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Hannibal's Gift

By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Warning: Slash, H/F, Angst, Language

Summary: It's Hannibal's Birthday but one team member doesn't care.




"It's not going to happen." Face growled as he glared at Murdock.


"He's going to be fifty tomorrow, you have to go see him."


"I don't give a damn if he's turning one hundred and fifty tomorrow; he made his decision."




"No," the younger man stepped into his friend's personal space so that they were only inches apart from one another. "Hannibal made his choice, and he made it damn good and clear that it was not me."


"You don't know that for sure." Murdock tried again.


"Oh come off it; you saw that woman he was with!"


"It could have been his sister."


"Leaving a bar,"


"Maybe she wanted a drink?"


"A strip club to be precise,"


"She could be gay," Murdock tried to appease Face then raised his hands in surrender when it looked like the younger man was about to throw a punch at him.




 "He left without saying a word."


"You know how insecure he can be." BA offered.


"I come home and all his stuff is gone."


"He probably just wanted to be alone for a little while."


"For six fucking months," Hannibal snarled.


"You know how he processes things; he doesn't think like an average person."  


"Not one, fucking, word, from him for six damn months."


"It takes him time to consider things from every angle."


"Bullshit, he's an impetuous hot head!"




"Okay, so maybe he was out with some woman, it doesn't mean he was cheating on you."


"Then what exactly was he doing out with a woman at a strip club at 2:00 am?"


"What were you doing at a strip club at 2:00 am?"




"Just because he left doesn't mean that he doesn't love you."


"Oh come off it BA, we both know that sooner or later he would get tired of me, I've twice his age. What twenty-five-year-old boy wants to be with a fifty-year-old man?"




"Any luck on your end?"


"None, you?"


"Both of them are hard headed fools."


"Can't say we didn't try it the easy way first."




Face woke to a pounding headache, in total darkness thanks to a blindfold over his eyes, a gag tied secured in his mouth and tightly around his head, preventing him from doing anything more than making a muffling sound. Worse still he was completely naked with his hands and ankles bound behind him, with a separate rope connecting his wrists, to his ankles, preventing him from moving.  Face struggled for several minutes trying to loosen his bonds but it was no use, the more he tugged the tighter they got. 


Shifting again Face tried his best to rise up to his knees to take some of the pressure off his shoulders, but he only made it a few inches when his head contacted with something solid.  Bending his body backward Face moved his legs as best he could until his feet touched something hard and solid.  Pushing with his feet he tried to slide forward, but his head again impacted a solid surface. As panic started to creep in Face pushed it down; he needed to keep his wits about him and think about the last thing that he remembered.  As the pounding pain in his head increased he gave up trying to remember anything and laid his head down on the floor of the box and prayed the team would find him.




Hannibal looked at the note in his hands for the second time, not believing what he was seeing.


If you love your Lieutenant, you will be at 2675 South Santa Fa Avenue, in Verona, before midnight tonight.  If you fail to appear, you may never see him again.


Hannibal looked at his watch before moving into his bedroom to grab his handgun, jacket, and car keys.  He wanted to call BA and Murdock, but there was no way that he could stop, he was going to be pushing to get to the address in time as it was. Driving as fast as he could Hannibal managed to make it to the warehouse fifteen minutes before the deadline.  Not having much time left he did a quick survey of the area before slipping inside the back warehouse door.  The moment he entered the building, he stopped dead in his tracks.  Sitting in the middle of the warehouse floor was a large crate with a bright red bow on top of it, a large tag made from a piece of construction paper read. 


Happy Birthday, Colonel Smith


Hannibal carefully approached the wooden crate, his eyes constantly scanning the area for any signs of a trap of cover. Seeing no immediate danger he knelt down by the box and softly tapped on the side.




Face wasn't sure how long he had been in the box when he heard movement outside of it.  He tried to ready his mind to deal with the threat he was about to be exposed to but when he heard a deep voice call his name it damn near brought him to tears.  He tried to answer, but the gag in his mouth only allowed him to get out a muffled response that he doubted the older man could hear. 




Knowing what he was about to do was going to hurt like hell, Face closed his eyes used the back of his head to thump on the side of the crate.


"Face can you tell if there are any types of explosive devices rigged to the lid."


Face wanted to yell at Hannibal to just open the damn crate and get him out but realized that the Colonel was asking a valid question considering the situation they were in.  Unfortunately, he had no way of knowing so he gritted his teeth and thumped his head against the side of the box two more times.


