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Ghost of the Past by Mimi. Rating: (NC-17) Summary: Fifteen years after the fact, Hannibal and Face cross paths with the lieutenant's first C.O. from Viet Nam, and Hannibal learns just how Face ended up with his A-Team. Originally published in 1998 in Sugar & Spice's Beneath the SurFace fanzine. Warning: Slash, language, attempted rape. First Archived: 2017-09-06. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 164

Outside The Lines by Mimi. Rating: (PG-13) Summary: A Vietnam-era story. Hannibal can't resist a little side-trip after a mission and the consequences challenge his grace-under-pressure skills. H/C and some soldiery-type language. Originally published in Sockii Press's Deadly Manuevers 1, 1997. Warning: Soldiery-type language. First Archived: 2017-09-01. Last Story Part: Complete. Hits: 177

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