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Title: Torn Apart

Torn Apart

by Dana


Rating: PG

Warnings: Character hurt, Character death, thoughts of suicide, and angst to the max.  Tissues may be needed.





Part 5


"It's not good Mr. Peck.  There is quite a bit of extensive damage to

your eyes.  I don't think there's anything we can do."  Dr. Sheldon



Face nodded solemnly but didn't say a word.  Mrs. Baracas just patted

his hand.


"General?"  A voice said from the doorway.  "You've got a phone call."


Stockwell left the room.


"So I'm going to be blind for the rest of my life?"  Face finally



The doctor paused before answering.  "Most likely." 


`This day couldn't get any worse.'  Face thought.


"Gentlemen."  Stockwell said as he came back into the room.  "I don't

know how to tell you this, but I have information on Captain Murdock."


"Where is he?"  Face asked.  "Did you find Hannibal."


"He's here in the hospital."  Stockwell said.


"How is he?"  Frankie asked.


Stockwell didn't say anything right away but Frankie didn't like the

look in Stockwell's eyes.  "We found Murdock not too far away from

the warehouse.  He was shot and unfortunately is dead."


Face didn't even try to stop the tears.  `Not Murdock.  Please let

him be wrong.'


"Where's Hannibal?"  Mrs. Baracas asked in a shaky voice.  She'd only

met Murdock once but she liked the man. 


"His whereabouts are still unknown.  But we are still looking for

him."  Stockwell was a bit choked up himself.  "I'm sorry gentlemen

and Mrs. Baracas."  He said and left.  Carla, who was battling her

own tears, following him out the door.


Mrs. Baracas did something that surprised Face.  She held him in her

arms as he wept.


Frankie lay in his bed crying and feeling very alone.







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