"Alright, give me a few minutes to double check things and I'll get you out as quick as I can."


Face closed his eyes under the blindfold and forced himself to try and relax, but it was hard.  The pain in his head was increasing by the minute, the muscles in his shoulder, arms, and legs cramped from being tied in such an awkward and restrictive position for so long. Face's jaw ached from being forced open by the gag in his mouth, and he was covered in sweat.  


Hannibal carefully ran his hands around the edge of the box looking for anything that might injure Face or himself when the lid was removed.  Finding nothing, he looked around to find something to pry the top of the top off the crate.  To Hannibal's surprise, just a few feet away from the box on a large table was a crowbar with a red bow wrapped around it.  Again Hannibal checked the area around the crowbar but found nothing that might be dangerous.  Grabbing the tool he moved back to the crate and pried open the lid, what he saw inside not only took his breath away but also raised every protective instinct he had for the younger man off the chart.


Face was lying on his stomach blindfolded and gagged with his arms bound from his upper arms to the wrist and behind his back. At his wrists, a thick cord ran down to the younger man's ankles where it wound around them several times not only keeping them secure but also pulling them up until they touched Face's ass.


"It's okay kid, I'm going to get you out of here."


 Reaching into the crate, Hannibal gently ran his hand over Face's sweat soaked hair before pulling out his pocket knife out and quickly cutting through the cords that secured Face's ankles to his wrists.  Gently he lowered Face's legs down as far as they would go in the confines of the crate before he started to cut the younger man's wrists and upper arms free.  Once Hannibal removed all the rope, he laid Face's arms beside him before moving to Face's head where he worked the knot loose on the gag.


"Almost done," Hannibal pulled the gag free and threw it down beside the box. "When I get to the blindfold I want you to close your eyes."


Hannibal ran his hands over Face's head again before he untied the last knot, releasing the blindfold. Hannibal watched as Face blinked several times before turning a pair of pain filled, watery eyes up at him.


Face bit down on the gag and fought against the pain as the circulation started to return to his recently freed limbs.  He was thankful that Hannibal had lowered his legs and arms as he'd released them since Face had no control over them at the moment.  He lay perfectly still as Hannibal finished untying the last of his bonds and when the blindfold was removed he couldn't help the tears that sprang forward.  He hadn't seen the older man for six months, and it broke his heart to know that Hannibal had found someone else.


"Face?" Hannibal leaned farther into the crate to wipe the tears from the blonde's cheeks.


"Damn light burns," Face croaked out through his dry throat.


"I told you to close them," Hannibal offered Face a soft smile as he saw straight through the younger man's con.


"You did," Face nodded as he tried to swallow past his parched throat.


"Do you think you can stand up?"


"No," Face shook his head.  He didn't like admitting weakness, but he knew that there was no chance of his limbs responding.


Hannibal stepped back from the crate as he did he noticed as fear flashed in the younger man's eyes.


"Don't worry kid, I'm not going anywhere without you."  Pulling off his jacket, Hannibal placed Face's arms through the sleeves before fastening it. Taking Face's arms, he wrapped them around his neck before bracing himself to lift Face's weight. "I need you to try and hold on as best you can."


Face nodded, and a moment later he was in Hannibal's arms as the colonel lifted him to his chest.


"Are you hurt anywhere?" Hannibal hadn't seen any injuries or blood, but he didn't want to assume anything.


"No, I might be able to walk with your help." Face rasped out.


"The car is right outside the door," Hannibal stated as he started walking toward the exit. "I want you out of here now."


Hannibal was waiting for the argument that he knew was coming but was completely taken off guard when Face simply laid his head on his shoulder and allowed himself to be carried out of the building.  It took a little bit of maneuvering, but he managed to get Face into his car and secured in his seat.  As they drove down the road, Hannibal glanced over at Face, who was resting his head against the window, his eyes staring out into nothing.


"Any idea who did this to you?"


Hannibal watched as Face swallowed hard a couple of times before he simply shook his head no.


"Damn, I'm sorry kid."  Spotting a convenient store up the road, Hannibal pulled up to the front of the store and hurried inside.  In less than a minute he was out of the building and back in the car, uncapping the bottle of water before handing it to Face. "See if this doesn't help."


Face took several long draws from the bottle before placing it in the cup holder and leaning his head back against the headrest.  


"You're going the wrong way for my apartment."


"I'm taking you to … our home." Hannibal waited for an outburst and when it didn't come he glanced over at Face, who was once again staring out the window.


