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Some Other Place

By Katiemarie


Rated: PG

Summary: A night out on the town with our favorite guys, What do you think would happen? Well let's find out. I know my story's have been bit melancholy lately so tonight it will be just a little blow off of steam for the team.

Warnings: None.

Comments: Yes please.




Chapter 4


Hannibal waited at the bar for Mac to be done with the other patrons, he had scanned the bar and didn't see Patty anywhere. Mac approached " Another ?"


" Please , thanks for the last one , what branch ? Hannibal asked


" Marine, went in after Rolling Thunder , Secured the air base at Bien Hoa " Mac told him " you"


" Army , special forces, we were all over the place but worked mostly in the Central Highlands,


" Ahh a Green beret ,those your men there?


" Yea and my pilot, ,Hannibal leaned against the bar and looked at his unit with pride


" Wow still together huh, Names Mac, Mac Jones " Mac held his hand out


" John Smith, But I go by Hannibal to my friends " Hannibal shook his hand firmly


" that's funny I heard about a Forces team with a Colonial that went by Hannibal , they saved a lot of guys , but you couldn't be him." Mac said eying Hannibal curiously


"Yea I heard them too, their Great " Maybe it was booze or the Jazz or the fact that they did save a lot of guys , Hannibal figured even if this guy decided to call in Decker they could get away like every other time


'NO way your not him " Mac stood back and looked the older man in front of him over


" Colonel John Smith at your service, we were known in Nam as The A-Team, well we still are " Hannibal lit a new cigar

'Wow I have followed your exploits since NAM , you really still on the run ,and helping all those people that reporter writes stories about? ' Mac asked he had grabbed a stool from behind the bar and sat down

" Yea , we are and we do and if you are thinking about calling anyone we will be out and gone before the phone finishes dialing, all we want is a night to relax. We aren't gonna cause any trouble" Hannibal looked back at his men and caught Face's eye who quickly got up and walked towards him. Murdock and B.A seeing Hannibal's change in body language also looked at him ready to react .


" OH no I would never , I mean your .. your the A -team , I am honored to have you in my bar " Mac stood back up and slapped Hannibal on the arm.

Face had just come up to his side and asked " everything OK Hannibal?" Face looked between the two men


" Yea Face this is Mac he owns the bar, He was a Marine in Nam , He knows who we are".


"Should I Have BA get the van ? Nice to meet you Mac , great place you have here" Face's eyes never left Hannibal's ready to react to the slightest hint from his commander.


NO please please , your safe here, enjoy your night , Like I was telling the Colonel I knew a lot of guys that are still around because of you all. We all gotta stick together, I mean the government didn't do us any favors then and they sure ain't now , So your identity is safe with me. Mac handed them each a cold glass of beer from the pitcher


" We appreciate that Mac, we didn't do what they say we did , we are just trying to survive till someone listens to us,so we do what we are good at. "Hannibal said


Patty came in from the back of the bar " Mac the beer cooler is down again, dammit when are you gonna get someone in here to fix it " She immediately lowered her voice, "Sorry "


" Do you need a hand Mac"Hannibal asked "I know a guy who could fix it"and with that he waved at B.A and Murdock to come over .


" No No don't worry about it, the owner of the building was supposed to fix it last week, he said he did I will just go ice the kegs " Mac said as the other two approached the bar and sat on the closest stools


"Hey B.A think you could fix a cooler motor ? "


" Man I could build a new one from the junk in the back of my van "


" B.A , Murdock meet Mac he owns the place, he's a Marine , What rank again? " Hannibal asked


Chief Warrant Officer 4 Mac Jones , He extended his hand to the new comers .


Hannibal once again smiled and said Well chief this is Captain H .M Murdock, Sargent B.A Baracus and Lieutenant Tempelton Peck , And now you have met the A-team , B.A go with Mac and take a look at that motor, since you already said you didn't want anymore beer. B.A nodded with a small smile he actually would rather work on a motor than sit around and drink.



Chapter 5


The guys watched the retreating backs of Mac and B.A head into the cooler . Patty was serving the last few remaining patrons. Face looked at Hannibal and asked " Are you crazy, we don't know his guy what if he knocks B.A out back there and calls in Decker?"


"Yea Colonel even for me this is nuts" Murdock was staring intently at the door the two men had just went through.


