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The Faceman Chronicles…. the Next Day

By Peppe1951


Rating:  NC-17

Warning:  Corporal punishment of a teenager.

Summary:  Little did Face know that in saving a runaway boy he would come face to face with an evil that could scar him for life.  It is based loosely on The Children of Jamestown episode.

AN:  This is the second in the series featuring Templeton P. Smith (Face); and it takes place the next day after the recovery of the diamond and sapphire ring.

I know that I said that the next story would be dealing with school but I decided to delay it for now.



Chapter 6


It was early the next morning while Face was running the obstacle course that Sheriff Jenkins paid them a visit.  "John I found this in the trash can in Brother Thomas' quarters.  I think your son will want it back," as he handed over the ID bracelet.


"So they did find the bracelet, but was it because they suspected that there was a homing device in it?"


"I also found the remains of this bug on the floor," and handed the bits and pieces that were left of the bug.


"I bet Face planted the bug on himself for them to find so they wouldn't suspect the bracelet.  I think they took the bracelet off him for spite." Hannibal stated. "Did you find anything else interesting?"


"Yeah…in that room we found not only the men that your son took out but a place where someone could be chained.  They had chains coming from the ceiling and the floor.  Brother Thomas was in such a bad way that we had to use Mr. Michaels' pilot to fly him to the nearest hospital.  Mr. Michaels is one of the buyers.  John, he reports that Face was chained wearing only his briefs when he arrived and that he bought him from Brother Thomas for $5,000.00."


"Did he touch my boy?"


"He didn't say but he did smile at the question, so you have to believe that he did. Did your son say anything?"




"Maybe he's blocking it like he did with the ring."


"That's possible, but I'm thinking that he is trying to deal with it on his own.  He doesn't want to appear weak especially now that I have curtail some of his duties on the A-Team due to his age.  It was his idea to go undercover, knowing we could track him with his ID bracelet.  It still has a working tracking device in it.  I vetoed the idea because of his age and I didn't want to expose him to the possibility that he might be molested.  But he disobeyed my direct order and did it anyhow."


"Is that why he is running that obstacle course of yours – as punishment?"


"Yes…he hates to run it anyhow when he is only just running.   But I have him running it with a full pack until he drops.  Murdock or BA will be keeping an eye on him and when they feel he has done enough they will stop it."


"Are you going to confront him about what happened yesterday?"


"Yes, but it will be like pulling teeth with that kid.  He will downplay it for the time being.  I just hope that it doesn't cause him to have nightmares."


Murdock chose that time to walk in and caught the last part of the statement.


"Facey is getting nightmares?"


Hannibal glanced at the Sheriff before replying.  "Not yet, but he might.  There's a great possibility that Face was touched inappropriately while in the clutches of Brother Thomas.  Has he given you any indication of something bothering him?"


"No, all he's said is how well his plan turned out, like he knew it would.  He seemed quite proud of himself."


"Is BA still watching him?"


"Yes, but I must tell you that he isn't going to last much longer.  He was on his last legs when I left."


A few minutes later BA came in supporting Face as he struggled to walk in.  He was covered in muck and breathing hard.  "He's done, Hannibal."




It took a few minutes for Hannibal's words to sink in but when they did he pulled himself up at attention and saluted.  "I completed the course twice sir…the last time I completed in twenty minutes, sir.  After some rest I'll try it again…sir!"


"At ease Lieutenant!" And then in a softer voice Hannibal added, "Go and take a shower and don't you ever disobey my order again, son."


Face nodded, too tired to reply.  He headed towards his room to do just that.


"Do you need any help, little bro?"


"No, I can handle it and thanks for helping me into the house, BA."


After watching their kid leave BA turned and saw the expressions on his team mates faces.  "What's wrong?"


Before Hannibal could answer Murdock replied.  "Those bastards might have molested Face."


BA hit the wall in anger and put a hole in it.  "Let me at them, I'll tear them apart!"


"I don't think you have to worry about Brother Thomas.  The doctor says that he will be peeing through a tube for the rest of his life."


"Justice for what he did to Face.  What about the other one…Michaels?"


"Michaels is talking up a storm.  He's trying to make a deal that will keep himself out of prison.  He fears what will happen if the inmates learn that he has molested children.  He is naming everybody involved…although I don't think it will save him from serving some prison time."


