not main) First Archived: 2001-07-02. Hits: 2976

Return by Lark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Final story in the Retreat series (Retreat and Haven preceded this) -- It's decision time. Warning: Slash. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 1550

Return of Billy by LeatherJacket70. Rating: (G) Summary: Billy has a run-in with ammonia that makes Murdock think he's a goner. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1073

Rolir by Jasmine. Rating: (R) Summary: Face gives up one of his senses so that the team can befriend a Mafia boss. Warning: non-con sex between men. First Archived: 2001-09-05. Hits: 3570

Rules For The Pilot To Follow by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock gives a lecture in a flight school. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 1102

Run Like Hell, Nowhere to Hide by waffles. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: Strong language, m/m non-consensual sex. First Archived: 2001-06-14. Hits: 3405

San Francisco: sketch one by Stompy Sara. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: one night in The City for our guys. Warning: slash (m/m), slight sexual situations, language First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 1229

Scotch Anyone? by Carl from Covina. Rating: (G) Summary: Short newspaper blurb on the game of Scotch. Warning: Spoiler for Murdock's and Face's discussion of Scotch in "The Big Squeeze." First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 933

Season is Upon Us Now by Terri Spencer. Rating: (G) Summary: My little Christmas gift, for what it's worth, to all my listsibs. Happy Holidays, Everyone! Warning: A bit of a givaway about what happens after Beneath the Pale Moonlight First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 1702

Secrets by Akin. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Everyone has something to hide. Warning: I don't think there is something special, except it can be understood as slash, and most likely will be. First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 2108

Sewing Lessons by Emmastark. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Sometimes, a man's gotta do... well...sewing. Warning: Slightly injured character, slightly oogie patching-up bits. First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 2842

Shadows of the Morning by Rosebud. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face getting angsty over Murdock! Warning: M/M not blatant. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 1431

Sick by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Summary: Face is unwell and doesn't Murdock know about it Notes: Happy birthday Logan! It's an odd one but there's an old friend making a cameo appearance in it. Thanks to Elizabeth for suggesting I 'channel' my cold! Warning: Warning: Nothing heavy. Slash, anyways. Might be humour in places, no promises though. First Archived: 2001-08-18. Hits: 3810

Silent Passions by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: How do you cope with one wild child Warning: Very minor swearing. m/m slash, very explicit. First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 2444

Slant by Evermore. Rating: (PG) Summary: In an effort to find the elusive A-Team, Agent Mulder questions Murdock at the V.A. Hospital, but finds himself questioned in return on the nature of truth, the pain of secrets, and the ties that bind them together. An A-Team/X-Files crossover. Published in The Dwight Papers (Sockii Press, September 1999). This story disappeared when GeoCities died. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 576

Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting Through The Memories 1-4 by Murdock's Crazylady, Susie and Red. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: "Attention all patients. CK and Sky have flown. That is all." Warning: Torment to all patients, including the real team, whom is running this VA, and to all clones (but mostly Face and Hannibal, hehe) First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 849

Snowfall by Witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: Coming to terms with being in love. Warning: slashy situations First Archived: 2001-01-17. Hits: 1007

So Sad About Us by Stiney. Rating: (R) Summary: Face and Murdock's relationship has hit a serious bump can they fix things? Warning: Slash, cussing First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 1564

Someone Cares - Poem by Murdock's Crazylady. Rating: (G) Summary: First Archived: 2001-09-05. Hits: 640

Something To Hold On To by SnowFlake. Rating: (R) Summary: Hannibal's thoughts as they are transported back to Chu Lai after their escape from the POW camp. Warning: Reference to torture, reference to rape. First Archived: 2001-05-07. Hits: 2677

Soul Salvation by Akin. Rating: (PG) Summary: When all is said, it's time to face the life and make decisions.... Warning: EXTREMELY sappy. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 2139

Sprinkle of Pixie Dust by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: SLASH First Archived: 2001-04-16. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1447

Starlight, Starbright by Angievette. Rating: (PG) Summary: The A-Team comes to the aid of a young pop singer who is being threatened by a mysterious stalker. The team is glad to see the return of Amy, however the case stirs up some old memories for Hannibal. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 1428

