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Title: Flying Internal

Flying Internal
by Cabaret

Rated: R
Warnings: Major Angst and some cussin' and some graphic visuals
Disclaimer: A Team, not mine, nothing is gained from this, just a lil release
Authors note: Don't worry, there is a happier follow up!
Summery: Murdock's thoughts before meeting Hannibal and the Team in Vietnam
Comments: Very much appreciated


He's dead now, they all are!
Silence, here comes the screams.
Where am I?
Flying internal chaos
Chaos enforced by a fleet of me.
We seep their insides out
Onto the eyes that watch,
Maybe mine, how could I know?
Like the others, I fucked a few
Just in case I might be alive,
But that Sprokett of hope is now dead too.
Yes Sir!
Ferry the dead to the dead
to create more dead.
And now? Now they complain!
That black is not quite black enough.
Why do they care?
Their bodies are bagged.
Red turns green
Black plastic remains.
We'll always have more fire though
For them and for our own you know.
Back's the best, or so I'm told
Cock it slow
Then squeeze it firm
Ram it in before they learn.
Then pray you walk with silent breath
Cos you're all dead
So now am I?



Flying Internal - Poem by Cabaret
Flying External - Poem by Cabaret



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