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 Some Other Place

By Katiemarie


Rated:  PG

Summary:  A night out on the town with our favorite guys, What do you think would happen?  Well let's find out. I know my story's have been bit melancholy lately so tonight it will be just a little blow off of steam for the team.

The guys took a much need night off and have now gone in to business with the bar. Murdock found a kindred spirit in their waitress .  These are  the final chapters. I think , this  story just keeps going so I am gonna roll with it.  Hope you all enjoy it

Warnings:  None.

Comments:  Yes please.




Chapter 13


  Murdock stepped out of the shower ,wrapped a towel around his waist and wiped the mirror . He needed to shave but couldn't find his razor , So he snagged Face's and popped a new blade in.


  He found himself humming Moondance as he shaved, when he was sure he hadn't missed any spots he grabbed his after shave and slapped some on .


   He threw on clean clothes and tossed his hat on his head, he didn't bother with his Jacket , he was still a bit warm from working in the roof and the hot shower he had taken to relax his sore muscles . As much as Face says he kicks, Face is the kicker. Usually when they do have to share a bed Murdock ends up either on the floor or curled up in a corner protecting his more sensitive areas from his friends roving legs. But as he left the apartment he threw his jacket over his shoulder and headed back to the bar.


  He walked in to find Amy , Hannibal and Face sitting have lunch. As he walked past Amy gave her a quick peck on the cheek and snagged one of her chips .


  " Hey Murdock , you smell good. "


 " SO do you, He laughed, as Mac came out and put a hamburger and some chips in front of him.


  " Oh mac you are my hero , I am starving "

  "Figured you would be, the front looks better than it ever has, I can see out the windows now and everything . I really can't thank you all enough . I mean last night I figured I was gonna have to shut this place down ..and Now  "Mac's voice trailed off as the emotion became to much.


  " We haven't done anything YET, wait till you see the next part of the plan"


   Hannibal and Face told the group about their day, they had stopped in at a few of the local business and invited them tonight for a small meet and greet . I found a DJ who is gonna be here at 6 to set up. Also gonna have BA put up the new dance floor lights when he gets the electric panel straightened out.


 "I cant afford all this guys ..I mean D J's are expensive . Dance lights how did you swing them. "


  " Don't worry ,We are just renting the equipment , he is just coming to set up.  And We took care of the lights out of our end, and the new glasses and all the other stuff today. "


  " Whose gonna DJ"


   "Why Murdock of course ,I mean he is the natural choice "


 Murdock grinned and Said "All Right ladies and gentlemen grab your honeys and head out on the floor ', Dancing with your lady better than flowers . Treat your bar staff well they are working mighty hard for you tonight Tip them well Just don't tip them over ,Always something going on right here at SOME OTHER PLACE!!"


 " Nice Cap Nice "


  Face and Amy  looked at their friends huge grin and Face said," Murdock I think you missed your calling "


  "Oh Face Could you picture it, a plane I fly around and play the best tunes I can call it Rock and Fly. The music takes you to the heavens  Best of both worlds "


  Patty walked of the kitchen carrying a tray of freshly washed glasses. Murdock ran over , food forgotten and helped her unload them.


 " Hey there pretty lady let me give you a hand are there more in the back? "


  "Yea if you don't mind " She smiled as he wrapped her in a big hug and kissed the top of her head. She breathed in his freshly showered sent . She had hoped he would still be relaxed with her and that last night wasn't just the beer.


 "Well Lead the way I Am at your disposal . He followed her back to the kitchen "


  "  I guess he is smitten he left food on the table " Hannibal laughed and stole Murdock's chips


      "So did you sleep well " Patty asked


     "Yea even with Sir kick a lot behind me " Murdock grabbed her again into his arms


    " Who ? "

      "Face, there were only 2 beds in the house Hannibal always gets his own  and BA had the couch So I had to bunk with him..He kicks in his sleep. We have been doing it that way for years I have actually come back from jobs with bruises that I didn't receive in any fights. Once he kicked so hard I had a bruise on the small of my back for 2 weeks. It's an old game with him he likes to spread out on the bed

 he kicks so I will give him room. "


 He didn't want to tell her that Face kicks in his sleep cause he has bad dreams some time. Everyone does but his were based in the past. Between his life in the Orphanage and the war Face has many demons .


   She looked up and saw a darkness pass over his face and grabbed the brim of his hat to pull his gaze to her.


