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Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

By:   Lark


Copyright:    March 2001

Rated:           NC-17

Disclaimer:   They aren't mine and I don't make any money from this.

Warning:      m/m consensual sex 

Comments:   Please

Summary:     PWP – An evening in the park

Thanks to Elizabeth for betaing this. 







Murdock stood behind Face and wrapped his arms around him as they stopped and stared out over the small pond.  It was late, well past midnight, and the park was deserted.  The air was warm and still and seemed to absorb then reflect the light of the almost full moon.  Not the shimmering glow of so many poets' dreams, but a steady, soft light that stood as a constant against the darker shadows of night. 


Around the pond, frogs continued their nightly chorus, undisturbed by the two men who stood there.  From farther away, the occasional passing of a car could be heard, but the sound was distant, barely noticeable in the stillness of the park. 


The team had stopped for the night on their way back home after finishing up their latest job.  The motel was like so many others; ugly wallpaper adorned with even uglier art, all of which clashed with the cheap furniture.  The park, two blocks away, had seemed much more inviting.  Just a little walk, they told themselves, to unwind. 


That was over an hour ago.  Now, in the quiet of the wooded park, they watched the night, swaying slightly to a music that only they could hear. Murdock rested his chin on Face's shoulder, inhaling the scent that belonged to Face, that was Face.  He hugged Face a little tighter, smiled as he felt hands cover his.


Even more than the times they were able to plan to be together, it was moments like these that they both held dear.  Stolen times in unexpected places.  Face laughed softly when he thought of some of the less than romantic spots they had ended up at in the past.


"What's so funny, Face?" 


"I was just thinking about the Tangled Wire Museum."


Murdock smiled at the memory.  "Home of the largest barbed wire collection in New Mexico."


"Home of a lot of ugly metal."  Face remembered Murdock dragging him there, long after the museum had closed and insisting that Face pick the lock so that they could have their own private tour.


"Face, I'm surprised at you." Murdock's voice feigned shock. "Don't you realize the significance of barbed wire in the history of our country? It was an integral part of America's past.  It dates back to 1867 when…"


"Uh, yes, your dissertation on the history of barbed wire was spiked with many fascinating details."


"Face, was that a pointed remark?"


It was Face's turn to sound shocked. "A sharp retort from me? Never."


"Such cutting wit." Murdock rubbed his cheek against Face's.  "Hey, at least there was some art there for you to enjoy."


"Murdock, a barbed wire rendition of The Thinker isn't exactly my idea of classic art."


"It had its finer points."


Face groaned. 


"And," Murdock added as he gently blew in Face's ear, "the end of the tour was worth it, wasn't it?"


Face closed his eyes, remembering the time they spent in the reproduction bunkhouse behind the museum. "Yeah, I guess it was at that."


"Yeeeehaw, Facey," Murdock whispered.


"You didn't say it quite that quietly that night."


"I was a little more motivated at the time, if you remember." 


Face smiled.  "I remember."


Off in the distance, the sound of a train whistle drifted across the night.  Murdock felt Face lean into him, felt Face's hands press against his.


"What're you thinking about?" Murdock asked, holding Face a little tighter.


Face listened as the sound of the whistle faded away until only a faint echo remained behind.  "Just wondering where the train's going," he said softly. "Who's on it, if maybe they're going to meet someone."  He watched the still reflection of the moon in the pond's water. "When I was a little, I used to lie in bed at night and listen to the train whistle.  Thursday nights around midnight.  I'd wonder if maybe my mother was on the train and if she'd be there when I got up in the morning, waiting to take me back."  He laughed a bit self-consciously.  "Every Friday for a long time I'd comb my hair just a little neater, make sure that my shirt was tucked in and that my fingernails were clean. Just in case. Pretty silly, huh?"


Murdock kissed Face gently on the cheek. "Not silly at all, Facey."  Murdock wished that there was a way to go back and fix all the hurts and disappointments that had been too much a part of Face's life. "I think she'd have been there, if she could.  You would have been too precious to her for her not to have tried.  Same as you are to me."


The frogs' songs filled the silence until Face spoke again.


"Father Maghill found me one of those Friday mornings sitting on the front steps." Face's fingers caressed Murdock's hand as he spoke. "It was my birthday, at least the day that was chosen to be my birthday.  I was sure that that was the day that she would come.  So I waited.  He came out and sat down next to me and asked what I was doing.  I didn't want to tell him at first, but Father had a way of getting you to talk even when you didn't want to.  I remember that he was quiet after I finished explaining, and then he put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me.  He said that he thought that maybe the train whistle was my mom's way of reminding me that she was always close, looking out for me." 


Face shook his head a little. "Father sat with me for another hour until I started to cry.  I knew that he meant she wasn't coming, but I didn't want to believe it. After I had calmed down, he took me by the hand and said that since it was my birthday I deserved to have a special day.  He let me skip school and we went into town, had breakfast at a real restaurant and he bought me a new pair of shoes and a book. Wind in the Willows.  Then we went to the museum.  It was a nice day."


Again, they let the silence slip between them, an easy stillness that did not need to be filled.  Murdock absently wondered how many other lovers had stood looking out over the pond, sharing memories and secrets in the night.  Sharing themselves.


"Facey," Murdock tenderly kissed Face's neck, "make love to me." 


"What, no offer of wine and poetry first?" Face laughed. "No wooing, no romance? I feel so cheap."


