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The A-Team the 2nd Generation's Next Adventure: Nick's Great Escape

The A-Team the 2nd Generation's Next Adventure: Nick's Great Escape
By: Georgia M. Bentz or Flight O'Fancy Whichever you'd prefer

Rated: G

Summary: Nick escapes his kidnappers with a little quick thinking,
and Tessa helps out with the Team a little. Asterisks indicate the
beginning and the end of flashbacks. Flashbacks are interspersed with
the present. Told from ten different points of view. Hope you enjoy
Warnings: None so far.
Comments: Send plenty of comments


The 2nd Generation A-Team were all riding in The Van again. They'd
been called on a new mission. They were thoroughly enjoying their
status as the 'New A-Team'. Nick was talking to his 'companion' Rolf
his talking cat. "Sooo Rolf how do you like riding in the FAMOUS A-
Team van? Hmm? Is it cool? Or do you hate sitting behind the Big
Angry Type Teenager Man driving this crazy van?" He smiled in
Jarred's direction before continuing his questioning at his cat.

The Team had been riding together for over a year now, and the ladies
were all amazed at how their four brothers interacted with each
other. Jarred and Nick seemed to 'fight' all the time, and Hannibal-
Matthew and Tim would of course have 'creative differences'. It was
a great chemistry though, and nobody would trade it for the world.

Right now Tim was nursing a swollen hand, Nick was nursing wounded
pride, and Hannibal-Matthew was in think mode. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S was
a force to be reckoned with, and none of the bad guys they
encountered could stand up to the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Group.

They'd always get the bad guys under control while Hannibal-Matthew
would start the questioning. They were however nursing wounded
prides as well as swollen hands, they just weren't used to punching
people just yet. Jarred seemed a natural at punching people out, he
punched once or twice and the hench people were down and out for the

Police Chief Augusta Lorenzo was their heartiest supporter. She
couldn't do enough for them since they'd rescued her daughter a year
and a half ago. Even if she didn't wholeheartedly agree with their
methods she still supported them in anyway possible. Now they were
on their way to Grandmother Maggie's house, to get all stitched up
and for Hannibal-Matthew to swap stories and ideas with Grandpa

Which worked out just fine for them. They arrived on the doorstep,
and Maggie opened the door. She called for her husband and he also
came to the door. He invited them all inside, and they were seated.
Tessa came in a few minutes later, glared at them all and left again.
She still wasn't speaking to Hannibal-Matthew and Hannibal-Matthew
likewise was trying to avoid her.

Noticing the exchange, John turned to Hannibal-Matthew. "Well? Out
with it! Why isn't my oldest daughter speaking to my oldest grandson?
I'd like to know." Hannibal-Matthew sighed. It was a very long story,
and not one he'd care to repeat.

But he couldn't ever let anything slip under Hannibal Smith's nose,
and he knew it. "I-I can't go into it right now Grandpa. It's too
hard to recount." Hannibal Smith nodded and turned to him, while the
others went to go to Maggie's still open clinic out in the garage. It
was more of a clinic instead of a garage though, and Hannibal Smith,
and all the other older guys had built a new garage next to the

While she stitched them up, Hannibal-Matthew got into a discussion
about ideas and things. "Hey Grandpa would you be offended if I said
that I love it when a plan comes together?" Hannibal Smith
chuckled. "No I wouldn't be offended. Honored to say the least but
not offended." He grinned that oh so sly grin and pulled out
something from behind his back.

It was a box of cigars. He said, "And in case anybody asks, don't
tell them I got them for you. I was planning on giving them to one
of my sons, if I ever had any, but since we decided to stop after the
triplets, then I can give them to you. Even if your sisters shake
their heads at you."

He tossed the box of cigars at his namesake. Hannibal-Matthew's
eyes widened. "Th-Thanks Grandpa John. I was thinking I would've
liked some. But Erin Erica and Nick all say no I can't have any." The
elder Hannibal smiled at his namesake. "Hannibal-Matthew....Don't
worry about it. Whenever you get comfortable enough you can smoke
them. Just not right away. Just a little gift I thought I could pass
on to you. A sort of legacy. How about that?"

