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A Different Beginning

A Different Beginning

Author: Lani
Adopted from: Fingers
Rating: R?
Archive: Yes if you like it.
Comments: Yes
Summary: It is about 10 years after the bank raid.... But what if all had gone well and Morrison was never killed? What if Face had been severely injured during or after the robbery and the Team had only just got him back through the DMZ alive?

Core of the Plot bunny: Hannibal has risen through the ranks to become a

One star general specializing in 'special assignments', his aide was a certain pilot? Rank, called Murdock, rumors in the pentagon tagged the pilot as insane but the General protected him as much as he could. BA was given a battlefield commission as reward for his part in the robbery and is still in the Army... Face was medically discharged and had a rough few years adjusting to civilian life but now he is a successful businessman....

10 years on the unit is gathering for a reunion but one member is missing ... will the others rally around when the government disown and abandon him to his fate?

Disclaimers: I don't own the A-Team but I do like to write fiction about them. This story isn't part of the others I've done. Warnings: minor swearing, ??

Part 1

Colonel Hannibal Smith didn't know how the team did it but they managed to pull off the Hanoi bank job. He was running with BA and Face to get back to headquarters when a grenade landed close to them. He and BA managed to get away from it but Face didn't get far enough away. He ran over to his Lt. and looked him over. The young man wasn't hurt bad enough and he would live if they got medical attention but he didn't know what else would happen. The young man had gotten his leg hurt pretty badly. The doctor might be able to save his leg but there was no guarantee the Lt. would walk normally ever again. He held Face for a few minutes trying to tell the kid it would be all right and then had BA take hold of him. The sergeant carried him all the way back to headquarters and into their medical facility.

Hannibal was sitting waiting to hear from the doctor and the only sign that told he was worried was how fast he puffed on his cigar. He watched as BA paced and then would hit his fist against the wall. He kindly said, "BA, I'm not trying to tell you what to do but I would stop beating the hell out of the walls if I were you. You may wind up getting us both thrown out and then how would we be able to be here for Face when he needs us?" BA growled but sat down and stopped pounding his fist in the walls. After a few hours the doctor came out and told them, "Well, We'll have to wait and see what happens. I think we'll be able to save his leg but he will never walk normally again. Most likely he'll be limping for the rest of his life that's if he's not stuck in a wheel chair. I wish there was more I could do but that grenade got him pretty good. He will get discharged from the army because of the disability he will have. He's still unconscious but when he wakes up you can go see him. After all you are the closest thing he has to a family now."

The next day Hannibal was sitting there and Murdock came running in frantically trying to find out what happened. He explained everything to the pilot and Murdock sat on the floor rocking back and forth crying. He sat on the floor and held the younger man until the pilot could calm down. He was very glad Face would live but he was worried about what happened and if the younger man could deal with being paralyzed if it came to that. He felt tired and old but he knew he had to try and keep control for his men.

A few weeks later Hannibal came in to see Face and the younger man was awake and whining as usual. He smiled at Face and lit a cigar. He asked, "How ya feelin, Kid?" Face replied, "All right I guess for a man who just had one hell of a close call." He said, "Well, I do have some good news. We were successful on the Hanoi job and they are praising us in the states. We should all be going home soon and we'll be out of this hell hole."

When Face was well enough to travel back to the US the whole team went back to the states, Face was discharged from the Army because of his leg. He was able to walk again but he will have a medium limp when he walked and couldn't run. He was finding it hard trying to adjust to being a civilian again but eventually went into business and owned a car dealership. He only used his con man skills when trying to be nice to a customer who was getting on his nerves. BA was given a Battlefield Commission and the rank of Lt. He decided to stay in the Army ad went home to see his momma anytime he could get leave. Neither one of them saw Hannibal or Murdock for 10 years because they were never able to get together. They had no idea what had happen to the crazy pilot and their CO.


Part 2

It was turning out to be a really lousy day for One Star General John "Hannibal" Smith. He was doing the paperwork for another one of the "special assignments" he assigned his personnel to and had heard a bunch of people talking about his assistant when they thought he wasn't listening. They were saying the assistant shouldn't be here and he should be in the loony bin because of his craziness. He sat back in his chair and took of his reading glasses to rub his eyes. He was rubbing his head when he heard a perky, "Hey, Hannibal???!!! Where ya want me to file these assignments?? In Piece of cake? Easy? Hard? Very hard? Virtually impossible? or Totally beyond a shadow of doubt impossible? We could also through them in the who knows pile!!" He tiredly answered, "Which ones are they??" His assistant, Colonel HM Murdock sauntered in the room with the packet. He put his glasses back on and scanned through them. He smiled feeling impish when he saw it was a mission that required going back to Nam to retrieve a Prisoner that was never released and replied, "Put it in the virtually impossible pile instead of the totally impossible one because I don't think it's that hard. Getting in is easy. It's the getting back out that's hard." The pilot smiled at him and went to file the packet. He looked at the clock and saw it was about time to go home and called, "Hey, Murdock? It's about time to leave. You can finish those in the morning." The pilot replied, "All right, Hannibal." He started packing his brief case to go home.

