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Hearts Entwined Part 21-22

Hearts Entwined

By Cindy Brewer

Rated: PG-13



Part 21


Face ran in and quickly surveyed the room. Where were they? Had they even

gotten here to help Colleen?

Face was about to do a search of the room when he heard footsteps behind him.

Still wary from his kidnapping ordeal Face whirled around fists raised.

Murdock stepped back his hands raised defensively though it was clear he was

happy to see his old friend safe and sound. "Easy Faceman, its just little

ol' Murdock."

Face visibly relaxed. His arms went slack at his sides and his shoulders

slumped. But before his adrenaline rush faded completely Face had to

know....he had to know where Colleen was.

"Murdock?" Face asked in the end not being able to ask but Murdock seemed to

know what he was asking.

Murdock stepped further into the room and he placed a reassuring hand on his

friend's shoulder. "She's alive."

"Thank God." Face whispered as he sank onto the corner of the bed. "What


Murdock leaned against the wall his gaze traveling to the window. "Colleen

couldn't sleep so we ordered room service. Some how there was poison in

it....we were both knocked out cold before the others awoke and realized what

had happened."

"Are you okay?" Face asked with concern. "Is Colleen?"

Murdock nodded. "You know me, Faceman....too many psych drugs in my system to do much damage."

"And Colleen?" Face repeated trying not to think of the worse case scenario.

"It was rocky for awhile....they pumped her stomach but the poison had

already entered her blood stream."

Face swallowed hard.....Colleen had been hurt because of him. "How is she,


"She's gone."

Face's head jerked up as an old fear began to inch its way up Face's spine.

"Gone?" the word came out in a croak. "You said she was fine..."

Murdock finally met his gaze. "She is and will be."

Face stood his hands clenching into fists. He was tired of playing twenty

questions....all he wanted....needed was to see Colleen. "Damn it

Murdock....I've had a hell of a week....just tell me where she is."

Murdock shook his head sadly. He hated being caught between his two best

friends but he had to do what he had to do. "Sorry, Faceman."

Face took a threatening step forward. "Sorry? That's all you have to say to

me, Murdock....after everything?"

"Colleen's safe...."Murdock replied quietly. "And in the best medical hands."


Frankie's eyes lit up. "Reward money? There's gotta be a way to con the

government out of that and get it for ourselves."

"Frankie." Hannibal said warningly they needed to stay focused if they were

going to find Face.

"I'm just sayin' Hannibal....with what Stockwell gives us which isn't much,

that reward money could really come in handy. And the government owes us

after know for the whole 'everybody thinks we're dead' thing."

Hannibal ignored Frankie for the moment and knelt so he was eye level with

the woman. "If you're familiar with the reward money you're obviously familiar

with us. You must know that circumstances over the years have made this group

of men a family that I'm proud to be a part of. You, my dear, have taken a

member of this family and your threat doesn't hold much venom. You can let

the whole world know we're alive for all I care.

You will tell us where Templeton Peck is or I will hand you over to B.A. and

let him have a little fun rearranging your limbs."

Part 22

Face forced himself to take several steps back. If he didn't he was going to

punch the daylights out of one of his oldest friends. That was not the way

that Face wanted to end this week.

"One more time, Murdock....where is Colleen?" Face asked as he ran a hand

along the back of his neck.

Murdock shook his head. "She's out of the team, Faceman."

Face's eyes narrowed. "By your choice or hers?"

Murdock adverted his gaze.

Face advanced on his friend. "You stashed her somewhere without telling her

didn't you? Murdock you had no right!"

Murdock's eyes flared. "No right? You promised to keep her safe, Faceman. The

two times that I've left her in your care she's nearly died."

"She means everything to me, Murdock." Face countered fighting to keep control

of his anger.

Murdock nodded. "I know but Colleen's the only family I have left even if she

isn't blood. I don't want to lose her to this life."


