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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone

By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Warning: Slash NC-17, Language, Violance

Sumary: Hannibal and Face's ego's get in the way and things go bad…Response to sniper and explosive expert challenge.




"Where's Face?"  Hannibal asked as he stepped into the kitchen of the teams most recent scammed home.


"Now where do you think he is?" BA huffed as he looked at the clock on the stove.


Hannibal looked at his watch and frowned; he had told Face when he had left for his run this morning that he expected him up, out of the bed, showered, dressed and at the breakfast table by the time he got back. It seems that his request had fallen on deaf ears, though if he had bothered to think about it, Hannibal might have realized he'd made a mistake by not making it an order.


"I guess our Lieutenant needs a little motivation this morning."  Hannibal went back through the kitchen door into the garage.  He reappeared a few moments later with something in his hand, a large bucket in the other along with and a lit cigar clenched between his teeth.  Hannibal moved to the sink where he pulled a plastic bag and tape from a drawer.  He wrapped the object he was holding in a plastic bag before taping the bag to the side of the bucket, then he stuck the bucket in the sink and began to fill it.  About five minutes later Hannibal pulled the full bucket out and headed down the hall to his still sleeping lieutenant's room.


Quietly he opened the door and stuck his head inside, just as he expected Face was still in the bed, with his back to the door, head buried under the blankets.  Moving further into the room Hannibal set the bucket in a corner before sliding out of the room, he went down the hall to the bathroom where he soaked several towels in the sink before going back to Face's room.  Moving back to the bucket he wrapped the wet towels around outside of it before taking a deep draw off of his cigar and touching the tip to the fuse that stuck out of the top of the bucket.  Hannibal looked back at the young man sleeping in the bed for one more moment before he left the room and went back down the hall to the kitchen where he poured himself a cup of coffee.  When BA turned to look at him, Hannibal just raised his cup and smiled.


"The kid should be getting up just about," Hannibal looked at his watch. "Now."


As the last word left Hannibal's mouth, a loud boom came from the back of the house followed by a scream and a whole lot of cursing.  Less than a minute later a very wet and angry Templeton Peck came storming into the kitchen.


"Good to see you showered and ready to go," Hannibal smiled over the top of his coffee mug.


"You bastard," Face snarled as he stood shaking with anger. "You could have killed me!"


"Hardly," Hannibal smiled as he moved to stand in front of Face. "I've been working with explosives since you were in grade school." 


"A senile old fuck with explosives, that makes me feel so much better." Face growled as he stepped into Hannibal's personal space.


"If you're so worried about your health then perhaps you should get your sorry ass out of bed when you are told to."


"Fuck you," Face took another step forward.


"I don't like angry sex," Hannibal smiled.


Face opened and closed his mouth a few times before he spun on his heels left the room cursing all the way down the hall.




"I'm going to make him run until his legs fall off," Hannibal growled as he looked at his watch for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes.  It was well past 1:00 am and he had told Face to be back to their safe house by midnight. 


"You might as well go to bed he'll be home when he gets home."


"I told him to be back here by midnight" Hannibal barked.


"Don't get mad at me, I haven't done a thing."


"I'm sorry BA, you're right it's not your fault."


"Now that you realize that go to bed and quit pacing the floor you're keeping me awake," BA grumbled as he turned and went back down the hallway to his room.


"That's not going to happen; I have a lieutenant to ream out when he gets in."


*** 8:00am***


Hannibal looked at his watch as he fought back a yawn; the only thing that was keeping him going was his anger at Face for not coming home the night before.  He had stayed awake for the entire night just waiting to pounce on the younger man for ignoring his command to be in by midnight.  Hearing noise behind him, Hannibal turned to see Face shuffling down the hall in his bathrobe while running a hand through his bed-ravaged hair.


"Where the hell have you been?" Hannibal growled as he moved to stand directly in front of Face blocking his forward movement.


"What's your problem?" Face asked as he took a step back to put some distance between the two of them.


"I told you to be back at this house by midnight and you…" Hannibal started, but Face stopped him dead.


"I've been here since 9:45 last night."


"Bullshit Face, I've been up all night, you never came through that door!" Hannibal snapped.


