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Some Other Place

By Katiemarie


Rated:  PG

Summary:  A night out on the town with our favorite guys, What do you think would happen?  Well let's find out. I know my story's have been bit melancholy lately so tonight it will be just a little blow off of steam for the team.

The guys took a much need night off and have now gone in to business with the bar. Murdock found a kindred spirit in their waitress .  These are  the final chapters. I think , this  story just keeps going so I am gonna roll with it.  Hope you all enjoy it

Warnings:  None.

Comments:  Yes please.




Chapter 19


   Face and BA were at the table when Murdock and Patty walked in.


   " Murdock I thought you were laying down. When do you leave? Your gonna get me in trouble with Hannibal"  Face said


     "He must have snuck out when you were in the shower." BA stated


     " Ok ok  I'm going sorry Face. "


     Murdock went back to the room him and Face were sharing again. Slowly sat down on the bed and tried to get his legs on the bed without falling off or on to his arm. Patty went and grabbed his legs to help.


     He went to protest but the look Patty gave him stopped it.


     "I'm sorry Patty, I didn't want our next meeting to be with me like this I had a grand scene in my head ." Murdock slid off the remnants of his flannel while Patty untied his sneakers and place them on the floor


    "Hey I 'll take you anyway I can get you" She said as she grabbed another pillow from the closet she also grabbed a blanket and turned back to the bed. She let out a small gasp when she saw the bruises that were bright and large across the top half of his right side.  She quickly recovered and placed the extra pillow behind his back. As he sat up she could see the bruises extended all the way around to his back.  " So you wanna tell me what happened?"


   " It was stupid we were leaving but still had a few unfriendlies on our tail. Hannibal and Face were getting BA in the plane but they had put the truck to close to the plane and I was worried we would hit it when I started the taxi. So I moved it but as I came around the side and was heading back to the plane  I got hit by one of their trucks. I saw it and jumped up to try and avoid the brunt. I hit the windshield and rolled off the side. I blacked out for a second then Face came and grabbed me . We got out of there of there". He laid his head against the wall.


 " You  flew a plane after getting hit by a truck?"


  " Well Face helped, she was a big girl and a little argumentative."


  "  Holy cow"


  "Yea I think a cow might have been easier to fly" He laughed  "Could you hand me that bag there"


  She went to the dresser and retrieved a black leather duffel bag. She opened it as she handed to to him. He reached in and grabbed a few bottles of medication and a small box. He handed her the box.


    " What's this?"


 " Just a little something I want you to have"  Inside was a set of Dog tags.His dog tags .


 " It's so you can have a piece of me even when I am not here"


  She put them on and  leaned in to give him a kiss


  " It's like giving your girl your school ring or letter  jacket. I don't have either of those anymore so this is all I could think of"


  " I love them"


   She watched as he struggled to open the pill bottles, she took them and opened them for him. He told her how many of each then she put them in his free hand. He popped them into his mouth and took the water she was holding for him.


   They sat up and talked for a little bit finally he drifted off to sleep so she climbed in to bed next to him careful not to jostle him. She could hear him softly breathing and every once in awhile he would mutter in his sleep. She couldn't make out the words but he seemed calm. She thought about the story he told her  then thought about all Hannibal had said .As she watched his sleeping form in the bed  her heart ached for him but she still wanted to be no where else. Then she heard him sigh her name . She leaned over and whispered in his ear "I'm here your OK" His eyes fluttered open and he looked at her. She wasn't sure if he was completely awake or not  but he smiled and closed his eyes again.


 She stayed there until she heard a light rap on the door. Face came in and said " If you want a break I can sit with him he should be OK"


  " I just need to stretch. I am afraid to move I don't want to shake the bed to much." She got out of the bed with a little help from Face. He saw she was wearing Murdock's dog tags.


 " When did he give you those  I knew he had them he was wearing them when we left the VA. He never wears them" Face said


 " Before he went to sleep he took his meds and handed them to me in a box"


 " That's a big deal. " Face said seriously


"I Know Face , I Know"


  " Well just keep that in mind, when did he wake up last ?"


    " Now"Murdock was struggling to sit all the way up Face helped him get his feet on the floor.