Stay With Me by Dana Snyder. Rating: (G) Summary: Hannibal struggles to keep Face alive on the way to DC General. Author's note: Contrary to what the title sounds like, this is not a slash story.It's from Hannibal's POV. Time frame: During Without Reservations. First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 3674

Sticks and Stones by SherryGabs. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Hannibal and Face romance. Prejudice rears its ugly head. Warning: Usual m/m sexual references. Only one involved scene near the end. Okay, one VERY involved scene! Just thought I'd make the slashers happy :) First Archived: 2001-01-09. Hits: 3009

Still Waiting by Jenny. Rating: (PG) Summary: Song fic. Face struggles with his confused feelings after a funeral. And discovers the feelings were mutual. Warning: Slashy/angsty thoughts but that's all. Character death. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 1496

Stories My Grandmother Told Me by Terri Spencer. Rating: (G) Summary: H/C. Response to Grandmother Challenge First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 1662

Stronger by Akin. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: It's my version how the team got together Disclaimer: they don't belong to me ( I would like to have them, though) I only torture them, so please don't sue me. Mark, Samuels are mine but you can use them whenever you want. Author's note: I hope you enjoy this, be brutal we learn this way. I want to thank all the great people who helped on the way. Especially my good and patient beta readers Sherry and Fingers, I know you suffered a lot, thanks. And for encouragement to Joanna and Shaytis. Thanks to Reckless too.. Warning: Angst, torture, language, suicide attempt, possible major character death, minor character death, swearing, rape, drugs use -it's nothing explicit or something, don't worry, the rating is just for sure....I will give special warning before the rape, though, you don't have to worry First Archived: 2001-08-21. Hits: 3829

Survivors' Guilt by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: A Vietnam veteran struggles with his own memories of the war and the team and meets up with an unexpected visitor.Set Post-Pardon.THIS STORY INVOLVES MAIN CHARACTER DEATH AND SUICIDE. Warning: MAIN CHARACTER DEATH; Violence, angst, swearing, war memories, severe mental distress, suicide. First Archived: 2001-03-09. Hits: 1611

Sweet Facey, Facey by Illyana. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Face and Murdock are left alone and stuff happens. First Archived: 2001-10-12. Hits: 2626

Taking the Plunge by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: SLASH First Archived: 2001-04-22. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1913

Tawnia's Dilemma by SherryGabs. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 918

Team Of One by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: None. Warning: (Angst) death of a minor character. First Archived: 2001-12-29. Hits: 1546

Tell Me About The Good Ol' Days by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The Team and their families gather together to comfort and reassure one another when the WTC and the Pentagon are struck, and wait to see what the White House was going to do. In the meantime, fifteen year old Cassy struggles to make sense of it all with Hannibal and Face's help. Warning: Mentions m/m relationships and mental illness themes. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1601

Tell Me I Was Dreaming (A Video Script) by Tiffany May Harrsch. Rating: (PG) Summary: Murdock copes with the events in Trial/Firing Line.� If this song had been around then, I can imagine it bringing up bad memories for him. Warning: Episodes for all the seasons up to and including Firing Line. First Archived: 2001-08-13. Hits: 1205

Terms Of Surrender by SnowFlake. Rating: (PG) Summary: 1975. Murdock is sliding deeper into the darkness of his mind, and the team is left with only one option. This is a stand-alone sequel to my story Coming to Terms. Warning: Language, mental anguish. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 2131

Territory of Lies by Cathay. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A successful Special Ops mission goes terribly wrong as Face and Murdock grapple with truth, lies and secrets. Warning: m/m consensual sex, violence, deaths (but not of anyone you know). This is set during the war and bad things happen. First Archived: 2001-07-06. Hits: 4045

Test of Friendship 1-7 by Susie & Red. Rating: (R) Summary: After the Death of a character Face begins seeing things when he wears a certain object. Don't want to give too much away here. Warning: Main character death...with recurring role. Swearing, and lots of angst... Some m/m love in future parts. First Archived: 2001-09-02. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1824

Thankful For by Reagan. Rating: (R) Summary: Thanksgiving doesn't go as planned for Face and Hannibal. Warning: Strong R. Descriptions of child abuse, rape, adult language, and violence. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 4766

