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The Faceman Chronicles…. the Next Day

By Peppe1951


Rating:  NC-17

Warning:  Corporal punishment of a teenager.

Summary:  Little did Face know that in saving a runaway boy he would come face to face with an evil that could scar him for life.  It is based loosely on The Children of Jamestown episode.

AN:  This is the second in the series featuring Templeton P. Smith (Face); and it takes place the next day after the recovery of the diamond and sapphire ring.

I know that I said that the next story would be dealing with school but I decided to delay it for now.



Chapter 4


Brother Thomas stared at him, reminding him of a predator searching for his prey and he became very scared very quickly.  "Tell me the truth…why did you lie to me at the parking lot.  You told me that you ran away from an abusive home…a home where your brothers beat and embarrassed you to their amusement."


Face remained silent knowing that his cover had been blown as he tried to come up with a feasible reason for coming.  "My best friend was taken by you and I wanted to rescue him."


"Does your friend have a name?"


"His name is Billy."


Face said that first name that popped in his head….one that they couldn't check out.


"Billy escaped our compound yesterday.  My Brothers told me that just before they could recapture him someone in a sporty car swooped in and carried him away.  They gave chase but their jeep was no match for the car and they got away. Brother John was in the chase and got a good look at the kid that helped him to escape."


Father Thomas went to the door and upon opening it whispered to the guard outside before stepping back in.  "Brother John will be joining us soon and maybe he can enlighten us further to whom that kid was."


Face began to sweat, he remembered the man in the jeep and if he saw him clearly then so Brother John must have seen him.  'This is not how I envisioned my plan turning out.'


A few minutes the door opened the Brother John entered.  As soon as he saw Face he began to smile.  "So we meet at last.  You might have helped Billy get away but soon you will be taking his place." John said to Face before turning to Brother Thomas to add,


 "He is the one I was telling you about.  He was the one driving the sporty car."


"Then he must be a plant.  We must search him carefully; he must have a bug on him somewhere."


Between the two of them they quickly stripped Face to his underwear. Brother Thomas took great delight in searching his body as the clothing was removed.  Although they didn't remove his underwear Brother Thomas did pat it down to make sure nothing was hidden there. They even removed his socks and shoes.  They then turned their attention to his clothes and shoes, finding the bug Face had planted in his shoes. Face had hidden the bug to mislead them from finding the one in the bracelet.  Brother Thomas was quick to stomp on it killing the transmission.


"It's destroyed but were we in time to stop whoever is tracking.  We can't be sure that the one tracking will find our compound.  We need to get rid of the kid, to be safe.  Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?"




"Mr. Michaels and his friend are here for the auction.  I bet we can persuade Mr. Michaels to take this one now instead of waiting for the auction." Brother John suggested.


"Send Michaels in and tell him to bring cash.  Tell him that I will sell him a boy worthy of his collection at a reduced price if only he takes him now."


As Brother Thomas moved closer Face began to squirm.  He didn't like the way the man was looking at him.  It made him feel sick.  "I could have had fun breaking you in, getting you ready for a potential owner…but now I will have to turn you over," and with a slap to his backside he stepped away just as the door opened and Brother John and the tall man Face had seen earlier came in smiling.  He knew him to be the Mr. Michaels they had been talking about. 


"Ah, the new boy.  I saw him when I first arrived.  He looks tempting."  He walked up the cuffed boy and began to touch him.  Pretty much like a buyer might do to a good race horse.  Face struggled to get away much to the amusement of Mr. Michaels.


"So you don't like to be touched, boy," and suddenly reached into Face's most private places causing him to cry out as the truth of what was going to happen invaded his consciousness and he began to weep. 


"I see that you had to discipline him," remarking to the red stripes on Face's upper thighs.


"Yes, but he understands now about not speaking unless spoken to, don't you, boy?" Brother Thomas asked.


Face nodded his head letting the fear he felt show in his eyes.  He knew he had only one chance of getting out of their clutches and that was to convince them that he was no threat. 


Michaels suddenly pinched him on his inner thigh causing Face to react but not to speak out. 


