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Some Other Place

By Katiemarie


Rated:  PG

Summary:  A night out on the town with our favorite guys, What do you think would happen?  Well let's find out. I know my story's have been bit melancholy lately so tonight it will be just a little blow off of steam for the team.

The guys took a much need night off and have now gone in to business with the bar. Murdock found a kindred spirit in their waitress .  These are  the final chapters. I think , this  story just keeps going so I am gonna roll with it.  Hope you all enjoy it

Warnings:  None.

Comments:  Yes please.




Chapter 16


  Murdock and Patty were having their nightly conversation. She had been telling him about the new DJ the bar had hired. And all the goings on with the rest of the bar. 


 " He is OK he isn't as good as you though"  She told him.  His warm laughter filled her ear.


  " Patty Hannibal called me this morning. We have a job its in Ecuador. So Face is coming to get me in about an hour.  So I will be out of contact for a few days maybe a week."


   "Is it gonna be dangerous?"


    " Nah Hannibal says its gonna be a piece of cake. They really don't even need a fourth but they need to fly. That is where I come in." Murdock tried to assuage her fears . Any time they left the states the danger rose. 


     " We will be in contact with Amy so call her anytime, she can give you our status updates."


      Murdock heard voices from outside his door and recognized the voice of his best friend.


    "Look darlin that's my cue, Face is here. I love you and talk to you soon." 


     " BE careful"  She heard the phone line click and he was gone. " I love you too" She said to the dial tone


      Somewhere in Ecuador


    " Come on Captain get this Bird in the air the gorillas are right behind us!" Hannibal yelled over the roar of the engines


     "Working on it Colonel kinda hard with one arm.Can one of you jump in the copilot seat and give me a hand"


   " Face help Murdock while I give us some cover."


     He opened the door and started throwing grenades out the cargo door.


      Face popped up next to Murdock and sat in the seat next to him. Put on the headset and looked around in front of him.


      " What do I do?"


    "Face all I need you to do is when I say go your gonna pull up on the yolk.This bird is about as aerodynamic  as a brick.  Normally I could pull her up alone but not with the shoulder."  Murdock had been in a battle with a truck and lost. Face was pretty sure his shoulder was broken and maybe the arm too.  Face looked at his friends determined but pained expression.


      "OK Murdock"


   " Hannibal shut that door unless you want to stay here." Murdock felt the cargo door close.  "NOW FACE  PULL UP"


      Face held his breath as he pulled up against the yolk, Murdock wasn't kidding  for a plane this thing did not want to go up. He looked over at the pilot who was struggling with 2 things, one his control of the plane and the other thing that concerned Face even more was it looked like he was about to pass out.  Finally they were off the ground   Murdock told him to slowly level it back out and Face let out the breath he was holding . Murdock turned to him and smiled weakly


"Thanks Face  can you do me one more thing  get me an air sickness  bag there should be on in the first aid kit behind your seat."


 "Sure buddy" He quickly located it and handed it to his stricken friend. Murdock wretched in too the bag and when he felt he was done he handed it to face who threw it out the little window next to him.  In the first aid kit there were some aspirin and a ace bandage .  Face found the water canteen that he had carried on and handed Murdock the aspirin and water. It wouldn't do much but it might take the edge off till they made it back to LA and Amy could get Murdock to a doctor to have his arm set.


      Face acted as Murdocks co pilot until they got back into LA. Landing was difficult on the injured Captain too, Face assisted in reverse to the take off . When the plane had come to a complete stop Murdock once again threw up and sagged in his seat.  Amy was waiting at the air strip and she pulled the fan up as close to the plane  as she could so that Hannibal and Face could unload BA then they came back and helped Murdock out of his seat and put him in his seat in the van.


   As they drove back towards LA Amy spoke " Anyone wanna tell me why Murdock looks like he went 2 rounds with a Mack truck ?"


      " It wasn't a Mack, it was just a pick up" he spoke softly from the back.


      "He got hit by a truck pretty sure his shoulder is broken so next stop is getting medical care." Hannibal said .


      BA started to stir." Hey big guy is waking up can somebody sit in between us. He isn't gonna be happy that we put him on the plane and usually its me that he goes after !"Murdock said eying the large man next to him. BA woke up and looked around , "How did I get in the van. You guys put me on the plane again!"  He went to yell at Murdock and stopped one look told him what ever had happened after he got knocked out was worse than anything he could do.


   They pulled into a little urgent care hospital and Amy wheeled Murdock into it while the guys waited outside. "Man fool didn't look good what happened?"


 Face and Hannibal filled him in. After they had knocked BA out to get on the plane Murdock was pulling the truck off the runway as he came running back one of the gorillas hit him with their truck. He saw it coming and tried to jump out of the way. He cleared the grill but his shoulder smashed into the windshield. Face saw him hit the ground and roll to get back up. Face ran out and grabbed him and got him into the plane. They left out the part about Face having to help in the take off and landing. Poor BA was scared enough of flying he didn't need that in his head.


