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No More Fun…

By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Summary: Face reflects of his upcoming birthday

Warning: Slash, H/F language, graphic sex




Face sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror.  His birthday was coming up quick, tomorrow in fact and the way he was currently feeling he was starting to believe his made up age of twenty-six.


To look at him, no one would ever guess that he was turning twenty-one tomorrow; Face made damn sure that could never happen.  He always wore suits and ties instead of the tee-shirts and blue jeans.  His hair was always in place, neatly trimmed, and styled, never long or dirty, his face clean shaven, not one single whisker ever made it past his razor.  No one would ever confuse him with one of the hippy freaks that seemed to define his generation.


There were times however that he wished he could let his guard down and relax to be his own age before he really was twenty-six.  Not that twenty-six was old it was just real damn close to thirty, and then people would really expect him to act his age.  He would be old before he ever got a chance to be young. 


The only thing that was going to make this birthday bearable was that he was going to be alone.  Murdock was at the VA on an escape watch since the last time they had broken him out for their last mission, so that meant no strange and bizarre presents.   BA was taking a bunch of teens from the youth center up into the mountains to go camping so that meant not having to cook or eat out at some greasy dive.  Hannibal had volunteered to help BA out with the youth retreat, so that meant no argument or teasing about how old he really was.  Of course, both men had all but begged him to join them, but as much as he wanted to be with his lover on his birthday, there was no way Face was going to spend it lying on the hard ground being eaten by bugs while entertaining a bunch of teenagers. 


Maybe just maybe he was getting old, at one time he wouldn't have cared where he was at as long as he was with Hannibal, but now… No, Face shook his head he would still do anything to be with the older man, he just wanted a few creature comforts to go along with that silver head and broad shoulders.  Being pounded into the ground by Hannibal didn't sound near as appealing as being pounded into a soft mattress by Hannibal with warm blankets and air-conditioning afterward.


After one more long look in the mirror, Face moved into the other room and flopped down on the couch to watch some television before he called it a night.  Face wasn't too sure how long he had been asleep or for that matter what had woke him until he heard a clap of thunder that shook the house and a flash of lightening lit the room. 


Looking out the French doors Face could see the rain coming down in sheets while the wind blew it against the window panes.  Face couldn't help but laugh as he thought about Hannibal being soaked to the bone, served him right for leaving him on his birthday.  Flipping through the television channels again Face settled on a western before he lay back down on the couch, a smile playing at the corner of his lips as he imagined Hannibal's silver hair plastered to his head.


The next time he woke it was because of a pesky feeling that something was dripping on his skull.  After wiping the offending drip off twice, he opened his eyes to see what was causing his discomfort only to look directly into the blue eyes of John Hannibal Smith.


"What are you doing home and why are you dripping all over me?"


"Nice to see you too kid," Hannibal laughed as he continued to trickle water on the younger man.


"Really, Hannibal you couldn't have gotten a towel and dried off before you decided to stand over the top of me?"


"If you're this grouchy at twenty-one I'd hate to see how you're going to be at thirty."


"I'm not twenty-one."


"You're right; your birthday isn't for another fifteen minutes."


Face started to open his mouth to argue but closed it; there was no use in trying to fool Hannibal.  The man had a way of seeing through just about every single lie that he'd ever told.


"Is there any reason that you have decided to try the Chinese water torture on me?"


"The camping trip got rained out so I decided to come home and spend the rest of the weekend with my birthday boy."


"You could have dried off before you decided to join me."


Hannibal sighed as he shook his head.  He loved the younger man more than life itself and would do anything for him, but there were times that he wondered if Face even knew what it was to have fun.  Reaching down Hannibal grabbed Face by the arms and pulled him upright, then to his feet.  Before Face could say a word he threw the younger man over his shoulder and started out the French doors.


"What in the hell are you doing?" Face protested as he was soaked to the bone the moment the two stepped out onto the back deck.


"Haven't you ever danced in the rain?" Hannibal asked as he set Face down, but made sure that he kept a firm hold on the younger man so that he couldn't go back inside.


