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My World Belongs To Me


My World Belongs To Me

By Melisa


Rated G

RPG between a few VA members. This story Is something new I thought up. It started as a little spell, and became an RPG exclusive story. Not A-Team Related.

Copyright: 2001 Melisa Eicle, I own Hope, Aradealia and all other characters




Part 1


"But what do you need me for?" The first question I ever asked would be one I would never forget. The day I met Him, my entire future changed. Life changed for me, some for the better, some for the worse. I used to be a normal 10-year-old girl, with shirt black hair and dark brown eyes, normal kid growing up on a horse ranch in Texas, with a father who barely even knew I was alive.


But one day I would cease to exist in his world...But I'm getting ahead of myself here. I better start from the beginning so I don't confuse you.


It all started one morning, when I got up all normal like and went about my sickeningly normal life..(Of course I had secrets..ones my so called father never knew, but he didn't deserve to.)




Dressed in my overalls, sneakers and red hood, I headed out across our ranch towards the stables, taking in the sounds of the morning birds and farm sounds that made our ranch even more normal. Carrying a bucket by my side, I hated the never-anything-weird-happening ranch that was here even before I was born, I have lived her almost my whole life, and it's all I have ever known.


I own 3 of my very own horses, and that's where I was headed. I opened the sliding door and went into the stables, smells of straw, manure and horses comforting me as I closed the door again, and walked off, bucket in hand.


Whinnies and neighs echoed off all around, one sounding very happy and familiar. I got to the 8th stall on my left side and sure enough, my black and brown pinto mare was standing there, seeming to know I was coming before I even got to the stables. I giggled at her as I grabbed a purple halter off of her stall door.


"Back girl." I said as I opened her door and put my bucket inside her stall. She backed up a little and shook her head at me, and I laughed. She was my favorite out of all my horses, I've had her the longest and I even raised her from a foal. I closed the stall door and walked over, halter in hand.


"Mornin' Vegas, how's my high roller?" I asked as I slid the halter up her nose and fastened it behind her ears. I pulled her bangs out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. "I love you Vegas, and soon as I take care of my other 2 beasts, I'm gonna spend all day with you." I said, getting nuzzled in reply. I smiled and filled her feed trough with some feed, and made sure she had water before leaving to care for my other two horses.


I walked down to the second stable and found my black and grey gelding waiting on me like Vegas was, but he wasn't as eager to see me. All he wanted was turned out into the field, and I knew it. I gave him a pat as I slid his blue halter on and snapped on a lead rope. He started to get excited as I walked him out of the stable and into the pasture. "Hold your make me drop this lead and you'll go right back in..after I catch you that is.." I said, laughing to myself.


Once we got to the pasture gate, Phantom was about hopping from one hoof to the other. I giggled at him as I opened the metal gate and walked in with him. He shook his head at me and I nodded. "Alright Phantom, alright. Go play and behave yourself or else I won't bring you any apples later." I said, taking off his lead. He ran off and I climbed the fence, his lead coiled in my hand. I put his lead on the gate for myself, for when I came to get him later, and then ran to the other corral where my newest horse was.


I rolled my eyes when I saw the over-turned water bucket and dust flying. My youngest was like a 2-year-old child, always having fun tormenting me with her playful temper tantrums. I love her anyway, she's a special one to me, cos she's Vegas's third foal, the one I demanded to keep and did, mostly cos she was born after my father started leaving me here alone, and I was the only one here to help Vegas with her birth.


I climbed up onto the fence and sat, watching her running around playing. I laughed as she clopped over, proudness in her step. She was just like Vegas, Proud as ever, sweet as ever, and as energetic as ever, sometimes out doing even me! She put her nose in my lap and I held onto her red halter as I leaned in and kissed her. She nuzzled at the lump in my overalls's pocket and I giggled.


"What Red? somethin you want in there? well let's see.." I smiled as she seemed to understand, watching me pull open my bib pocket and pull out an apple. I held it out to her. "Is this what my lil' Red wants? Well, here." I said, watching her chomp it into a mere 2 bites. I gave her a hug around the neck as I climbed down and gave her feed and more water, then climbed the fence again to leave. I watched her get a drink and smiled. "I'll be back later Red, I'm gonna go take Vegas out for a good ride for a change. Summer's just startin, and I aim ta have me some fun!" I said, as I turned and ran back laughing back to Vegas's stall.


Vegas stood patiently, waiting for me. She was happy when I took her out of her stall and put her bridle on. I brushed her until I could almost see myself in her coat, checked all four of her feet and picked out some mud in one before I climbed up onto her back gently and pulled off my sneakers and socks. I tossed my shoes off to the side and realized I was hot so I unhooked my overalls and pulled off my red hood, tying it around my waist in case I may need it later. After I was in my black 'I love LV' T-Shirt, rehooked my overalls, and was starting to cool off, I grabbed the reins.


I patted Vegas to let her know I was ready, then said, "Okay, let's go ride the range, Vegas!" Vegas's ears perked up and she obliged, walking out of the stables with me on her back. I know what you're thinking. Wait, that kid didn't put on a saddle..I rarely use one on Vegas, cos I'm so used to her I don't need one. Bareback riding couldn't be more easy and comfortable on any other horse, even Red. Now. Back to Vegas and me..