    " You should rest more"


  " I will but I need to go to the bathroom"


  "Can you give me a hand there  Face, Patty no offense." He said with a hint of embarrassment


  "OK I will go grab some coffee" She kissed his head and he squeezed her hand


   Face helped Murdock in the bathroom and waited till be was done and helped him back into the room.


  " So you gave her your tags?"


  "I wanted to give her something haven't had the time to shop"


  " So you feeling OK? Headache or and more nausea ?"


  " No I think I could eat too if there is anything"


   "Amy ran to the store with BA and got some stuff. You wanna get dressed and head to breakfast."


   "I don't know if I can get any of my shirts on with this thing"


 " Amy covered that too picked you up some sleeveless t shirts."


 Face got one from where he had placed the pack. He helped his friend get it over his head and  got his arm sitting in the sling again.


   Face put Murdock's cap in his head gently and they walked out to join everyone at the table.


  "Hey Face thanks for back there getting me in the plane and then your help flying her"


    " Anytime that was quite a jump you made you almost cleared the truck. Maybe you should play basketball" Face laughed



Chapter 20


  As Face and Murdock made it out the table Hannibal and BA  Amy and Patty were talking over coffee. Murdock sat next to Patty as Amy put a plate of food in front of him .


 Murdock grinned and said "Thanks honey, I don't think I will be able to work on the house for awhile. Hope your not gonna divorce me over it." Patty looked concerned thinking Murdock was having issues cause of his blow to the head


 " That's fine I don't think our insurance will let you back on the roof."  Amy told him


   " It was our cover story for the ER Patty," Amy had noticed Patty's face at their banter


 " Oh had me worried here for a minute, thought maybe it was his head."


 " So BA you gonna take  me back to LA today?" Amy asked


   "If you want little mama"


  " I might ride in with ya , grab the vette and some clothes for me and I can grab Murdock's extra bag too. You OK on meds or  do you need your extra" Face kept a full set of Murdock's meds with him in case they were needed.


   "Yea probably a good idea Muchacho , I have enough on me for a few days .  How long do you guys think I should stay away. I can't disappear for the 8 weeks the ER doc said it was gonna take. Richter isn't that good of a liar. And my absence will spark talk and then Decker will come  sniffing around"


"At least till the bruising heals up Captain  then we can get you back with a smaller cast ." Hannibal was reading the paper .


" Hey guys check this out."Hannibal said placing the paper on the table so all the team could see.


 It was a report on the attempted capture of the team a few weeks before. It was a hit piece on the inept handling of the capture of the A -Team. It painted Decker as a buffoon. The author of the article pretty much said that the Army should just give up. They were causing more trouble than the Team was .


  " Oh that is gonna burn Rod's butt" Hannibal said as he picked the paper back up


   " He  is really gonna double his efforts now." Face said


      "Yea Man might be worse for us " BA stated


     " Awe come on guys. You know the madder he gets the more mistakes he makes." Hannibal grinned


     Mac and Jane walked in the kitchen


   "Hey guys. How long ya gonna be around?" Mac asked as Jane made her way around the table giving everyone a hug.


   " A few days for us but Murdock might have to hang here until his bruises fade. Unless you would rather stick with us Murdock it's up to you."


   " Murdock can stay with me" Patty pipped up. "I mean if you want"


   " You guys are always welcome to stay as long as you need.I was just curious.I need some help tomorrow ,we are having a big event and we could use the extra hands."


   Murdock stood up and said "I can offer ya one at least"


   "Sure Mac, Face and BA have to go back to LA but they should be back tonight" Hannibal told him


     "Excellent I will let you guys get back to your morning. Patty stop by my office and I will fill you in on tomorrow. Murdock good to see your looking better" 


     'Thanks Mac sorry about last night."


      " Nothing to be sorry about from what I heard you took care of business, speaking of business I got to get back to mine."  Mac and Jane waved as they headed back out the door.


      BA,  Amy and Face headed to LA .Murdock and Hannibal were gonna spend the day at the apartment. Patty headed back to her place to grab a shower before her shift started .  Murdock was laying on the couch flipping through  the TV channels. After the 10th time of going through all the channels he gave an exasperated sigh and tossed the remote on the table.


  Hannibal glanced up from his book and looked at his friend. " Problem Murdock?"