"Maybe I will just have to spread the rumors of his owning children for his own unmoral purposes," declared BA angrily.


"BA, that could cause his death!"




"Facey is taking a long time in the shower; I had better check on him.  As tired as he is he could fall asleep under the water."  Murdock hurried to the kid's room.


"Murdock tell Face that I need to talk with him about what happened yesterday.  Tell him to meet us in the family room."


"You got it Colonel."


When Murdock got to Face's room he heard the shower still going.  "Face are you going to be finished soon?"


"A few more minutes HM.  There was so much mud.  I hope it won't stop up the drains."


"Well, after you finish and get dressed the Colonel wants to talk with you about what happened yesterday.  Just come to the family room, okay?"


"I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."


"See you then kid," and left him to finish in private.


"Where is the Sheriff?"


"He had to get back to the office.  Billy went with him; his grandparents will be there within the hour."


"Facey said he will be here in fifteen minutes."


While they were waiting for Face, Murdock poured himself a cup of coffee and grabbed some of Mrs. B. cookies.  He followed Hannibal and BA into the family room to wait for their youngest to appear.  While waiting Hannibal told them all that the Sheriff had told him so they would up to date.  After a while Hannibal realized that Face was running late and got up to see what was keeping him.


As soon as he walked into his son's room he found the kid in the midst of putting on his shoes when he found him slump over on his bed.  He had one shoe on and the other one on the floor.  He tenderly straightened him out on his bed and took off the one shoe before pulling up a crochet throw to cover him.  "We can talk after you rest," and bending over kissed him on his forehead.  Face mumbled something before turning on his side asleep.


"Where is Face?"  Murdock asked when he didn't see the kid following Hannibal.


"The obstacle course wiped him complete out.   I left him sleeping.  We can always talk with him later after he recovers some."



Chapter 7


It was around ten thirty that morning when Mrs. B came over to fix lunch.  Since she joined the family she made it her job to fix the meals for Face.  She always made enough for her new family.  She just wanted to be sure that he ate nourishing meals and wasn't sure that he would get it if left to himself.  This morning breakfast was the exception since the day started so early. 


"Good Morning, what would you all like for lunch?" she asked the three men drinking coffee and milk in the kitchen.


"Mrs. B we are just happy that you are willing to cook for us…we leave the meal selection up to you."  Hannibal said as he took a puff from his cigar.


"Okay, I thought we would have fried chicken, corn on the cob and a nice green salad.  How does that sound?"




Mrs. B looked around noticing that the youngest wasn't present.  "Where is Face?  He's not still running that obstacle course of yours, is he?" she asked with concern.


"No, ma'am but he was so tired afterwards that after he showered he crashed.  I decided to let him sleep."


"How long has he been sleeping, Hannibal?"


Hannibal looked at his watch and smiled, "It's only been a couple of hours.  I'll wake him in time for lunch.  Then after lunch we need to talk about what happened yesterday.  I would like it if you stay for that talk, Mrs. B.  He may need the comfort of his mom afterwards." Hannibal said somberly.


"Why? What happened to our boy yesterday?"


"He came face to face with a situation he may be not had been ready for," and told her their fears on what he might have had to endure.


"No, not Face.  Our poor boy.  I must go to him." 


"No, not yet…we don't know for sure.  Let's wait and see what Face says.  No reason to upset him if nothing happened."


"I guess you know what you are talking about Hannibal, but if you are wrong and he was hurt, you won't be able to stop me."


"You will have to beat me there."




It was nearly noon when Sheriff Jenkins called again.  Hannibal took the call and it soon became apparent that the news was not good.  Hannibal slammed the receiver down.  "Murdock get Face.  I'm going to wear him out!" and went to the utensil drawer to find something to use.


"Hannibal, what's wrong?"  Mrs. B asked as she watched him search and find a wooden spoon. "This will do nicely."


When he noticed that Murdock hadn't moved he repeated himself.  "Captain I order you to bring that boy here at once!"


When Murdock moved to obey Mrs. B said, "Wait…Hannibal you will sit down and tell us calmly why you want to spank Face."


Hannibal sat down and took a few deep breaths before speaking.