'OH relax guys, only way he could knock B.A out was if he had a 2 x 4 , we would hear a scuffle way before that happened. Not everyone is out to get us." Hannibal sat back down on the stool and took a drink


" What if he has a gun back there Hannibal " Face asked


" Or a bazooka . I mean come on its BA " Murdock looked at Hannibal and Face


" really Murdock A BAZOOKA?" Face just shook his head

Finally B.A walked out and headed towards the door of the bar,


" where ya going big guy?


" To get my tools fool what ya think I 'm doing. I cant fix this thing without em"! BA walked out in to the night.


" See guys he's fine now who is gonna play me in pool?"


Mac came back out just in time to see Hannibal shrug and walk over to the pool tables to find a competitor . Face and Murdock were still sitting at the bar talking in hushed tones.

" B.A really knows his motors, it took him less than a minute to figure out what was wrong. I have had 3 people out here and they all wanted to sell me a new cooler. " Mac wiped the bar off and turned to get them new mugs.


" Yep he's the best " Face said


"He can fix it before you can say boo" Murdock added


"So did you guys really do everything we used to hear about ? " Mac asked putting two fresh glasses down .


" Depends what ya heard " Murdock said cautiously.

" Just about you rescue missions and some of your escapes from the Vietcong and the Camps".


" Well we are sitting at your bar so what does that mean" Face said curtly He really hated these conversations. He would rather talk about anything else than some of the stuff they did.

Murdock jumped out of his chair and headed back to the jukebox and intently stared at the screen, his fingers nimbly flying over the selection switch till he found the page he was looking for . " oh man I love that album , Oh that's a good one too, Yes my favorite "


Face and Mac could hear Murdock talking to himself as he played around at the box

" So is he crazy? I mean no offense but it was all over Nam that he was known as Howling Mad and some of the stuff we heard .Mac asked with his face as close to the other man as he could get.


Suddenly" The Pretender "from Jackson Brown came over the speakers. Murdock was swaying with the music


"Yep He is certifiable " Face said in all seriousness


" He is " Mac asked in a amazed tone


" Depends on what your Definition of IS is , IS he crazy sure but isn't everybody ,IS he odd absolutely, but he Is an amazing pilot, and a Phenomenal friend. Hey you got any Whiskey back there . I'm really not much of a beer drinker" Face pushed his beer away with a look of disdain.


" We are just Beer and Wine But I got a private stash and since B.A is fixing my cooler I can say we are closed , Lock the doors and serve the good stuff." Face eyed the other man with suspicion. He wanted to believe it but their life called to be on guard at all times.


" Seriously Mr Peck , I am not going to turn you into anyone . I know you don't know me but I am being truthful. I couldn't get a liquor license cause I was dishonorably discharged . Mac hung his head


" Call me Face, Really they use that now in background checks? I can fix that real easy for you .I mean if you want it." Face could read people, it was his job as the resident con man. He believed he wasn't on the receiving end of a con now.


Face didn't even want to know what happened, he had been burned by the Army , and he knew he wasn't the only one out there. He felt a new kinship to this man he just met. He was usually the first one turned to trust, of coarse it usually involved a Skirt and pretty legs but there was something earnest in the man's voice.

" NO that's ok thank you though Face, I want this place on the UP and UP . "


" Just A thought " Murdock came bounding back ," Facey next song is for you "


" O,K,... Should I be concerned " Is it something weird ? Wait who am asking of coarse its something weird its you"

" Really Face,I'm offended ..why you would immediately assume I would play SOME THING WEIRD..... I thought you knew me better than that.". Murdock ducked his Face away from the shocked look on his friend.


Face immediately felt bad and as he moved closer to Murdock to try to apologize " Yellow Submarine " From the Beatles came on


"Dammit , Murdock this is WEIRD," Face watched the unbridled laughter hit his friend and just couldn't fight it, he threw his head back and laughed with him.

B.A took the very moment to walk back in ,Tool box in hand, he saw his friends laughing like two loons , stopped and then heard the song... " Let me guess, the fool played it for Face?" Mac just shook his head yes

"Damn fools both of em... this song almost got us all thrown in the stockade... " B.A Just walked into the cooler away from the crying faces of his friends.


HUH? Mac didn't get it.. thankfully Hannibal had just walked back from across the room to get a beer, " Really Murdock Yellow Submarine ? Didn't you get enough of this song ? Hannibal started chuckling.

