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Title: Golden Groves

Golden Groves
by Cabaret

Rating: 'G'
(although no rating really needed here)
Warnings: Due to inebriation this has a nursery rhyme style rythum, sorry
Summery: I have no idea what this is about except that it's about Murdock!
Disclaimer: The A Team don't belong to me, they belong to someone else, not me (sniff!). Neither does the first 2 lines of this poem, they belong to G.M. Hopkins
Comments: very much appreciated, because I'm not sure of this one!

Golden Groves

Murdock are you grieving,
Over golden groves unleaving?
The autumn winters through beyond
And still you fain your seething.

Murdock now it's over,
Why remain where guests have left?
Fleeting back to fro the fence,
Let it fall, the leaves are dense.

Murdock are you loosing,
Reflections in the craze?
Shadows play your serenade,
Become the season that you haze.

Murdock now release the watch,
Palm's axis spins unended time.
Please cast aside the nightly bond
You have worn for not your crime.

Murdock don't be grieving.
The golden groves within you
Will return to gift your sight.
Chide the winter, shine inner delight.

Golden Groves - Poem by Cabaret



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