"Who said I used that door," Face looked at the front door then back at Hannibal.


"Then how did you get into his house?"


"I'm a sniper, we get in and out of places without being detected, it's what we do." Face flashed Hannibal a quick smile before he pushed past the older man to go to the kitchen.




Hannibal watched as Face came running out of the warehouse that contained illegal drugs.  The team had originally planned on turning the information they had about the smugglers over to the local authorities but after a few quick checks, they realized that the authorities were in on the smuggling trade.  So the team revised the plan and decided to blow up the contents of the warehouse to send not only a message but to also to prevent anyone from ever being able to distribute it.


Hannibal smiled as Face cleared the parking lot, pressing the button he sent the building sky high with a fireball exploding out of the top.  Turning his back on the smoldering remains Hannibal walked back to the van, he was just pulling out a cigar and lighting it when he heard a noise behind him as he turned he saw a very pissed off blonde coming towards him. 


"You're an asshole!" Face yelled as he glared at his commander. "Do you have any idea how close you came to blowing me up?"


"I was in complete control of the situation."


"My hair is singed, my suit has burns in it, and I'm pretty damn sure that if I look in the mirror, I have flash burns on my face."  The younger man snarled as he clenched and unclenched his fists' the desire to hit the older man in the mouth growing by the second. "You were supposed to wait until I got clear of the parking lot before you blew the building."


"I waited, and as soon as you were off the blacktop, I blew the building."


"I had one fucking foot off the pavement!" Face took another step closer to his CO. "The force of the explosion knocked me the rest of the way out of the lot."


"I was in complete control of the whole situation," Hannibal smiled around his cigar. "That's what a demolitions expert does, we plan and through careful planning we execute said plan and destruction perfectly."


"You're psychotic, that's what you are fucking psychotic!" Face yelled as he turned and stormed off to the van.




Hannibal smiled at the thug who sneering at him, reaching into his pocket he pulled out a cigar and made a show or lighting it before blowing a cloud of smoke at the other man completely ignoring the gun that was being pointed at his chest.


"Give me the papers you stole from me, or I'll shoot you."


"Are you talking about the papers that prove you are guilty of embezzlement and fraud?"


"I'm talking about the papers you took out of my safe!"


"Well actually, I didn't take them my lieutenant did."


"I don't care who took them I want them back!"


"You know there is nothing that he can't get into. I once saw him open…"


"Shut up and tell me where you put the papers!" The thug screamed as he raised his gun to point it at Hannibal's face.


"I tell you that boy is a natural born thief, I bet he can take the…"


"Where are my…"


"Gold fillings out of your head and you wouldn't even know he had taken them."


"Papers!"  The angry thug yelled as he pointed the gun directly at Hannibal's face.  A split second later the criminal started screaming, the gun fell to the ground as he held his shattered wrist.


"Damn," Hannibal growled as he leaned down to pick up the gun before handcuffing the thugs good hand to the front bumper of the car he had arrived in to meet with the colonel.  "I'll make sure that the police know that you need medical help."


Hannibal hurried back to the team's safe house where he found Face in the kitchen carefully repacking his beloved sniper rifle in its hard case where it could be protected better.  It only took him a few quick strides to reach the younger man.  Face started to turn around to see who was coming up behind him when Hannibal grabbed him by the back of his jacket hauled him out of his chair, spun him around and slamming him against the wall.


"What did you think you were doing pulling that stupid stunt out there?"


"What the hell are you talking about?"


"Don't give me that innocent act; you could have killed me when you took that shot!" Hannibal snarled as he got into the younger man's face. "If he or I had moved one way or another I would be dead!"


"First off, you need to back the hell up!"  Face shoved against Hannibal forcing him to take a step back. "Second, I was in complete control all the time. When I noticed him bringing the gun up I fired, and I might also point out, I didn't kill him, Hannibal, all because of your rule."


"You very easily could have, shot him in the head or me for that matter." Hannibal fumed.


  "I'm a trained sniper Hannibal; I assess my targets and eliminate them."


Hannibal watched as Face straighten his shirt before moving to the table to pick up the case containing the rifle, before turning back to face him.