"How old are you, boy?"


"Twelve…. please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you say, but please don't hurt me." Face lied.


"You will do anything, boy?"


"Yes, sir," Face replied in a defeated voice, hoping he had convinced them.


Michaels walked away.  "How much of a discount are you going to give me to take him away?"


"How does fifty percent sound?  He could easily go for $10, 000 but for you the price will be only $5,000.  Do we have a deal?"


Michaels walked back and looked Face over once again, noting that his eyes were looking down in respect like a good slave would do for his master.  "Yes we have a deal.  He will be the first blond I have.  After this my collection will include this blond, plus a redhead and a brunette."


Face waited patiently as Michaels handed over the money. His eyes were still staring at the floor but he could see out of the sides of his eyes as he waited for his chance.


"Brother John please find my pilot.  Tell him that we are leaving early and to get the chopper ready for take-off."




"Hannibal, I don't see Face anywhere.  He must be in one of the buildings.  The bug is still working…so he must still be here."


"Everyone is in place Colonel.  Do we attack now or wait for Face to give us a sign?"


Hannibal knew that his son was in trouble.  He could feel it in his gut, but he also knew that if they attacked too soon they might not get everyone responsible. Billy had told them about the auction that would take place that day and they wanted to get those people as well.  That way they could rescue those kids as well.


"We'll wait a little longer," and glancing at his watch he noticed that it was getting close to the time of the auction.  They had noticed a chopper already there.  "The auction is slated to start within the hour.  Let's see if we can catch everyone."




After Brother John left Brother Thomas handed Michaels the key to the cuffs,


"Here is the key.  His clothes are on the floor if you want him to change before he leaves with you.  You shouldn't have any trouble with him."


Michaels was laughing as he approached Face with key in hand.  He made his first mistake when he took the tears running down Face's face as a weakness.  His second came when he freed Face from his chains and his final came when he reached to lead him away.  "I think I will just take him as he is."


That is when Face's Special Forces training kicked in and he attacked viciously.  He kicked out catching Michaels in the stomach causing him to bend over and then bringing his knee up to catch him in the face, knocking him to the floor and rendering him unconscious.


Face's attack momentarily caused Brother Thomas to freeze but he quickly grabbed a nearby whip and wrapped its lash around Face's thigh causing a deep cut to form.  He whipped out again but Face dodge it and before he could lash out for the third time Face took a running kick and caught Brother Thomas in the groin.  The intense pain was so great that it knocked him out as well.


Face knew that he had to get away before anyone came in and began to get dressed.  It was then that he realized just how much damage the whip had done.  His leg was throbbing as it continued to bleed.  He tore off a strip from the bottom of his shirt and wrapped his thigh and stopping the wound from bleeding further.  'I'll clean and bandage it when I get home,' he thought as he finished dressing.




The hand held radio came on.  It was Sheriff Jenkins.  "There are several jeeps coming in your direction.  They must be the buyers…stand by.  My men are hidden and we will be joining you soon."


"Stand by men, the auction is about to start.  The buyers are on the way."  Hannibal, BA and Murdock hid but the road the buyers were on took them nowhere close to where their vehicle was parked.




As soon as he saw the cars come into the enclosure Brother John went to Brother Thomas' quarters and knocked on the door before entering. "The buyers have…."


It was then he noticed the bodies on the floor but didn't have enough time to prepared himself from being attacked by the kid who he had just search.  Face took him completely by surprised and he found himself on the floor nursing a sore nose for his trouble and the rifle he had been carrying was now in the hands of the kid.


"Cuff him to the floor," Face ordered as he pointed to Michaels, "and when you are finished with him do the same to Thomas."


Once he saw both men restrained he gave his last order.  "Now cuff yourself to one of the chains coming from the ceiling."


Face walked away turning only when he heard Michaels' groan.  He waited for the man to regain consciousness before speaking.  "I like these arrangements better.  You will be going away for a long time and the kids you enslaved will be freed."


"I underestimated you. I saw the tears and thought you were weak and easy to control." Michaels said bitterly.