" OK I can't stand it ..Someone let me in " Mac pleaded


B.A poked his head out and said," We had just come back to the base after 8 day trek , we were in no shape for army crap, all we wanted was to go get a cold shower and a colder meal. Well this sucka of a General decided he wanted to mess with me for not saluting , I couldn't My shoulder was dislocated, I was on the way to the med tent . When he stopped me , I started yelling and Murdock had just come out of his chopper and saw it, so he ran over and started singing Yellow Submarine at the top of his lungs, then he grabbed the General and tried to get him to dance... well the General started yelling at Murdock, and Face heard it.... well then Face came over and started Singing the Song again to help Murdock..Now We have Mp's coming to drag both them fools off, Finally Hannibal comes over orders them both to stand down, Operation Yellow Submarine was off... Face and Murdock both freeze and stand in attention. He convinces the General and the MP's that It was a secret test to make sure none of them were working for the Vietcong, According to Hannibal there had been a rash of brain washed Officers throwing solders into the brig to keep them from fighting in important battles. How we got away I still don't know but that wasn't even the worst thing they ever pulled... Damn FOOLS every one . " With that B.A sighed and walked off to the cooler.


Murdock and Face had finally stopped laughing, and were looking at Mac expectantly for a drink. He pulled a bottle of Whiskey from under the bar and said " Bottoms Up."

Chapter 6


The Final refrain from Yellow Submarine faded,Face and Hannibal both had shots of Mac's whiskey and Murdock was still drinking beer. He didn't drink the hard stuff, it mixed bad with his meds. A few beers was OK, but he also had a habit of overdoing it with liquor, and he couldn't afford to go there again.


" Is that a true story? You guys got away with that? " Mac asked completely dumbfounded


" Yea, why not, we got away with a lot more as we got better at scams right Murdock ,I have always meant to ask you ..Why Yellow submarine and Why Dancing ? Face asked and turned expectantly to his friend " Yea Captain what that was that about" Hannibal asked


" Ok , we had a saying in the Thunderbird's, when we ran into an Officer who got his rank through luck or Family ties.. and had never earned it. They were always Pompous and usually chicken.. and they would torpedo the units moral. So we would call them Yellow Submarines. Well the General was like that, I got out of my Chopper and was wiping down my skids, when I heard B.A yelling... I knew that tone, I was usually on the receiving end of it. You know what it sounds like, the tone before he pummels someone. I looked and noticed it was General McKee, who loved throwing guys in the stockade and losing the key. SO I did the first thing I thought of. I figured I would piss him off, He would forget why he was even talking to B.A , He couldn't do anything to me, Different Branch, not even assigned to the base. I would take off ..Literately and No harm no foul, but if the big guy lost it ...

He already had a few strikes..and a reputation. But then Face showed up .. so I had to keep doing it. Then Thankfully Hannibal stopped it and got the General calmed down. Face went over to my Bird with me to help finishing my cleaning and B.A got his shoulder fixed , The next day we were gone, new orders." Murdock took a deep breath fighting down the memories and smiled bashfully.


"Wow Murdock I didn't realize that you did it to protect B.A , He hated you .. I Mean you guys weren't close at the time, I thought you just living up to the Howling Mad Persona . I was trying to keep you and BA out of trouble. " Face said thinking back to the early days of the team.


"Well the General was a slime ball, I wasn't about to lose my team to him. So I did what any good leader would do...I bluffed. " Hannibal Laughed again


"YOUR ALL CRAZY" They heard B.A bellow from the cooler


Mac and Patty and the few other customers left in the bar listened to the story told by the strangers in awe. They really were the A-TEAM ,Mac had had some doubts before , they all looked too happy. too relaxed to be the Fugitives he heard about on TV. He had them pictured as Rough, Hard desperate men.. Not the friendly..well friendly-ish (in B. A's case) guys who entered his bar a few hours ago. Here one of them was fixing his broken down cooler and the others were just nice guys . He realized how strange and wonderful life really was but also how sad it could be. He felt bad for what these men were going through now, yea he couldn't get a liquor license due to a discharge from the military, but these men had no homes, no family's( That he knew of) but they were still out there. He probably would have left the country had it been him.


Ok Folks Drinks on Me " Mac Yelled as "Still The Same" by Bob Seger started on the jukebox.

Face and Hannibal went to throw darts, Murdock stayed on his stool nursing his beer, staring at the bar top. Patty touched him on the shoulder , he looked up and gave her a smile... but it wasn't as broad as the ones she had seen earlier in the evening. " Mind if I sit ?" He got up and pulled out the stool for her to sit on. Then Settled back down on the one next to her.