"Though I guess they don't teach you one shot, one kill; in demolition training." Face gave Hannibal a dangerous smile as he walked out of the room.




"Come on kid," Hannibal thought as he watched smoke rolled out of the back of a car that Face had just exited from.  The plan had been for Face to drive a car with explosives in the trunk up to the front door of the criminal's hideout.  The charges were set on a timer which would give Face enough time to get far enough away from the blast zone.  The one thing that Hannibal had not accounted for was the possibility of Face getting pinned down by a gang member who had returned back to their hideout early.  


The gang member had taken one look at Face, recognized him from an earlier confrontation and had instantly started firing at him. Face had managed to get behind the back of the car for protection, but he was quickly running out of time.  Face would have had five minutes to get away from the car, but he had been pinned down for the last three minutes.  Though what scared Hannibal the most was the smoke coming out of the back of the trunk where it had been sprayed in a hail of gunfire.


Face started to take several steps forward away from the car then instantly jumped back when another barrage tore up the asphalt directly in front of him. 


"BA how long before you and Murdock get here!" Hannibal yelled into the radio as he fired several more rounds at the gang member.


"We're at least another fifteen minutes out," Murdock replied over the radio. "The big guy is driving like a bat out of hell, but these roads are really rough."


Hannibal turned his attention back to Face as his lieutenant bowed his head in defeat.  They both knew that the other two members of their team would do everything in their power to get to Face out of danger. However, the gang's hideout was in the middle of nowhere on a back country road with so many twists and turns that there was no way the van could get up to full speed.


"Don't you dare give up," Hannibal growled as he looked at Face as if hearing his words Face looked up and give him a sad smile.  They both knew that he was hopelessly pinned down, and the only way out was to wound or kill the gang member firing at him.  The first option would seem like the better of the two, but even if they just wounded the sleaze, it would still be a death sentence when the explosives blew. 


"I'm not losing you, kid," Hannibal took in the situation one more time before he rose up and starting spraying the building with gunfire.  "Run Face!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.


Face didn't hesitate he made a break across the driveway. He was halfway across when the explosives in the trunk of the car blew.  Hannibal watched as Face was thrown several feet then slammed back to the ground by the shockwave. Before the dust settled, he was running to his downed lieutenant.  Using his hands, he quickly extinguished the smoldering remains of Face's jacket and jeans before stripping his gloves off to check for a pulse.  He let out a long slow breath when he realized that Face's heart was still beating, and he was breathing, being extra careful of any injuries he continued his examination.


There were small bits of metal embedded in Face's legs, though thankfully it looked as if his leather jacket had protected most of his torso.  Hannibal gently ran his fingers over Face's skull and through his hair.  While there was a great deal of debris in the blonde strands, he didn't feel where any deep impressions where his skull might be fractured, but there was a large lump forming just above his right ear.  Using the utmost care Hannibal carefully rolled Face onto his back, and he winced in sympathy as he saw the red, raw and scraped skin where the younger man's face and body had landed hard and skidded across the asphalt.


"Damn," Hannibal ran his hands over Face's body looking for broken bones and winced when he noticed the way Face's right wrist was twisted at an odd angle.  Hannibal was sure that he was going to spend hours picking gravel and cleaning dirt out of the kid's wounds.  Hearing the sound of a vehicle approaching, Hannibal started to pick Face up in his arms when the younger man started to moan and protest.


"Stopppp," Face weakly pushed at Hannibal's chest then hissed out in pain as he shifted to get away. "Putttt me downnnn." Face slurred out.


"We need to move, there's someone coming, and I don't know if it's Murdock and BA."


"Goinnng to tttthrow-upppp." Face moaned out as he closed his eyes in an attempt to keep the world from spinning.


"Just a few feet kid, then you can puke until your heart is content."


Face just managed to make it until Hannibal sat him down before he rolled onto his side and started to throw up. Hannibal tried to offer as much comfort as he could, but there was really little he could do other than rub the younger man's back and squeeze the back of his neck.