Thanksgiving by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: This was written to and from my grandparents' house, so some of it might not make sense. Hope you all enjoy. Charlotte, Rachel and all the kids are my made up characters. Maggie and Amy are also Stephen J. Cannell's property. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 1089

The A-Team - Poem by Kara Kirk. Rating: (G) Summary: A Poem of Introduction by Murdock. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-12-07. Hits: 500

The Aftermath - Poem by Rosebud. Rating: (PG) Summary: The team have all died tragically while on a mission, only BA has survived. Warning: Character death, angst First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 802

The Art of Playing Gin by Red. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: light Slash, no actual sex but touching and caressing is involved, m/m, 0/m First Archived: 2001-05-10. Hits: 1375

The Darkness Remains 1 by Ginny. Rating: (R) Summary: Sam leaps into Murdock in a POW camp in Vietnam. Warning: Violence, Language, Drug Use First Archived: 2001-11-06. Hits: 1769

The Diary of a Daughter 1-2 by Lacy. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: What happened to Hannibal and his girlfriend after the trial? Warning: I'll say that there is going to be a lot of bad stuff in here. I'm not promising anything. I'm just writing this as I feel it. First Archived: 2001-10-12. Last Story Part: 22. Hits: 1029

The Diary of a Girlfriend by Lacy. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The thoughts and feelings of a girlfriend. Warning: Violence, cussing, the F bomb has been dropped!, abuse, drugs, sex, the whole nine yards. First Archived: 2001-08-09. Last Story Part: 22. Hits: 1213

The Fire In The Flint by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: Another plan fails to go quite as expected. But then, it isn't the good times that define us� it's the difficult ones. Warning: Violence, a little language, a little bathroom humor. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 4962

The Four Fugitives by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: WHAT IF THE A-TEAM WERE FUGITIVE WOMEN? NOT LIKE CHARLIE'S ANGELS, BUT COULD DO ANYTHING THE A-TEAM COULD DO???? First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 749

The Front Door by Jes Parker. Rating: (G) Summary: A scene before the plan. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-10-31. Hits: 2480

The Game by Lacy. Rating: (G) Summary: Warning: EXTREME SILLINESS. It was late and I was hyped up on Dr. Pepper. First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 1327

The Gift of Angels by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: An angel shows BA a glimpse of the team in 2001. Will he be able to help his friends in the future? Can he change the past? Warning: Character death; lots of angst; some violence; mild swearing; suicidal thoughts. First Archived: 2001-07-04. Hits: 2272

The Hands of Healing - Poem by AlienChilde. Rating: (G) Summary: In remembrance to those who have lost their lives and in dedication to every one involved in the horrific events that have taken place today I have written a poem and prayer. (9/11/2001) First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 561

The Hardest Thing by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: Decker gets an unexpected guest. Warning: Character hurt, cuss words, and mention of non-consensual m/m sex. None shown. First Archived: 2001-08-21. Hits: 2925

The Heart is a Changing Place by emmastark. Rating: (R) Summary: A warm, rainy night in Vietnam, in the POW camp. Warning: War situations, aftermath of torture, oblique thoughts of suicide. First Archived: 2001-03-16. Hits: 2541

The Invisible Dog by emmastark. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Georgia - December 1975. Warning: Language. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1367

The Jazz Is Gone by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: A member of the A-Team is dying and it is effecting everyone else. Author's note: This is written from Hannibal's POV. Also I'm taking in account that it's mid 80s so the chances are smaller. 29% didn'1 look that good to me anyway. * Means that this is Hannibal thinking back. Time frame: Five months after Without Reservations. In this time line, The Gray Team didn'1 happen. Warning: There is mild cussing and character death. Oh and please, have your tissues handy. I got a little misty eyed a few times myself. First Archived: 2001-05-07. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1894

The Jewelry Scam by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Jips Scam Week Challenge. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-11-21. Hits: 991

The Joke by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock plays a joke on Face that backfires First Archived: 2001-01-05. Hits: 2360