"You OK , I mean I don't know you but you don't seem as happy now as you did before" Patty asked gently


" Yea Chicka I'm OK You OK ? Murdock looked back to the bar top. He wasn't ready to leave the memories he was surrounded by. The next Orders after the Yellow Submarine story was when he got shot down and him and the team spent 5 weeks in the Hanoi Hilton. He shook his head and downed the rest of his beer. She got up to get him a fresh one.. " nah , Give me one of those shots " She looked at him but poured it anyway. Murdock stared at the shot glass then threw it back . It burned going been a long time since he felt that. "Smooth " he laughed ' You want another ?" " Yea One more ...he drank it back, feeling his emotions coming back under control..OK that's it, back to beer before H.M is on the Floor . Murdock smiled as Patty slid him the glass. 'So tell me whats a nice girl like you doing working in a ..He looked around .. IN a nice place like this " This time when he smiled he looked like the guy who came in at the beginning of the night.


Face and Hannibal were throwing Darts at the board but not really playing.


" Hannibal did you know that whole Story, I mean I know you did .. but did you know that Murdock almost threw his career away to protect B.A . I know Murdock now would do anything for him or any of us.. But we hadn't been together more than a few weeks .Face threw a sideways glance at the lanky Texan who was sitting starring at the bar top.


" Yea Face I knew, I talked to that General for hours before we left, He wanted Murdock out... Of the Air force, Out of the country, he knew he was a "Trouble Maker " ..I had to pull in a lot of favors. SO let's just let ghosts of the past fade OK . Throw your dart" ..


"But Hannibal "


" But nothing kid, it wasn't the first time I had to pull one of you out of the fire.. I did it with B.A more times than I can remember, I also remember doing it for a certain Lieutenant a few times also. So I did it for Murdock too whats the big deal Face?"


"Was he always crazy Hannibal, I love the guy and I trust him with my life ..but back then did you know that he was crazy like now Crazy.? Face stood in front of his commander , forcing him to look him in the eye.


" There were rumors Face.. I didn't believe them , and Dammit I am glad I didn't . We got him as our pilot cause the rumor was I was crazy too, we all were considered Crazy. That's why we were as good as we were . Anything to get it done ,that's what we did , that's what we still do. Hannibal drank back his shot and looked past Face .

" But the Next Mission Hannibal... It was that Mission, the one we were captured. " Face said in shock


" What Face do you think he got us shot down..are you blaming him ?" Hannibal's eyes flashed with rage


" God NO ! But if he had been kicked out ..maybe he wouldn't , I mean maybe he would be OK I mean now. It was the camps that broke him " Face said quietly

" Not true Face, He kept us alive there, he took the majority of the beatings for you and B.A but especially you. And then he would come back and help you get through the day and the nites .. he was there for us. I always think what I could have done differently.. But I never I mean NEVER think twice about keeping him with us. And Look at him now still there for us Kid, unwavering , and unshakeable Murdock. I wish things could have turned out different for all of us but I don't for an iota wish I changed our team. Do you understand that?' Hannibal lit a cigar


" Actually yes I Do, sorry about my outburst.. My dart " He grinned and threw it..BULLSEYE " Game I win "



B.A came out of the cooler wiping his hands on a bar rag. It wasn't hard to fix the cooler, Just a compressor . A few new O -Rings some tuning and its running like a top. B.A always found it easier to fix machines than deal with people. Even his own team, he was chuckling to himself in the cooler thinking back to Murdock and Face singing at the top of their lungs and the 5 different shades of red that General turned. But then his thoughts turned to the next mission... the 5 different shades of purple that Murdock's torso was after being taken away. And how the next day he would throw himself in front of the guards and yell at them in Vietnamese to attract their wrath . To protect Face, Hannibal and Even to protect him. Crazy fool .. he could have let BA take some of it..but He wouldn't. He was a stubborn man. And for all their fights BA loved him. But he would never admit it at least not where Murdock could hear him. He came out from behind the bar ,saw Murdock in a conversation with the waitress and saw Face and Hannibal throwing darts and laughing. He smiled to himself it was a good nite. He turned to return his tools to the van, and stopped at the jukebox. He flipped though the selection and found "Moondance "from Van Morrison and pushed play. He liked Van Morrison that one wasn't one of his favorites but he figured maybe Murdock would dance with the Patty, he so rarely chatted with women whom he wasn't saving. Maybe this would be different. As he walked to the door he looked back and saw that Murdock was still sitting... "Dance Fool" He yelled as he walked out to the van.




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