The woman laughed and it made the hairs on the back of Frankie's neck stand

up. Frankie watched the woman and Hannibal warily. He'd seen only a few bad

guys laugh in the face of Hannibal Smith....not many lived to tell the tale.

Frankie glanced over at B.A. to see that the big man was keeping a watchful

eye as well.

"You can do what you want to me, Colonel." The woman stated with a smile. "But Templeton and I go way was a once in a life time

that he and I aren't giving up."

Hannibal rocked back on his heels. This woman was crazier than Murdock if she

thought she had any kind of future with Face. Face's heart belonged to one

woman and that had been clear to everyone the moment Face and Colleen laid

eyes on each other.

"If you want to do this the hard way that's your choice." Hannibal stated as

he stood and glanced at Baracus. "B.A. she's all yours."

"Anything specific, Hannibal?" B.A. asked with a grin.

Smith shook his head as he moved to stand next to Frankie. "Just the usual."

B.A. nodded and Hannibal turned to Santana. "Frankie, let's find a phone and

check in with Murdock."

"Right." Frankie replied as he followed Hannibal out of the room.


"You think I want that, Murdock?" Face replied his voice rising. "You think I

actually want her to get hurt?!"

"No." Murdock whispered wishing he had another option than to rip Colleen away from the team.

Face threw up his hands in frustration. "Then why keep us apart, Murdock?

You know she doesn't want that."

"It was my only choice, Faceman." Murdock replied quietly a shadow passing

across his eyes. "Colleen didn't know what was going on....I had them sedate

her before I moved her out of the hospital."

Face shook his head angrily. "This isn't over, Murdock. I will find out

where she is."

"I didn't have any choice." Murdock stated again his voice stronger.

"Yes you did." Face replied trying to calm down. "You could've waited....come

to Hannibal or me."

"You've been missin' for days, Face." Murdock said as he moved over to the

desk. "We didn't know if you were alive or dead or who had you. Colleen'd

been poisoned and nearly died....I had to get her out of here."

"I'm grateful that you kept her safe, Murdock." Face replied trying one last

time to get through to his friend. "But don't you see that she's been happy

the last few months? She enjoys being with the team."

Murdock shook his head. "She had to give up...."

The phone rang interrupting what Murdock was about to say. The pilot turned

around and picked up the receiver from the phone on the desk.


"Murdock? It's Frankie....Hannibal and I are on the way back to the hotel. We

caught the lady who took Face...B.A.'s trying to get info out of her now."

"Face escaped....he's here with me." Murdock replied glancing back at his


"Really? That's great!" Frankie commented excitedly. "I'll let Hannibal know.

Has he seen Colleen yet?"

"We'll fill you in when you get here." Murdock replied avoiding Santana's

question. When the others got back to the hotel Murdock knew he'd have to

leave the team for getting Colleen back to the States. He knew Hannibal would

be disappointed in him.

"Okay." Santana said as he ended the conversation.

Murdock turned back to Face. "Frankie and the Colonel are on they're way


Templeton nodded then he saw the look on the pilot's face. "Hannibal doesn't

know that you hid Colleen does he?"

"No." Murdock replied as he moved toward the window.

Face sighed wearily not having any energy left to argue. "I'm going to grab a


"Fine." Murdock stated shortly not turning away from the window.


Halfway back to the hotel Frankie pulled the rental car over to a payphone

and Hannibal told B.A. to bring the cops into it

Once back on the road Frankie glanced over at Hannibal. "Murdock sounded

weird on the phone."

Hannibal raised an eyebrow.

Frankie grinned as he continued. "I mean weirder than normal."

"He was probably just distracted."

Frankie shrugged as he absently drummed his fingers on the top of the

steering wheel. "Maybe, but Murdock's been weirder than normal every time the

topic of Face and Colleen's relationship comes up."

"He's very protective of her." Hannibal replied as they pulled into the

hotel's parking lot. "He'll come around eventually."


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