The Joys of Cooking by Cat. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don'1 look for a plot here, guys. ;) Warning: Strong sexual content. First Archived: 2001-03-20. Hits: 1345

The Lococco Files (Offsite Link) by Michelle. Rating: (PG) Summary: I have used the A-Team as part of an on going
story line in a site I am doing for Wiseguy fan fiction. If maybe some readers would want to see the team
helping in a rescue of Vince Terranova. They actually appear in Part III of the series. First Archived: 2001-06-20. Hits: 159

The Long and Winding Road by Alanda. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Warning: Slash; Language; Could get a little sappy First Archived: 2001-09-08. Hits: 2166

The Lost Brother by Jennifer. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: This is a Frankie story. Frankie's past is revealed and causes the team some big problems. Warning: A lot of Frankie, angst, cursing, childhood trauma, and violence. The childhood trauma involves sex, but there is no sex with a child or rape. You will see when you read. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 978

The Love Of My Life by Jamie Kawasaki. Rating: (PG) Summary: After ten years, Hannibal gets to see Maggie. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-09-03. Hits: 972

The Map of the Day Before by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face and Murdock talk about stuff. Warning: Some reference to violence First Archived: 2001-07-16. Hits: 1853

The Map of the Day Before by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face and Murdock talk about stuff. Warning: some reference to violence First Archived: 2001-08-08. Hits: 1404

The Microwave Terror by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG) Summary: Murdock stops a terror. Warning: None It is safe no bad thing happens. First Archived: 2001-12-12. Hits: 891

The Mile-High Club by Mel. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: The team flies home from a mission. While the others nap, Murdock and Face get frisky. Warning: PWP, m/m slash (Face/Murdock), explicit m/m sex. Do not read if you are under 18 or if male/male sex bothers you. First Archived: 2001-04-10. Hits: 2906

The Muppets Meet The Aquamaniac by Logansmoneypenny. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Kermit the frog is in trouble and only the A-Team can help. Warning: EXTREME SILLINESS ALERT, this is meant to be a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. First Archived: 2001-01-05. Hits: 462

The Naming of Parts by emmastark. Rating: (G) Summary: Just a silly little poem, after our happy discussion at the VA of all the guys wonderful parts and what we like about them. An ode to four handsome, wonderful guys (and the women who love them!). First Archived: 2001-03-26. Hits: 709

The Next Session by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Murdock discusses his latest break-out with his new Doctor. (sequel to Therapy) Warning: as slash themes discussed, but non explicit First Archived: 2001-05-09. Hits: 1123

The Night Rainbow by witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: A look into relationships, from certain points of view. Kind of going back and forth between Face and Murdock here. The opening segment is up to you. Sort of applies to them both, in my view of the universe. Warning: light slash, some language. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 1188

The Night The Earth Went Wrong by Ducky the Loon and Ratty. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Ratty and I got a *bit* carried away with an AIM chat. This
version is edited from the actual AIM transcript. You'll have to read
both parts to understand our story "Little Orphan Murdock." [THIS STORY HAS BEEN REMOVED AT THE AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] Warning: Language, Nuge-speak and COMPLETE CHAOS. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 809

The Nightmares by howlingmad17. Rating: (G) Summary: This is about Howling Mad's bad dreams, and him realizing that he is not alone. Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-08-17. Hits: 1328

The Omega Squad by Wendybyrd. Rating: (G) Summary: What would the team think if they watched themselves on T.V.? Warning: Author was hot and tired and thought she was clever� First Archived: 2001-11-14. Hits: 1009

The Orphan: A New Beginning by Pepper. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: It is an Alternate Universe story, a series really that deals with how Face joined the A-Team. Warning: This story contains teenage discipline...be warned First Archived: 2001-11-11. Last Story Part: 7. Hits: 4252

The Power I Wield by Jasmine. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: This was previously published under the title The Nightmare in Sockii's WGYTTN 'zine, 1998. I have taken the liberty of modifying it in hopes of making it a more interesting story. Warning: Non-consensual sex between main characters (only in a dream though), violence. First Archived: 2001-04-06. Hits: 2698

The Right Choice by Jenny. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Face knows that lots of choices are made in a lifetime. Were they all right?� Or were there choices made for him that he never suspected? Warning: Cursing First Archived: 2001-07-02. Hits: 2448