  "I gave Patty my dog tags"


  " Is that the problem?" Hannibal marked his page and put his book down'


    "No ..Yes  I don't know, maybe, I really like her but  how can I do this to her. Maybe I made a mistake trying to have a normal relationship." Murdock leaned against the couch and pulled the brim of his ball cap over his eyes


   "You know I don't get involved in the private lives of you guys but I see it from both sides right now." I understand your want to to have a life. I also get the worry that goes with it. I feel the same way" Hannibal told him referring to his on off again love life with Maggie Sullivan .


  " And I know its not the same but everyone has doubts. Patty seems like her feelings are genuine."


   "But Colonel here the first night we spent together she sat up all night worrying about if I was gonna wake up. How can I do that to someone. And what if I have a bad night? If we are together one night and I lose it?"


     "Those nights seem farther and farther between now. At least when your with us I haven't seen one in awhile and Face hasn't said anything" Hannibal said gently


   " I know but  it still scares me"


   " All you can do is tell her the truth Murdock. Don't fight so hard . Be yourself  crazy ,sane. If she truly cares she will find away  to deal with  it."


  "Hows Maggie by the way Hannibal.  You should make some time and head up to Bad Rock "


  "I should"


  "We could make it a double date"


   "That would be fun Murdock.I think Maggie and Patty would hit it off ."




   Chapter 21


The Team spent the day playing cards and relaxing. Patty stopped in around 5 with a huge tray of food.


 "Hey guys you should try this we have a guest chef tonight."she said brightly


  BA took the tray from her and put it on the kitchen counter. It was homemade lasagna , Cookies and garlic bread.  Patty stood behind Murdock and kissed the top of his head. He could hear his tags jangle as she moved.


 " Man Patty , I haven't had food like this since I was at my Mama's.I know its not hers but it's close."


  " Glad you like it BA Mac says be at the bar at 7."


   " We will any idea what is going on tonight what we are doing. How should we dress?" Face asked


  " Its a party so what ever you want I guess"


Face brought a new suit on the way back from LA . His tailor had just finished it so he was happy.


Murdock  was a little concerned cause with his shoulder and arm in a cast he couldn't  wear a normal shirt .


" Face any idea about what I can wear cant get my t-shirts on."

   " Yea Buddy I picked up an extra shirt it should fit over the cast. We can probably get a jacket over the cast if the shirt doesn't work."


  " Cool"


  Patty kissed Murdock on the cheek and headed back to the bar. The guys had a few hours to kill before they needed to be there.  They all got cleaned up  and Face  helped Murdock get ready. He had brought a nice pair of Black pants and a light blue shirt for Murdock. He had a gray tailored suit with  a  Lavender tie for himself.


  When Face tried to get a Black Suit jacket on Murdock he shook his head. "No MY Jacket"


  "Come on Murdock it wont go with the rest. Can't you leave the bomber jacket home for a night. I don't even think it will fit over your cast."


  " FACE Please I need it." Face knew it was a losing battle. He gently helped Murdock get his arm in the sleeve and pulled it over the cast somehow it fit.


  "Thanks Face guy. Its weird I know but I don't feel like me with out it." Then he grabbed his ball cap and put it on.


  Face shook his head and said " I don't know why I bother."


    The guys walked around to the front of the bar and noticed there were no cars in the parking lot other than Macs, Pattys and a bus. The outside lights were off.


    "This is weird Patty said 7 didn't she ,didn't she Face?"Hannibal looked around suspiciously


    As they opened the doors they could see the room was full everybody had their backs to the door and Mac was standing  holding a rope attached to a banner. Jane stood on the other side and Patty was  standing to Macs left


  Suddenly everyone in the bar turned  and yelled Surprise as Mac unfurled the Banner


    " Thank You A-TEAM"


In big  letters the banner said. It had an American flag on one side and the Bar's name on the other.


      The men looked at each other then at everyone standing in front of them holding up Champagne glasses.


     "NO way" Murdock exclaimed


    As they made their way in the bar people were yelling Hi and thank you and clapping the men on the back . Thankfully they didn't do that to Murdock and would just wave to him. Mac had filled them in on his shoulder so they were being careful not to hurt him.


  As the crowd parted BA spotted a familiar figure holding a cake with tears in her eyes .


 "MAMA" he shouted at he ran to his mother who had placed the cake on the nearest table . He scooped her up into his arms and hugged her close.


  "SCOOTER" they both were laughing and crying at the same time.