Face wanted to yell at Hannibal that they didn't have a home together anymore, but the building pressure in his head took the fight out of him. He just prayed that little miss redhead wasn't there when he arrived.


"Can you tell me the last thing you remember?"


"No," Face closed his eyes as the street lights assaulted his eyes, sending sparks of pain through his brain.




"Headache trying to become one."


"Just a few more miles." Hannibal reached over to give Face's shoulder a gentle squeeze.


By the time they made it to the house Face's pounding headache had turned into a full-blown migraine, and he was doing everything in his power to keep the water he had swallowed down as nausea started to build. Hannibal had tried to carry him into the house, but Face was determined to walk.  If he was going to meet Susie Homewrecker he wanted to do it on his own two feet.


When he entered the house Face was surprised to find it exactly the way he had left it, except for the empty bottles of scotch on the coffee table along with a glass.  He wanted to investigate further, but a sudden wave of nausea forced him to close his eyes.  Hannibal half led, half carried him to the bedroom, where the older man sat him down on the bed.  Face heard Hannibal leave the room and return just a second later, sensing movement in front of him he cracked his eyes open to see the colonel had a glass of water in one hand and two pills in the other.


"What are those?"




"When were you injured?" Face looked up into the older man's blue eyes.


"They're yours, kid," Hannibal offered Face a soft smile as he brushed the hair out of his eyes. "They were your backups in case you ran out and we couldn't get your prescription filled in time. You forgot them in my bedside dresser when you packed up your things."


"Oh," Face looked back down at the pills in his hand for a moment before popping them in his mouth before accepting the water.  Hannibal took the water back from him and sat it on the nightstand before moving to the closet and pulling out a t-shirt then to the dresser to get a pair of shorts.  As he approached, Face noticed that while the t-shirt was Hannibal's the shorts were his.


Following the younger man's gaze Hannibal offered him a sad smile.


"You forgot these in the bottom of the wash."


"Sorry," Face dropped his head again, instead of having to look at the man he still loved with all of his heart.


"Why?" Hannibal asked as he knelt down in front of Face, his hands moving to unfasten his jacket before sliding it off the younger man's shoulders.


As Hannibal helped him get out of the jacket and into the t-shirt and shorts, Face contemplated the one-word question.  Was Hannibal asking him why he was sorry, why he left or why did he screw up and get captured so that the colonel was forced to take care of him again?  So instead of answering he just kept his eyes on the floor.


Hannibal looked at the top of the blonde head for a moment waiting for a reply, when he realized that he wasn't going to get an answer he just sighed.


"Lay down kid," He commanded softly as he picked up Face's legs, helping him into the bed.


 As soon as he was vertical Face rolled on his side away from Hannibal so that he didn't have to look at the older man's disappointed look.


"Try and get some sleep," Hannibal pulled the blankets up around Face's shoulders before he turned off the tableside light. "I'll come and check on you in a little while."


Face waited until Hannibal left the room before he rolled over to look at the closed bedroom door.  He was surprised that Hannibal had put him in the master bedroom figuring that the colonel would have taken him down to the back bedroom out of the way.  As Face looked around the room he noticed that the bedroom hadn't changed either, his night stand still stood empty the way he had left it. The one thing he found strange was that nothing had been added since he had left, surely if Hannibal were seeing a woman she would have brought something into the bedroom. 


As a thought occurred to him, Face turned to look at Hannibal's nightstand, again he was shocked to see the photo of him still sitting in the same place Hannibal had set it over a year ago.  Face scanned the room again, this time, slower, on the dresser, was the photo of him and Hannibal at the beach in their swim trunks their arms wrapped around one another smiling at the camera.  Next to it sat the other photo of the two of them in their dress uniforms this time their arms were slung over the other's shoulder. 


On the other side of it was one of Face's favorites. It had been taken shortly after a successful mission in London.  The two had gone out to see a play, then dinner, afterward they taken a walk in along the Thames, strolling under the sparkling lights.  They had stopped to look at the river when Hannibal had wrapped his arm around his waist pulling him close to his side.  About that time a young woman came over up to them selling flowers.  Hannibal had turned that charming smile on her and took her by the elbow and walked a few feet away to talk to her. 


Face could only wonder what his lover had spoken to her about when she looked over at Face and giggled.  Face watched as Hannibal pulled out his wallet and removed some bills along with another object.  Without another word to the young lady, Hannibal made his way back over to him wrapped him up in his arms and kissed him for all he was worth. 