"You know when I was a kid my dad only spanked me when he felt that I had endangered my life needlessly.  All other times when he felt I should be punished he would either ground me, or give me extra chores to do or run laps…he would only use a hands on punishment when my life was in danger.  I decided that if I ever had kids I would do the same. Well, now I have a son in Face.  Before that when I was only the kid's commander I could only use military discipline, but now…"


"Hannibal what did Face do that you feel that you have to spank him?"


"Sheriff Jenkins called to say that during his interview with Brother John he told the Sheriff that the only things he did was to identify that Face was the boy who rescued Billy and that he helped Brother Thomas in removing Face's clothing.  He was insistent that he did nothing that could be called inappropriate touching.  He doesn't want to be lumped with Michaels' or Brother Thomas' treatment of Face or any other boy."


Mrs. B didn't understand. "He didn't hurt our boy.  Why do you want to spank Face?"


"He recognized Face as the one who rescued Billy.  He had to be real close and if he was that close then Face would have recognized him as well."  Murdock realized at once. 


"He walked into the Lion's Den with no way of protecting himself," whispered Mrs. B as she finally understood.


"He did more than that; Brother John also reported that when he arrived Face was already in cuffs.  He was hanging spread-eagle from the ceiling with his ankles chained to the floor.  He was unable to protect himself if they had decided to do more than just touch him. If that had happened, he might not have recovered."


"Why would he do that?"


"He was so intent on proving that he could handle himself so that I would re-instate him as a full member of the team that he didn't think it through."


 "Fortunately that didn't happen.  We will have lunch and then you can talk with the boy.  When you are finished send him to me.  I'll make sure he thinks twice before doing anything like this again.  Remember when I joined this family we had a deal.  You would handle the military discipline and I would take care of disciplining our son."


When Mrs. B put the platter of fried chicken on the already full table and Face had yet to make an appearance Hannibal sent Murdock to wake him.  "He'll sleep the day away if given a chance."


"Face! Lunch is being served.  If you don't hurry BA will eat everything!" Murdock called out as he headed for Face's room.


Upon entering the room Murdock saw that Face was still sleeping.  'Boy, Hannibal's obstacle course must have really wiped him out,' thought Murdock as he reached down to shake him awake.  It was then that he noticed that Face was feverish as he saw the sweat on his forehead.


"HANNIBAL!" Murdock shouted.  He was in the midst of checking the kid out when Hannibal entered.


"Murdock, what's wrong?"


"Hannibal, he's burning up." Murdock had placed his hand on the kid's forehead and noticed the heat radiating from him


Face woke when Hannibal came close.  "Colonel, it's okay.  It's only a graze and I took care of it in the field.  We have to move, Charlie is in the area," and started to get up only to have Hannibal to gently push him back down.


"It's okay Lieutenant, we are back at base.  We are just taking you to the MASH unit to fix your leg.  Now lay back down and let them do their job."


"Okay, Colonel."  Face closed his eyes.


Hannibal and Murdock frowned.  They remember that incident.  They had had a running battle with the VC when Face had gotten separated from the unit.  He had been shot but had field dressed it as best that he could without medication.  He had washed it with water from his canteen and bandaged it to stop the bleeding.  It had taken Hannibal and his men two days before they stumbled over the kid and by that time infection had set in.  He was feverish until they got him to the MASH unit where they pumped him full of penicillin.  It was a week before he was released.


"Let's get his pants down and see if that is where the problem is."  Murdock nodded and helped Hannibal pull Face's pants down.  As soon as they saw the bandage they feared the worse. 


"Find a thermometer and take his temperature while I see to his leg."


Murdock hurried away as BA and Mrs. B approached.  "What's wrong, Man?"


"Face is hurt, his leg's infected.  I'm looking for a thermometer to take his temperature."


"I know where one is HM," replied Mrs. B.  "You go back and help Hannibal.


By the time they returned Face had been stripped down to his briefs and Hannibal was trying to cool him down.  "Where is that thermometer?"


"Mrs. B is bringing it.  What can I do?"


"We need to cool him down…wet some cloths and wipe his body down."


Mrs. B reappeared with a thermometer and placed it in his mouth under his tongue and when she removed it the temperature was 103.  "That's too hot, we need to get him to the hospital in town ASAP."