Once we cleared the stable, I grinned as I bent down to Vegas's ear and whispered, "Raise the stakes a little Vegas, C'mon. Show this kid what kind of beter you are!" Vegas took that as a command to take me into a full gallop, and I laughed. No other horse could do that, I didn't care what anyone said. Vegas and me have a bond, she's my familiar..but wait..that's a term I can't say yet, not far enough to explain it..sorry. She's my best friend. As I let my mind wander, gracefully riding with Vegas, I began to remember just how my life had gone to this point, and how my beloved horse had gotten her name.


I wasn't born in Texas. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't remember much about my real mother, who left me when I was 3, and never came back. Father says she ran off with another guy and got married in England, but I don't think about her, nor do I care to. Weird thing is, that my step-mom, was from Las Vegas too. She's the greatest person I know, she never left me alone and she never let me feel unloved or ignored. I do now that she's gone, because my father doesn't even seem to know I am alive, he never even is here to kiss me goodnight.


He's been leaving me alone for months at a time by myself for 2 years now, and I really don't mind, although I wish he would at least tell me he loves me, although I don't think he does. I was 4 when my father married my step mom. At first, I was scared, I didn't understand what was going on, I had lost my mom the year before, and then she came into the picture.


I wound up sneaking out of the house and sleeping in the stables the first night after the wedding. I snuck into Vegas's (Then just a foal herself) stall and curled next to her, crying. She just lay there, letting me lay my head on her neck and cry. I finally cried myself to sleep, laying on her the whole night. I stayed there until morning came when my new mom came looking for me and my father followed, threatening me with everything but death itself. My new mom found me sleeping next to the foal, and smiled at us.


I was holding onto her like a doll, sucking my one thumb. My father came and saw, and was going to give me a spanking (Something he never ceased to dish out, no matter how small whatever I did was) when she stopped him from even entering the stall. "You will not Nick, you leave her alone. She'll wake up on her own and when she does, I will talk to her about this. You can't go around spanking a 4-year-old child for everything she does wrong." My new mom said, putting her hands on her hips, giving Nick her I am not giving in to you look.


My father shook his head, letting her win. They left the stables with Nick saying, "Susan, she knows better, she's done this before. She can't be sneaking out of the house at night." Nick's whine didn't change Susan's mind. "Maybe she does know better, but all the same, she may have a reason for it. If she doesn't then we'll decide what to do about it. BUT. I won't let you hit her unless it's absolutely necessary from now on. If you do, I'll be forced to pound you back!" Susan said and Nick sighed. No sense in arguing, Susan would win anyhow.


A few hours later, I woke up and toddled inside, rubbing my eyes sleepily. I eyed my father as I walked in the back door, wondering what he was going to do. (It was rare for him not to be hitting my by now and to this day I am shocked he didn't, but I know if my mom wouldn't have been there, he would have.) By the look I got, I knew he knew I had snuck out. I swallowed as Susan came in and nodded to my father, as she picked me up and carried me off. I was quiet, not sure what she would do either.


She carried me into the kitchen and sat me down on the counter by the sink. Then she got a glass of milk and handed it to me, I sipped it, more worried about what she was going to say and do then to really drink much. I put the glass down and looked at her. "M I in t'rouble?" I asked. "Not yet. But I would like to know why you left the house after I tucked you in last night." Susan replied, calmly waiting for me to answer her. (I wasn't used to the by far. It had always been me getting yelled at, then hit and sent off to my room, without getting to tell my side of the story.)


"I lefted cos I dinnit want the baby horsey to be all awone. I awone too an I dinnit want the baby horsey too be a'scared like me an die." I replied, getting a smile from Susan. I smiled back a little, not sure yet if I was out of trouble or if I had ever been in any.


"This time I'll let you off. But I want you to promise never to leave this house at dark again. The ranch is safe in the light when you can see, but at night it is dangerous, you can't see and you could be bitten by a snake or be hurt and we'd never know. I want you to promise." Susan said, and I said I promised, and I never did leave the house at dark again.


My father began not only began threatening me with, "Just wait until I tell your mother what you did!", but also with selling the foal I'd fallen in love with. Susan soon took care of that too, buying the foal and signing her over to me in her will, stating that no one could sell her or take her from me. I found that out when Susan died..Her stories of Las Vegas was how my beloved horse got her name.


"Mommy..." I realized I'd come out of my memory and flew off of Vegas, tumbling head over heals with a yell of shock and fear. I landed on the ground and yelled again, as I was met by Vegas, who came right to my side, nuzzling me, almost trying to say she was sorry.  I groaned and grabbed a hold of her reins, puling myself up. "It's..okay--Vegas, I know--I know it was, an accident..but..what...caused it?" I asked, as I leaned on her and panted through the pain in my body.


I felt as though someone was watching me and looked back over my left shoulder, not believing what I saw. I tightened my grip on Vegas's reins and looked wide eyed. "Wha-- Where did you come from?" I asked, of the man behind me in blue and white robes. He smiled and looked at Vegas, making me even more nervous. "You leave Vegas alone. This is private P'roperty, get offa my ranch!" I said, trying to be brave. The black haired, blue eyed man just stood and again smiled. I just stared. "What D' ya want?" I asked, determined to keep myself between him and my horse.