  "Man he's tough" BA said as he walked around to get in his drivers seat.


     "We're not gonna be able to bring him back to the VA like that ya know Colonel.Too many injuries bring questions and that means Decker" Face pointed out


" He can stay with us if needed lets see what the Doc says."


    They could see Murdock and Amy coming out of the doors.  His arm was in a cast all the way to his shoulder and it was in an immobilizer which kept it tight against his side. Amy was carrying his Jacket. All he had on was his flannel with the sleeve cut off. He looked a bit better than when he went in, but they could tell he was hurting .


    "They tried to cut his Jacket off. He wouldn't let them he somehow got it off before he passed out."Amy watched as Face helped him into the van.They put him in Faces seat since it was closer to the door. Amy sat in the back on the bench seat and Face carefully climbed in to Murdock's usual seat.


 "Just the Arm is broken. Shoulder was dislocated but they got it back in." Murdock told his friends


   "They think he may have a concussion because of him throwing up twice. Also probably because of his refusal to have the Jacket cut off."


 " I threw up from the pain.I didn't tell them I was flying a plane from Ecuador with this arm like that"


 " What did you say happened?" Face asked


  " Told them my wife and I were fixing our house when I fell off the roof." Murdock smiled at Amy


   " Its a beautiful house isn't it darlin?" Murdock winked at her


   " Oh yes dear it is" Amy laughed



Chapter 17


  As they were driving Murdock drifted off to sleep the pain meds he received  had kicked in.


  Amy remembered quickly about the multiple calls she had received from Patty .


"Oh yea Hannibal I forgot to tell you with all this. Patty called me three times in the last two days. And Mac called too.


 They need you to to call them. I think Patty was just checking on Murdock. But Mac asked for you"


  " OK Amy thanks I will call them now. We could lay low there until Murdock can go back to the VA."


Hannibal knew that they had a place to crash and Murdock could stay with his girlfriend if they needed to leave .


  He called the bar Mac answered on the second ring. "Some other place, Mac speaking"


   "Mac its Hannibal Amy said you were looking for me"


  " Yea Hey Hannibal, we just wanted to know if you guys would be able to swing by here. We having some issues that as investors you should hear about."  Mac said


  " Um actually yea that will be great Mac we need a  chance to rest after this last job. Some probably longer than others."Hannibal said cryptically.


  "Hannibal is everything OK?"Mac asked


 " Murdock got hurt , he has a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm. He may have a concussion we aren't 100 percent sure."


 "What do you mean your aren't sure didn't you take him to a doctor?"


  "Yea we did  we will talk about it when we get there. So we will see you  in a few hours."


  "Absolutely Colonel, see ya then."


   "Hannibal let me talk to him" Murdock reached over with his good arm and grabbed the phone


    " Mac Mac you there"


      " Yea"


      " It's Murdock don't tell Patty anything. I don't want her to worry."


       " Are you OK though?"


       " Right as rain"


       " OK see you guys in a few hours"


        Mac hung up. He was ready to put his plan in motion. Although it wasn't starting out the way he wanted. He really wanted to give Patty a heads up about Murdock being hurt. Since that's all she talked about since the team left. Her fear that Murdock would be hurt or killed. He had actually told her at one point maybe dating a member of the A- team wasn't a good idea for her. Maybe an Account or Banker was better. She ran off crying locked herself in the bathroom and Jane had to talk her out. But he made her happy and she needed to realize that he could be hurt. She was gonna learn it now. He quickly announced to the patrons and the staff that Operation Partner appreciation was in effect.


   As the Van pulled in they could see the bar was closed . But it was after 12:30 on a Monday. They saw that Mac's car was still there.


  They pulled around the back. Face helped Murdock out of the van.  Mac came out the back of the bar.


 " Jesus Murdock you look like hell"he exclaimed


  "Thanks there Mac" 


  "Do you know you have a bruise on the side of your head?" Murdock's ball cap had fallen off and was folded up in his jacket.


    " No do I?"


  "Captain you are to only sleep in intervals tonight. I think you may have a concussion. We may have to bring you back to the Doctor  to have your head looked at."


Hannibal was using his commander voice so there were no jokes or arguments


   "K" was all Murdock said as Face helped him in the apartment.


    " BA go in and see if Face needs any help getting Murdock settled.I need to talk to Mac for a minute."


     " Sure"


     Hannibal followed Mac into the bar where Jane was sitting at a table doing paper work.


    Jane looked up from the paperwork she smiled and rose to greet Hannibal but then seeing the serious look on Mac's face she sat back down.


   "Mac I need your opinion, you know Patty.Is she gonna fall to pieces?" Hannibal sat down as Mac poured him a drink.


    Jane came and joined them" What happened Hannibal? Is he alright?"


  "He is but he got hit by a truck right before we got out. He did manage to get us back in one piece. We took him to the ER when we got back.He has a dislocated shoulder and a badly broken arm."