"I'll get the van ready." BA left as Hannibal wrapped Face in a sheet and blanket before carrying him out.


BA made record time and within fifteen minutes Hannibal was carrying Face into the ER.  "My son is running a high fever and has an infected wound on his thigh.  It happened yesterday."


The nurses pushed a gurney towards him so he could lay Face on it and tried to follow only to have papers shoved at him.  "We need you to fill out these forms sir." 


Hannibal could only watch as they pushed Face past the double doors so they could treat him.



One of the doctors ran to the gurney.  "What's wrong?"


"He was brought in claiming that he has a high fever and an infected wound on his thigh." The nurse stated what Hannibal had told her.  "I'll get a thermometer to take his temperature."


The doctor nodded and pushed him into an empty examination room.  They

unwrapped the blankets and sheet to find the wound.  It didn't take the doctor but a minute to state.  "This boy has been whipped…and it is infected."


Within minutes they had Face's blood type and an IV inserted.  Penicillin was injected in his IV port.  "His temperature has gone up to 103.2, Doctor Russell."


"Once the penicillin takes hold his fever should go down.  Let's check him out and see if that is the only wound we have to worry about." 


It was during this time that Face started to wake.  "Hannibal?" and when Hannibal didn't reply he panicked and screamed,




Face tried to get off the gurney.  He fought the doctor and nurses trying to help him but he was feverishly remembering 'Nam.  Just as Dr. Russell was about to send one of his nurses for the boy's father Hannibal was there and moved to his son's side.  "I'm here, son.  I got you," he said as he grabbed Face's hand.


Face turned his feverish eyes towards his colonel.  "I'm okay.  Please don't leave me!" he pleaded as he began to cry.  He was remembering when his colonel had ordered him to climb the tree and hide from the VC as they were about to captured his family.  He had felt like they were abandoning him.


"Kid, we made it out.  You're safe…you're not alone."


The answer soothed his troubled mind and Face closed his eyes.  It was after he closed them that Dr. Russell injected a sedative into his IV and once he was asleep that his wound was stitched up. 


"How did you know that he needed you Colonel?"


"You know who I am?"


"I served in Vietnam.  Everyone knows who you are and I believed that you and your team were scapegoats for someone else.  I'm glad that the truth finally came out and you were cleared of those charges."


"Thank you and to answer your question about Face.  I just knew that he was in trouble and came…I can't explain it any more than that.  Is he going to be okay?"


"Yes; we have pumped him full of penicillin and feel sure that it will kill the infection.  I've just stitched his wound and he should be back to normal in a few days.  We are going to be moving him to his room in a few minutes.  I'll send a nurse to tell your team where he is.  I assume they are in the waiting room?"


"Yes, and waiting anxiously, too."


"Can you tell me how this happened?"


"Face out himself in a situation that landed him in the hands of SOB who took did this to him.  I really do not have all of the details.  The kid thought he could take care of it and didn't tell me that he was hurt until the leg was infected.  I'm afraid that is all I know."


"Was the one that did this arrested?"


"Yes, he and his partners are in the custody of Sheriff Jenkins."


Dr. Russell was handed a piece of paper by a nurse.  "He is going to be in Room 215.  Nurse Tucker will show you the way."


Hannibal followed as Face was moved to his room.  It was a few minutes after he had been settled that Ba, Murdock and Mrs. B. arrived.


"How is our boy, Hannibal?"  Mrs. B asked as she moved to stand next to the bed.


"He'll be fine in time.  We just need to wait and let the penicillin work its magic on him."


"Just like in 'Nam."


"So true Murdock.  He has already had another Vietnam memory.  The one that I had to order him into the tree to keep him out of the hands of the VC just before we were captured."



Chapter 8


"How is he doctor?"  It had been three days since Hannibal had carried Face into the ER and now they were wondering when he could take him home.


"Well, the infection is completely gone and the wound is healing nicely.  His fever is gone, so I think that as long as he promises to take things easy he can leave this morning.  I just have to get your release papers ready."


"Great!  I can't wait to get out of this drafty gown and into some real clothes.  Did you bring me something to wear?"


Hannibal smiled as he placed a small overnight bag on the bed.  "Here you go kid." And stood back as Face hurried to the bathroom with the bag in hand.