"My name is Natches and you have been invited by The One." The man replied, handing me a piece of paper. He bowed to me as I reached out and grabbed it, not taking my eyes off of him once. I read the note and then read it again. No one knew my secret. No one. How could he unless..


"Where did you come from?" I asked, hardly believing this. I got another smile. "You'll know when we get there. Someone is waiting for you. They sent me to get you for your training." He said, and my mouth dropped. I knew he was telling the truth, and I knew this was all real. I shoved the paper into my overalls. "Alright. But Vegas comes too." I replied, pulling my red hood on again. He nodded and snapped his fingers.



Part 2


Seconds later, they reappeared in  a crystal clear castle. Child, horse and man standing before a glass throne. As my eyes focused, they widened as they saw the new scenery. I looked at Vegas, who was ta my side, looking as shocked as I was, standing calmly though. I squeezed her reins and swallowed, looking to the man who had brought me here. "I..I know why I'm here..but where's.." I was suddenly cut off by a door opening. Vegas's ears perked up as someone walked in, behind us. I didn't look. I was too shocked to, almost afraid of who I knew I would see.


Natches was down on one knee, and I now noticed the blue and white, long robes her wore. I was looking at him when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked up startled, and looked right into her eyes. I couldn't believe it, and my eyes started to tear up. Thinking for so long this day would never come. A hand came up and caressed my face, and I finally smiled.


I didn't know if it was impolite here, and I really didn't care as I wrapped my arms around her waist as best I could for my height and squeezed. She hugged me back and then patted Vegas. I looked up and sniffed. There she stood.."You're really alive an I'm here..I been waiting for a long time for you to call me." I said watching as she let her servant, Natches, rise from kneeling. He bowed and walked out.


"Of course I'm alive. I had to leave the other dimension to ready things here for your arrival. I apologize for taking 3 years, but I had to be sure you were strong enough." Susan said and I nodded. "I am. I'm so glad to be back with you mom. I missed you, I listened to every word you said before you left. I read all of my books you left me 3 times, I know every spell in them by heart, and I practice everyday. Just like you told me." I said, getting a proud smile I hadn't seen in a long time.


"Good. You'll learn more as you go along, but you know alot more than most of the beginners do, who come here. You're special, your destiny and reasons for your being here are very different, but nonetheless, you're alive here and dead in your old dimension. I'm proud of you, Very proud to see you have done well with everything I taught you." Susan said as we walked down a glass hallway, out of the throne room. I still had Vegas, leading her along.


"Mom..I.." I said, looking down at my dusty bare feet, overalls and red hood with it's sleeves shoved up to my elbows. She laughed. I knew my face was red cos my ears were burning. "You're fine. You'll find your proper clothes in your room's closet." She replied and I took a deep breath. "I missed you too, but I watched over you everyday, waiting for you to be ready." Susan said and I looked up.


"I know. I sensed you with me, I even felt so close to you I started talking to you out loud, like I was right next to you. I did that until one of those "wow" days when father came to the ranch and heard me. He told me to stop talking to you because you were dead. I knew you weren't. He's been gone a long time, since then. Almost a month ago, he'd been gone a year. His hired hand would come and pay bills and keep food in the house for me, but no one ever talked to me or made sure I was okay, no one worried about me. I did school work at home and studied my Magick too. I did rituals and spells, and I even put out a fore once with my power." I said, as we rounded a corner and Susan opened a pair of twin glass doors.


"I saw those times too. When I saw you douse the fire with your wind incantation alone, I knew it was almost time. This is your room, Vegas will have to go to the Royal stable though. And you stay here, I don't want to catch you sleeping in the stall with her when you have a very soft and comfortable bed." Mom's reminder of my doings as a 4-year-old made me blush a little, smiling innocently. I'd not slept in a bed in so long..I usually slept in the barn, wherever I happened to sit down. I nodded and followed her into the room. My bed was huge, piled with pillows and dressed in my favorite color--- red.


Susan smiled as she saw me looking around. She gently took Vegas's reins from my hand and I looked at her. "I'll take Vegas to the stable myself. I want you to change and get some rest. That teleportation journey took quite a bit out of you." Susan said, hugging me tight. I nodded, knowing I couldn't hide my exhaustion from my mom. I reached up and took a hold of her hand.


"If I change real quick, will you tuck me in? I haven't been kissed goodnight in a long time.." I asked, and Susan nodded. (I think she knew I wanted to be tucked in.) I smiled excitedly and ran to the closet, where I found some red and white jammies. I quick stripped down to my underwear and put them on, then I went back over to my bed, where Susan was already turning down my blankets. I yawned and my eyes watered as she picked me up and sat me up onto the big bed gently. I lay right down, and yawned again as she covered me up.


"Goodnight honey. Sweet dreamtime." Susan said as she bent down and kissed me on the cheek. I pulled one of my arms out from under the covers and hugged her, kissing her back. After hugging me, she put my arm back under the covers and brushed my bangs out of my eyes. "Night mom..I love you." I said sleepily. "I love you too. You sleep, Mom will be here when you wake, I'm not going anywhere this time." Susan said, and I closed my eyes. She stayed with me until she knew I was asleep, then she gently got up, took Vegas's reins and walked her out of my room and to the stables.