The Romantic Night by Lani. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Hannibal Smith decides he wants to have a romantic night with his love but there is something else on his love�s mind and Hannibal is worried about what it could be. Warning: M/M Slash (H/M) First Archived: 2001-08-26. Hits: 1657

The Secret by Jasmine. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: What happens when Face learns about a secret that the rest of the team has been keeping from him? Will it break up the team? Or can he accept it? Warning: m/m slash, language First Archived: 2001-02-19. Hits: 4176

The Secret Love of Templeton Peck by Bobbie Decker. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: A cross over with Emergency. Warning: m/m sexual references First Archived: 2001-01-20. Hits: 1374

The Shell Game by emmastark. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Memories can only be held under the surface for so long before they reach up and grab you by the throat... Warning: Non-Consensual sexual situations with a minor involved, mild slash, heavy alcohol binging, language, violence. This one might get a little heavy, folks... First Archived: 2001-03-15. Hits: 3624

The Shrink - The Next Adventure by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (PG) Summary: TAKES PLACE WHERE THE SHRINK ENDS. First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 786

The Storm Before The Calm by Facefreak. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Sequel to After The Honeymoon. The team puts a stop to Christina's brother. Warning: Violence. Hurt/Comfort. First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 1392

The Taste of You by Red. Rating: (R) Summary: Poem. Thoughts between two lovers. You place the two together. Warning: Sexual meaning overtones. First Archived: 2001-06-24. Hits: 849

The Team's Misadventures 1-2 by Jade, Flight, Susie. Rating: (PG) Summary: The team search for the author of some annoying emails and it leads them to England Warning: None. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 826

The Tip by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: None Warning: None First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 1748

The Trouble With Locks by Danielle. Rating: (G) Summary: First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 1550

The Unexpected Members by Retisha Harper. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: While helping a friend, something terrible happens. Warning: Minor character deaths and mention of sex. First Archived: 2001-04-28. Hits: 1517

The Unwilling Entertainer And The Man With The Mohawk by Danielle. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge from Captain Marina and Fingers. First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 1007

The Vampire Slayer by Tans. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: its a POV Warning: some angst First Archived: 2001-12-12. Hits: 1040

The Walk by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: None Warning: Serious health trouble and a LOT of angst. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 2440

The Walking Wounded by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: The team, particularly Face and Murdock, struggle to recover from the POW camp while stationed at Cam Ranh Bay. This story tells of the fight in the barracks at Cam Ranh Bay mentioned in the episode Water, Water, Everywhere. Warning: Violence, angst, swearing, memories of POW camp, sex. First Archived: 2001-02-19. Hits: 5090

The Way to California by Danielle. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Frankie thinks about his life. Warning: Suicidal thoughts and Frankie!!! First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 797

Therapy by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Murdock muses on his latest therapy session Warning: as slash themes discussed, but non explicit First Archived: 2001-05-09. Hits: 1087

Three Is Not A Crowd by Cat. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Gee. Um...sex. Can I summarize it any more?! *1* Warning: Slash! M/0/M :-) First Archived: 2001-05-07. Hits: 1859

Three Little Fugitives by SherryGabs. Rating: (G) Summary: Three fugitives leave home to seek their fortunes and have to deal with a wicked MP. This is a silly parody of the classic folklore. Blame it on my hubby, it was his idea! Warning: Only extreme silliness. First Archived: 2001-01-05. Hits: 573

Through the Valley of the Cliches by Reckless. Rating: (R) Summary: A parody of hurt/comfort stories. Face goes for a drive and runs into Ubervillain Dougie Kyle. Then all hell breaks loose as Murdock shows his psychic abilities, BA demonstrates just how easy it is to build medical devices from spare auto parts, and Hannibal goes on a shopping spree. And, oh yeah, Mary Sue comes to visit. See how many overused plot devices you can spot. Pure Unadulterated Silliness. Warning: Violence, angst, h/c, war memories, death, sexual innuendo, severe
mental distress, torture, slashy thoughts. But all made in jest. First Archived: 2001-01-12. Hits: 2426