Just as soon as the door to the bathroom closed Sheriff Jenkins and another man walked in.


"Hannibal, this is Detective Joe Hampton.  He is now in charge of the case and wanted to ask you and Face some questions.  I transferred Brother Thomas, Brother John and Mr. Michaels over to him.


"Detective Hampton this is Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith.  You might remember that he is the leader of the A-Team.  The boy you want to question is Hannibal's adopted son, Lieutenant Templeton Peck."


The two men shook hands.  "What can I do for you Detective?"


"For one thing, where is your son?"


"He's in the bathroom changing out of the gown and into some real clothes, as he called them.  He's also probably cleaning up some so you might have to wait a few minutes to talk to him.  What about I tell you what I know and Face can fill in any blanks you might have?"




"That is the nickname he received while in 'Nam and it stuck."


"Carry on…now how did this all get started?"


"This is what my son told us.  Face was at a favorite spot in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Its where he likes to go when he wants to think.  Anyhow he heard the sound of a jeep and looked up to see a boy running from the pursuing jeep.  The kid looked scared so Face jumped into his car and took off towards the boy in hopes of getting to him first.  Which he did.  He said that he got to him within minutes of the men in the jeep grabbing him.  He took the kid home…."

Hannibal continued the story until the bathroom door opened and Face limped out wearing a pair of sweat pants.


"Hannibal couldn't you had brought something more stylish than this?"  It was then that he noticed that Hannibal wasn't alone.


Face recognized the sheriff and smiled a greeting.  "Kid, this is Detective Hampton, and he has taken over the case.  He has some questions for you."


Face nodded and sat back down on his bed. 


"Your father told me how it all came to be but could you tell me what happened from your point of view since you were there and he was just repeating what you told him."


So Face repeated his story for the fourth time and the detective saw that all he was told was the truth. 


"So it was your idea to go undercover and you did this against the orders of your father?"


Face nodded.


"Let me get this straight.  You went into a dangerous situation after knowing that the odds were great that you would be recognized as the one that had interfered in their recapture of Billy?"


Face was startled. He wasn't expecting the detective into figuring that out. 


"Face, answer the question!" ordered Hannibal. 


"Yes, sir, I knew."


"Why?  Didn't you realize that this was a sexual slavery operation that you were walking into?"


"I had a good reason…" Face tried to explain only to be interrupted by Det. Hampton.


"There is no excuse or reason that could be considered acceptable for what you did.  If you didn't care about yourself, you should have thought of what this would have done to your family or didn't you care about them either?"


"No, I cared!"


"You have a funny way of showing it, kid.  Seeing your ravished body would have torn them apart."


"It was the only way I could prove that I should be a full-fledged member of the A-Team again!" yelled Face angrily. 


Det. Hampton turned to Hannibal.  "If I were you I would take my belt to his backside and wear him out for doing something so stupid like this!"


"I want to thank you for stopping by and if we can help you in any way you only need to call. I will consider what you suggested about further punishment."


As Sheriff Jenkins and Det. Hampton were leaving Nurse Tucker came in pushing a wheelchair.  "Are you ready to go home?" she asked Face who only nodded and quickly got into the chair.


"Here are his release papers," she said as she handed the papers to Hannibal.

"Dr. Russell says that if he has any pain just to use over the counter painkillers."


Hannibal thanked the nurse and soon they were on their way home. 




"Come on kid, we have much to discuss," Hannibal said after Face had been welcomed home by the remainder of his family.


"What do we have to discuss?"  Face had been uneasy ever since Det. Hampton had discussed his actions with him at the hospital.


Hannibal led the way to the family room.  "Well for one thing the way you endangered your life when you willingly went into a dangerous situation knowing you would be recognized as the kid that rescued Billy."


Face was silent as Hannibal continued to talk, "Then there is the reason you did it.  Haven't I told you that you will always be a member of the A-Team?"


"Yes, but you won't let me go on missions with you because of my age.  Well, if you remember I was able to take care of myself quite well when you didn't know my true age.  I'm the same person now as I was then.  The only thing that has changed now is that you know my true age.  It's not fair Hannibal!"