"You'rrrre planningggg and ddddemolitionnnn sssskillssss ssssuck." Face moaned as he felt another round of nausea hit him and bile crawled up his throat before he began to vomit again.


"Next time I'll find a good sniper to blow the explosives." Hannibal offered a soft smile as Face turned back to look at him with a pair of watery eyes. "Where do you hurt kid?"


"Evvveryy wwhheree, noottt one ppplaccce…" Face's sentence ended abruptly when he threw up a third time.  When he finished retching up the very last of the contents of his stomach, Face sat back and buried his throbbing head in his hands. 


"Look up at me kid," Reaching into his pocket, Hannibal pulled out a handkerchief which he wiped the tears dripping down Face's cheeks from red runny eyes before cleaning his mouth.  


"I have no doubt you have a concussion," Hannibal wiped Face's now sweat-damp hair from his forehead. "But I don't think anything is broken, though I'm not too sure about your wrist."


"Wrrrrisssst?" Face looked down at his right wrist then rolled onto his side to vomit again.




"Ssssorry Han'bal, nnnnot usedddd ttto having thhhhhree of ttttthhhhem."


"Perfectly understandable," Hannibal offered him a soft smile though it went unnoticed since Face now had his eyes screwed tightly shut.


As the sound of an engine got closer, Hannibal pulled off his jacket, folded it into a pillow then forced Face to lie down who instantly rolled over on his side, his hands wrapping around his stomach as it rolled yet again.


"I know you're hurting kid, but I need you to try and be as quiet as possible." Hannibal laid a gentle hand on Face's shoulder before he moved closer to the road.  As the vehicle came around the corner, Hannibal let out a sigh of relief when he saw it was the van.  He quickly rose from his position and waved the van over towards him before moving back to where Face lay on the ground.


"Help has arrived," He knelt down beside Face again, and then panicked when the younger man didn't respond. "Face?"


Hannibal gently shook Face's shoulder and this time received a moan for a response.


"Plessse Han'bal tirred."


"I know kid," Hannibal ran a gentle hand over Face's head again before sliding one arm under the younger man's neck and the other under Face's knees, picking Face up off the ground. "We're going to have you cleaned up and in bed in no time."




"How's he doing?" BA asked as Hannibal entered the kitchen carrying a bowl of bloody water and rags.


"Sleeping," Hannibal glanced back at the way he'd just come before dumping the water in the sink. "Did you get Murdock back to the VA okay?"


"Yeah, he put up a little bit of a fuss about leaving Face, but I explained that peace and quiet were the best things for little brother right now."


Hannibal nodded as he ran a hand through his hair; a gesture that reminded BA so much of Face when he was upset of frustrated that he let out a sigh.


"You have something to say?" Hannibal asked as he arched an eyebrow in BA's direction.


"There was nothing you could have done; it was that punk or Face. I would have done the same thing."


"I know that," Hannibal nodded.


"Then what's the problem?"


"I'm just wondering why it took me so long to decided." Hannibal turned his attention back towards the doorway. "I could have saved the kid so much pain if I had just moved sooner."


"Taking a life is something serious and not to be taken lightly."


"I should never hesitate when it comes to protecting him," Hannibal stated flatly as he pushed off the counter and left the room.




Face stirred slightly in his sleep as he heard a voice softly calling his name.  He didn't want to wake up, it was quiet and peaceful where he was at.  The pain in his head was only a dull thump compared to the constant pounding when he was wide awake.


"Face, come on kid, I need you to open those baby blues for me."


"Five more minutes Han'bal please."


Hannibal smiled as he listened to the younger man's speech, the slurring was gone, and now a slight whine was starting to creep in, always a good sign when it came to Face's physical health.


"You can go right back to sleep as soon as you look at me."


Slowly Face cracked an eye open to look at him before quickly closing it and throwing an arm over them.


"Turn down the light," he moaned out.


"Sorry kid," Hannibal reached over to turn off the bedside light. "Better?"


"Perfect," Face mumbled but didn't bother to remove his arm from his eyes.


Hannibal let out a sigh as he reached over to remove the arm from Face's eyes.


"Come on kid, look at me."


Face let out his own sigh and looked up at him before moaning and closing them again.