    "How did you get here?" BA asked wiping his eyes quickly


     " Your friend Mac called me a few weeks ago and told me everything you boys did for him. At first I thought it was that sucka Decker, but then Amy called me and explained it was true. He told me he wanted to throw a party for you all and had a plane ticket with an open date waiting for me at the airport. So he told me it was today and I was on the plane in an hour. I got here last night. Mac and Jane let me stay with them and I cooked all day to keep myself busy. Did you like your Lasagna I know its one of your favorites "


    "Yea MAMA" he still couldn't believe she was there.


    " He said it wasn't as good as yours Mrs B." Murdock said with a sly grin towards BA


     "Shut up Murdock , Shut up!" BA growled


  "Now scooter be nice." She went and gave Murdock a light hug and said "Murdock your always so thin you need my cooking more than anyone. I will make sure you get some to take home. Are you OK Son. Mac said you broke your arm"


  " Yes Ma'am I'm good." He kissed her cheek and backed away so the women could greet Face and Hannibal


  As the other two men greeted Mrs B.  Mac got on stage and took the mic


   "If I can have everyone's attention. Hannibal , Face, BA, Murdock  we all come here tonight to honor all you do. I know you recognize the people gathered here .They're all people you have saved over the years. You have put your lives and freedom on the line for each and everyone. I have heard some of the story's and I am sure as the night goes on we will hear more. But this is just a small representation of how many there are. To get them all we would need a stadium .I want to share my story, a few weeks ago these men wandered into this little bar and changed it forever. They didn't know me from Adam but with no hesitation they threw themselves into making it what it is now. With nothing but a nod and a wink they transformed our lives. Hannibal you said it's what you do and tried to make it seem like nothing.  But you changed me.You made me realize that there are heroes out there. On behalf of Jane and Patty and Myself I can never thank you all enough . SO to the A-Team .


 He lifted his glass as someone came up to Hannibal's side and handed him a glass.


  " Thanks Patty," he turned to find the smiling face of Maggie Sullivan . " Maggie your here did you know about this too?" Hannibal for once in his life didn't see this coming


     " Yea Amy called me  I got down here today. This is quite a big event .I wouldn't have missed it for the world."Maggie smiled warmly and wrapped her free hand around Hannibal's waist.


   As everyone drank their champagne Mac got down from the stage and a band took the stage, they started the night with " Turn the Page " from Bob Segar.


    Mac came back to Hannibal And Maggie, Face  Amy who had popped in during the speech, Murdock and Patty and BA and his Mom.


 "Mac this is to much I don't know what to say. I mean all these people how did you get them all here?"


  " Amy did most of the logistics. She arranged for everyone to get here and set them all up in one hotel so we could get them here all at once. We didn't want a lot of cars in the driveway since we are closed tonight."


  " Amy thank you for all your help."Mac said to the blushing reporter


  " You did great kid. I am in shock .." Hannibal hugged Amy


   " Wow the Great John Hannibal Smith at a loss for words."Maggie said with a laugh


   " I don't ever remember a moment like this." Face said


    "Well you guys deserve it."


   " No I mean a speechless Hannibal." Face said with a grin


   " Well guys I am gonna get back to my bar lots of thirsty people waiting.Oh and Patty your off tonight. spend the night with your man."Mac winked at the couple as he walked past.


 The group moved to the table that was set up the a VIP sign . On the table was a large photo album


  Inside were picture of past people they had helped some with a smiling team some alone. Also there were stills of the men alone and together. Some of them in pose some of them in action. One of BA under the hood of a truck, one of Face pointing to a skyline, One of Hannibal with a cigar and  afar off look and one of Murdock in  the cockpit of a helicopter . On other  pages were  short letters from people they had worked for.


  " I put this together when Mac started planning this. Danial had a lot of these photos I took when we were in Arizona . The team had helped save wild Mustangs a few months before and Amy had her camera the whole time. " The letters I actually receive quite often.  I have been keeping them to give to you and tonight seemed like a perfect time." Amy said as the guys crowded around each other to look . The last page was a picture of everyone in attendance under the Marquee of the bar .


  On the marquee it said   "I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER"


  " Oh Amy that's beautiful."Maggie said as she looked down at Hannibal .His eyes were misty he

 shook his head.