"I know kid and I truly regret not having you with us, but as your legal guardian I could be arrested and prosecuted for endangering the life of a child and although I do not regard you as a child the law does.  Don't you understand?"


"I guess but it still isn't fair."


Hannibal nodded and held his arms open.  Face threw himself in the warmed and love the open arms represented.  "Just think of this kid, in three more years you can rejoin us but until then can't you just enjoy your teen years."


"I'll try but it isn't going to be easy.  Now that that's over I'm ready for some good food.  Mama what's for lunch, I'm starving.  Hospital foods stinks."  He started towards the kitchen when he heard.


"Aren't you forgetting something kid?"


Face turned his innocent eyes to Hannibal.  "No I don't think so."






"Do you remember Detective Hampton's suggestion of what I should do to you?


Face's innocent expression changed to one of fear.


"I intend of doing what he suggested, if not by my hand but I'm sure that Murdock, BA and Mrs. B can take my place quite easily.  To set your mind at ease we would never use a belt on you but I'm sure that Mrs. B can come up with something that will leave a sting to your hindquarters."


"You can't be serious.  I'm too old to be spanked!" yelled Face indignantly.


"Son, I was 16 when my Dad last spanked me.  I had been drinking at a friend's house.  Now my dad had allowed me the occasional beer but only at home and under his supervision.  We would watch ball games together over a beer.  But he had strictly denied me permission to drink outside of the house or when he wasn't home and here I was drinking at a friend's house on a Friday evening.

Do you want to know how he found out?"


Face nodded in spite of himself.


"I drove myself back home and was stopped by the police and failing both the breath test as well as being underage was jailed, but not booked.  It seemed that the police officer recognized just how sorry I was and decided to give me a break.

Instead of booking me he allowed my father to take me home.  Dad didn't do anything to me until the next day when hung over he made me run his obstacle course and then he wore me out.  I couldn't sit comfortable for days.  He did that because he loved me too much to let me endanger my life needlessly.  I could have caused an accident, hurt myself or someone else and that he could not allow."


"So that is where the obstacle course came from."


"Yep, I ran his course so many times during my teen years but never again did I endangered my life needlessly because I knew if I did I would find myself over the kitchen table getting my butt beat."


"But I don't want to be spanked.  How about if I promise not to do anything like this again.  Won't that do instead?"


"No, son it won't.  Now come with me and we can get the first part of your punishment over with." Mrs. B said as she pulled Face forward.


"Little brother is going to be in a world of pain soon.  Mama has a strong right arm.  I think I will wait until later to enforce my punishment on him."


"Well since Facey won't be sitting comfortable for a few days I think I will ground him from using his corvette for a month and if he wants to go anywhere it will have to be with one of us."


"You aren't going to spank him, too are you big guy?"


"No, but I think a month of manual labor will be good for him.  He will be doing yard work or helping me in whatever manner I say."


"I think your punishments will do quite nicely and will teach him to consider the consequences of his actions before he tries anything stupid again."


"OWWWWWW!  Not so hard Mama!  YEOWWWWW.  I won't do it again…Owwwwowwww…" and on the cries continued until all that could be heard was the sobbing of their kid.  It was a few minutes later that a sorry Face was led back into the family room.  His face was tear stained and he was rubbing his backside furiously in hopes that it would ease the pain.


"He has been punished to my satisfaction.  He has something to tell you."


Face didn't say anything until Mama gave him a shake and swat.  "I'm sorry for worrying you.  I'll try and do better."




"I'll do better," Face amended his statement quickly. "I'm going to my room to lie face down on my bed."


"Not yet Faceythe big guy and I have punishments for you as well."


Face put both hands out in front of him and said, "I can't take another spanking HM!"


"We aren't going to spank you Facey.  You are grounded for a month.  That means not driving your corvette and if you have to go anywhere it will be in the accompaniment of one of us."


"Grounded!  No corvette!  That's inhuman HM."


"If you would rather have another spanking instead, that can be arranged." Murdock said seriously.


"No…no I'll take the grounding."


"And my punishment is that you will be our yard man for a month and my helper for anything I see fit."


"You mean the grounding wasn't from the both of you?"


"Nope." BA started to giggle.


"I rather take another spanking then do all of that work."


"Keep it up kid and you might get both."




"I love it when a family comes together!"



The End



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