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The Orphan 9: A Spanking Good Time at the Library

The Orphan 9: A Spanking Good Time at the Library
By Pepper

Rated: R

See previous parts for warnings, etc.



It was during breakfast one Friday morning that Face thrust a piece of paper at his father and said, "Sign this Dad…please."

Hannibal glanced at the paper as he reached for another helping of scrambled eggs. "What is it, son?"

"It's a permission slip," Face answered and interpreting his father's look hurried to explain further, "I need it to be allowed to use the public library during school hours. Our library doesn't have enough books to go around and we can use the public library if we need to."

Satisfied with the answer Hannibal took the paper from his son and quickly read it, signing his name at the bottom. As he handed the permission slip back he added, "and I had better not hear of any misbehavior on your part, because if I do, you know what to expect, don't you kid?" He asked sternly.

Face blushed as he answered, "Yes, sir…you'll spank me."

Hannibal nodded, "And don't you forget it…now pass that platter of bacon that you are hogging," the matter forgotten for the time being in the heat of eating breakfast.

After breakfast Face hurried to get his books and played with Maggie while waiting to be taken to school. He had only thrown the ball a couple of times before his Dad came out and said, "Let's go, kid," and strode towards the vehicle.

Face quickly hugged his puppy and grabbing his books ran after his Dad. The ride to school was quiet as Hannibal's mind was on something else but he made sure to warn Face about his behavior before he left the vehicle at school.

"Now remember what I said about behaving at the library, son…I would hate for you to go to bed with a warm bottom," and reached over to ruffle his son's hair before he left.

"Noooo…not the hair, Dad…you've mussed it up," cried Face as he ignored the warning completely in his attempt to straighten his hair before school…"'Bye, Dad."


The day had gone smoothly with Face handing in his permission slip and receiving his plastic card identifying him as having parental permission to leave the campus. He eagerly put it in his wallet as he frantically thought of any excuse to go…then he remember the book he had to it have for English class tomorrow. He had looked in their library but hadn't found anything that he liked…so he actually had a good excuse. So during his study hall, later in the day, he asked permission to go showing his parental pass and to his delight he was told to go but be sure he returned in plenty of time for his last class.

Fortunately for the students at the school system the public library was only a couple of blocks away and within ten minutes Face was entering the building. He marched up to the front desk and said, "I need a book for a book report…where do I go?"

The Circulation Librarian, Mrs. Pope, asked if he had a library card.

"No, ma'am…can I get one now?" Face asked politely.

"How old are you, young man?" Asked Mrs. Pope.

"I'm fourteen, ma'am."

"Yes," replied Mrs. Pope and handed him a card to fill out, "I only need to check with one of your parents and then you can check out…be sure to leave me a phone number where I can reach one of them."

Face took the card and retreated to a nearby table and quickly filled it out. He left his home phone number and returned it to Mrs. Pope. "Okay, thanks…your books will be found on the second floor…in the section designated YOUNG ADULTS and when you return I'll have your card ready," and sent him on his way.

Face climbed the stairs and found the section he was directed to and started looking. He didn't want another Hardy Boys mystery and finally noticed one called The Outsiders. "This looks interesting…in a way I was an outsider before Dad and the others found me," Face thought as he picked up the book and began to read the summary.

"This sounds great," he thought and decided at once to check it out. He put it on a table next to his backpack, which he took off before he started looking for a book to read. The first thing Face noticed was that he was alone and took advantage of the situation to have some fun.

The first thing Face did was to act like he was just selecting books but in reality he was pulling books off in one section and replacing them in another. Another prank was to push the books so far in the shelves that they pushed books off the shelf on the other side. He then tried his hand at hiding books behind others and placing some on top of the adult shelves, which were also housed there. He was having so much fun that he didn't realize that he was being observed by the Children's/Young Adult Librarian, Mrs. White.

