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Okay, here goes

Murdock's Christmas Eve

By Pieces Scatter


Rated G

Summary: Response to Black Fire's Christmas Challenge.

Note: Okay, here goes. I've interpreted it a little differently than the
challenge was probably intended, but my mind just works that way. Its a
poem, I think. Parts of it rhyme anyway. :)

Murdock's Christmas Eve.

Snow-capped mountains looming large.
Trepidation. Fear.
How can a mere
man like me
surmount the insurmountable?

I can't see! Help me. Please?
I tumble and fall,
become part of the squall.
The blizzard claims me.
Blood seeps red on white and frames me.

Bereft. "Where Are They?!"
An anguished cry, a silent mayday.
I have nothing without them.

A touch! Confusion. The fog slowly clears,
Open my eyes and blink back tears.
A Face smiling down at me!
A Hannibal too!
"Merry Christmas, crazy foo'!"


Murdock's Christmas Eve by Pieces Scatter