"No, and I don't intend to start now,"


"Come on kid, why don't you lighten up and enjoy yourself."


"How do you enjoy getting soaked to the bone?"


"Just like this," Hannibal leaned forward and kissed the younger man with all the love he felt for him before gently pushing the blonde head down to his shoulder.  One hand moved to Face's back while the other went across his shoulders as he started to move his feet.


"This is insane…"


"Shut up, and let me lead," Hannibal growled in his ear before bending his head to nip at the younger man's neck.


Realizing that he wasn't going to get away, Face closed his mouth, then his eyes and relaxed into the strong arms that held him tight to his lover's broad chest as the rain poured down on top of them.


"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Hannibal whispered into Face's ear.


"A time or two," Face smiled as he turned his head on Hannibal's shoulder so he could see the bright blue eyes staring at him.


"You have no idea how much you mean to me." Hannibal hugged Face's closer to his body.


"I love you too,"


"When was the last time I made love to you in the rain?"


Face blushed, he remembered it all too well; they had been caught in a rainstorm on their way back to their base camp in Vietnam.  It had been raining so had that they to pull over and after sitting in the open jeep for ten minutes they two sought shelter under a tree some distance back from the road.  It hadn't taken long before Face found himself on his back with Hannibal kissing his way down his body.


"Five years ago,"


"Too long ago," Hannibal leaned forward to capture Face's mouth as his hands moved under the hem of Face's shirt, tugging it upwards.


"We're not doing this," Face started to shake his head, but Hannibal already had his shirt pulled over his head.


"We're so doing this," Hannibal smiled as twisted Face's shirt up in his hands so the younger man couldn't get his arms free as he walked Face backward. When the back of the younger man's legs hit the padded lounger, and he pushed him down onto it.


"Hannibal," Face started to whine out as the rain poured down over the top of him and his pants were soaked through by the wet cushion.


"Shut up," Hannibal growled as he stripped Face's pajama bottoms off his waist and down to his knees, before kneeling to take Face's cock into his mouth.


"Fuck John," Face hissed out, he wanted to bring his hands up the older man's head, but they were trapped by his shirt and pinned under his body.


In response, Hannibal looked up into the younger man's blue-green eyes as he pushed Face's pajama pants down a little further so he could spread his boy's legs wider apart allowing him better access for his finger to slip behind the golden cheeks and into the tight quivering hole.  Hannibal groaned around Face's cock as he watched the younger man throw his head back as he back bowed into an arch. As the rain pouring down over the golden body slicking the baby smooth skin.  Hannibal often wondered if Face had any idea of just how much he actually loved him. He wondered if Face knew that he would beg, borrow, lie, steal, murder or lay down his own life to keep the younger man safe from harm.


Twisting his finger, Hannibal crooked it slightly so he could rub that tight little bundle of nerves which bowed Face's back even higher, his mouth open, his chest heaving, his body trembling under his touch.  Using his hands and mouth Hannibal played Face's body like an instrument, bringing out some of the sweetest sounds he'd ever heard until at last it came to an end with Face shouting out his name before going completely limp on the padded lounger. 


Hannibal stripped off Face's pajama bottoms as he moved up the younger man's body kissing the wet skin as he went, not stopping until he captured his lover's mouth, taking in the blonde's panting breath.  Hannibal's moved his hands to free Face's from their confines in the tee-shirt that trapped them. Taking each of his lover's wrists in his hands, he wrapped them around the back of his own neck.


"Hold tight kid," Hannibal whispered into his lover's neck as he pulled Face upright on the lounger. "Let's get you inside and dried off."


"Not yet," Face smiled as he kissed the underside of Hannibal's chin.  For the first time in a long time, he felt like acting his actual age.


Hannibal wasn't sure exactly how it happened one minute he was getting ready to pick Face up into his arms and the next he found himself on his back with Face straddling him, they younger man's hands in his hair as he leaned down over him.


"You want to play in the rain, well then let's play."




No More Fun... by Jullian Gray



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