Mrs. White had just come back from her break and had observed some of his rearranging and just waited to see what else he would try. When she saw him trying to climb the bookshelves she knew she had to speak up at once. "Hey…what do you think you are doing?"

Face turned around in alarm and began to think of a lie to cover his butt. "Oh, there you are…I was just looking for a book and couldn't reach it," pointing to one high up.

"How old are you?" asked Mrs. White.


"Then you are in the wrong section…yours is over there," she replied pointing to where his book pack was located, "as you know…because there is your pack."

Face nodded saying, "I was just looking around…there's nothing wrong with that, you know."

"No…but there is when you rearrange the books like you have…you've given me extra work to do and I don't appreciate that," replied Mrs. White angrily.

"Soooo, what…I felt like giving you something to do…you weren't doing anything anyhow," replied Face rudely.

"So, I think you need to leave," ordered Mrs. White.

"You can't order me around like that…I'll leave when I want to and I don't want to now," said Face as he turned back to the shelves.

"We'll see about that, young man," said Mrs. White as she quickly walked to Face's pack and picked it up.

Face turned at her remarks and saw her with his backpack and cried angrily, "Hey, that's mine," and ran after her pausing only long enough to pick up his book. By the time he made it downstairs he saw his pack on the front desk and looking around saw the librarian who had taken it on the phone. He quickly put it on and just as quickly checked out his book and left with his new library card in his hand.

"It was lucky that she had a phone call and I could get away without having to talk with her again," thought Face as he ran back to the school. He sweated throughout the rest of the day for fear that his actions might have been reported to the school principal but when the day was over and he hadn't been called to the office he felt he had gotten away with it.


Murdock had picked him up from school that day and they had carried on a conversation about comic books all the way home. Maggie greeted Face as soon as the truck came to a stop and Face spent a few minutes with her before heading for the house and an after school snack. He hadn't been in but for a few minutes before his Mama struck.

Mrs. B came out of the kitchen with a wooden spatula in her hand, which she swatted his backside with. "You get yourself in that kitchen at once, young man," punctuating 'young man' with the two swats from the spatula.

"Yeooowwwwwowwwwww…Mama…what's wrong?" cried Face as he tried to side step the flailing instrument. He succeeded only because Mrs. B stopped striking.

"I had a very interesting talk with the Children's Librarian at the public library today…want to guess what we talked about, son?" asked Mrs. B in a dangerous voice.

"Mama…I can explain…it isn't my fault," Face tried to explain as he backed toward the stairs.

Mrs. B calmly said, "Okay…you tell me how rearranging books isn't your fault…or how talking back to someone my age isn't being disrespectful…I'm waiting, boy."

Face gulped and said the first thing that came in his mind, "I didn't do it…I mean she misunderstood. I was searching for a book for my book report and in the process I must have returned some of my selections to the wrong places…it was by mistake and I wasn't rude…she's was just in a bad mood and took my explanations as being rude."

Face watched his Mama's face as he lied hoping they would be believed.

"Oh son, I'm sorry," Mrs. B started to say as she moved closer to her son. Face didn't move believing that his lies were believed. He was totally unprepared when his Mama grabbed him by the arm and started to swat his backside as she pulled him towards the dining room table.


Owwwwwowwwwwwowwwww… but… owwwww… Mama… owwwwwowwwwwowwww… I-I'm… owwwww… s-sorry… owwwww…no more-e-e…owwwww," yelled Face as his Mama showed no signs in stopping, pausing only long enough to push him over the dinning room table and then renewing her assault on his backside with her wooden spatula. Face renewed his cries as his bottom exploded in pain, "Yeoooooowwwwwwlllllllowwwwwwwowwwwwwww."

Face cries brought the rest of the family on the run and they stood and watched their kid get his tail paddled by one angry Mrs. B. After what seemed like forever to Face the paddling finally came to an end and he was pulled up to face the others.

"What did he do, Mama?" asked BA gently. He had been in Face's position more times than he would like to remember and knew that his mother had a good excuse for punishing the kid now.