"Not likely.  My family will be here soon and they will make sure you never harm a kid again.  I understand that child molesters aren't treated well in prison and I hope you get a taste of what you dealt out…. you and that piece of garbage lying next to you," and with that Face walked away.  As he was leaving he heard Brother Thomas awake with a scream of pain.


As Face was sneaking out of the door he was seen by his family who attacked with the Sheriff and his men.  Between the two groups the Brothers had no chance and soon gave up.



Chapter 5


Face hadn't taken but a few steps before he was engulfed in a big hug. "Are you okay, son?


"Yeah, pretty much so. I told you this was a good plan and that I could do it."


"We will discuss it after we get you home."


"Facey…you're okay." Murdock pulled the boy into a hug only to have him yanked away by BA who looked him over.


"You're not hurt?"


"No!" lied Face. He didn't want to admit that this experience had scared him or that he had an injury to his thigh. He was safe now, he could handle the rest. "I'm tired and just want to go home."


"Sheriff do you need us?"


"I just have a question for Face. Can you identify the man in charge?"


"Yes, he is the one dressed in black cuffed in that building." Face pointed to the building he had just left. "On the floor next to him you will find one of the buyers, a Mr. Michaels, who has several kids enslaved in his home. The Brother John is also cuffed. Oh, Brother Thomas is going to need medical assistance immediately."


Everybody looked at Face. "Special Forces training comes in handy when you are in a tight spot."


Face was asleep before their four-wheel drive vehicle headed home. The emotional case exhausted him more than he thought possible. He had come face to face with something he was not prepared for and had to fight to keep his virtue intact. He had injured one man severely and had been injured himself in the process. He was emotionally exhausted and embarrassed what he had allowed to almost happen…something that he wasn't prepared to share with his family. He was okay, he had survived and in his mind that was all that counted.


"Why does he always look so innocent when he sleeps?" Murdock remarked.


"And young…he looks to be around ten. Are we sure that he is fifteen? He fooled us once, you know."


Hannibal smiled at the remarks. "He is fifteen, thank goodness. Can you imagine how much trouble he could get in if he was ten. Let's just be happy that we have him with us again safe and sound."


"He won't be once Mama gets ahold of him. I remember the time I ran away from home and was away for only an hour. I was ten and when I got home Mama held me tightly and kissed me before wearing me out. I couldn't sit comfortably for the remainder of the day. She spanked me because I scared her. She knew the dangers away from her watchful eye. I thought she was just overprotective but she was right. I almost got mugged that day and was glad to be back safe with my mom even if I had to endure her spanking…I knew I was loved and that she cared enough to punish me when I was wrong."


The first thing Face did after arriving home was to get into the shower. He wanted nothing more than to scrub off the memories of being touched so intimately by both Brother Thomas and Mr. Michaels. In his haste he by passed Mrs. B and her open arms and hurried to his room and bathroom. He barely heard Hannibal's explanation of his needing to use the bathroom first.


As soon as the bathroom door was closed Face began to strip out of his clothes and turned on the shower adjusting the temperature to warm as he stepped in. Once in he changed the temperature to become hotter. He then removed the now sodden shirttail strip from around this thigh and threw it on the bathroom floor and began to wash himself.


While he soaped himself several times on the areas where he had been touched he only lightly soaped the area where the whip had caught him. He was too focused on those private areas to worry about anything else. He only got out when he felt the water begin to cool. He quickly dried off and hastily bandaged his thigh. He opened the door and saw his father waiting. "Hannibal can you hand me a pair of pajamas, please...the pair on the end of the bed."


"Sure kid and when you are dressed come to the kitchen for supper."


Hannibal handed the pajamas over and left his son to get dressed.


When Face appeared he was definitely cleaner but tiredness was still evident in his face and eyes. Mrs. B engulfed him in an all comforting hug before pushing him into his place at the table. "I'll bring you something to eat and then you can hit the sack."


"So it's over?" Billy asked as he sat down next to Face.


"Yep, they won't be bothering anyone ever again."