"Rejoice, my other daughter is home. Safe, sound, and powerful, my baby is home." Susan said, as she bedded Vegas down. "I'm sure she'll be out to see you in the morning Vegas. I missed you too." Susan said, as she patted the mare, then closed the stall door. She went back to the castle with a simple snap of her fingers, a proud smile across her face as she sat in her throne chair, thinking about things. She sent for one of her servants, and waited for her to arrive.


Soon, one of her servants came over to her and kneeled before her. Susan smiled. "Rise. I have a favor to ask of you." Susan said, as the girl stood up and looked at her with loyalty and respect. "Favor? Anything for her Highness." The girl replied, proud to now she was being asked before any of the higher up and more powerful servants.


"Yes. You're getting very good with your magic, and I have chosen you over all the others because you have a pure heart, something that is hard to find, these days. You've been like a daughter to me, and that is why I have decided not to allow you to be my servant any longer." Susan said, shocked when the girl suddenly burst with emotion, hiding it within, not showing an ounce of it on the outside. "Melisa, I didn't mean you would be sent away.." Susan said, as she watched for Melisa's outside reaction. Inside, Melisa felt better, but scared. "I'm not? What's going to happen to me, your Majesty?" Melisa asked, looking up. Susan gave her a smile.


"You'll live the same as my daughter does. You're not like the other servants, Melisa. You are special, and you just don't belong serving people. Not even me." Susan said, and Melisa smiled, proud but shocked beyond belief. "Thank you, your Highness, I'm very honored." Melisa said politely. Susan put her hand on Melisa's shoulder, and Melisa looked at her, still pink across her nose a little. "You may call me Susan, or mom, whatever you prefer. But not Majesty or Highness or Priestess. Alright?" Susan said, and Melisa was so shocked she looked teary eyed at her. "Okay your---I mean, mom." Melisa said, catching herself in mid-mistake. Susan squeezed her, laughing some.



Part 3


"You may have the room next to Hope's room. I will have some clothes, robes and other things brought for you. Remember, you're not a servant anymore Melisa. That means you don't have to do any chores or obey anyone else's orders except for ones I tell you myself." Susan reminded and Melisa nodded, not moving from her mom's side, almost afraid to touch anything. Susan noticed.


"Go on. Go ahead and enjoy your freedom. Everything in this room belongs to you now. I'll call you when your sister wakes, and on that note, you may want to rest too. If you decide to go to sleep, have good dreamtime, my daughter." Susan said and Melisa smiled. "Good night mom, I'll see you then. And thank you." Melisa said, as she turned and left, heading for her room.


Susan watched Melisa go, a proud smile across her face. Melisa and Susan were alot closer than Melisa knew. Melisa had been a servant for about a year, and had only come to the castle a year ago as well. Now 13, Melisa was just as special as Hope, and soon, they would find out how and why.




Entering the large room, Melisa felt very small. She'd cleaned this and many other rooms in the castle many times before, but she'd never dared touch the silk linens or soft clothes for fear of being sent away or something worse she didn't want to think about.


She walked to the bed and ran her hand across the blanket, closing her sleepy blood-shot eyes at the cool feeling from the silk. Opening her eyes, Melisa sat down on the floor and pulled off her shoes and socks, as well as her pants. Then she stood back up and pulled back the covers, climbing into the big bed looking like a 3-year-old in her underwear and t-shirt. As she covered her legs, she smiled, Her body was screaming for sleep, and she flopped backwards onto the pillow, falling asleep. This was the most comfort she'd ever had in her whole life.




The next morning, I woke up but didn't open my eyes. I was almost sure that everything about the day before was a dream, and I told myself to be ready to wake up in Vegas's stall..I opened my eyes and saw my room, my bed, and smiled. "I'm really here!! Mom's alive!!" I screamed happily, standing up on the bed dancing around. I jumped off of the high bed singing the tune to my boyfriend's back, but changed it to my Mom's back. I didn't know why, it had just popped into my head.


Shaking my body in tune with my singing, I opened my closet and pulled out a silky red outfit, clean under things, and a long red, silky robe I snuggled against as I carried it into the bathroom. I found the huge tub most satisfying, after filling it with nice hot water I climbed in. I sat with bubbles up to my neck and relaxed a second, before I washed myself and then my hair, sniffing the rose scent soap quite a few times, liking it. After my bath, I dried myself off and got dressed in the red outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned. Then I added my royal robe and started crying.


"Why the tears?" Mom's sudden voice startled me, and I turned around trying to wipe at my tears. "I just don't..believe it's real. I'm afraid I'll wake up and you'll disappear." I said and she smiled, gathering me into her her arms. She held me like she used to and calmed me. I felt better and sniffed. "I love you mom." I said, drying my eyes. "I love you too honey. I'm not going anywhere, you don't have to be afraid of that." Mom said and I smiled. I remembered I would be learning beside my mom again and instantly felt happy again.