Thunderbird Whine by Evermore. Rating: (G) Summary: Murdock wants to go on a trip to see the Thunderbirds, but Doctor Richter isn'1 too sure about letting him go. Basically a reflection piece from the doc's point of view. Published in The Dwight Papers (Sockii Press, September 1999). This story disappeared when GeoCities died. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 587

Timeless by Snowflake. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face is having a rough night about 2 weeks after their escape from POW camp. Warning: Reference to torture, nothing graphic. First Archived: 2001-11-11. Hits: 2918

Tired by witchbaby. Rating: (PG) Summary: An after-mission slashy vignette. Warning: Slash First Archived: 2001-08-09. Hits: 1775

To Catch A Star 1-3 by Murdock's Doc. Rating: (R) Summary: Vietnam era fic. After the events in Blazing Star, a struggle between Commanding Officers places Murdock in the middle. Before there is an outcome to the battle between CO's, tragedy strikes and a grieving Murdock is sent on another CIA mission that ends up going sour. Warning: Violence, Anguish, Lot's of Foul language. First Archived: 2001-11-18. Hits: 1907

Too Close For Discomfort by Angievette. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Face and Hannibal get very close to their clients when the team go to help the residents of a small community being hounded from their homes by a ruthless entrepreneur. Warning: Some sex and minor violence, minor character death. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 2437

Torn Apart 1-4 by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: A bomb changes the A-Team forever. Warning: Character hurt, Character death, thoughts of suicide, and angst to the max. Tissues may be needed. First Archived: 2001-08-30. Hits: 2191

Turn About by Catherine C. Plummer. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: he team takes a case that isn'1 what it seems. Can they work through their own internal problems to solve the case? First Archived: 2001-03-21. Hits: 2159

Turn The Page 01-05 by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sequel to "Up To A Point" and "Opposites Attract"
Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc. and the words and music of Turn The Page belong to Bob Seger (He's the man! Yeah!)
Comments: Please----Need'em, want'em and very much appreciate'em
Warning: Warnings: M/M SLASH/consensual - If you are under the legal age of consent in your area or have a problem with the graphic description of male/male sex or sex of any kind, please do not read this story. -severe emotional trauma. First Archived: 2001-08-20. Last Story Part: 15. Hits: 2609

TV Night In The Kingdom Of William II by Spiny. Rating: (PG) Summary: A summary? You need a summary for a pointless one-parter
unbetaed and thrown out in less than half an hour??
Warning: None First Archived: 2001-09-17. Hits: 650

Twin Trouble by Retisha Harper. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: (Sequel to The Unexpected Members) The twins head to the mall where they run into a few problems. Warning: Language and a character gets badly shot. First Archived: 2001-06-19. Hits: 894

Two of a Kind: A-Team/Hogans Heroes Crossover by Susie Owens. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: The A-team gets a temporary new member. Warning: There the usual you see on the Ateam. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 795

Two Wrongs May Be Right by Volterra. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Crossover with The West Wing. The First Daughter is kidnapped and the Secret Service can'1 find her. CJ Cregg, the Press Secretary thinks the A-Team can help. Warning: Some violence towards the end, sex that happens off-stage (not usual for me, but there you have it!) First Archived: 2001-01-12. Hits: 1027

Ulterior Motive by Jasmine. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: With the emergence of Colonel Decker, the team must face an unpleasant truth about an encounter that occurred between Decker and Face. The story takes place after the episode When You Coming Home, Range Rider? Warning: Non-consensual sex First Archived: 2001-03-13. Hits: 5154

Un Uomo E Suoi Elefanti 1-7 by Lacy. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Remember the story of the original Hannibal and Publius Cornelius Scipio? If you do, this story is kinda like that. If not....well, read and find out! Warning: Cuss words here and there. A really smart female, who I hope doesn't turn into a Mary Sue. Trouble for the team. First Archived: 2001-11-30. Hits: 1031

Unconditional by kre17. Rating: (PG) Summary: Takes place after the fight between Face and Murdock in Family Reunion. Murdock's real reason for not telling Face about A.J. Warning: My first attempt at slash, no sex(sorry guys, just testing the waters at this point!) First Archived: 2001-02-21. Hits: 1942