"Not only is the compound closed and the Brothers captured we also got the buyers and the records Brother Thomas kept on who bought who and where they can be located. The Sheriff assures me that all of the boys will be recovered and those with caring families will be returned to them. I also have some news for you. Your grandparents have been searching for you, so you will be going home with them.


Billy's face lit up. "Thank you so much…they are my mom's parents. I was hoping that they would want me, but when they didn't come forward after Mom's death I thought I was stuck with my step dad."


"The Sheriff talked with them and found out that they have been battling with your step dad about getting custody of you. They won but only after you disappeared. They will be by tomorrow to pick you up. Congratulations, kid."


"Oh, thank you so much Mr. Smith. This is a dream come true."


Mrs. B chose that moment to reappear with two bowls of her soup along with a glass of milk for them both. Face didn't realize how hungry he was until he swallowed his first spoonful of soup and then he couldn't stop until eating until he had finished.


"Why don't you finish your milk after you get into bed, son?" Hannibal suggested as he steered the boy towards his room and ultimately his bed. "Now drink your milk and go to sleep."


Face took a couple of swallows before slumping down asleep. Hannibal had drugged his milk to guarantee that he would get a good night's rest. "I wanted to be sure that he was well rested for running my obstacle course in the morning. I figured that running it in a full pack until he drops should be punishment enough for disobeying a direct order."


"And when he is finished with the course Mom will explain why he shouldn't disobey his father."


"Poor Facey, he will only want to sit and rest after running the course and after Mrs. B finishes with him even sitting comfortably won't be an option. I sure hope he learns from this lesson. It is never wise to disobey the Colonel and his direct orders."


"Or do disobey his father's wishes."


It was bright and early Thursday morning when Face was awakened with a "MOVE IT, LIEUTENANT" shouted in his ear. He jumped up at attention without even waking completely. When he was able to open his eyes he saw his father in full Commander mode.


"I want you dressed and in the kitchen in fifteen minutes, Lieutenant or you will be running laps after your time with the obstacle course."


"Yes, sir!" Face saluted. He watched his father return his salute before leaving the boy to get dressed. It wasn't until Hannibal had left that his words penetrated his head. "Oh, no…not the obstacle course... not now," he groaned as he started to get dressed. He made it to the kitchen with a minute to spare.


"Permission to speak, sir!"


"Permission granted. What do you want Lieutenant?"


"Can I have breakfast before I tackle the course, sir?"


"But of course, Lieutenant. I can't have you running your best on an empty stomach. You have fifteen minutes and then I expect you on the course with full pack."


"Yes, sir!" Face responded as he watched his father leave. Only then did he sit down and tackle the plate of scrambled eggs and bacon at his place. He watched as Murdock placed a glass of milk in front of him, as well.


"Is he going to stay in commander mode for the whole day?"


"I don't know Facey. He didn't take it well when you disobeyed a direct order and followed your plan for the take down of the Children of Love compound by going undercover."


"But it was a good plan HM, and it worked."


"I know kid, but you put yourself in danger and that didn't go over well with the Colonel."


Face looked at the clock as he took his last swallow. "I got to go or I'll be running laps, too."


Murdock got up and accompanied his little brother to the obstacle course. "The Colonel asked me to keep watch as you ran the course…let's get going, kid. Your pack is waiting."


Face groaned as he saw the condition of the course. The mud was everywhere. "Hannibal must have gotten up early to hose down everything."


Face was doing pretty good with the course until the heavy pack caused him to lose his grip on the bar and he fell in the mud underneath and according to Hannibal's rules, if you fell you had to start over from the beginning. Face fell two more times before he was able to complete it…. but his time was way off.


"Lieutenant…. you are late. You should have completed this in thirty minutes. It took you an hour. Do it again until you can get your time down to fifteen minutes!"


"Yes, sir!"


Face tried time and time again but he never did get his time down to fifteen minutes. After the fifth try he collapsed in the middle of the biggest mud puddle and just laid there trying to catch his breath. When BA, who had replaced Murdock, took pity on him and helped him up.





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