"I'm excited. What am I gonna learn first?" I asked as I let her lead me out of my room and down the hall, servants already coming to clean up after me. We stopped at the next set of twin doors, where mom knocked. I waited patiently, not knowing who we were waiting for. The doors opened and there stood Melisa, dressed in lavender and white robes and an outfit like mine, looking as shocked as I had. "You look wonderful, Melisa." Susan said, herself dressed in white and purple robes. Melisa's face and ears changed colors to a red about the same as my robes. I couldn't help but giggle. Melisa forgot herself and almost bowed to Mom and me, but she stopped before completely doing so, laughing a little. Melisa looked at me, then mom.


"You look nice too. Red is definitely you're color." Melisa said to me. "Thanks. Lavender looks good on you, look at mom, she's wearin purple." I replied, and Susan grinned. "Come on girls, I have alot to tell you." Susan said, and Melisa came out, following beside me as I followed mom. we ended up entering a large room, with a table in the center of it.


Breakfast was waiting for us, servants too, pulling out our chairs. Mom motioned for us to sit and we did, Me on the left of mom, and Melisa on the right. The servants eyed Melisa, but with proud and loyal eyes, not eyes of hate, jealousy or fear. Melisa was very grateful, and smiled to them several times as we ate. Once we were done, and the servants had cleared the table and left, mom cleared her throat.


"Girls, you both need to know something. It has been kept secret until now to protect you." Susan's first sentence had our attention.


"Melisa, since you're 13, I'll begin with you. I'm sorry for you being a servant, that was just to protect you until Hope was ready for the journey here. Hope, at 10, you're my youngest and I'm sorry I left you when you were 3, but I had no other choice. You wouldn't have survived the journey here. Susan, the step-mother you knew later, was me. I was just in disguise, using images carefully chosen so your father wouldn't know it was me. I know the things he would tell you about me hurt, but I never did leave with another man. I had been needed here. Both of you are my birth daughters, Melisa was born and you Hope, 3 years later." Her story of the past had our attention, and we both just listened quietly, so she continued.


"In both instances, I was married to the men who fathered you. I was needed to rule during the wars here twice, that is why I left Melisa at age 2, and again when Hope was 3. I never wanted to leave either of you, and I'm sorry I was forced to leave you twice Hope. I wasn't their physically but I was there, I never left your sides. I want you both to know I will never leave you again." Susan said, shocking us. Melisa and me looked at each other in shock.


"We--we're sisters?" I asked, Susan nodded. "Yes. 3 years apart." Susan replied proudly, looking from me to Melisa. Both my beautiful, powerful daughters worthy of carrying the Royal name with the grace and proudness it deserves. Twin moon." Susan made us both smile, and Melisa turn red again. "It doesn't matter when or why you left us mom, we love you and we just want to be here with you. The past doesn't matter, only the future." Melisa said and I nodded proudly. "Yeah." Susan smiled, and I could see myself and Melisa in her, not for the first time either. I had often wished for this, but never ever thought for a second it would or could be granted. "My girls are very forgiving, thank you." Susan said and we both nodded.


"Mom, I'm bored. When're you gonna teach us?" I asked. Melisa shook her head too, wanting to know. Susan shook her head. They were definitely her girls, eager just like she had been at our ages, and still sometimes was. "Alright, I take it you know all of the books I left you?" She asked both of us. "Yes." I answered, Melisa didn't reply. "I..that father burned them.." Melisa said, scared of what would happen now. "That's okay, how did you get to the level you are now then?" Susan asked. "Came here soon after that, when I did, I studied everyday non-stop. Well, in between chores and at night." Melisa said and Susan nodded. "I have some new things to teach you, but you have to practice your Astral Projection first. I don't want to risk anyone's lives during the lessons." Susan said and we both nodded.


I was pretty good at incantations, spells, channeling and astral Plane stuff, but I always had plenty of time to practice. Melisa told the truth too, her best skills were spells, incantations and flying. (Something I never learned yet.) Melisa said she hadn't either, until she came from her old dimension. She was also bad at Astral Projection, mostly because she hardly ever had time to sleep.


Mom said that was fine, that some practice would get her up to date in a day or two, now that she had plenty of time to sleep. She went on to teach us some new spells, telling us to try them tonight before bed. She must have known I wanted to see Vegas, because she excused me and continued helping Melisa catch up with her lessons. I gave mom a great big hug before running out, smiling.


"Viva Las Vegas! Viiiii-Vaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!" My singing was suddenly cut short as I finally was ready to climb up onto Vegas's back, and a huge crash came from behind me. "WHAT?!" I yelped, turning towards the castle. I saw a huge, gaping hole in the castle's side, as though someone had been energy blasted through it, and 2 people fighting in the air. My eyes grew as I leapt onto Vegas and raced towards the fight, hoping my newest spell would work. As Vegas galloped faster, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Moths, butterflies, birds that sing, please give Vegas wings!"


Wondering where my words had come from, Vegas began to glow, enormous wings sprouted out of her shoulders and up we flew, right for the 2 duking it out. "Mom!" I suddenly saw a flash of purple robes and screamed as a bright flash hurt my eyes and knocked Vegas out of the sky, taking me with her. I screamed as Vegas landed on top of me, and heard a loud scream above as one of the people had suddenly disappeared. I was blacking out as rain fell, and I heard a horrible evil laugh. I knew my life was changed, and now I knew things has escalated to new heights. Ones I would have to Face alone..