  "Amy I don't know what else to say but thank you. You do a lot for us and I know we have had some bumps over the years. You are and always be a member of the team." Hannibal raised his glass


   "Yea Amy thanks a lot for getting my Mama here."BA told her as he lifted his glass


   " Thanks Muchacha this is outstanding." Murdock squeezed her hand


   "Yea Amy this is really nice." Face leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek


  Then Daniel Running-bear popped up behind Amy and greeted the guys.


 "Hey fellas, Hi Range rider referring to Murdocks alter ego for the job they did." Patty looked at Murdock and he waved it off


  "Nah Daniel I'm just plain old Murdock tonight." he stood and shook Daniels hand with his good one.


  "Mind if I steel Amy I want to get a dance." With that he whisked her off she turned her head and waved at her friends


  " So they are still together huh ?" Face sighed


   "Cheer up Lieutenant it's a party."


    The guys were all smiles as they made their way around the room and chatted with  everyone.


  As the night wore on Murdock felt like he had shook so many hands that his arm was gonna fall off.


  It was overwhelming for the whole team to be in the spotlight. So much of what they do requires them to blend in and be invisible .


  BA and his mom sat at the table as people approached and thanked BA for all his help .Mama B was smiling and looking lovingly at her son. They got so little time together and tonight was a real eye opener for her. She knew her son helped people but meeting some of them really hit it home.


 Hannibal and Maggie were dancing and Face had found Samantha Lawrence and was in conversation with her.


  "Hey Murdock you there," Patty had been calling his name for a minute and he finally turned to looked at  her


  "Oh sorry babe was just taking it all in." He said a the took the glass she was holding


  "What do you think of the band their good aren't they?"


 "Yea they are!"


Before Murdock could say anything else he was called over to the  bar by Hannibal's command  "We need you for a minute Captain if its OK."

He had 4 shot glasses lined up and BA had left his seat and was also joining his friends


  "Duty calls Patty." he smiled at Patty and joined the guys at the bar for a toast.


  While Murdock joined them  at the bar. She went up to the band and spoke quickly to the lead singer.


   After their shot was done the band gathered on the stage and the singer said


 " We have a special treat tonight one of the guest's of honer is going to join us on this next song. Murdock would you join us up here"


   "WHAT?" Hannibal and BA and Face all said as they looked at the equally confused face of  their pilot.


   The bar started chanting Murdocks name as he stood there looking around in disbelief.


  " I can't ..I don't,  huh ?" Patty came up and gently guided him to the stage


 " For me ?"she asked earnestly


  "OK here goes nothing" He said as he straitened his hat and jacket.


   The crowd clapped and hollered as he made his way to the Mic. He quickly told the band the song and said   " I didn't know I was doing this tonight but this is a song for Patty ."


   The band stated with a small piano part and Murdock took a deep breath and locked eyes with Patty,


                   "Everyday, it's getting closer, going faster than a roller coaster.
                      A love like yours would surely come my way.
                    Everyday, seems a little faster, all my friends, they say go on up and ask her.
                        A love like yours would surely come my way."

    As he started to relax his voice got stronger. Hannibal and BA and Face were in awe.


       They had heard him sing many times over the years but never with this emotion.


      Maggie whispered in Hannibal's ear " He is really good "  Smith nodded


      As the song went on people started dancing. Patty stood directly in front of Murdock never breaking eye contact with him. He took a step down and let her hold his waist as they both swayed.

                    "Everyday it seems a little stronger, everyday it lasts a little longer"

                   Come what may, do you ever long for true love from me?
                     Everyday seems a little closer, going faster than a roller coaster.
                       A love like yours would surely come my way.
                       A love like yours would surely come my way, everyday."

                     " Everyday it seems a little stronger, everyday it lasts a little longer.
                    Come what may, do you ever long for true love from me? Like I long from you baby.
                    Everyday seems a little closer, going faster than a roller coaster.
                          A love like yours would surely come my way. "


 As the final notes faded   Patty threw her arms around Murdocks neck and kissed him.


     Murdock handed the Mic back to the band and thanked them for allowing him to join .


       "You did great man really good." the singer told him .


        As Murdock and Patty made their way back to the bar Murdock couldn't believe what he just did. It's one thing to sing around his room or in the privacy of a cockpit. But this was a full room of friends .