"He misbehaved while at the library today…I was called as part of their policy concerning the issuing of library cards to minors and had just given my permission when the Children's Librarian got on and begin to fill me in on this one's behavior and then when I asked him about it he lied to me…which reminds me, BA go and get the brown bottle and a tablespoon, please," said Mrs. B.

BA grimaced at the thought of what was coming next but obedient did as he was asked and when he returned he heard some of the pranks his little bro had done and knew that he really deserved much more than the paddling his Mama had delivered.

"…and then he hid several books behind the others, and was caught climbing the bookshelves…that was when the librarian decided to speak, she was afraid for his safety…and then he decided to talk back and insult her…where is my spatula that paddling wasn't enough," said Mrs. B as she grabbed the spatula again.

"Noooooo…Mama….pleaseeeeee," pleaded Face as he tried to scamper away.

Mrs. B had no trouble catching him and pushing him against the table again. "Dad… help me… please," cried Face as it looked he was in for more.

Hannibal came at once, "Sure, son…Mrs. B I think this time his pants and underwear needs to be lowered to get the best effect."

"Dadddddd….noooooo…I thought you were going to help me," whined Face.

"Sorry, son…but after hearing it all I think you need a few more licks," and pulled his son's jeans and briefs down exposing the red bottom to all. He paused as he viewed the already steaming bottom and said instead, "Hold up for now on those extra licks, Mrs. B…his bottom is too sore. Any extra licks won't be felt for now at least …we'll wait until later to continue his punishment."

"Gee, thanks, Dad," replied Face sarcastically.

"Would you rather I let your mother continue, son?" replied Hannibal sternly.

Face was quick to apologize, he didn't like the look his mother was giving him and said, "I'm sorry."

Mrs. B put her spatula down but just as quickly emptied a large spoonful of cod-liver oil in her son's mouth causing him to sputter at the terrible and slimy taste. "W-What was that for-r?"

"That was for lying to me, son…now get yourself to your room and into any corner you like. You are to stay there until I say otherwise; and while you are there you are to reflect on how you came to be in the corner with a sore bottom."

Face stood in the corner in his room with his red bottom on display. "I-It's not f-fair, Maggie," he sobbed, "I was just having a little f-fun and they get u-upset-t-t."

"Face, it isn't fun if someone has to pick up your mess. How would you like it if you were done the same way that librarian was…she had to straighten up the mess you did to her floor," explained Murdock quietly from the door.

"It wouldn't have bothered me in the least," replied Face sullenly. "I would consider it part of my job and done it without complaint."

Murdock just shook his head and walked away, just as an idea came to him and he hurried to find Hannibal and Mrs. B.

"My idea is to let him experience what he put the librarian through…so instead of spanking him when his bottom cools, why don't you make him Mama's helper. He has to do as she says or suffer another paddling…and while he is being the good little helper, we get to mess up everything…especially after he has cleaned it…that would teach him, I betcha," explained Murdock with a smile.

"I think you are on to something, Murdock…I like it," replied Hannibal. "What does everybody else say?" he asked the others in the room.

He got smiles and nodding of heads all around. "By the time his punishment is over with he won't be doing anything like he did at the library again…hey, how long will this go on?" asked BA.

Hannibal looked at Mrs. B and said, "We'll leave it up to Mrs. B…what do you think?"

Mrs. B paused as she considered before replying with a grin, "It starts immediately and continues through the weekend. I guarantee that by Sunday evening he will be a changed boy…BA bring him down, please."


The tears weren't completely dried by the time BA returned with Face, and he looked miserable. "Son, your mother has agreed not to add to the soreness in your backside, but that doesn't mean you are going to get off Scot free. We've decided that you are going to do some extra work around the house in instead. So starting now you are your mother's helper. You will do whatever she tells you, do you understand?" asked Hannibal firmly.