   He gazed in her eyes and said " sorry I was thinking it gets me in trouble every time " He kissed her and backed up . " I should get back out there before there is talk of what we are doing "


  " Let them Talk " she reached for him again  


 "Patty I need to keep my head around you, I like you I mean I really like you but I don't want to get use to you. I am.. I mean my life is complicated. And I can't I mean.. I couldn't stand it if I hurt you. " he shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at his feet She took a step and grabbed his hand from his pocket.


      " I know , can we just try to see where it goes, even if its just for the next few days . I mean we are both adults and I am not a impetus girl, you are the first man since my husband that I have even wanted to look at me, I mean as a women ya know .Your a little like him, he was sweet and funny and respectful. I figured when he died that was it I would never find someone who made me feel normal. Then You walked in and I thought  maybe there was hope yet. Deal?"


      " OK deal, he let her wrap her arms back around him and leaned in to the embrace. " they just stood there enjoying the embrace . When Mac walked in the kitchen


 " oh sorry guys  don't let me interrupt "  He grabbed the bottles of wine Face had dropped off and quickly scurried out of the kitchen


   " OK  back to work, come on I will grab the rest of those glasses  .We got a bar to open and I am the DJ tonight ." He was all smiles as he carried out the glasses .  His friends tried not make it to obvious that were watching him. But they didn't do a very good job. He blushed a little at their knowing eyes .




Chapter 14


For anyone reading the first part, I am by no means discrediting how hard it is to be a Live DJ, I have 20 years in the business .It was a little easier back in the day, before mp3's and all the cool tech we have now. It really used to be a small mixer and 2 record players . Of course we had to lug around the music. When I started we ran CD's and Laser discs that was 92. Just a point of reference. Like I said this story comes from what I know .Also the dropping of the voice is an old DJ trick, its not to sound cool but to keep from losing your voice while talking for long periods at a time. Just some behind the scenes info for ya .Any way Back to the story.



   The DJ company showed up and showed Murdock how to run everything and showed him how their Record collection was labeled . It was really nothing more that 2 record players a small 4 channel mixer and a Mic. Murdock looked at the guy when he was explaining everything and couldn't help but think " I fly jets, and have dissembled bombs and that was two weeks ago Pretty sure I can handle a few nobs and some records"Most of the albums were greatest hits or Compilation  Albums, so really he just had to pick one compilation and one other and go back and forth.


       Hannibal came up to the front area where the temporary DJ both was set up, Murdock was setting up his music selection , " You set Captain?"  Hannibal had to smile at the animated look on Murdock, He had his ever present blue ball cap turned backwards to accommodate the headphones .


       "Set Colonel"  Hannibal placed his hand on Murdocks shoulder, he had put his jacket on .


    Murdock turned on his mic and started , The voice he used was an octave lower than he usually spoke in, his normal Texan twang non existent  . The beginning  notes of "Take the long was home" from Supertramp  filled the room.  "Welcome folks to Some Other Place I am your DJ for the night Howling Mad, playing all the tunes you love, You got Mac behind the bar and the beautiful Patty on the floor. Sit back and enjoy the best bar anywhere. I dare you to try to find a better place than Some Other Place.!"


    The bar was quickly filling with people Face was at the door greeting people BA behind the bar with Mac being the  Bar back. Patty going from table to table greeting the patrons and taking drink orders. Jane was also on the floor helping greet and making sure Patty had everything she needed.


  Hannibal and Amy were at the table closest to where Murdock was watching Amy was taking pictures for her article and Hannibal was just watching with a close eye making sure everything went smoothly. 


      Murdock smoothly transitioned from Supertramp to Joe Cocker's "Feeling All right " the dance floor quickly filled.  Amy leaned over to Hannibal and yelled

 " He really is a natural" pointing at the exuberant Murdock


  " I knew he would be he loves music. I think he knows more about music than airplanes."


      Patty was taking orders and while at the table she would hear how good the "DJ" was and how cute he was. She would shake her head in agreement  and couldn't help but grin  remembering the deep kiss she got from him right before he bounded off to the booth to start the night. A few times a women would grab her arm and ask if he was single, She would smile and say "No He's with me" But The guy at the door is single and they would look in Face's direction . Some would get the shark in the water look others would just nod.


      Mac couldn't believe how busy his bar was for a Thursday. It started at 7 by 9 they had tripled their months gross. He looked over the crowd and locked eyes with Jane she mouthed to him " THIS IS AMAZING "  He smiled and nodded . The Van Morrison song "Brown Eyes Girl" started and a new rush to dance started .


       Mac noticed people sliding up to Murdock and talking in his ear he would smile and laugh and nod. Like he did this every day then the music died and his voice filled the room.