A couple of months later he came in to his section and a bunch of men in white coats were beating Murdock up and trying to put a straight jacket on him. He ran over and fought his way in the middle and stopped the men from taking his assistant. He asked, "What in the Hell is going on here???!!" One of the men answered, "We were called by one of the people here to take this crazy man to get the psychiatric help he needs. "His anger flared and he replied, "My assistant is my responsibility and if he needs help I will take care of it myself!! What you don't know is many of my people here have been out to get Colonel Murdock for a long time. Apparently they were waiting until I wasn't here to get him out of it and explain what's going on. I'm ashamed of all of you and when I find out who did their career will be in jeopardy!! You don't try to commit my assistant and get away with it easily!!" The men backed off and left the building. He was seething with anger at his section for that attempt to get rid of Murdock. He helped Murdock stand up and took him into his office. He sat in his chair and asked, "When did they come?" The pilot looked at his feet and replied, "About 20 minutes before you got here. I was hoping I could fight them off long enough so that you would get here before they could drag me away. I am sorry I'm causing so much trouble for you, Hannibal." He smiled an told him, "You're not the one causing trouble for me, Murdock. It everyone else causing a problem for both of us and you the butt of the joke so to speak. Apparently they think I'll go along with them or let it go if you just up and disappear one morning on me. Well I won't and they are just putting themselves in scalding hot water."

Hannibal knew about all the rumors going around the Murdock was literally Howling Mad and he was doing everything he could to help the pilot but one of these days he won't be able too. He knew the reason everyone thought the pilot was crazy. Murdock was unusual, eccentric, and actually did things that everyone else would think as crazy but he wasn't insane no matter what anyone else thought. He was beginning to think both of them needed a vacation away from this place. He was really started to hate working in the pentagon. He sighed and looked at Murdock taking files to put in the filing cabinet. He started to sort through his mail and noticed two envelopes from BA. One was addressed to him as Lt. Colonel Hannibal Smith and the other was for Captain Murdock. There wasn't an address for them and he guessed it was because BA had no idea where they were so he did it the old fashioned way. He addressed to the pentagon. He smiled as he thought of his hot-tempered sergeant. He opened his letter and it said:

It's been ten years and we ain't seen each other. I thought if you get this letter and have the time we might be able to get the whole team to get for a kind of anniversary party. We can arrange the spot and time when we all can be there. I sent a letter to Faceman and the fool and hope to get a reply from everyone. Maybe we talk about what we've been doing the last ten years. On the back you'll find my contact info. I hope to hear from ya, Colonel.
You're ŽNam Sergeant
BA Baracus

Hannibal thought it would be a good idea for them to get together. He knew BA was still in the Army but didn't know much else except that the burly sergeant had gotten a Battlefield Commission after the war. He called Murdock and had him read the letter BA sent for him. Murdock's said:

I thought we could get the whole team together sometime. We ain't seen each other in ten years and I was wondering what you was doing. Are you still the crazy fool I met in ŽNam? I sent a letter out to Faceman and the Colonel and I hope you all get them. I had no idea how to contact you but I figured the pentagon would find all of you. On the back of the letter you'll find my contact info. Hope to hear from ya, fool.
BA Baracus

Hannibal watched as Murdock started to chuckle. The pilot said, "That ugly mudsucka's still callin me Fool. I wonder what he's been doin these last ten years. It's almost hard to believe it's been that long already. I would like to see the mudsucka and Face again but I don't think I have the time too." Hannibal smiled and replied, "You go ahead, Murdock. You have a few days leave coming and you can arrange a time to see everyone. I'll probably go with you. I need some time off and I don't want to have you taken away while I'm not here. This would be the perfect way for the two of us to be on vacation and near each other. You're the best assistant I could have and I don't want to loose you because you're taken away to the loony bin. I know you're different than many of the people working here but I don't think you're insane. You're a little eccentric yes but not insane." He had Murdock call BA's number and set up a date they all could meet on. Murdock gave BA their contact information and hung up after they all agreed on a place, date and time.

Later that day Hannibal got a call and had to go on a business trip for one of the higher brass personnel. The problem was if he was lucky he'd get back about a day before the team's meeting time. He told Murdock he had to go to China on a business trip and to leave around the same time he did and go to the reunion without him. He informed the pilot to tell the others he would be there as soon as he could be. That night he packed to go to China and was on a plane the next day. He told Murdock to carry his cell phone with him and he would also so they could keep in contact with each other.


Part 3

Murdock took off for LA the next day to meet up with Face and BA if they came to the meeting place. He followed the directions BA had sent with the letter and soon found the hotel they were to meet at before spending time together. He wished Hannibal were with him because it had been so long since he had been in LA that he forgot where many of the places were around town. He got to the hotel around noon and checked in. After that he went up to his room and unpacked for his stay. A while later he got a knock on the door and went to answer it. He was surprised by who he saw. There in the hall was BA and Face smiling at him. He said, "Geez. That was quick, ya big, ugly mudsucka!" He hugged BA and heard the mechanic reply, "It's been a long time, Foo'. I was startin ta wonder if ya was gonna come. How are ya?" He replied, "I'm fine. Although the whole pentagon's got this crazy idea that I'm totally insane and tryin to take me away to a mental ward." He turned around and looked at Face. He said, "Well, Muchacho. You look damn good after 10 years. I've been wonderin whatcha been doin, Facey. I haven't heard from ya in ten years. Why don'tcha come in and we can talk for a while guys?" He moved to the side and they walked in and he looked at Face and saw the limp his best friend had and remembered what happened 10 years ago that got the con man discharged from the army.

