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Like Diamonds in Honey Like Diamonds in Honey
by Deb

Rating: G
Summary: Um, a team member reflects. How's that for vague?



Everybody thinks Face is vain.

I used to think so, too. After all, I've seen him spend an awful lot of time starin' at his reflection, scrutinizin' his face, hair, body, fretting over imperfections only he could see. I've seen him change his entire outfit because he wasn't happy with the crease in his trousers. And I've seen him go into seclusion over a pimple.

Yeah, it's pretty easy to assume it's all vanity, and Face doesn't do anything to make you think otherwise.  But a few years ago, I realized something that blew my mind -- he's probably the least vain person I know. You see, Face is a professional.  He takes care of his looks, but in the same way he takes care of his lockpicks and his sidearm.  His face is a tool, a weapon, a means to an end, and he treats any flaw, no matter how tiny, as a potential liability during a job.

Maybe this big understanding of mine is why I've noticed the changes when Hanibal and BA apparently haven't.  It started not long after we all came to Langley.  It didn't take Face long to realize that he wouldn't be called on to scam very much anymore.  On this new team, on Stockwell's A Team, Face was simply another soldier.

His fancy wardrobe was the first to go, a casualty of the career change. For the first time in years I saw him wearing denim and khakis on a daily basis.  Then, no more manicures. No more facials. No more three hundred dollar haircuts.  No more quality time spent in front of the mirror.

But the thing that really got me was the hair.  It's still that same spun gold, but now it has little flecks of silver in it.  No plain old gray hair for the Faceman, no sirree.  It's really cool, like looking at the stars and the sun all at diamonds in honey.  And the thing is, I know that with one phone call he could surround himself with people who would dye his hair and trim his cuticles and smooth away the little lines around his eyes until no traces of the last ten years remain.

But he doesn't.  He's letting nature take its course, letting the years show on his face.  I think that's pretty cool.  And you know something? It looks good on him.


Like Diamonds in Honey by Deb