       He sat down at the bar and waited for his knees to stop shaking. More people were crowding out on the dance floor as the band played SHOUT by the Everly Brothers


      " That was so great Murdock . Sorry about putting you on the spot like that.But you have such a beautiful voice I wanted everyone to hear it." Patty told him kissing him again


 Sometimes on the phone late at night Murdock would sing to her until she would fall asleep. It always gave her a warm feeling.


      "Glad you liked it thanks for making me. I always wanted to sing with a band"


      "Awe Murdock that was so Beautiful."Mrs B had made her way to where he was sitting and hugged him .


        " Thanks Mrs B hey did you meet Patty its been so crazy here I don't remember if I introduced you."Murdock asked her


        "Yes dear I met her yesterday when I got here but now that I know she is your Patty that BA had been telling me about.  Come her young lady."Mrs B opened her arms


          Mrs B hugged Patty close and whispered " He's a special man be good to him ya hear. Don't make me come back here." Patty hugged her back and said " I know and I will "


        Mrs B made her way back to where son was sitting and squeezed his shoulder. BA put a large ringed hand over his mothers.


 Patty, Murdock , Hannibal and Maggie made their way back to the VIP table.  Face and Samantha had just come off the dance floor and they rejoined the table .


  Mac approached the table with a tray full of drinks, " You guys having a good night" he asked


  "Mac this is the best night I have ever had." Hannibal said and the others nodded in agreement.


  "Well its just a small token of our gratitude I have heard some amazing stories tonight. These people are grateful for you guys, as we are."


    " I should probably address the room and thank everyone . Well we all should."Hannibal said as he indicated for the rest to follow . 


       They walked to the stage in order of their rank as they usually did with out even thinking about it


     Hannibal in the lead  Face behind him and BA behind Face and Murdock in the back.


   The lead singer nodded as Hannibal asked for the mic. The guys stood side by side in an attention pose  behind their colonel.


     " I just want to take this moment to thank each and everyone of you for being here tonight. Also to thank Mac and Jane and Amy Allen for putting this together. I am overwhelmed and honored . We don't do what we do for riches or fame. We do it because people like you are out there and need help. The three men behind me are some of the finest  I know. We have been together for a over a decade, and I know I can be a task master  and hard to handle at times. But you guys are always there and I thank you for that.  Hannibal turned towards his team and spoke to each  individual.


   " Face for always being my second and all always being able to read my mind before I even say what I am thinking . You have turned into a fine man. Watching your grow up over these years fills me with pride." Face beamed  as Hannibal spoke. The colonel wasn't big on praise usually a "Good job kid, or a Nice" was about the highest amount of praise he gave. 


   " BA  for everything we put you through the trickery and the times we have knocked you out to put you on a plane against your will. You are an amazing man so intelligent and kind. People look at  you and expect you to be gruff and short tempered . We use that to our advantage a lot. But we also know you as a caring and wonderful friend. Who always has a moment for a wayward child or a wayward commander. Mrs B" Hannibal turned to address the women standing at the table wiping her eyes. " You have raised an amazing man and I promise to keep him safe and make sure he makes it back to you as soon as I can." Mrs B nodded and blew both Hannibal and BA a kiss.


    " Murdock , what can I say, you are one of the most talented people I have ever met. You can fly anything, you out of all the guys have so many layers that each day I feel we are meeting a new Murdock.  But with all your antics one thing always remains constant your unwavering support of us. You are the most loyal friend I have ever had the honor to make. Your always up for some adventure  and even times when we know you aren't you are still with us. You could have walked away from us when we went on the run. But there you are fighting the fight right with us. I know people call you crazy but we wouldn't have you any other way . I  always rest well knowing you have our back." as Hannibal spoke to him Murdock nodded his head in thanks.


   When he finished speaking he turned to his men and saluted them


  Face took the mic from Hannibal as he stepped back in line with his men who were patting him on the back and thanking him.


  "BA and Murdock have decided I will speak for them as well as myself. Thank you all for this outpouring of love. I grew up alone in an orphanage and these three men behind me are my family. My brothers , my fathers , my friends. The war taught us to be a unit but Hannibal you have taught us how to be a family. You and your plans and your zest for life have kept us alive all these years and we may disagree at times but one thing you can always count is we will follow you into the gates of hell and back . Thank you Mac and Jane for making us see that we do make a difference. And that we matter somewhere in the world. I know for a kid like me that is all I dreamed of growing up and I have found it. Thank you all again for being here."