Face nodded eagerly, "Yes, sir…I'll do anything to prevent any more paddling…my butt still hurts," he whined.

"Okay…Mrs. B he's all yours…put him to work," requested Hannibal.

"Templeton, since tomorrow is Saturday you will be straightening everyone's room. That means putting everything in its rightful place and bringing me any dirty laundry you may discover. I'll do the laundry, since I don't think anyone here wants their clothes shrunk. After the straightening you will be washing the kitchen floor but now I want you to start by picking up the living room…and Templeton I had better not find anything out of place when I come and check on you later," explained Mrs. B as she gave him his orders.

Face had thought he was getting off easy when they took the paddling away, but now he wasn't so sure. "Okay, Mama…just pick up in here?" he asked as he surveyed the whole room.

He only saw a few things out of place and headed for those when his Mama had nodded. "Picking up is only part of it baby, I also want you to dust and vacuum."

"Yes, ma'am," acknowledged Face as he picked up the magazines and books from the floor and set them neatly on the coffee tables in the room before moving on to the laundry room to get his supplies. It was while he was gone that BA, Murdock, Hannibal and even Mrs. B smiled and said, "Let the games begin."

Face was whistling a happy tune as he came back carrying his dust cloth and pulling the vacuum cleaner. He eagerly plugged it in and then proceeded to dust all of the tables in the room. After he was sure there wasn't a peck of dust to be seen he set about to vacuum. Maggie left with a howl…the sounds coming from the vacuum cleaner hurt her ears and she scratched at the back door. It took a total of fifteen minutes to complete job and he hurried to the kitchen to show his Mama all of his work.

"Mama, I'm finished," he announced as he entered the kitchen, eager to show off his hard work.

"That didn't take you long, baby," remarked Mrs. B as she checked the clock. "Are you sure you didn't skip anything," she quizzed, all of the while delaying going with him to check. She wanted to give the rest of the family time to mess it up again….but finally after taking a pot off the burner she said, "Okay, let me see what you've done…and if it isn't right, I'm half tempted to give you a dose of castor oil," she warned.

"Noo…I've done it right…come and see," assured the boy as he quickly led the way…and came to a dead stop when he surveyed the living room. Magazines were on the floor, books had been replaced backwards, there were rings on the table, where drinks had been set, marking the furniture and there was a layer of dust on every stick of furniture in the room.

"TEMPLETON!! Is this how you do a job right?" exploded Mrs. B from behind him. "Now unless you want that dose of castor oil you will get busy and do the job right…or you will be having spinach for supper tonight," she threatened. She knew he hated that vegetable worse than all others.

"But I did clean it right, Mama," protested the boy as he looked a the mess in the living room.

"Then how did it get messed up so quickly," asked Mrs. B.

"I-I don't k-know," wailed the boy. "Maybe…"

"Are you considering that someone came behind you and messed it up again?" asked his Mama.

"No…but…I don't know what happened," Face finally acknowledged.

"I think that you were watching television as you cleaned and only thought you did better than you did…I do see that the television is still on and no one is out here watching it…no wonder you didn't do a good job…from the looks of it you did no job at all…from now on you work with no entertainment in the room…unless your father or one of your brothers turned it on first," she added. "Now get to work, or you will be having carrots along with the spinach."

Threatened with spinach and carrots for supper put a fire into the young man and he hurriedly redid the job only better…this time his family allowed it to stay clean for Mama's inspection. "That's a good job, baby," praised Mrs. B. "Now tomorrow you only have your brothers' rooms to clean…you can save your own and your father's for Sunday afternoon after church," she added as Face sank wearily into the nearest chair.

Face cautiously opened one eye as the alarm clock went off next to his head. "I don't remember setting that last night," he remarked out loud as he hastily turned it off.

"You didn't, but I did after you had gone to bed, baby," replied Mrs. B as she entered the room. "You have a full day of cleaning ahead of you and I thought you would need an early start…so up and at them," she added cheerfully.