Things went black and I was out.



Part 4


I woke up in so much pain, I screamed in agony. Someone came to my side and held my hand, while someone else covered me. Melisa was beside me, her eye black and blue, swollen real bad. She squeezed my other hand, whispering an incantation to heal me. I began to glow a blue outline, my pain subsiding with my screams and cries seconds later. My pain became bearable and then disappeared. I turned my head and looked at Melisa, who looked like someone had beaten her with something heavy.


"Melisa? what happened? where's mom? who was that man?" I sat up and burst with questions, as Melisa's eyes filled with tears. "Mom..she's..gone..he cast a mirror spell, one mom couldn't counter attack..and he took her into his realm.." Melisa replied, tears falling. I heard Mom and then Gone in the same sentence and cried too, feeling scared and lost at the moment, getting held in a hug by Melisa. We were crying on each other's shoulders when I realized all hope wasn't gone. (Hey, I didn't get my name for being negative..)


Before she had left me the second time on the ranch, Susan had been teaching me. She had told me about an all powerful witch, one who could help me if the need ever presented itself. My heart leaped. I looked up from Melisa's shoulder, tears still wet on my face. "Melisa! we have to go to Aradealia! Come on! She's mom's only hope!" I said, and Melisa stopped crying, looking at me. "Ara-who?" Melisa asked, sniffling. "Only the powerfulist witch aside of mom! Aradealia!" I replied, and Melisa nodded 'Oh' as I climbed down from the bed and snapped my fingers, fixing my clothes, now clean and beautiful again.


"Vegas..Oh no.." I recalled the poor horse falling on top of me and gasped. One of the servants bowed to me and said, "Princess, your horse is fine. She was not injured and is in the Royal Stables. I am glad you are both alright." She said and I nodded. "Thank you..Melisa..C'mon! We have to get going!" I yelled, grabbing her hand. We ran into the hall and kept running, our long robes and cloaks flying behind us. Two things were on our minds. Getting our mom back safe, and sweet revenge.


We suddenly began to chant as we ran, trained to do just this in a dire emergency, which this certainly was. "Knock knock secret door, let us in, for we seek The Great One within!" We chanted, invoking a door to appear in front of us, a magical door, one we had to run right into having no fear of hitting it physically or else we would be denied entry. We kept the chant up, picking up speed, we closed our eyes and grabbed hands as we ran right into the door and went right through.


On the other side, it was dark and cold. The light was scarce, and we cuddled into our cloaks for warmth as spiders bigger than my head lurked all about. Melisa saw one and screamed, holding onto me for dear life. "Kill IT! KILL IT!! I hate anything with more than 4 legs!!" Melisa yelled, and I shook my head dragging her along. We walked, tripped and Melisa complained about things being all over the place with 18 thousand legs. I kept my senses open, knowing I would need them to locate the entrance to Aradealia's Home.


I passed another tree, finding a root with my foot and promptly falling on my face. Cussing myself out, Melisa helped me up and my senses kicked in. Melisa knew and nodded, as I used special thoughts mom had only taught to me. "I ask for your help, for I am in danger, I beg that you allow Hope of Twin Moon to enter." I thought, and a door to a house appeared.


Melisa and me walked in, and were met with a blonde haired, blue eyed lady, wearing a long and beautiful blue and black gown and robes, her cloak matching as well, stars and moons dancing across it as though they fell right from the sky into her clothes. It was one of the most beautiful outfits I had ever seen. We bowed and knelt down in front of her.


"Children! Do not kneel in front of me! Please, rise and tell me what your trouble is. It must be bigger than you, or else you would not be here." Aradealia replied, and we both got up. Melisa was crying again, and Aradealia held her as I explained. "This man came and took mom into his realm, and he'll kill her unless we get your help and go save her...Please...I know you're a very busy witch, but please help us. I already lost my mom twice and I love her, and I have to get her back!" I said, near tears again myself.


"You don't have to plead. I'll help you. You're mother and I are very close. She's my sister, which makes you both my nieces." Aradealia said, and I smiled. I thought, Wow. Related to her too..My family tree sure had good roots! I looked at her and recalled something. "Aunt Aradealia, why do some people call you Cat?" I asked, hoping I wasn't being rude. She smiled. "Because I can do this." She replied, transforming herself into that of a cute little black house cat.


Melisa smiled and clapped at the show, and I picked Cat up and hugged her. "Now don't squeeze too hard dear, I'm a little more fragile like this." Cat/Aradealia said, and I giggled as Melisa petted her. "Can we call you auntie Cat?" I asked as I noticed she was purring as I put her down. Cat changed back and was smiling. "I like the sound of Auntie Cat better anyhow. Sure." Cat said and we both hugged her. "Allow me to get a few things before we go. What sort of spell did you say was used?" Cat asked, putting all kinds of things into a blue velvet bag.


"A Mirror spell. Mom didn't have time to deflect it our counter attack it and she's been Mommy-Napped!" Melisa said, starting to sniffle again. Cat patted her shoulder. "Did you say Mirror spell?" Cat asked and I nodded. "I think I can counter it, but not alone. I need you both too, even a high witch needs help." Cat replied and we both nodded.