Hannibal-Matthew nodded his head. He quickly hid the cigars and soon
began on the stories of their latest adventure. "There we were,
surrounded by all these stupid guys when all of a sudden, Nick belts
out the Star Spangled Banner, giving us enough distraction to where
they were all apprehended. Sometimes I think he puts on this crazy
act, to save us."

Hannibal-Matthew shook his head. Hannibal Smith shook his head as
well. "Well your dad would've done the same for us. You know that.
He's very loyal to us, even to this very day." Hannibal-Matthew
nodded, just as his dad bounded into the living room, tugging his
wife behind him. Marlene was beautiful.

Even at 47. She had red hair streaked with gray. Her gray eyes were
alive and vibrant, and she was about a couple of inches shorter then
HMM. That accounted for the fact that their children were tall as
well. She smiled at Hannibal Smith and softly said, "Hello Colonel."
Hannibal Smith smiled back.

He could never get her to just say plain Hannibal. Or even get her
to call him John. He said, "Hi Marlene. How are you? You and Murdock
been flying yet?" Marlene emphatically nodded her head. She
absolutely adored flying. Even though the loop de loops were a bit
much. She inclined her head at her husband. "Well you know they're
here, let's go home so we don't bother them."

HMM glanced over at Hannibal-Matthew, then at his wife. "I wanna see
Nick though, an' the girls." Marlene sighed knowing she couldn't pull
her husband away just so that they could have time to themselves. He
missed the children terribly, as did she of course. But she also
loved having her husband at home, and alone. He was also quite
stubborn when it came to getting what he wanted, and usually gave her
the puppy dog eyes.

Hannibal-Matthew got up and hugged and kissed his mom. She smiled and
patted his shoulder. "We love you all Hannibal-Matthew. It's just
that when your father saw the van parked in front of Maggie's clinic
he asked me to get dressed so we could see how the new A-Team was
holding up. Marlene turned to Hannibal Smith and asked a question.
Colonel? Is Doctor Maggie in?"

Hannibal Smith chuckled. "Yep she is. The kids are just mostly banged
up, but they needed some reprieve as well." HMM nodded. "Right
Hannibal, but I still wanted to see Erin and Erica...." Just as he
was talking, Templeton Peck and Amy came in through the door,
followed by BA and Rachael. "Hey hey the gang's all here. Come to see
the kids?"

Hannibal Smith asked, and enthused. BA gruffly nodded. Rachael at
least said something to him. "Hi Hannibal, you see Murdock called us
and we came over right away. Bosco wanted to talk to Jarred about the
van and he wanted to see Ceiceily Carmen and Jessica."

Then Amy spoke up. "Hey Colonel. Right after Murdock called up BA he
called us up too. And we couldn't just say no. They're not here as
often and we'd like to just see them." Hannibal Smith laughed and
waved them all to Maggie's clinic. Templeton asked, "What happened?
Is everything okay with Tanya and Tim?" Hannibal-Matthew emphatically
nodded and spoke up. "Just a little bruised. Tim hit someone a
little *too* hard, and his whole hand swelled up. The group's a
little groggy and it's mostly just hurting hands."

He held up his bandaged hand as well. "Gramma Maggie told me that Tim
did right when he bandaged me up, so I'm good to go." He grinned and
soon the others trooped in. The parents greeted their kids heartily.
Then a little while later Maggie came in through the door. Followed
by her own set of triplets. Claire, Clara and Hanna-Belle.

Tessa-Abigail was no where to be seen or heard from. She'd gone off
to be with her friends. Nobody could understand why she and Hannibal-
Matthew weren't on speaking terms. But Hannibal-Matthew knew, and he
was just trying to forget it all. Maggie was excited that her
husband's friends had come and soon she'd whipped up a huge lunch
with the help of Amy, Rachael and Marlene.

Sandwiches galore, plenty of milk, soda, and juice. Everyone ate to
their hearts' content. Soon they were stuffed and the women put away
the meal. Not because they 'had' to, but because they were content to
do so.

