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A Mission of Horror Movies

By Jullian

Rating: PG

Summary: A little fun with Halloween movie titles

Warning: None, okay maybe the mention of M/M sex so Slash



Face had an "Omen" that this mission "Case 39", was going to be a terror when Hannibal told "Them" it was going to be "Child's Play."  He had tried to warn the Colonel that the mission had a "Sinister" aspect to it but the older man had just flashed him a smile with his blue eyes "Shining". So here they were well past "Seven" in the evening on "Friday the 13th", "28 Days Later" than when they were supposed to have start the job going down a back country road, looking for a "Cabin in the Woods" which was meant to be the "Last House on the Left".   However, Face was sure that they had made a "Wrong Turn" several miles back and were never going to find the place.


Face really didn't know how BA could see in "The Mist" that seemed to cover the area all around them.  Not that it really mattered it was so dark outside the van's windows a "Black Cat" could land on the windshield and he doubted he could see it.


 He didn't know about "The Others" but he swore to himself that if he died in a car wreck on this "Backcountry" road, he was going to come back as a "Poltergeist" and haunt Hannibal for as long as the older man lived.  He would make sure that he would create so much "Paranormal Activity" the Colonel would never get a moment's rest.  Without a doubt he would be a real "Hellraiser" and Hannibal would have to call in an "Exorcist" if he wanted his "Ghost" out of the house. 


Face grabbed hold of the armrests on his seat as the van pitched to one side when the road seemed to suddenly drop off.  Face cursed their "Psycho" client "Annabelle" who had given them the directions to the cabin. There was no way that "The Woman" had given them the correct route; he knew they should have listened to "Mary," "The Girl Next Door" when she tried to tell them to take a different way.


'Just go "31" miles, after you turn on "Rosewood Lane," more like a "Highway to Hell" Face thought as the van pitched sideways again.


"Hannibal, at the rate we are going we're going to be lucky to get there by "Halloween" BA grumbled as he swerved to miss another large pothole that suddenly appeared out of "The Fog."


'Thank God,' another "Voice" of reason Face thought but didn't say anything since Hannibal had become "Livid" after his last snide remark.  The older man had even gone as far as to threaten to drop him off at "The Orphanage" if he opened his "Jaws" to offer on more complaint about his decision to take the "Insidious" mission.  So Face had just "Hush(ed)" and not said another word despite the worsening road conditions.


"Look, guys, I know that you don't want to be out here but "The Thing" is we've already accepted the money from the client and that is "The Fly" in the ointment about turning back around and going home.  Besides I think I "Saw" a sign just a few miles back stating that "Silent Hill" was just a few miles ahead."


"I thought we were looking for "Signs" that read "Salem's Lot"?" Murdock asked as he leaned farther forward in his seat.  "I'm betting this road is going to be a "Dead End."


"I know where I'm going fool."


"So begins "The Descent" into madness."  Face mumbled when BA started growling at Murdock like "The Wolfman."


Within a matter of minutes, the van was filled with "High Tension" as BA and Murdock continued "The Howling"  back and forth, and Face was starting to wish he could go "Braindead" or at the very least "Scream" at them to stop when Hannibal put an end to it.


"Alright enough," the older man yelled, "There is a sign for "Wolf Creek" turn off there."


"Hannibal, that's going to be a "Wrong Turn Two."" BA grumbled.


"It doesn't matter, there is a "House on the Hill." Hannibal pointed to the left. "We'll get directions there."


"You mean that "Old Dark House?"  Murdock asked. "It looks like the only thing that would live there would be the "Nosferatu."




  "And you call me a fool," Murdock rolled his eyes "Dracula," you big "Creature from the Black Lagoon."


"You two need to stop!"  Hannibal snapped his face a "Deep Red" as he turned around in his seat.


"Look over there," BA pointed off to the right side of the road.


Face pushed Murdock back into his seat so he could see what the big man was looking at.  He let out a sigh when he saw a motel with a "Vacancy" sign lighting up the night sky.


"Thank God," Face leaned back in his seat, though he had to say that "The Babadook" seemed to be a strange name for a motel.


Hannibal was about to say something about traveling on when he decided that perhaps it would be best to pull over for the night and get some sleep. 


"Alright Face, which "Identity" do you plan on using?"


"I thought I might mix it up a bit this time, I'll be "Henry" and you get to be "The Stepfather."


"If you like I can be "The Wicked" stepfather."  Hannibal glared at Face as he climbed out of the van.


"Jeepers Creepers," Hannibal do we have to stay here?" Murdock whined.


"Would you like to keep going until we hit "Kalifornia?"


"I'm betting once we get there he'll have "Cabin Fever" in a few days." BA looked back at the pilot just aching to continue his fight.


Murdock was just about to reply when Face reappeared twirling a set of keys, "The Ring" twisting through the slim digits of "The Hand" that held them.


"Per "Carrie" "The Innkeeper" also known as "The Bride of Frankenstein" at this "Motel Hell" there are two rooms available one is "Room 237" and the other is "1408".


"Alright BA, you and Murdock take one room and Face, and I will take the other."


Face tossed a set of keys to BA as he grabbed his own bag and headed toward the second room.  Before he was around the corner he heard Murdock banging on the door yelling "Let Me In."


Face unlocked the door to the room that he would be sharing with Hannibal and groaned when he saw the interior.  Why doesn't someone just "Drag Me to Hell." He whispered as he looked around the "Green Room" in "Repulsion."


"It could be worse," Hannibal commented as he wrapped his arms around Face while closing the door with his foot.


"How, a bunch of "Alien" "Freaks" are going to offer turn down service? Come on Hannibal this place is for "The Birds."


"Look it's not that bad "Angel Heart," we can make the best of this." Hannibal leaned forward to kiss the back of Face's neck.


Face sighed as he decided to let go of his "Misery" and enjoy their "Nightmare" of an adventure with his lover and teammates.


"Alright, you win but before you go "Conjuring" up some scheme in your mind that I'm going to have sex on that bed you better "Open Your Eyes" and take a good long look at "The Blog" of who knows what on it. So if you want "Inside" me on that bed, you better make that top duvet disappear, and a blanket from the van had best take its place, or I'm going to be the one pulling "The Vanishing" act.


As Hannibal watched Face cross his arms over his chest and give a look that he knew meant no sex unless the younger man's demands were followed.  No one could turn from red hot lover to "Cold Fish" faster than Templeton Peck.  As he stared into "The Eye(s)" of his lover and soul mate, Hannibal Smith finally realized what had happened to "Rosemary's Baby."






A Mission of Horror Movies by Jullian Gray



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