At first, Face taken by surprise had tried to pull back, but after a few more seconds he's melted into Hannibal's arms and returned the kiss.  It wasn't until they broke apart and Hannibal was hugging him tight to his large frame that Face heard the clicking sound.  As he turned to look, he saw the flower girl taking pictures of them.  He was just about to say something about it to Hannibal when the older man cupped his face in his hand, leaned in close to him and whispered.


"I love you," on his lips; Face completely forgot about the girl and kissed Hannibal. It was the first time that his lover had ever openly shown any sign of affection towards him in public.  A few days later Hannibal presented him with a framed photo of the two of them together, which even now sat where he had left it on the dresser.


Face rubbed his aching head with his hands if Hannibal was seeing the redhead he had caught him with, why was his photo still on Hannibal's night stand, why were there pictures of the two of them together.


Swinging his legs the side of the bed, Face stood up on wobbly legs and made his way out of the bedroom and into the main living area.  As he entered the living room Face heard Hannibal's voice coming from the kitchen he was about to step inside when the older man's words stopped him.


"He seems to be okay.  He's got a few scrapes here and there, and he's fighting a migraine.  I've given him some medication, and he's sleeping in our room, hopefully, by the time he wakes up, it'll be gone."


"No, I don't know if he's staying.  Hell, BA, I don't even know why he left."


"No, I haven't talked to him about it, I just told you he's got a migraine; the last thing he needs is more stress."


"Yes, damn it I love him, and I don't want to see him leave, but I'm not going to force him to do something he doesn't want to do."


"Yes it's killing me to not have him in my life, but if he's found someone else he wants to be with I'm not going to stop him.  All I have ever wanted was for him to be happy."


"However if he does leave we need to find him a new place to stay.  I don't know where he was grabbed, but I'm not taking any chances. I'll call you tomorrow, and we can make arrangements then."


"Yeah, have a good night and keep your eyes open, whoever came after Face is still out there."


Face closed his eyes as he leaned up against the wall, nothing made sense to him.  He knew what he had seen, but Hannibal's words and actions were not matching those of someone who had cheated.


"Face, what are you doing up?" 


Hannibal's voice was soft, but it still startled him, and he jumped back banging his head against the wall.


"Easy kid," Hannibal's hand moved to the back of Face's head to cradle it.


"Who was she?"


"What?" Hannibal moved back just a step so he could see Face better.


"The red head outside the strip club, who was she?"


Hannibal stared at Face not understanding the question when it hit him like a ton of bricks.


"Captain Frazier; she was planning a bachelor party for her brother; she asked me to help her plan it."


"At 2:00 am?"


"She works third shift at the hospital; I met her there during her lunch hour."


"You kissed her,"


"Oh Tem," Hannibal sighed as he realized why Face had left him. His boy had seen him with someone else and instead of being rejected he had made the first move and ran. "She kissed me, sweetheart.  I told the owner that I knew you, and he gave her a private room for half price. She was so grateful that she kissed me."


"No," Face shook his head as he thought about everything he had thrown away in a rash act of jealousy.




"What did I do?"


Hannibal watched as all of the color drained out of his lover's face, and he quickly grabbed Face as he started to slid down the wall.


"Nothing that we can't work out, I wasn't exactly the most understanding individual either." 


"I'm so sorry," Face sagged against him, and Hannibal knew that now wasn't the time for this conversation.


"It's going to be okay baby."  Hannibal kissed the blonde head that was now resting on his shoulder.  "And I think it's time to get you back to bed."


When Face didn't respond Hannibal started walking them back to the bedroom.  Again he laid Face down in their bed though this time he joined him, his larger body wrapped around Face's smaller frame.  As he started to drift off one question came to his mind.


"Tem, what were you doing at that strip club at 2:00 am? Weren't you supposed to be with Murdock?"


"I was with Murdock, he was helping me plan your 50th birthday party, I was going to reserve the gold room at the club for the others, then give you a private show when everyone left."




"So do you think Hannibal has any idea who locked Face in that crate?"


"Not yet, but I plan on being out of town well before he finds out. You want to come with me to Chicago?"


"You think Chicago is far enough away?"


"Surely the Colonel wouldn't kill me in front of my mother."


"Do you remember what happened to that MP who thought it would be funny to handcuff Face in his underwear while he was in the brig waiting for Hannibal to arrive?"


"Shit yeah,"


"Imagine the type of retribution this is going to bring."


"Oh hell,"


"That's exactly what I was thinking."




Hannibal's Gift by Jullian Gray
"Face Said," (Hannibal Heard) by Jullian Gray



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