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Some Other Place

By Katiemarie


Rated:  PG

Summary:  A night out on the town with our favorite guys, What do you think would happen?  Well let's find out. I know my story's have been bit melancholy lately so tonight it will be just a little blow off of steam for the team.

OK so the last chapter got a little feely. but  you got have some drama at least no one has been physically hurt .I work in bars and at one point at any night people get caught up in their own lives and thoughts.

Warnings:  None.

Comments:  Yes please.




Chapter 7


  Murdock heard BA yell and tensed , ready to fight . Then he realized what BA had yelled.


 DANCE? .then the piano started. Moon dance by Van Morrison. That big softie ,he remembered , Murdock had taught BA how to dance to this song a few years ago, BA had met a girl on a job and he really liked her . Murdock convinced him to take her out on the town, Dinner, Dancing and maybe later well. “I don't dance” he claimed


“ Awe come on BA everybody dances”.


“No fool I don't” he growled


 “BA do you know how to dance?”  Murdock asked seriously


 “ NO . Fine now you know just leave me alone”BA stormed off


  Murdock chased after him and threw himself in front of the raging man


“ BA come on seriously let me help, I promise it will be painless, and it might just help” Murdock looked at his friend with a gleam in his eye.


 “ OK but if you wreck this I am GONNA WRECK YOU” BA shook a large ringed fist in Murdock's face to get his point across.


  “ Come on BA,when Have I ever steered you wrong.” Murdock said glibly


  “ How about last week when you crashed that plane” BA muttered


   “Technically I wasn’t steering that plane,I was just following its lead. It wanted down so I obliged “ Murdock said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice


    “ NO Way Murdock , leave me be fool” BA pushed Murdock out of his way


  “ Come on Big guy Ok I'm sorry I was trying to be funny, I forget you have no sense of humor”


   NOT  Making it any better Murdock”


    “ Please BA let me help you”


 .. BA stooped his shoulders and softly said “ Ok  But if this gets back to Hannibal or Face I am gonna DROP YOU OUT OF A PLANE WITHOUT A CHUTE” Murdock knew that wouldn’t happen BA doesn’t fly.


  So for the next few days Murdock and BA met away from everyone else, playing the only tape he had on him was Van Morrison 's Moon dance.  It didn’t  take BA long to learn the steps, he played football, and that's a lot like dancing except with bashing and running.


  A Week later Murdock was back in his room when his phone rang and it was BA calling to tell him that the date went well. He wouldn’t say anything else cause he is a gentleman. But as he hung up he said “THANKS MAN.”


 So now Murdock was looking at Patty and hearing Moondance.. “Well who am I to argue with BA” he stood up and held out his hand.


 “ Would you to dance my lady?”


  '”I’m afraid I don’t know how.'.. Patty said shyly


   “ Its OK Babe I got ya” , And Murdock led her to the dance floor.


    Murdock led her around the floor with ease the whole time singing softly in her ear along with the song .He hadn't felt this free since the last time the flew.  He smiled .


      “Hey Hannibal didn't you say no girls tonight? “ Face said,


 he too had heard BA yell, but he understood the words. He turned to watch his usually awkward friend glide around the dance floor like a professional .


    “ Hannibal did you know Murdock could DANCE?” Face and Hannibal both turned and watched the couple on the floor.


    “ After all these years the man can still surprise me , stop staring Face...Are you Jealous?Hannibal stared at his lieutenant .


   “YEA … I can't dance.


   “ Well come on kid I'll  teach you, they went to two ladies still in the bar and joined Murdock on the floor.


      Mac and one of his cook Ernie watched the 3 couples on the floor and laughed .


  “ Hey Mac” Ernie broke Mac's attention


   “ Isn’t it time to close? Its 2 am “


   “ Nope, gonna stay open for a little while ,If I’m not charging No one can say anything come one The A-team is here..when will this ever happen again.?” Mac turned grabbed the phone and called his wife to come up, he wanted a a dance partner too.