As the four women chatted in the kitchen and washed the dishes, the
four 'Original' Teamers sat with their kids. They really enjoyed the
kids' company and they were beginning to see that their kids were
good at being 'The A-Team'.

The crime rate was at an all time low again, and they were free. Free
to pick up scum off of the streets and deliver them to the police
chief. HMM was sitting near his daughters, while Nick and Hannibal-
Matthew were seated on the floor their backs to the couch "So tell us
exactly what happened on your last mission Hannibal-Matthew."

Templeton Peck started out. The others' heads nodded. "Yeah go on
Hannibal-Matthew." HMM said. Hannibal-Matthew indicated his
brother. "Nick ought to tell you. He's the one who escaped first,
then he let us ALL out. Why do you think that he's the most wounded
one of us all?" The others shrugged, and they all looked at Nick.
Nick grinned and kept petting his pet cat Rolf.

"Okay see, here I was pickin' flowers for someone, not gonna tell ya
who, just cause it'd slow down the story. Anyways, I was pickin'
flowers, Tim was with a purty girl, and the girls and Hannibal-
Matthew , even Jarred were all inside the gas station gettin' some
food, an' ya know how Jarred can't live without his milk. So we were
stockin' up on milk and stuff...." Nick paused for a breath and then
continued with his adventure. His Great Escape.

Nick got up to pace. "Right, so I was what? What was I doin'?"
Somebody whispered. "Picking flowers." Nick nodded. "Oh yeah. I was
picking flowers when all of a sudden outta the blue, I was grabbed.
These guys meant business. I could tell. Before I could yell a rag
was stuffed in my mouth. Good thing Tim turned around and saw me
being carried off, he's the one who raised the alarm."

All eyes looked at Tim, and Tim shrugged. It hadn't been anything
big, he'd have done it for any of the team. "I-I'd have done it for
anybody." Tim mumbled. They nodded, Tim nodded his head at Nick.
So everyone turned back to Nick. "Anyways he raised the
alarm. 'Fore anybody could do anything I was loaded up in a dark
car and zoomin' towards somewheres.

But I did what y'all taught me to do. Dad you'd have been so proud.
I went totally ballistic on them. But before I could do anything
else.... I was in a straight jacket."

HMM gasped. He remembered straight jackets. He mumbled. "Nick I am
so sorry to hear that...." Nick continued. "Good thing I'm a good
wigg'ler. I slipped outta it the first chance I got. Course I didn'
let the baddies see me.

They'd thrown me in some sorta cell before I wiggled outta the
straight jacket. I don't know what it was. It kinda looked like a
cave or somethin'. So I was alternately screamin' for trash bags an'
doin' a little sparring with myself. Anyways before I knew it, the
others came an' they got me out. But it seemed like
forever....Hannibal-Matthew care ta continue?"

Nick finished. Hannibal-Matthew nodded. "Okay. Well you see after
Nick'd been taken and Tim'd raised the alarm, we all rushed out of
the store and into the van, well even with Jarred driving like a mad
man....Uh no offense Jarred, we lost them." Jarred gruffly nodded
and said, "Yeah the crazy kid was gone. I drove just like you taught
me Dad, and they were still gone, before anybody had a chance to
even breathe."

BA nodded. "Yeh I know the feelin'." Jarred grinned, well at least
his dad wasn't mad at him. He settled back into his chair. Jarred

"Okay Hannibal-Matthew.....I'm done you can talk now." Hannibal-
Matthew nodded. "Well like I said we lost them. We had no idea
where to look at first. So we went to see if Ms. Lorenzo could help
us out, and give us a possible location on them. That turned up nil.
So we were on our own. I decided to see if we could get any leads on
anything.....It took a long time. Nick I believe it's your turn."
Said Hannibal-Matthew.

"Well here I am shadow boxin' and waitin' around when 'he' walks in.
Says he knew ya from The Company Dad! I didn't know if you would know
what it meant. Do you know?" He looked questioningly at his father.
Murdock nodded. "Yeah I know what Company he's talkin' about. What
was his name?" "Dunno. He called himself Jones? Wesson? Something
like that."