Up To A Point by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: (Sequel to Opposites Attract) Warning: SLASH-m/m consensual --severe emotional trauma- thoughts and memories of attempting suicide Note: I changed the title mainly because it no longer fits the story---- It has evolved where no one is truly an 'opposites' anymore.--- The new name came from a passage to from a Louis L'Amour book called The Walking Drum: Up to a point, a man's life is shaped by environment, heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him. Then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame their parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has it within his power to say, This I am today; That I will be tomorrow.-Louis L'Amour, The Walking Drum Additional note--- WARNING!!!! This is unedited. Forgive the bad grammar and misspellings for now. It will be corrected soon (I hope....). First Archived: 2001-04-02. Last Story Part: 4. Hits: 2089

Upon A Christmas Eve by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: Anything can happen on Christmas Eve. First Archived: 2001-03-18. Hits: 1354

Vacancy by Face's New Flame. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Face ponders his midnight visit from Murdock. (companion piece to The Next Session and the last in the Therapy Trilogy) Warning: Slash themes discussed, but non explicit First Archived: 2001-05-09. Hits: 1398

Very Short Story by Charlotte. Rating: (G) Summary: Face loves & loses (again). First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 1079

Walking Away by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: Face makes a decision that affects the whole team. Warning: Character hurt. First Archived: 2001-04-11. Hits: 2507

Walking Way II by Dana Snyder. Rating: (PG) Summary: Summary: It's been six months and Face is happy until he gets an unexpected visitor. Author's note: Please read the first part first!� You won't understand what's going on without it. First Archived: 2001-07-07. Hits: 2428

Want You to Want Me by witchbaby. Rating: (R) Summary: It's Valentine's Day and what we have here is a failure to communicate. Potential for disaster was in the air. Warning: Slash. m/m sexual situations. Do not read if you're offended by this, or just don'1 like it, or if you're underage. First Archived: 2001-02-15. Hits: 1511

Weird Relations by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: Facts about Face's past surfaces, leaving the team and a couple of FBI agents shocked. This is a crossover between X-Files and A-Team. First Archived: 2001-03-24. Hits: 1842

Welcome Home by Black Fire. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. First Archived: 2001-10-03. Hits: 2056

Welcome To The Slash Newlywed Game by Susie Owens. Rating: (G) Summary: Summary: What the title said
Disclaimer: Don't own them
Copyright 2001 Susie
Author Notes: This is for Jenny hope she likes it.
Warning: Warning: Do I actually need a warning? It safe. First Archived: 2001-08-18. Hits: 799

What's In My Suitcase? by Adalia. Rating: (G) Summary: 'Creative Writing' prompt - pick five items from the list and write a piece to characterize the person who would have them in their suitcase. Disclaimer: I don't own any A-Team characters, they're not mine, I'm just borrowing them, so please don't sue me. Author's Notes: This is nuts, I can't believe I'm really posting *this* as my first fic, but here goes. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-08-24. Hits: 1082

What's In Your Head - Complete by DianaK. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Well, The Team get stuck somewhere. Standard bad guys and one female ... oww! I've said too much already. Well, anyway, it's something rather psychological (well, it was meant to be psychological anyway, but as it turned out you'd better delete the '-logical' part. just psycho..)
Disclaimer: Okay, Decker and the Team aren't mine. Wish they were. But any other character that appears.. especially the female... oww darnit... well.. any other character that didn't star in the show is mine.
Warning: There's some blood and a couple of knives in it. (Some cuts and bruises.) There are also one or two curse words (the F-word amongst others) and a slight sexual tone in it.. Oh, and a little bit of torture. First Archived: 2001-08-20. Hits: 2253

When She Danced with Me by Jennifer. Rating: (PG) Summary: A sequel to In His Arms, Focuses on Hannibal and Amy's relationship. This story deals with how one deals with the death of the other. ( kind of narrows down who dies don'1 it). Warning: character death, Extreme sappiness (I love sappiness!!) First Archived: 2001-03-28. Hits: 807

When The Going Gets Tough by Lark. Rating: (R) Summary: Relationships take work. Warning: Slash (non explicit) First Archived: 2001-09-27. Hits: 2409