Chapter 8


      Ernie the cook  went and turned off the outside lights, as he walked past the dancing couples on the floor the Older one stopped him.” Is the bar closed ?” He asked


      “Yep but the Mac just called  his wife to come down, I guess you guys lit a fire under him somehow. I don't know what you did, He wanted to shut this place down for good. Now he is talking about dancing with his wife and how much he loves the bar. So Whatever you did sir Thank you , I really thought I was losing my job tonight.” Ernie walked back to the kitchen to wash the few dishes he had used that night.


   Hannibal watched the man walk away , he had stopped moving on the dance floor but his partner was still swaying back and forth to the music.


   He stopped her from moving , Grabbed Face and handed his partner to Face's .


 “ Ladies finish this dance we have something to do” Hannibal flashed them one of his best smiles


  “ Awe come on Colonel what now “


 '” We gotta talk to Mac, he was gonna shut this place down tonight, lets see if we can help” Hannibal pulled on Face's arm.


     “Fine sometimes your worse than Murdock.. hey what about Murdock he should come too” Face Grabbed Murdock who had just stepped back for Patty as their dance ended .


        Before he even knew what was happening he was be pulled towards the bar .. Away from Patty.


      “What Face, Hannibal,  is it Decker? “


     “ NO Captain we need to talk to Mac “


     “ Ok , Face let me go before you dislocate my elbow” Face quickly relinquished the iron

 grip he had on his friends arm.


       Stop , come on Hannibal wait..What is going on”, Face finally found his voice He planted his feet so firm and fast Murdock ran right into him.  Face flew from the momentum of his friend running in to him and he ran into Hannibal.


   “ That's it , your both drinking soda now.. I feel like I am in  a Three Stooges  film. Hannibal stalked off to where Mac was sitting ,chatting with BA.


   'But..But we 're not drunk YOU did that....  Face stammered , Murdock just shook his head and wrapped his arm around his friend.


” Come on Drunky...


 Then he ran over to where the other men were Before Faces arm could make contact as he tried to punch Murdock in the shoulder.


As He reached BA he turned and stuck his tongue out as his exasperated friend.  “Why do I bother   Face threw his arms up and stomped after the rest.


     When they were all seated in front of Mac ,Hannibal spoke


    “ Alright Chief Spill it.. is this place going under ? 


    “ Did Ernie say something? Mac laid his forehead on the bar .Yea I am out of money.. I used all the money I saved from the Marines, my wife had a small inheritance , that's gone now too. we barley have enough to make it till the end of the month. Then you guys came in and BA fixed the cooler and I saw how regardless of circumstance you guys make it...  SO I thought maybe I can too. But who am I fooling “ Mac felt himself sweating under the ice blue gaze of the Leader of the A -Team


  Face and Murdock stopped their pestering of each other and looked at the broken man behind the bar.


 “ You can't close we just found you.. And your Jukebox is awesome, “ Murdock said with a voice of a kid who just learned Santa wasn’t real.


  “ Besides that Mac what will happen to your employees and you.” If you put all your money in this place. BA asked


     “ That's just it guys I want to stay open but I am tapped. Even if I worked this place alone , and payed for my stock out of pocket I would have maybe another 3 months. “


       “ Hey Face .aren’t we looking for a new INVESMENT? I'm not a big fan of that other one. Hannibal said with a growing smirk


        “ I couldn't let you guys NO , no way “ Mac stood up


         “ Hannibal really do you realize how much money a bar takes, we would have to take a hit to our portfolios “ Face said


         “ We will do this or you will be the one taking the HIT Face.. you are always playing with our money without our approval, well I want to invest some here”


' BA approached Face, who jumped up and hid behind the closest thing he could find which was Murdock.  Murdock threw his arms up in protection of his upper body, BA saw one of his eyes peaking from between his two first fingers.