Murdock moved so that he was in front of Face.  "I'd forgotten what a romantic you are at heart, Facey."  He let his lips lightly brush Face's, then he pulled away, taking Face's hand in his.


Murdock cleared his throat. "I am Murdock, it's plain to see.  And I want you to make love to me."


Face rolled his eyes.


"Would you, could you, here and there? Would you, could you anywhere?"


"Murdock, what…"


"Would you, could in the park?  Would you, could you in the dark?"




"Would you like it near the tree? Would you like it there with me?"


Murdock held a finger to Face's lips.


"Would you do it 'neath moonlight? Would you do it when stars were bright?"


Murdock kissed Face's hand.


"Say! I know! On the grass. Would you, could you on the grass?"


"If not on the grass, then how 'bout the woods? Do you think you really could?"


Murdock reached to undo Face's pants.


"I love you, Facey, it's plain to see. Now, would you please make love to me?"


Face felt Murdock's hand slip inside his pants.  He pulled Murdock to him and whispered softly, "I would do it in the park. I would do it in the dark. I'm sure I'd do it here or there.  In fact, I'd do it anywhere."


They looked at each other for a moment then both burst out laughing.


"Do you suppose that Dr. Seuss is having nightmares right now?" Face asked.


Murdock tried to look offended. "Face, you hurt me.  I think that the good doctor would be pleased."


"Well, let me see if I can make it up to you."


He led Murdock over to the edge of the woods where they would be a little more hidden by both the trees and the darkness.  Then he slowly began to undress the pilot.


"Would you, could you without your hat?" Face said, tossing it aside.


"Yes I can, imagine that."


Face sat down, pulling Murdock with him.  They sat facing each other, close, holding hands.  When they kissed, it was slow, lingering, tongues exploring and reacquainting themselves with the feel and taste of the other. Old and new, comfortable and exciting.  They took their time, their mouths warm and soft together, staying there until both needed to breathe.  Finally Face broke the kiss, but slowly, the same way it had started. 


Without taking his eyes from Murdock's, Face carefully began to undo the laces of Murdock's sneakers.


"Now before we do it here and there, I need to remove all your footwear."


"Face, that was really bad."


"You try to rhyme something with sneakers."




Face stared at him.


"Okay, I see your point."


Face finished removing Murdock's sneakers and socks, then he removed his own.  Face tilted his head to the side for a minute, thinking.  Then he stood, reaching out a hand and inviting Murdock to join him.


"We're almost ready for some romance.  Would you mind if I removed your pants?" Face was already reaching for the button.


Murdock chocked back a laugh. "Yes indeed I think you should."  He felt Face's hand brush against his erection as his pants slid down. "Oh my, Facey, that feels good!"


Face giggled as he shimmied out of his own pants.  "The time is near, we're almost set. There's just one thing more that I need to get."  Face removed his jacket.  "Could we, should we without lube?" With a flourish he pulled something from the pocket of his jacket. "No, no, never.  So I brought a tube."


Murdock could not hold back his laughter.  He pulled Face to him, still laughing, letting his hands wander down Face's back, pushing the two of them close, until his laughter shook them both.  "Let's forget the verse, forget the rhyme. I need you in me, now's the time."


That was all the urging Face needed.  He moved his hands up Murdock's sides and chest, pushing the shirt up at the same time and pulling it over Murdock's head.  Wisps of Murdock's hair stood up, trying to follow the shirt as Face tossed it aside.  Face ran his fingers through it, tried to smooth it down, chuckled when several pieces continued to inch back upwards.  Giving up, his hands found other areas to touch and his lips sought out the special places that only he knew of.


While Face's mouth wandered lazily over Murdock's shoulder and neck, knowing which spots to stop at that would draw soft moans from his lover, Murdock's fingers undid the buttons of Face's shirt, finally working it off of Face and sending it to land a short distance away on the ground.


Standing together in the moonlight, clothes scattered around them, their hands and mouths teased one another.  Their bodies pressed closed, hips pushing against each other until they were both moaning.  


"Facey, I love you. Don't wanna wait anymore."  Murdock bent down and picked up the tube of lubrication that Face had dropped.  He squeezed some out and tossed the tube away to join the clothing.  Murdock rubbed his hands together and then began stroking Face's penis, enjoying the shivers he was sending through Face's body.  He kissed Face again, drawing him downwards with his mouth until both were on the grass. 


They were both ready, more than ready.  Murdock lay on his back, moaning softly as Face gripped his hips and slowly, gently began to enter him.  Face took his time, held back from pushing in fast even as Murdock tried to push forward.  Face wanted release, but he also wanted this moment to last. He always did.  So he waited, held himself still inside of Murdock until neither could wait, until the need was too strong. 


Face began to thrust, deep and long, drawing it out.  His hand found Murdock's erection, stroked it in time with the thrusts.  Murdock bucked, trying to increase the speed, and Face obliged.  When they came, they came together, hushed cries filling the night air. 


When Face finally withdrew he lay down next to Murdock, holding him, kissing him and whispering I love you's in Murdock's ear.


Murdock brushed Face's cheek with his hand and smiled broadly. "Facey, oh Facey, that was so good, that was so nice.  Do you think that we can do it twice?"


And they did.



THE END (And my apologies to the late Dr. Seuss for borrowing (sort of) 'Green Eggs and Ham'.)


Moonlight Sonata by Lark



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