Face looked at the clock in his hand and whined, "But it is six thirty in the morning, Mama. Couldn't you have let me sleep a little later?"

"I did, I originally had thought to wake you at five thirty but thought I would be nice and allow you an extra hour of sleep this morning," she replied as she yanked down his covers. "Now get up you have a lot of work to do, and I want them done right the first time."

"Okay…I'm coming, I'm coming," sighed Face as he slowly got out of bed," as Mama turned to leave.

"You had better, son…I would hate for you to experience a warm bottom while cleaning."

Face nodded and said to himself, "This sucks…I should have agreed to the second spanking…I would have been sore but it would have been over with." He then grabbed some clean clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed. He sleepily made his way downstairs yawning as he went.

"<YAWN> what's for breakfast?" asked Face as he gingerly sat in his chair. His bottom was still tender from the previous day's spanking.

"Well, since you are expected to put in a full day's work, I decided to fix you a very filling breakfast, so how does pancakes, sausage with scrambled eggs sound do you?" explained Mrs. B.

"Delicious…bring it on…please," he added at his mother's look.

Mrs. B only smiled and soon Face was eating everything in sight and even found room for a large glass of milk and orange juice.

"I'm full…bring on the chores, Mama…I'm ready to begin," Face said seriously.

"Then why don't you start in Murdock's room…is that okay with you Murdock?" asked Mrs. B.

Murdock looked up from his plate and nodded, "Sure…go ahead Facey."

Face nodded and headed up the stairs with Maggie at his heels. He headed for his brother's room stopping to survey the mess. "Boy, Murdock has out done himself; today…I've never seen this room this messed up." He noticed that Murdock hadn't made up his bed or picked up any of the clothes he wore yesterday.

"I guess he feels that he has maid service through the weekend and he's going to make the most out of it," he said out loud as he began to pick up the clothing. Soon he was hard at work cleaning the room. He first picked up all of Murdock's discarded clothes and then he began to straighten the shelves, and dust. He brought in the vacuum cleaner before moving into the shared bathroom to clean there. It was only after he had finished with the room that he moved into the bathroom that Murdock shared with BA.

After he finished in the bathroom he moved on to BA's room and quickly cleaned it…BA was much tidier than Murdock so Face had little trouble in cleaning it. As soon as he was finished he spot checked Murdock's room before hurrying down to check in with Mama.

"Mama, I'm finished with BA and Murdock's rooms…I'm starved, is it time for lunch yet," called Face as he raced into the kitchen. "Just about baby, let me check on your progress and then we can all sit down and eat," replied Mrs. B as she put down her spoon and headed upstairs.

She was gone for only a few minutes before she returned and glared at her youngest. "So you clean your brothers' rooms did you…well, this morning's work has earned you two helping of spinach and carrots, young man, so call everyone to lunch and we can start."

"Spinach…carrots?" asked Face puzzled, before the meaning sunk in, "Nooo…I cleaned those rooms, Mama. I worked hard at cleaning them," he whined as he took off upstairs to see for himself.

"No…No!! This can't be happening…not again," muttered Face in disbelief. Murdock's room was messier than it had been before he started…and there was powder everywhere in the bathroom. BA's room had been the tidiest of the two and now it was the messiest.

"Little bro…you made it worse," growled BA as Face sank down in confusion.

"No, no…it wasn't like this…honest!!!!" argued Face as BA growled.

"Well, it is now…so get back to work in cleaning it," BA ordered, "but first some lunch," and grabbing a hold of Face he escorted him downstairs and pushed him into his chair.

Face could only watch helplessly as his Mama filled his plate with a helping of carrots followed with a helping of spinach. "Don't I get some meat, too," he cried as he watched her serve.

"Of course, Baby," she responded as he was given a piece of calf's liver before the plate was placed down in front of him.

"Nooo…I hate liver…and carrots and spinach," he whined as he viewed the meal in front of him.