 He handed the mic back to the singer of the band and they made their way back to the table. People were clapping and hugging them as they made their way through the crowd.


  "Very nice Face couldn't have said it better myself." Murdock hugged his friend


    "Thanks Murdock "


    The band began their last set and the team laughed and pointed at BA when the band started up with Yellow submarine . Hannibal Face and Murdock sang together and even BA joined  in at the refrain the rest of the team laughed even harder .


    Moondance started and BA jumped up and asked him mom to dance .


"I didn't  know you danced Scooter."


"I do now and I can't pass up a dance with my best girl" She took his arm and he led her out on the floor. BA remembered all the steps Murdock had taught him. Murdock watched his friend with pride . Glad BA had asked him and was able to dance with his mom .


   Hannibal and Face leaned across the table and said  " BA dances?"


     "Captain why  do I think you had something to do with that?"


    " I don't know interment memory loss yada yada." Murdock winked at them




   Chapter 22


   As the last guest hugged the team goodbye Mac locked the door. Everyone was on the bus and heading back to the hotel.  Mrs B was going to spend the night at the apartment with her son. Hannibal was gonna ride back to Maggie's hotel room. Face had decided to go back with Samantha in the vette.


 The team was making plans for the next few days . They usually stayed together but they felt that taking some well deserved time off was in order. BA's mom's return ticket was also open ended . So since there hadn't been hide nor hair of Decker they figured it was safe for the two to spend some  overdue time together.


  "That was incredible Mac. I don't know how we will ever thank you ." Face said


   "It was just like I wanted it to go, I mean I wish that Murdock wasn't banged up but it worked out having you guys back." Mac said as he washed a beer mug.


 "By the way Murdock is there anything you can't do? You can sing, dance , fly."  Mac asked with a curious look.


  "Not be crazy " BA said


  BA's mom smacked him on the arm. "Scooter I will not tell you again to be nice. You may be a grown man but your still not big enough for me to knock you back in line."


"Sorry Mama "


 "Oh thank you Mrs. B ,I love BA. I Know he doesn't mean anything by it". Murdock kissed her on the cheek and stuck his tongue out at BA


 " Murdock you really have a great voice " Jane said


  Murdock's face became flushed with embarrassment. "Thank you Jane. I  only did it cause Patty wanted me too."


  "Captain I will tell ya the truth. You did incredible. We have heard you sing. But that song was the best."Hannibal told him. Murdock stuffed his hand in his jacket. He was looking at feet. He was uncomfortable with all the praise.


  " H.M you made me want to cry." Patty told him. Murdock kissed her and said  "Well you were the inspiration for it." No one called him H.M at least  usually. It was always Murdock or his rank in Hannibal's case.


  "You need any help cleaning up Mac?" Patty asked


 " Nope ,we got it. You guys go get out of here. Enjoy the rest of your night." Mac shooed them out of the bar.


  Hannibal was getting into Maggie's car , BA and him mom were heading back to the apartment. Face had left already.


  Murdock and Patty waved at the couple as Maggie's car drove off.


 " Nite BA, nite Mrs B" they said  the mother and son waved as BA put his arm around his mom's shoulder.


  "I'm so happy she made it for this, he had been missing his mom something awful." Murdock told her as they stood in front of her car.


  "How you feeling H.M?"


  "Awe sweetheart, don't you worry none about me. I got lots of miles left on this old engine"Murdock winked at her


  " Stop it, if we are gonna be together you can't do that."


" I'm sorry. I don't mean to be flippant. I'm fine please don't worry."


   "Well I'm gonna, I like you. I hate to see you all banged up like this." 


   They got in her car to leave. Murdock took his cap off to brush back his hair in frustration.


    "Patty  I know what how hard it is to be with me. This is why I told you I wasn't sure this would work." He looked out the window


     " Why Murdock, Why do you do it. You heard Hannibal tonight you could walk away anytime."


      "Its who I am Patty they need me and I need them. I feel the most secure when I am with them. They accept me no doubts no judgments."  He exhaled with emotion.


    " It's just so dangerous. I heard tonight that you almost went blind? And you have been beaten up and god knows what else I didn't hear about."She said as they pulled into her house.