"Room still spinning?"


"No, worse, there's two of you," Face pulled his arm free from Hannibal's grip to cover his eyes again.


Hannibal frowned as he stared down at the younger man; he'd really been hoping that he wouldn't have to take Face to the hospital, but if the symptoms of the concussion hadn't improved then they needed to get him medical treatment.


"Quit frowning, it'll give you lines in your face."


"I already have lines,"


"Those are laugh lines, completely different." Face mumbled as he fought against the pull of sleep.


"Why's that kid?" Hannibal asked as he pulled the blankets further up.


"Those make you look sexy," Face sighed out as he drifted off to sleep.


Hannibal looked at Face in complete disbelief at what he'd just heard then smiled as he leaned over to place a gentle kiss on the younger man's forehead before settling back in a chair to watch his lieutenant sleep.




 Face woke a short time later as the need to empty his bladder overrode his need to sleep.  He turned his head into the pillow to stifle a moan as pain wracked his body then he opened his eyes when he realized that the pillow smelled like Hannibal.


"Easy kid," Hannibal whispered into his ear as a gentle hand rested on his cheek. "You feel like you're going to throw-up?"


Face opened his eyes to look directly into a pair of very concerned blue ones.


"Need to pee," Face croaked out.


"No nausea?"


"Little but not like before," Face started to sit up then moaned again as his body protested the movement.


"How about we take this nice and slow," Hannibal smiled as he moved one arm behind Face's back and helped him to sit up before moving the younger man's legs over the side of the bed.


"When did I change?" Face asked as he looked down to notice he was only wearing a pair of running shorts.


"Right after I got you in bed and you passed out."


Peck started to rub his hands over the side of his face but was stopped when Hannibal took his wrists into one large hand. When he turned his gaze on Hannibal, the older man offered a slight smile and responded to his questioning look.


"You've got a little road rash kid, nothing bad, I just don't want you to scrape scabs off."


"Great, I'm disfigured." Face sighed as he rose to his feet then started to fall forward when his knees buckled. He would have face planted right into the carpeted floor if Hannibal hadn't caught him around the waist and hauled him upright.


"You're not disfigured; just a little battered and bruised." Hannibal moved to wrap his other arm around Face's shoulder as he guided him into the bedroom's en-suite. "Do you need help?"


"Depends, is everything intact?" Face turned to look up at him.


"I have to say that everything looks first-rate to me." Hannibal flashed Face a quick smile, a smile that widened when the younger man blushed. "How about I sit you down, and you can call me when you're finished."


"Good plan, for a change."


Hannibal stepped outside and waited for Face to call him, but after a few minutes, he started to get concerned.




No response


"Face?" Hannibal knocked softly and still didn't get any reply.


"Face, I'm coming in unless I hear different." Hannibal slowly opened the door to find Face still sitting on the toilet with his head buried in his hands.  Quickly Hannibal moved to kneel in front of the younger man his hands going to the blonde's thighs. "Talk to me kid."


"Tried to pull my shorts back up and I got dizzy." Face finally answered though he didn't lower his hands. "Pathetic, huh."


"It's not pathetic kid," Hannibal moved so that he could get his arms around Face to help him stand, before pulling the younger man's shorts up the rest of the way up.  Once Face was leaning against him, he helped him over to the sink where he washed the younger man's hands before moving him back to the bed. "You're injured, and your body has just had enough, you need rest."


Once he got Face settled in the bed, Hannibal sat back down in the chair beside it.


"Not that I'm ungrateful," Face turned to look at the older man. "But what am I doing in your room?"


"I thought you might like sleeping in a bigger bed." Hannibal offered him a soft smile before reaching out to brush a few stray hairs out of the younger man's eyes. "Not to mention my room has its own bathroom and you don't have to walk upstairs to get to it."


"All very good points," Face smiled back, "Though you had me at the bigger bed."


"Glad to hear that you approve of my plan,"


"It is one of your better ones." Face laughed then stopped as he hissed in pain, his hands going up to his temples.


"Face?" Hannibal moved to sit on the edge of the bed.


"Guess, I shouldn't laugh at you, it seems to hurt."