They all sat down in the chairs in the room and BA looked around and asked, "Where's Hannibal, Murdock?" Murdock saw the look Face gave BA and somehow knew the younger man didn't want to see Hannibal for some reason but he just replied; "Hannibal had to go to China for a conference or something and said he'd get here as soon as he could. They gave him this job sorta at the last minute and he couldn't do anything to change it." He asked, "Face, Why don'tcha wanna see Hannibal?" Face looked at him is shock and then sighed. He said, "It's not that I don't wanna see him, Murdock. I don't want him to see me. I'm not the same guy I was 10 years ago. I've gotten older and I'm not exactly in top notch physical condition with this limp and I've put on a few pounds over the years because I haven't been runnin my ass off like we used to in ŽNam because I can't. I've become a successful businessman but it's not the same. I hate to admit it but I miss the action and you guys. I also miss Hannibal and the Jazz." He smiled and took hold of Face's arm. He replied, "We all do, Face. Especially Hannibal. Him and me have been pencil pushers for years. He was promoted to a one star General and I'm a Colonel now. In order to keep me with him he made me his assistant. He doesn't like being in an office day in and day out but he doesn't have any other choice right now. He misses the Jazz too. I can see it in his eyes. Without the Jazz he's not the man we knew in ŽNam. He still cares for us and loves us the same way but he's not himself. I can tell he's depressed and irritable. When he had the Jazz he felt young and thrived off it. Now I can tell he feels old and tired. He lives on the Jazz and without it he's just not himself. But trust me, Face. Hannibal doesn't care about anything that's happened to us through the years. The fact that I'm crazy didn't change his opinion of me. So you gaining weight and limping ain't gonna change his opinion of you either, Face. In ŽNam we were a family and now we are still a family no matter what."

Face sighed and smiled at his best friend. He said, "Thanks, Murdock. I'm glad I have you for a friend." Murdock grinned back at him and slapped Face on the back. He asked, "Does anybody want something to drink? I can go get us something." Face and BA shook their heads so Murdock sat down again. They sat around talking for a while until the phone rang. Murdock picked it up and said, "Hello?" As he listened to the person on the other line his face went pale white and he was about to panic. Face put a hand on the pilot's shoulder and tried to help him calm down. When Murdock put down the phone he walked over to a chair. He then went limp and fell to his knees on the floor in front of it. Face sat in the chair in front of Murdock and took hold of the older man's shoulders to try and get him to snap out of it. Murdock whispered, "Hannibal's missing, and they don't know what happened to him. The worst part is they don't even give a damn. They are abandoning him, Face! ABANDONING HIM TO HIS FATE!! GOD DAMN THEM ALL FOR THIS!" As his voice rose he started to cry and Face held the pilot. The older man put his head on Face's knees and cried.

After Murdock calmed down he stood up and packed his belongings to leave. He looked up and saw BA and Face looking at him. He said, "I don't expect you to help me but I have to find him and help him, Face. He's the closest thing I've had to a father because mine didn't care what happened to me after I was old enough to leave. He's taken care of me and treated me like I was his own son. I can't just let him die after everything we mean to each other." Face looked at BA and when the mechanic nodded he replied, "We're with you, Murdock. Hannibal might not mean as much to us as he does to you but he is a good leader and cared about all of us in one way or another. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to help you but I'll do what I can." Murdock nodded and changed from the suit he was wearing into a pair of Khakis, a tee shirt, his sneakers, and put on his bomber jacket and baseball cap. After the others changed they all of them took off for a place where they could rent a plane. After some fighting from BA they managed to get him on the plane so they could go to China. Murdock was flying the plane much to BA's dismay. Face went up to check on Murdock and saw him fidgeting around and asked, "What's the matter, Murdock?" The pilot looked at him and replied, "It's been a long time since me or Hannibal has been in regular clothes. We're either always in a uniform or a suit." Face smiled and replied, "You know, Murdock. I've been in a suit and tie most of my life but I never thought I'd see the day when you and Hannibal were always in a suit especially with a tie unless it was your uniforms."

Murdock looked at Face and sadly smiled at him. He said, "Face, there's something I haven't told Hannibal yet and have been trying to hide it for years. I haven't been the same since ŽNam. I've been having emotional and mental problems since before we left there. What Hannibal doesn't realize is they're right. I am insane, Face. I haven't been bad enough to be committed but I am crazy. If we don't find Hannibal alive I think I may have a total melt down and really will go insane. If that happens, Face, I want you to be the one to commit me. I don't want to be committed by those bastards at the Pentagon." Face nodded at him telling him he would do it for him if it came to that. Face went to get some rest and squeezed Murdock's shoulder on the way out to try and reassure the pilot.



A Different Beginning by Lani



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