"You haven't tried it…you don't know if you like it or not," countered Mrs. B. "Now take a taste of each… NOW!!"

Face did as he was told and took the smallest bite of liver and put it in his mouth. His expression changed from dislike to one of enjoyment. "Hey, this is good…but it looks terrible."

"That's why you should never judge a book by its cover, Facey…you don't know what good things you missed by making your choice just by appearance only," explained Murdock.

Face nodded and boost by his first success took a tentative bite of carrots and spinach. "They aren't bad, but I like other vegetables better," he had to admit.

Mrs. B beamed at him and left the table returning minutes later with the third vegetable, a large tureen of mashed potatoes. "I know you like this one, dear," she said as she gave him a large helping. Face eagerly dug in using it to help make the carrots and spinach go down and soon he was finished and asking, "What's for dessert?"

"NO dessert for you until you get your brothers' room picked up and dusted, dear," Mrs. B. said pleasantly.

"Yes, ma'am," Face replied soulfully as he left the table and trudged up the stairs. This time his effects were allowed to stay and about mid afternoon he was enjoying his dessert….chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top.

While he was eating a meeting was taking place in the living room. "He's starting to wear down…let's give him a big taste of misbehavior when he's back in," said Murdock. "Let's make a mess in here while he's picking up. You know after he picks up the floor, throw something carelessly down. Replace books in the bookcase backwards, after he has put them up the right way. Give him extra work after he has already tidied the place," Murdock explained further.

"Sounds like a plan to me…here he comes, get ready," replied Hannibal as Face entered the room.

"The cake was delicious as always, Mama and waiting until now only made it better," complimented Face as he wiped the milk moustache from his upper lip.

Mrs. B responded with a hug and then pushed him gently into the room saying, "The living room has gotten messy since you cleaned it yesterday, baby…I'm afraid you are going to have to do it again," she ordered gently.

Face looked around and only saw a few things out of place and agreed willingly, "Yes ma'am…I'll take care of it at once," and moved to do just that. He headed for the bookcase first and replaced all of the books that were just lying about and then he turned to pick up the magazines littering the floor. He had just finished and stood up to view his process only to see that more books were out of the bookcase and some had been put in backwards. "I just straightened that," he moaned as he put everything right only to turn and see more magazines on the floor.

"You are doing that on purpose," he accused BA and Murdock. "You are messing up the room after I pick it up…and-d-d-d," as a light bulb just went off, "You messed up the bedrooms after I cleaned them, too… didn't you?"

Murdock and BA only smiled and nodded.

"WHY??" asked Face bewilderment showing on his face.

"To teach you a lesson, you wouldn't forget, Facey," replied Murdock gently.

"To teach me a lesson? You cause me to do extra work and it was because of you that I was given the liver, carrots and spinach for lunch today," he whined.

"So you didn't enjoy picking up and straightening up behind those doing it for sport, little bro," remarked BA.

"No, I didn't. Who would like to constantly pick up when it wasn't necessary," responded Face angrily.

"So you didn't think it was part of your job to constantly be picking and straightening throughout the day?" asked Murdock.

"NO!! I think it was mean of you to do that to me," Face admitted with a pout.

"And we think it was wrong and mean of you to do that to the Children's Librarian the other day," replied Murdock as he repeated the words to his little brother.

Face sat down, his balloon was deflated and he finally understood the significance of what he had done when he misbehaved in the library the other day…he finally understood having tasted it yesterday and today and sincerely apologized, "I'm sorry…I understand now what I did was bad and not fun," bowing his head with sorrow.

"Oh, Baby," responded Mrs. B as she was the first to reach him and gather him in a hug. "I'm sorry we had to put you through this, but you had to learn and this was the best method." The others joined in offering hugs of forgiveness as well. This went on for some time until Murdock asked,

"Does this mean that Facey is no longer our personal maid?"

And to that question Face was quick to answer, "YES!"

The end

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