"How bad is it?" Hannibal moved closer so that he could lift Face's head with his fingers. "And doesn't try to con me."


"It's bad," Face whispered as he raised his eyes to look up at Hannibal, the pain and misery were clear in them.


"I'll be right back." Hannibal quickly left the room and returned with a glass of water and two pills in his hand. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed Hannibal held them out to Face, who just looked at them.


"Don't argue with me kid, just take them."


Face gave a tired sigh as he picked the pills up and took the water in a shaky hand and swallowed them without any complaint.  Taking the water back from Face, Hannibal sat it down on the bedside table before moving back to the chair.


"You don't have to sit up with me," Face looked over at the older man.


"Face, you have a concussion, and while I'm pretty sure you're going to be okay, I don't want to take any chances. That means you get me as a babysitter until I know I don't have to worry."


"If you insist."


"I insist," Hannibal smiled. "So close your eyes and try to get some sleep."


Face let out yet another sigh and did what he was told.  Seeing that his lieutenant was going to follow his orders without argument, Hannibal closed his own eyes and leaned back in the chair.




"Yeah kid?"


"You don't have to sleep in the chair, there's enough room in the bed."


"Are you sure you're comfortable with that?  I don't want to do anything that might aggravate your injuries."


"I'm sure," Face nodded. "Seems wrong to kick a man out of his own bed."


"You didn't kick me out, I volunteered to give it up, but if you're inviting me back in I won't turn it down."  Hannibal rose from his chair popping his back as he moved to the other side of the room where he pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms out of his dresser.  Once he changed Hannibal set his alarm before carefully climbing into the bed to keep from jostling Face before lying flat on his back and closing his eyes.


"Please don't tell me you set that for an hour from now."


Hannibal turned to look at the younger man by his side and smiled as he saw Face's exasperated look.


"No problem, I won't tell you."


 "Jerk," Face mumbled as he turned over on his side away from the colonel.




Hannibal wasn't sure how long he had been asleep when he heard movement beside him. Turning onto his side, he opened his eyes to see Face shifting the pillows around and trying to prop himself up on them.


"What's the matter?"


"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you." Face turned his head to face him for just a moment before attacking the pillows again. "If I can get propped up it seems to help with nausea and the headache."


Hannibal watched Face settle back down then rub his temples before shifting the pillows again. He had hoped that the painkillers he had given Face would have given him some type of relief, but they didn't seem to be doing the younger man any good and he couldn't risk giving him anymore so soon. After several more minutes, Face let out a tired sigh and turned back to face him.


"I'm sorry; I'll go to my room so you can sleep."


"You're not going anywhere that I can't keep an eye on you."




"Don't start Face," Hannibal moved his own pillows so that he was sitting up. "Come here."




"Don't argue either, do as you're told." Reaching behind the younger man he pulled one of Face's pillows close to his side so that it would allow Face's extra support.


Face shot him a sour look but slid across the bed and lay on his side, while it seemed to help relieve some of the pain in his head and the need to vomit; it wasn't that comfortable of a position. As if reading his mind Hannibal shifted his body again, pulling Face in closer to him and gently forcing the blonde head to his chest.  Face raised his hand and started to settle it on the older man's chest but hesitated.  He was getting ready to lay it on his own side when Hannibal took it and laid it across his body, so the younger man's hand resting above his heart.




Face nodded as he moved closer to Hannibal.


"Good," Hannibal smiled as he gently ran his fingers through Face's hair. Face stiffened in his arms, and Hannibal was afraid he might have pushed the younger man's comfort level too far. However, Face quickly eased those fears with his next mumbled words.


"Don't stop, please, feels good."


Without saying a word, Hannibal started to run his fingers through Face's hair again. When the alarm went off an hour later, he woke Face just long enough to make sure he was responsive then soothed him back to sleep the same way.


*** Less than an hour later***


"No," Face mumbled in his sleep his head pressing harder into Hannibal's chest as his arms tightened around the older man.  "Don't move, please don't move, not clear, need a clear shot, no more time, can't, no, no, please God NO!"