 " I want to introduce you all to our hosts for the evening Mac and Jane own this place and they have worked so very hard for you guys. Lets show them some love" Jane made her way over to Mac and they stood arm and arm  and waved. Mac dipped Jane and kissed her passionately.  The bar erupted in wild applause.


" SO please everyone tell your friends we are a new local owned bar. Mac is a vet and they put their heart and soul in this place. Let's make sure Some other place will be here for many years" Murdock fired up the Doobie Brothers "Listen to the music"  and once again the floor was hopping.


      Face had finally stopped working the door and came over to where Hannibal and Amy were and sat down. " Wow Hannibal I know we're good but I didn't expert this. I think this gonna be fine we may actually see a quick return on our investment maybe I should have asked for more" Face said pulling out his notebook from his jacket pocket.


  "Stand down Face we will be fine with our original agreement"


    " Yea Face its not always about the money , I mean what you guys met these people last night and look at what you all did , that alone is a return in your investment." Amy said


 Murdock came of the stage  '"Guys look at this place this is so great. I am gonna run over and check on Patty. I put a record on that should give me about 15 minutes before I have to do anything."


      "Murdock you are doing a great job. I can't believe how you sound like you have done this your whole life" Amy said as she hugged him


      " Thanks Aim , Be right back ,"


       Murdock approached the bar and got Mac's attention.Mac waved at him to come behind the bar,


      '"Hey Mac great night huh?"


       " Oh Man Murdock" he swept the taller man up in a bear hug  "This is PHENOMINAL!"


        " Glad man hey where's Patty?" Murdock asked scanning the room


        " She is in the bathroom you want me to send her up to you when she gets back"


        " Yea I gotta get back but if she gets the chance can ya send her my way"


         'You got it man"


          Murdock ran back to his post behind the equipment. Right as he sat down he saw Patty talking to Mac. Jane came over and took Patty's serving tray from her and did a shooing motion.


        He saw Patty making her way towards him. He grabbed the mic and paused the music between songs and said " This next one is a special dedication from the Howling Mad One to the most beautiful waitress in the entire world. Patty this is for you." He put the needle down and Moondance started. He jumped of the stage and took her hand the people on the floor had made a circle around them and he led her onto the floor.  " Your crazy you know that"


           " Yep, I know it. Now the question is can you deal with it.It's not always gonna be like this. I will be gone , I will be in danger, I will probably get hurt. But if your willing to stand with me I promise I will do everything in my power to make you happy" he dipped her for a moment as he pulled her back up and she laid her head on his shoulder  "Deal "


         The night finally started to wind down around Midnight, but even at midnight there were over 40 people in the bar. The DJ company had come to collect the equipment around 11. So Murdock was free to sit with Hannibal and Amy at the bar. BA was still helping out behind the bar and Face had found a girl so he was sitting at a table talking with her. Murdock had to force himself to relax. Every few minutes a stranger would come up and clap him on the back.


 He would smile and thank them but Mac and BA could see on his face that it was starting to wear on him.


"Hey guys why don't you grab that table over there in the corner. I will have BA bring over your drinks.  He can sit with you too. I got it from here." Mac told them .


        "Yea that's a good idea. I am starting to think that last guy cracked my collar bone when he grabbed me. I think I like it better when they want to kick my ass as opposed to liking me."Murdock stood and stretched a grimace on his face. Patty took that moment to walk over


"Murdock you OK why do you look like your in pain" A look of concern made her features scrunch  up.


            He turned and hugged her " Awe your cute when your worried  just sore no big deal" He kissed her nose and headed over to the table Mac had pointed out , He had his seat picked and rank be damned He was gonna get it. He wanted the corner seat with his back to the wall so he could relax.


          Patty walked to the bar to feel a light pressure on her elbow. It was Hannibal.


"Can we have a word in private."


He glanced at Mac and  Mac nodded, then taking a quick look to Murdock who was in a conversation with Amy. He knew he didn't have long. Murdock was the most observant person he knew .That's why he was such a good look out. Even in a full conversation with Amy he would know Patty and him had slipped away. And then he would have to explain himself. That would cause an issue between the two that wasn't necessary .