       Murdock didn't speak again until they were in the house. He paced the room as she sat down on the couch.


         " I joined the Air force after my grandparents died. They raised me after my mother passed when I was 6. My father died when I was a baby. I joined because all I ever wanted was to fly. They trained me and found out I was good. Really good. I was one of the youngest Thunderbird's. So then I was sent to Nam. I did a tour flying different units. But then the commanders would have me pulled. They didn't want me. I was reckless. I was hard to deal with. I was Howlin' Mad as they called me. Then Hannibal got me. He wanted me. For the first time I felt the camaraderie that the military promised. But with everything the Team did then I was actually considered the normal one."Murdock threw himself on the couch. He wrapped his legs under himself


" We ran a few missions. The story we told you the first night. The next mission we were shot down. We spent 6 weeks in a camp. Not just any one mind you but one of the worst. In my mind my job was to make sure my team made it. I protected them. They would take Hannibal and we would watch him come back. Beaten and bloodied but never broken. Then they would come for Face or BA. I stopped most of that. I took the beatings for them.  They were so young and innocent. I didn't want to see them hurt. So I made myself a target, I knew I could handle it. I had too. I held on as long as I could. We got out of the camp alive but a piece of me was lost. I covered it well at least I thought I did. For anyone who wasn't the team. But they knew. Face would sleep in the same room with me to keep me from screaming. He had many mornings that he would go to mess with bruises from me. But he never complained. They knew I was on the brink. Then their last mission and the aftermath happened. I can't talk about what I did so don't ask. But the result was them arrested and I ended up stateside in the VA. They escaped and found me. I didn't believe it at first. I had given up. I saw and went through too much." He took a deep breath and wiped his face. She could see this was taking all he had but in her heart she knew she needed to let him finish.


  " So as much as I like you..might love you. Don't ask me to choose between you and my life with the team. Cause you wont like the answer. You will lose that choice every time. I  can't walk EVER. It would be like asking me to cut my left arm off to save my right. There isn't a good choice."


     " Murdock I understand. I would never want you to give up your friends. I just worry not just about you but everybody" she said


  " But your not with everybody..your with me. And being with me means your a target too. Between the military or any people we piss off. I don't know how I would handle if anything happened to you because of me." He searched her green eyes to make sure she was understanding what he was saying.


  " So please ...don't make me chose. I know you say now that you wouldn't. But there may come a time that you want to. And I can't , I won't chose. I would rather not have anyone else in my life. We can't change who we are. What we do is too important. You saw that tonight. The guys need me." he said in a small voice.


    " OK H.M , I will never ask you to chose. But I have to be honest. I can't say there will never be doubts. But I think I could love you and I 'm not willing to walk away just yet" She knelled in front of him and took his face in her hands.


 " Thank you Patty.  I promise if it get's to hard for you I will let you move on. I only want you to be happy." she could see the pain in his eyes.


  'Well than kiss me" and he did.


       They spent the night wrapped in each others arms. Patty on Murdocks free arm. She spent most of the night tracing his scars and caressing his free shoulder. Finally she drifted to sleep with his voice singing softly in her ear.


    The next day they met Hannibal, Maggie, BA, his mom and Face for a home cooked meal. Samantha had to head back home. There had been reports from local towns people that Decker had been around. So the guys were gonna split up and meet back in LA in two days.


   When they all separated  Face pulled Murdock aside. "You sure you don't want a ride back with me. You can always crash at my place." he asked


    "Nah face I would just slow you down. I got my pass from Richter. So what's Decker gonna do? I can't be arrested for having a life now can I ." he smiled warmly at his friend "I'll give ya a call in a few days"


     " Promise"




     " OK buddy talk to you in a few days" He said as he hugged goodbye to Patty


       Hannibal and Maggie got into Maggie's car. He was headed up to Bad rock with her.


     "Captain call me at Maggie's, while you're out you are on the same regiment as the other two we are in contact every two hours." Hannibal ordered


      "Yes Sir."


     "Patty talk to you soon , take care of him for me."Hannibal said


      " I will Hannibal"


      They watched the cars pull out of the parking lot. " I love those guys " Murdock said


      "They love you too."


      " I know"


       " I do too ya know. " She said


        He didn't say anything. Just pulled her close for a kiss.






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