"Face, come on kid, wake up you're having a nightmare." Hannibal squeezed Face's arm in and attempt to wake him without aggravating any of his injuries. 


"Hannibal, NO!" Face woke with a start.


"I'm here," Hannibal squeezed Face's arm again, causing the younger man to look up at him.  The tears rolling down Face's cheeks and pain filled eyes took him completely by shock. "Face, let me up so I can get you something for the pain."


"It's not that," Face took in a quick breath before he buried his head into the other man's shoulder a shudder racking his body.


"Talk to me kid," Hannibal looked down at the blonde head. "What's going on?"


For a moment, Face didn't speak, and Hannibal was sure that he wasn't going to say anything but then after another sob escaped the younger man right before the words came tumbling out.


"I missed my shot and hit you instead; I killed you." Face choked on his words as he tried to continue. "I…killed… you…"


"Shhh," Hannibal pulled the blonde closer to his body, his arms wrapping around Face, holding him tight. "I'm right here.  It was just a dream."


"I killed you," Face sobbed out again as he tightened his grip. "I was…Oh god….Hannibal….I could see the blood, your skull…"


"Face," Hannibal moved one hand so he could lift the blonde's head so they were looking eye to eye. "I need you to calm down and breathe for me, kid."


"It was so real."


"Dreams can be that way," Hannibal offered, as he brushed the hair out of Face's eyes. "But it was just that, a dream. I'm right here, BA is in the house with us, and Murdock is safe at the VA."


"You're sure?" Face blinked up at him and Hannibal felt his heart break at the lost expression in the younger man's eyes, and he knew that he needed to put Face at ease.


"The only part of me that is injured is my pride, and that is completely my fault for letting my plan go wrong and getting you hurt."


"Not your fault."


"Yes it was, I was showing off when I used a timer instead of a hand-held detonator." Hannibal shook his head as he moved his hand to stroke the hair out of Face's eyes. "If I had lost you, kid, I don't know what I would have done."


"Probably celebrated," Face gave a slight laugh, but Hannibal shook his head stopping him.


"No," Hannibal ran his fingers through Face's hair. "It would kill me if I lost you."


"I doubt that," Face tried to turn his head, but Hannibal tightened his grip in the blonde hair, preventing him from turning away. "You mean more to me than you will ever know Templeton."


Face continued to stare up into the older man's blue eyes, seeing something in them that he had seen hundreds of times before but never really understood until now.


"That guy at the drug house died because of me didn't he?"


"No, he made his choice and so did I." Hannibal corrected.


"But if…"


"It was him, or you and I will not lose you."




"Because I love you," Hannibal stated without hesitation, seeing the younger man almost killed earlier had dissolved all his previous reservations about keeping his feeling for Face hidden. "Do I make myself clear?"


"For how long?" Face asked as he looked at the intense blue eye staring down at him.


"Since the first day, I saw you." Hannibal released his grip on Face's hair before smoothing it back into place.


"I love you too." Face offered Hannibal a soft smile before resting his head back on Hannibal's chest. He gave a soft sigh as Hannibal started carding his fingers through his hair. "If I had any idea that you had any interest in men I would have gone straight to you."


"I thought you were straight as an arrow." Hannibal gave a slight chuckled as he reached past Face to grab the blankets and pull them up further around the younger man's shoulders. "If I'd known you had any interest in me at all there would have been nothing that could have kept me from you."


"I guess it's a good thing that we didn't kill each other this last year."


"A very good thing," Hannibal nodded as he leaned down to kiss the top of Face's head.


"So where do we go from here?" Face asked as he tried to keep from yawning.


"First and foremost we get you healed; after that, we take things as fast or as slow as you want."


"This isn't all about me Hannibal."


"I have news for you, Templeton Peck; right now it is all about you."


"Are you always going to be this argumentative?" Face closed his eyes as he felt the need for sleep becoming more insistent.


"Just when it comes to you kid."


"Aren't I the lucky one," Face mumbled the added in a slightly clearer voice. "Love you, John."


"Love you too kid." Hannibal kissed the top of his boy's head again before he closed his own eyes and let sleep claim him as well.





It's All Fun and Games Until Someone... by Jullian Gray



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