   "Hannibal why didn't you guys take him before?" Jane asked


   " Cause it happened on the tarmac.He got hit by the truck and got in the plane and flew us home. We couldn't do anything but get out of there. Do you think I would put off medical care for one of my men? We don't know if he  has a concussion or not but now he has a bad bruise on his head."


    " Is he altered?"


     "See you guys don't know Murdock. He is usually ALTERED. He hid it here, he lives in a psychiatric ward. So when he was hurt he just worked threw it then he got sick twice. He said it was from pain. But I have seen that man bring a chopper into a firefight with a bullet in his chest... I have never seen him be ill from pain. So I think he may have a head injury." Mac put the bottle in front of the gray haired man.


    " What do you need Hannibal" ? Mac asked


    " Murdock will probably have to stay here without us at one point, He can't go back to the VA looking like ..well like he got hit by a truck. So its gonna be up to Patty to help him. So I need to know if she is strong enough to deal with it. It's not the physical I am worried about but its .. him the whole him the good ,bad and really bad.  And I need to know she can handle it."


 "She just called before you came in. She knew you guys were coming in and insisted on seeing him tonight." Jane told them


  "I need to talk to her before she sees him"


   'Is he Dead?"  Patty's voice came from the door


     "No Patty  why would you say that" Jane asked as Patty made her way over to them


   " BA wouldn't let me in to see him and then I come in here and you guys are talking in hushed tones like before." Patty's mind flashed back to when her husband died


     " No Patty he's gonna be fine." Hannibal told her


     " Than let me see him"


     "You can but not right now. We need to talk. How much has he told you about where he lives and why he is there?"


   "He told me he lives in the VA, and that he had some problems ..but he won't talk to me about it"


    "So as  you know that he flew my team in Nam. Did he tell you he was in the Thunderbird's?" She nodded


     "The CIA? Did he say anything about that?"


 She shook her head "No He didn't."


      "Murdock was in the CIA really Hannibal? That's incredible" Mac said


       "Yea he was before he joined my team, well he could have been doing both and they just didn't tell us., Between the CIA and the Camps Murdock got ..lost. We kept him pretty centered it was not anything mostly Face couldn't handle. He was always there when it counted. But on down time he would make up persona's or invisible friends .We would let him no one else really noticed since he was already known for antics. That's why they called him Howling Mad."Hannibal downed his drink



" But when we were arrested and then found guilty. He really lost it. No one but him and one other person knows exactly happened. I honestly don't believe he even knows . But we heard he was hauled off in cuffs and was facing serious charges. We think a higher up intervened and got him sent home but under the care of the VA. They took his license and committed him. We escaped and landed in LA, we found his as soon as we could but it took months to convince him that we weren't a trick by the CIA or the Vietcong or any other enemy he had real or imagined."


 "That's so sad " Jane said


  "But he is still here and usually he is fine but he has been hiding a lot from you Patty. I know you have sensed it. His sudden aloofness? When you have to call his name because his mind has wandered the way he laughs it off and says he didn't hear you? Those were things he did with us when he first came back from the camps.  He is struggling to hold himself together. He is doing it for you . Just like he did it for us. Until he can't anymore."


 Jane listened and placed her head in her hands, " It all makes so much sense now, I can

 handle it"


   "Handle what, " A voice from the doorway asked



  Chapter 18


 " Captain why are you not laying down, I gave you an order ?"  Hannibal ran over and helped Murdock to a chair.  He was still  shaky on his feet. Mac got him some juice .


  " I couldn't relax with Face hovering and BA was grumbling about being hungry. So what is the big pow wow in here about?  It wouldn't be about me now would it?  I'm fine Patty you don't have to look so scared its a broken arm I have hurt myself worse shaving."  Patty got up and kissed him on the head  She didn't want to hurt him so she refrained from hugging him. 


  " I still want to do checks every two hours not sure you don't have concussion."Hannibal told him


   " I can stay if you want Murdock." Patty said 


   "Nah Darlin , I wouldn't want to have our first night together with me wrapped up like a mummy. We also have to get Amy back to LA , and I have to check in with Richter ".. his voice trailed off


   " Captain, Amy will be fine tonight and I already called Richter while you were in the ER.  He put you at a retreat for 2 weeks. He said he can extend it if needed."


" Come on Murdock let me walk back with you and help ya get settled. I don't mind I want to  help."


  Murdock sighed as he realized he was out numbered . He slowly stood and waited for the dizziness to pass .

" I don't need a nurse maid."His sudden mood shift made Patty flinch. He realized it after it came out how sharp his tone was. " I'm sorry Patty  I didn't mean to sound like that."


Jane and Mac exchanged concerned glances


" Bed now Murdock don't make me get BA"


 'Yes sir, on my way Patty if you want to stay that would be nice."Murdock smiled at her but it looked more like a pained grimace.





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