        Hey I have no vote they don’t let crazy people vote,” Murdock jumped over the bar. Straightened his ball cap and pulled his jacket down into place. “


“But If I was to have a vote, I vote yes ,I like this place and I want be a bartender ..I can Make Rob Roy’s , and Shirley Temples and Ronald Regans and  other celebrity drinks. “


 Murdock ducked down behind the bar when BA reached for him


      “Cool it you two ,Hannibal ordered


        “ Now for once I was being good..Face started it. Why isn't the mud sucker going after him , I'll be over here by Patty.. she likes me , She doesn’t use me as a shield Or a Punching Bag … Murdock pouted.


       “ Murdock that's not right BA wasn’t gonna hit ya ..he was was gonna hit Face . Hannibal couldn't hold back his laughter


      “ Now He has a point guys … Hannibal walked around the bar.. this place could make some money ….. Oh and BA doesn’t use you as punching bag..but I have seen Face use you as a shield “with a dismissive wave towards Face Hannibal put his gloves on.


         “Wait Don't I have a say.. Mac asked incredulously 


        ' Of course Dear “said a feminine voice from the background “ But then I will have to over rule you”  

          “ Jane your here.. How much did you hear? Mac asked nervously


        “Well I heard a bunch of threats from one of them to another..but then I heard you trying to turn down Investors...Money is money Babe no matter  .. how odd the source.”


        “But to use other people's money .. we worked so hard and you gave up every dime your grandparents left you. I don't know if I can do this. Mac paced behind the bar


     “ Don't let your pride ruin your life Mac,You deserve this, you worked hard for it. Harder than most people will EVER work. Face said watching the man struggle with his doubts.


       “ But what happens to me if..


       “ Something happens to us ? It's OK Mac your not our first business  we have gotten involved in , we have contingency  plans in place for every one.”  Hannibal stated there will be a 3rd power that will take over our interest. Because unless a catastrophic accident or we all end up in jail , we wont all be gone at one time.” Hannibal told him as he sat back down at the bar and took a drink from his beer.


      “Mac I know you just met us.. But this is what we do , we help people let us help you.. And you never have to worry about paying protection to anyone out there ,Because trust us those guys are out there. Then the mobsters who want get your building from you , the other bad guys who just want to walk all over you ...” Murdock started naming off different people they have gone up against


       Murdock, ..Hey Murdock, ( Murdock kept rambling)  Captain “ Hannibal barked,  Murdock's head snapped back in mid sentence at Hannibal’s voice.  “ Yes Colonel “ Murdock glanced around at the room  Yep he had gone off on a tangent   ' “ Your Point … Captain “


      Its that you never know when things are gonna go sideways but if you got friends around it can always be straightened out. And we're pretty good to have around should it happen. But mainly ya gotta go for your dreams cause after everything we learned there, No-one is promised tomorrow.




Chapter 9


   “We can make it Mac we just need a little more  time. And if these guys are interested in helping I think we should try. “ I'm Jane ,Mac's wife “


       Mac nodded and did the introductions.


   “Come on Mac trust us “ Face said 


     Patty came back over after getting them all drinks, “ Mac I think you are an amazing man and everyone who comes in here loves the place,AND you are a great boss ,I know I don't want to work for anyone else .Would you guys be silent partners or bosses too?”


   “Strictly silent unless we are needed,We can help with some stuff, Face said, I can help with advertising and promotion , BA could help with repairs , Hannibal can also come up with ideas and Murdock , Well he can “Face was at a loss for what Murdock could do being in the VA most of the time unless they were out on a job. “ I can help with music, “ Murdock pipped up flashing a smile at Face, He had found himself in a bit of  quandary, He liked Patty but didn't know if his living arrangement would scare her off.


 “ Of coarse there would be no proof of our involvement for obvious reasons, and Jane for full disclosure We are all on the run from the Military so no one can know of us”. Hannibal said in a serious tone


  “ Wait are you guys saying your THE A-TEAM? I have heard of you, Mac talked about after he read an article in the paper.” Jane said her eyes growing wide


 “Yep that's us ,So not only for our protection but your own it is imperative that we remain anonymous”


 “And if you have any reservations about us our our situation then we will go, We are trusting you and you have to trust us too. “


 “ How would we get hold of you..I mean if we went forward , I can't imagine you are easy to get hold of. “Mac asked


  “We have a few numbers that get to us directly, plus you can get hold of Amy Allen At the L.A courier. She also has ways to reach us.