       " What's going on Hannibal" Patty asked with her voice shaking


        " Patty I just want to clear the air before this what ever it is goes any further. Murdock is my responsibility he has been for 15 years. I take great pride in making sure he is OK. We have been through more than I can even explain. He may seem strong and ..Normal right now, but someday probably soon your gonna call him or see him and he will be different. He has issues . They are a self protection mode for him. Or he may come back from being with us and he may have a black eye or a cracked rib. Or getting over blindness and powder burns to the face. That just happened not more than a month ago. Now if you want to follow this path.. you have to realize this is all part of who he is who we are. We can't tell him to go on with his life. He needs us and we need him.  But if he is still something you want to pursue. Just keep what I said in mind. He is worth it..but its work to be involved with any of us even as a friend. But he isn't one to date or even consider it.. but you changed that . So I just want you to know what you are facing kid. I will do what I can and if you ever need a question answered or some help call me or Face if it's something we can help with we will." Hannibal searched her face to see if she was getting him


       " I Know Hannibal we had a conversation earlier. He was so scared about even just being my friend. But we made a deal to take this slow and see where it leads. I can't claim to know everything about him But from what I know..I can't just let him walk away. She said honestly


     "OK Patty , that's all I needed " he hugged her and they quickly rejoined the table. Hannibal felt Murdocks eyes on him. Like I thought nothing gets past him.




Chapter 15


  The guys stayed for a few more days. Face got hold of a sign company and they came out and put new ones up. It even included a marque . Mac pulled in  after they had been installed . He couldn't believe they had done that. He sat in his car with his head on the steering wheel trying to control the emotions he was feeling. The last few days had been a whirlwind. Coming so close to losing his business then having 4 complete strangers swoop in and in a few days the bar is making money for the first time. He couldn't remember before last night He had been able to sleep through the night with out waking up in a cold sweat over bills. He heard the guys calling his name they were lined up under the new sign smiling and pointing .


 "Well Chief  What do you think?" Hannibal asked his blue eyes twinkling


  " You guys are just to much, this is amazing"MAc sid voice thick with emotion


   "Wait till you see the last surprise Come on in"Face told him


     Murdock got behind Mac and covered his eyes when they got to the door, "No peeking"


   "Oh guys what did you do now" Mac wasn't sure he could take another surprise before he just start crying.


  When the door opened and Mac could see his jaw dropped. The entire bar was redone. New tables , lights and decor. There was even a shiny new dance floor. Then Mac noticed his bar.There were brand new liquor bottles a new speed well and ice bin. "How?I couldn't get the License. Is this legal?"


  Patty came out of the kitchen "You couldn't but I could " she said


 " Patty I don't know what to say."


   " Its only a temporary license to see if its what we want. If you decide it isn't what you want we just pack it up and go back to beer and wine."  She  hugged her boss "It's the least I can do Mac you saved me. You gave me a purpose and a place to go."  She leaned against Murdock who had placed his hands on her shoulders " And if this place hadn't been here I never would have met him."


  Jane came in the Bar "Mac did you see the Sign...OH MY GOD  Its beautiful. Is this really our place."She ran to her husband and jumped in his arms.  They looked at the 5 people in front of them and started hugging them one by one.  Even BA was moved by the couples reaction and embraced them back. He usually isn't much of a hugger.


  While Jane Mac and Patty looked everything over the team went to a back table.


 "Well fellas I think our work her is done we probably should head back to LA. I have to be on set in 2 days. Murdock I am pretty sure you medical pass is about over.If your gone any longer they might notify Decker." Hannibal looked at this friend who solemnly nodded.  


  He knew he had to go but didn't want to leave Patty. But he had started to feel anxious . He knew he needed to head back to the VA.Have a few sessions with  Dr. Richter. And let out some steam. He had been playing straight for a bit to long and just needed to let lose. He didn't want to do it front of Patty.


  " Folks I hate to break up this party but we do need to head back to LA. Now you have all the numbers to contact us. We will check in a few weeks and see how things are progressing. Amy is already back putting the final touches on her piece. She will send you the advanced copy." Hannibal stood up  to make his good byes .


   " I can't even begin to thank you all. How can I."Mac said his arm around Jane


   " Just be successful and happy. Mac that's all we ask"Hannibal told him as he shook his hand


  "Well and a return on our investment"Face pipped up


   " I will make sure that happens." Jane said


   As they all made their way outside  Patty and Murdock hung back .


   " Can't you stay I.. I don't want you to go."she said in small voice


   " Now Patty we knew this was coming as much I don't want to go I have too. I need to get back ."


   " When will I see you again?"


    " Soon I promise. I can always borrow the Vette. Face wont mind  I am only 45 minutes away and I will call you as often as I can. If you call and can't reach me call the number I gave you the first night. Hannibal will know where I am.If we don't answer there call Amy. That just means we are on a job with out the van."


      Patty's eyes were filled with tears as he held her for the last  time. He kissed her again and broke away he ran to the van and said his good byes to Mac and Jane.Then like that they were watching the van drive off .


  " Come on Patty they will be back before you know it. I have a plan of my own." Mac smiled as he took the arms of both women and walked back into the bar.





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