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Of Tractors and Neckties

Of Tractors and Neckties

By SherryGabs


Rated: Gááááááááá ęSherryGabs

Summary: Response to Jipster's Challenge Week - Challenges 13 & 14.

Disclaimer: They're not mine. Darn it!

Note: See challenge requirements in the Challenges section on the VA Archive homepage.




Challenge #13


Murdock was on the tractor fighting with the grinding gears trying to get the massive machine moving. He was sure the tractor would get them back to the van and BA quicker than running. He felt omnipotent sitting in the seat, like nothing could stop him and his mighty steed. Unfortunately the bad guys were approaching quicker than anticipated and he was having no luck getting it into gear.

"Colonel, I know I can get this thing going. Just give me a minute," Murdock begged, huffing.

"Murdock get off that tractor! We gotta go now!" Hannibal yelled.

Murdock sighed, giving up. His jacket caught on one of the mechanisms and he yanked it free, jumping down to the ground.

They hid behind some bushes until the criminals would pass. The gang stopped a few feet from them and sniffed the air.

Face looked at the cigar in Hannibal's mouth, grabbed it and put it out. Hannibal gave an innocent shrug.

Too late, the gang knew where they were. The team jumped from the bushes and took off running. Little did they know that the tractor Murdock had been on had gotten knocked into gear when he yanked the mechanism. It was rolling silently towards them unnoticed. Face smacked head first into it, falling to the ground unconscious.

Hannibal and Murdock both stopped to help him, letting the outlaws overtake them.

A short while later, they found themselves tied up in the warehouse. Face is still out and Murdock keeps mumbling guiltily about the tractor as he observes Face's condition.

"Faceman isn't responding, Colonel," Murdock stated. "I never saw the tractor. I just didn't see it and usually I'm twenty-twenty vision. It just appeared out of nowhere like superman!"

"Don't worry, Murdock. It'll take more than a tractor to stop the A-Team, even a super hero one," The colonel stated with a smirk. The situation looked bad and the team just waited for news.


Challenge #14


The two men were more concerned about Face's wound than getting themselves out. They knew BA would only wait so long before coming to search for them.

Hannibal and Murdock were both tied up with rope. Face had his hands tied behind his back with his necktie. He shouldn't have chosen tweed, it knots up much tighter than silk does.

It wasn't long before they heard the rumbling of a machine getting louder and louder. A moment later the wall across from them came crashing in as BA drove through it on the big tractor. He stopped in the middle of the room and jumped down.

The bad guys came running in and BA took care of them one by one with no trouble at all. He giggled as the last one was thrown against the wall and a couple of potatoes from a bag on the shelf above fell down onto his head.

He untied the other three, cutting through Face's favorite tie. They got some water and cleaned Face's wound, bringing him around shortly.He moaned and rubbed his head. "Ohhh, what hit me?" he groaned.

"Oh, just a three ton tractor, Face. Nothing to write home about," Hannibal quipped.

"Tell that to my head," Face moaned again.

Murdock jumped up and hugged BA. "You saved us big guy!"

"Get off me, Fool!" BA pushed him away.

Murdock wouldn't be put off. "Santa's gonna be extra nice to you this Christmas, you big mudsucker. Maybe you'll get something better than the lump of coal you usually deserve."

"You don't shut up, I'll be stuffing your throat with coal." He picked up one of the potatoes. "Or better yet, spuds! Now let's get outta here!"

As the Team started leaving the warehouse. Face picked up the pieces of his tie. "Not another one!"


Of Tractors And Neckties by SherryGabs



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