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Relaxation (Same night as "No More Fun")

By Jullian Gray


Rating: NC-17

Warning: Slash, H/F, Graphic Sex

Summary: Hannibal and Face continue to celebrate Face's birthday indoors.




Face sighed as he leaned back in the oversized tub full of steaming hot water and bubble bath his contentment growing even higher as Hannibal's large hands started to massage his scalp with overly priced shampoo.

"You have no idea how good this feels." Face purred as Hannibal's hands moved down his neck and to his shoulders.  

"Oh, I have a pretty good idea." Hannibal moved to kiss the outer shell of Face's ear. "But you know it's only going to get better from here don't you?"

"Really," Face leaned his head back so see Hannibal better. "And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Do you want me to give away all my secrets?" Hannibal leaned forward so he could capture his lover's lips.

"Yes," Face grinned as they broke apart.

"Sorry birthday boy, it's not going to happen." Hannibal kissed the tip of Face's nose before moving back so that he could pick up the sprayer and rinse out Face's hair. "But it starts with me joining you."

Hannibal nudged Face forward just a bit before sliding into the tub behind him, once settled he pulled Face toward him so the younger man's back was resting against his chest. Bringing his arms up he wrapped one around Face's chest while the other settled on the blonde's thigh.



"Good," Hannibal leaned his head down to kiss the side of his lover's neck.

"So what are you getting me for my birthday?"

"You don't give up do you?"

"Do you?" Face leaned his head back against the older man's broad shoulder so he could look directly into the bright blue eyes. "If I remember correctly you started inquiring about last year's gift a month in advance."

"I can't help it you give such great gifts." Hannibal chuckled, and Face couldn't help but sigh as it vibrated through his body.  Listening to or better yet feeling his lover's deep rumbling laugh was one of the simple pleasures that Face truly enjoyed in life.

"It's called planning," Face kissed the underside of Hannibal's jaw. "You of all people should know a thing or two about that."

"Another year older and still an imp," Hannibal growled as he tightened his grip around Face's chest.

"Yes, but you love me," Face chuckled as he nipped the underside of Hannibal's jaw.

"Then again twenty-one-year-olds do tend to be immature."

"I am not immature," Face rolled his eyes as crossed his arms over his chest.

"Now, don't go getting yourself worked up," Hannibal chuckled again as he wrapped his arms around Faces. "We're having too lovely of an evening for you to get into a snit."

"I'm not getting worked…" Face stopped talking when Hannibal moved one hand from his chest to wrap it around his cock before gently squeezing and stroking it "up."

"I'm wondering if we can change that?" Hannibal moved his remaining hand on Face's chest moved to brush then pinch his right nipple. 

"Are you trying to distract me?"

"Is it working?"

"Yes," Face hummed as laid his head back on Hannibal's shoulder when the large hand around his cock moved to roll his balls.

"Then yes, I'm trying to distract you." Hannibal moved to kiss Face's forehead.

"Feels like I'm not the only one getting worked up," Face smiled as he felt his lover's cock swelling underneath him.

"You excite me, kid," Hannibal responded as he started to kiss along Face's neck as he shifted his thighs spreading Face's legs farther apart so that his cock slid between the younger man's cheeks.

In response, Face moved so that he could wrap one arm around Hannibal's neck allowing him to arch his back and lift his weight off his lover's thighs.  As Face moved his head to capture his lover's mouth Hannibal slid his hand off Face's cock for just a moment so that he could line himself up with Face's hole. Feeling the pressure against his opening Face slowly lowered himself back down until the older man's entire length was nestled inside of him.

"Always so tight," Hannibal hissed out as he moved his hand back to Face's twitching cock.

"Cause your so fucking big," Face moaned into his lover's mouth.

"Need me to stop?" Hannibal pulled back slightly to look at Face.

"Don't you fucking dare," Face growled as he attacked his lover's mouth.

Again Hannibal's laugh vibrated through his body and Face tightened his grip a little more around the older man's neck.

Hannibal let Face set the pace, never taking but allowing his young lover to ride him while he kept a gentle yet tight fist around the blonde's rigid and straining cock. Only when Face came screaming his name did he thrust twice into that tight wet heat claiming his boy once again as his own. 

The two sat quietly in the cooling water for some time just trying to catch their breaths as they rode out the last of the euphoria from their lovemaking.

"You ready to take this to the bedroom kid?" Hannibal asked as he placed a gentle kiss on the side of Face's neck.

"Yeah," Face agreed, but he didn't make any attempt to move.

"Come on baby, scoot up," Hannibal laughed again as he forced Face to sit forward so he could slide out from behind him. Once standing Hannibal reached under the younger man's arms and hauled him to his feet. A few minutes later Hannibal had both of them dry and wrapped around each other in the middle of their California king bed.


"Very," Face sighed contently as he nestled closer to Hannibal's side.

Hannibal was just starting to drift off to sleep he heard a soft voice under his chin.

"So what did you get me for my birthday?"










Relaxation by Jullian Gray



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