I scowled, looking down. "Nobody does this to my mom and gets away with it. When I get my hands on that cement licker I'm gonna make him live up to that name cos he's gonna be kissing the pavement for eternity!" I said, my anger showing. Cat put her hand on my shoulder and shook her head no at me. "You cannot fight your enemy and help your mother if you can't see straight. You need a clear mind and checked, calm emotions to see this one through." Cat said and I knew she was right. It was something mom had taught me first.


"Yes aunt Cat..I know. I need time to I have time to meditate a little before we go?" I asked and Cat nodded. "Meditation will do us all some good. Come on Melisa. I'll light the candles, don't forget to visualize yourself inside a white crystal ball before drifting or invoking, alright?" Cat said, lighting the candles. We both nodded.


I closed my eyes as I sat Indian-style, my hands laying on my knees palm up, my fingers lazily bent towards my palms. My back straight an my head at ground level, I began to see a crystal clear, white ball around me, and then I began to drift, past everything else, arriving right into my own hatred form the man who had kidnapped my mom.


I visualized myself giving him a good kick to the face, then forgiving him for taking my mom. My vision was one I never saw coming. I had wanted to beat him up, but now I wanted to forgive him for taking the only person who had ever loved me. I now only wanted to send him away, into another realm where he couldn't harm anyone. I only really wanted my mom back, nothing else.


My body was completely charged with my energy I had been using for my own angry emotions, and I felt replenished again, my anger released in a breath of black air. I took in good vibes and energies from my surroundings in blue breaths, feeling even better and happy again. My mind got so clear I felt as though I was floating out of my body. I kept my breathing up, until I felt myself return to my body, downloading my consciousness back into my body as well. Once I was finally back, I felt a tingling sensation and opened my eyes, taking a deep breath.


Melisa and Cat had come out minutes before me, and sat smiling at me. I blushed and stretched. "I'm ready. Let's go." I said and Cat grabbed her bag. We all stood together as she snapped her fingers and moments later we appeared in a castle, one make completely of black glass and stone. I looked at Melisa and saw she was wearing her determined face, yet she swallowed nervously. Cat seemed herself, and I did my best to look normal and listen to my heart. I kept telling myself just to listen to my heart and everything would be okay.



Part 5


We were strangely allowed to enter the castle's throne room without a fight. I sensed someone behind us right as the great doors slammed closed and we all turned to see a pair of armed demons guarding them. A laugh prompted me to turn my back on the guards and face the direction the evil cackle had come from.


Cat and Melisa turned too, all 3 of us now staring into the dark eyes of our mom's/sister's kidnapper. "Silver, you bastard! I'm going to make you sorry you ever returned to our peaceful realm!" Cat yelled, recognizing him. Melisa and me nodded in agreement. Silver laughed.


"With your queen witch in my possession? I hardly think so. I can, however, be persuaded." Silver replied, walking from his throne towards Cat. He went around her looking up and down. "I will enjoy this very much. You stay and be my queen and I will return the Crystal queen to the children unharmed." Silver said, raising his hand to caress her face. It was suddenly stopped and held my an unseen grasp.


"Touch me and you'll be crapping teeth for a week. I wouldn't be your queen even to procreate and save the kingdom!" Cat replied, verbally slapping him. Melisa smiled and I grinned. (Go Auntie Cat!!)


"Very well. Then I will have to destroy you, my beautiful one, and your little brats too!" Silver said, as he crossed the room and sat back in his chair. Melisa and me went into battle mode, about to work as one as we got ready when Melisa looked up and gasped. "Ma..Mom?!" She yelped, and Cat and me looked up to see the horror that Melisa's tearful eyes saw.


Above us, in a black glass window block, was our mom, sitting inside like she was in some sort of trance. Energy was being drained from her, and being given to the realm, which lived off of other's energy. We were being drained too, but we were so busy ready to battle, we didn't realize it. Cat put her hand to her mouth to cover her shocked expression, Melisa was crying, and I was so focused on Silver I was unable to get angry.


My mind suddenly clicked, seeing my opportunity to strike, and Silver was across the room sliding down a wall. Melisa joined me, and we cornered him with a powerful No Sight spell, which caused him to grab his eyes and yell in pain. "Release our mom!" Melisa yelled as he went down to his knees again. "Never!" Silver replied, so I kicked him a good shot in the face, sending him back into the wall.




Cat meanwhile, was above hovering readying herself to free Susan of her glass prison.




Silver suddenly took a chance and swung at us, catching me in the mouth. I yelled as blood sprayed him and me, my mouth a bloodied mess. It hurt, but I was so focused, I didn't feel it and wiped my mouth on my sleeve.


Melisa and me gave a nod to each other and yelled, "Rubber bands, tape, cement and glue, bind Silver tight and true!" Emotions in Melisa's voice caused her to yell louder than me, making the spell work faster.


Silver's arms and legs went together, and he fell over on his side, hog-tied. Struggling, he made the spell even stronger and soon gave up on it. Melisa grinned as his binds grew tighter and he growled. I gave her a slight grin, watching him.