 “ Or you can call me , I'm around “ Murdock piped up Face stared at him surprised


  “ Well They can, I am technically NOT on the run , but I do live at the V.A .  I have my own phone and if I am not with these guys righting wrongs for the good people of the world “


  “Yea so there's that too , So what we are saying we can be reached, we may not always be available to come right in but someone will be able to help.'Hannibal said 


 “SO what do you say Mac, Jane , ?” Hannibal lit a cigar and sat back on his chair


  “Let's do it ,” Mac said


  “Well look's like you just went into Business with The A-Team Congratulations “ Hannibal reached over and Shook Mac's Hand then he shook Jane's


 While Face and Hannibal talked money with Mac and Jane, B.A wondered off to see what else was in need of repair , Patty sat back down with Murdock , who was spinning a quarter on the bar


 “ SO the V.A ? that's where you live? “ Patty asked


  “Yep it's a long story.” “


    “You don't look injured , I mean the way you dance you seem pretty fit to me “


   “Not all injury’s are physical hun, ya know what I mean .”


    “ You don't seem crazy either .”


    '”awe you just caught me on a good day . Who knows tomorrow I might be Superman, Or a talking car” Murdock said spinning the quarter faster


    “ So will I be able to get that number too, I mean I Like Superman, and A talking car sounds like it might be fun “ Patty said  boldly


 Murdock's quarter flew off the bar and He laughed as he jumped up to retrieve it.


 When he stood back up Patty was right there and quickly kissed him. He was taken back for a brief moment and kissed her back.  She slid her arm's around his waist and placed her head on his chest. She was a few inches shorter and he could rest his head on the top of hers. She could hear his heart beating and smell his cologne and the leather of his jacket . He felt safe to her, and she hadn't felt that for a long time.


 His eyes were closed as he stood there with her in his arm, smiling at the way she seemed to fit perfectly against him. He was lost in the moment ,no thoughts spinning around in his head . Just one man one women and the closeness . Before he knew it they were dancing to Ain't no sunshine by Bill Withers.


 Hannibal and Face had finished talking to Mac and Jane. Ba had come into the office and gave them a rundown of all the work he saw that the bar . Nothing he couldn't have buttoned up in a few days  with the guys pitching in .


 They looked around for their friend and Face pointed at the figures swaying together at the bar. “ Well there is another plus to this arrangement , She seems nice , maybe it will do him some good to not feel alone when we're not around.” Hannibal said.


 “ It will do her good too her husband was killed in car accident a year ago. That's when she came to me for a job. She usually keeps men at a distance, but something about your Pilot seemed to change that tonight.”Mac said thoughtfully


 “ Yea he is like that, he has a way with the hurt” Face told their new partner


“ Did I tell you there is a small apartment behind the bar? I use it  when we have bands and sometimes when I get out of here to late to drive home. But knowing your situation it may come in handy if you guys need a place to crash or something.”


 “ Actually Hannibal if we stay tonight I can start on these repairs in the morning , and I am pretty tired don’t think I want to make the drive back to LA, and none of you guys are driving tonight “.BA stated ,he didn’t like anyone driving his van but noone was touching it after a long night of drinking,


 'Mac if you don't mind us crashing there tonight, that would be wonderful, I don't know if we could pull Murdock away tonight anyway. “ Hannibal said


  'Captain if you don’t mind we are gonna stay a few more days. “


   Murdock skipped back to where the rest of the men were standing around a tall bar table


  “ Sure Colonel ,I mean what ever Mac needs. “ he couldn't hide the excitement in his voice.


  Well its settled , Mac if don’t mind showing BA to the apartment ,And Sargent see if you can find a more discreet place to park the van, it was fine for one night but if we are gonna be around for a few more days I don’t want it to draw any attention.


  “There is room to park it in the back by the apartment, its out of the way and out of sight from the road” 


  “ Excellent, Guy's I think this is work out just fine, I love it when a plan come together "





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