Where I Belong by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (R) Summary: 1972 --The guys just broke out of prison and Hannibal seems to be in a hurry to get some where-A little bit of a twist to this Warning: M/M SLASH/consensual (A little slashiness--just some kissing) First Archived: 2001-10-12. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1542

Where We Belong by Live Lady Roadkill. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sequel to Where I Belong. 1972 --The guys just broke out of prison and Hannibal made it to safety. Al and Hannibal discuss the future and get reacquainted after 10 months of separation. Warning: M/M SLASH/consensual - Graphic sex (VERY) First Archived: 2001-10-16. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 1452

WHERE YOU BELONG by Georgia Bentz. Rating: (G) Summary: A BA STORY, MAMA PASSES AWAY.� HIS THOUGHTS ON MAMA'S DEATH. FROM BA'S POV. First Archived: 2001-06-25. Hits: 1031

Who Are You, Mary Sue? - Poem by Waffles. Rating: (G) Summary: For Mary Sue Week. First Archived: 2001-10-07. Hits: 440

Who Are You? by Stiney. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face goes to a club and meets a handsome stranger. Warning: Slash, nothing serious, m/m kissing. First Archived: 2001-10-16. Hits: 1240

Who Needs Steve McQueen Anyway? by Wendybyrd. Rating: (PG) Summary: First Archived: 2001-03-28. Hits: 1150

Who Was That Masked Man? by Carl from Covina. Rating: (G) Summary: A fabric shop owner receives a visit. Comments: Are very welcome. Just be gentle, this is my first. Disclaimer: The usual. I don't own them and this isn't for profit. A thank you to my husband for supplying this idea. Warning: None First Archived: 2001-08-24. Hits: 1029

Why is This Happening by Dana. Rating: (PG) Summary: Face's thoughts after being shot. This is written from Face's point of view. Also this is a prequel to Getting Away. First Archived: 2001-09-12. Hits: 2388

Wired by jenben. Rating: (R) Summary: Murdock has a bad night. A really bad night. Warning: This story deals with Murdock having an anxiety attack so it isn't happy. I mention suicide and death and there is general psychological unhappiness. First Archived: 2001-11-26. Hits: 1961

Without Reservations at a Glance by Dana. Rating: (G) Summary: Three poems from three different characters point of views. Warning: Injured Character.� It's kind of depressing too. Episode Spoiler: Without Reservations of course! First Archived: 2001-07-06. Hits: 1563

Wolf In The Fold 1 by Marie. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Sometimes Obsessions can be Deadly. Warning: Slash, Non-Con sex between team members, M/M Consensual sex, violence. First Archived: 2001-10-22. Hits: 3465

Worst Case Scenario by Black Fire. Rating: (G) Summary: Response to Flaw Challenge Warning: None First Archived: 2001-10-29. Hits: 2651

Writer's Block by Evermore. Rating: (G) Summary: A pair of crazed girls rescues the Team, but Face has a debt to pay . . . .Published in Plans, Scams & Vans #6 (Sockii Press, February 1999). This story disappeared when GeoCities died. First Archived: 2001-04-15. Hits: 680

Yeah Though I Walk by Maygin. Rating: (R) Summary: The team stumble into something that may destroy them. They take on the dark forces of the spiritual world. Warning: dark forces, mention of occult, violence, blood. It may get worse as the story progresses. First Archived: 2001-02-21. Hits: 2437

Yesterday....Today by Red. Rating: (PG) Summary: An ending to my little poems. POV either Murdock�s or Face�s...you decide... First Archived: 2001-06-24. Hits: 848

You Always Say That - Poem by Laura H.. Rating: (G) Summary: A bit of a look into Murdock's head as he 'gets help' at the VA Warning: Gets semi-dark, but nothing too upsetting First Archived: 2001-09-17. Hits: 776

You Lift Me Up by Nubiangeek. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: Murdock finds himself in a very interesting situation. Warning: This is a mushy, gushy love story. If you don't like that sort of thing, please don't read. If you do read, please be kind with your comments :) Thank you! First Archived: 2001-07-26. Hits: 2041