"Glass that holds my visions and reflections, I normally hold no objections, But this time I must, and I say release the one you have been told to hold, bring Susan back to our fold!"


Cat's chanting was followed by the glass cube beginning to glow with a protective barrier, the glow bright yellow. Raising her wand (Something else she'd shoved in that little bag of hers..I swear she could carry a coffee maker in there if she wanted to) and continued,


"I hold no fear, I hold no hate, her energy and life is not for you to take, Glass constructed of evil break!"


The cube began to rumble and shake, while below her, Melisa tried her hand at a banishing spell.




"Binded and held tight, for all eternity I banish you to a place where you can harm none, I daughter of the Twin Moon Queen Susan, banish you!" I smiled as Melisa did her best, spells not her best technique. Silver yelled in defeat and was gone, banished by my sister.


We heard a great crash of glass shattering, and looked up to see Cat holding Mom, free of the energy draining cube, in a protective bubble. We ran over as Cat put the bubble down on the floor, laying mom gently down before releasing it.


Melisa and me were in tears again, as we leapt to her side. Cat came down and held Mom's head in her lap, as mom was still out cold. "Mom! Mom..wake up..please.." Melisa said, shaking her shoulder a little. I sensed mom was coming around and put my head on her chest, wanting to hear her heart beat normally again.


Mom opened her eyes and blinked, looking around. Melisa's smile was priceless, and Cat had never been do relieved in her life. I felt a hand on the back of my head and looked up. Seeing Mom smiling at me felt like the greatest thing in the world. "Mommy.." Was all I could say as she sat up and held me, giving Cat a grateful smile.


Melisa crawled over and leaned on Mom's shoulder, so happy to have her back. Mom reached up and put her hand on Melisa's face, while Melisa just hugged her and cried. Cat managed to get hug in too, as Mom stood and helped Melisa and me up.


"I'm very proud of you girls. You did something very noble, and brave, and you saved me. Cat, you helped my girls..and me..thank you. I'm in your debt. Silver caught me off guard when he attacked Melisa and I, in the dining room, and she fought him but was knocked down. I was so angry at the time for what he'd done to her, I didn't have time to react, because I couldn't focus my energy in my own anger." Mom said, and I wiped my eyes, seeing Melisa doing the same.


"Proud of us mom?" I asked sniffling. She nodded, squeezing me. "Yes. I was in trouble and you had the concentration and ability needed to defeat Silver, and to allow me to be rescued. Not many children your ages can channel anger away from their thoughts enough to access their true power and full abilities, but you both did." Mom said, and I smiled as mom pulled Melisa into the hug too.


"Aunt Cat helped us with the anger channeling. I was real mad before and she taught me that if I'm blinded by my own anger, that I'm binded by it too." I explained, and Mom thought about herself, being as angry as she was, what I had said was true. Very true. Cat grinned at me.


"Seems your daughters are just like us at that age, Susan. Don't you think?" Cat said, as we teleported from Silver's castle to ours. "Yeah, I see us in them, now that you mention it, of course I was more like Hope, but you were always like Melisa. You hated bugs." Susan said, and Cat shook her head. "I was not!" Melisa laughed as mom sealed Silver's realm off forever. The door disappeared, and I took a deep breath, suddenly falling. Mom caught me and picked me up.


Cat caught Melisa as she fell too, relieved that she wasn't hard to carry, as she walked along beside her younger sister. (They're only 2 years apart in age, but Cat's always been a big matter how many years it is.) "Silver's realm sucked so much of our energy, it knocked them out. It drained me too, and I need rest. How are you, Cat? It sucked the kids without them even knowing it." Susan said, and Cat yawned. "I could use some sleep as well. But let's get the girls to bed first." Cat replied. They split up and put both of us to bed.


Mom put me down on my bed and took off my robe, cloak and shoes, thinking, *How can this girl wear a cloak and a robe?!* as she folded them and put them to the side. Then she pulled back the covers and put my head on my pillow, covering me. She smiled at me as she leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I love you very much, and I am very proud of you, my youngest. You haven't a thing to worry about. Mommy will be here when you wake, and forever after that. Sleep well sweetheart."


She said this softly to me, and I heard, but I was so sleepy I couldn't reply. Mom got up and turned out the light as she walked out, closing my doors softly behind her.


Cat came out of Melisa's room looking even tired. "I'm going to rest. Are you staying? You know you are more than welcome to." Susan said as she peeked in on Melisa and smiled sleepily as she blew her a kiss. Cat nodded. "Yeah. I don't have the energy to teleport home. See you on the morrow, night sis." Cat said, and they walked together to Susan's Royal master bedroom. Susan opened the door and they waved each other of as Cat went to her own room.


Susan entered her room and changed her clothes with a snap of her fingers, not in a night gown fit for a queen, which she is. She hit the silky purple sheets seconds later, and no sooner did her head hit her pillow, Susan was peacefully asleep.



Meanwhile, down the hall, I couldn't help but think to Silver, and to the father that had never loved me. In my mind, I said, *You can't share my life. You can't have my world. And you know why?*


Because My World Belongs To Me.



The End..For Now.




My World Belongs To Me by Murdock's Crazylady



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