HMM shrugged and answered. "Not here, not gonna talk about it here."
HMM sat back into the couch. Muttering. Hannibal-Matthew and Nick,
Erin , and Erica all of the New Team exchanged glances. Just then
Marlene came into the living room. She saw HMM was muttering and
asked what brought it on. Nick mouthed. "It was my fault. I-I talked
about The Company. Whatever that means." Marlene's face paled. But
HMM was soon calmed down by his friends. "I'm okay guys. Jus' gotta
get some fresh air. Nick we'll talk when you get to the house. You
four are comin' aren'cha?"

He asked as he got up off the couch, tipped his hat to everyone, and
he went out the door, before his kids could answer their father.
Marlene went after him, and after what seemed like an eternity she
came back in. She still had a perturbed look on her face, but she was
again seated and listening to whatever the others had to say. "Go on.
Sorry. Your father asked me to stay. Wanted every detail to what you
all were saying..."

Grinning she held up the tape recorder and she turned it on. "Right.
So this guy named Jones/Wesson can't quite recall. He started
to...He hit me. I haven't ever been hit quite like that. Sure I'd
been punched, but y'all this was worse then being punched. Big time.

I tried fighting back, but it didn't work. Dude tried some smooth
moves on me. Slick as slime. Smarter then a fox even. I just was
knocked out 'fore I knew what was going on. When I got back to
consciousness 'he' was still standing over me. I didn't know what to
do. So I kept mum about anything involving you all. Which was hard
when he all of a sudden turns into Frankenstein. It was scary."

He hooked me up to a chair I think, and he....he strapped me up to
wires....It was weird. I was strapped in, and no 'mount of wiggling
would lemme go. He just stood there laughing manically at me. He even
told me that." "No amount of wiggling will get you out of this jam
now Murdock."

I-I was just stunned. It wasn't like me to speechless but he put
somethin' in my arm. I swear he was the bad insane...." His voice
trailed off as he started to tremble slightly. Not wanting to
remember. Not wanting to keep it in his head either. Marlene wanted
to reach out and touch her young son. But she knew once he started to
tremble that he didn't like being touched. So she refrained from
doing so.

"Then there was this guy who looked like Igor. He had a hump and
everything. Igor stuck me with the needle. Cause like I said that
guy stuck somethin' in me. I couldn't tell what it was, and he
started firing unusual questions at me. Was my name HM Murdock? What
was my field of expertise? How long had I been with the Company? What
was my number? I asked him what number he referred to and he pointed
at some dog tags.

Obviously since I didn't say anything to his liking he started
beating on me again. I was bleeding pretty bad. I had a nasty cut on
my upper lip, and my head was 'bout knocked offa my shoulders. Then I
was thrown head first back into my cell. I don't know how I made it,
but I did make it. I forced myself to remember my training....It was
hard, but I knew that he wouldn't win.

Soooo every day I'd go a little more deeper into my own little
fantasy world. Then came the day of my Great Escape." Nick paused. He
was trying not to rush ahead of things. He was trying not to make
everything seem like it was the New Team's fault, But by the looks
and the glares the others were getting he wasn't presenting them in a
very good light.

Hannibal Smith spoke. "What happened to what we all taught you?
Strategize get in there and out of there as quick as you can? Why'd
you all throw the rules out the window?" He stood up. "Maybe you all
should just give up your title.

You're all too young to just be running out there and chasing bad
guys...." Hannibal-Matthew stood up. Deeply hurt. He hated feeling
hurt, and he was sure if he said anything heatedly he and Hannibal
Smith would end up in a screaming match, then Marlene and his
father'd be very disappointed in him, and he'd never hear the end of

So he crisply spoke, while looking everyone in the eye. "I'm going
home." His grandpa was practically insulting the New Team. It
bothered him that he was getting no support whatsoever.... Goodbye
til later guys. He looked at the rest of his team, as he went to the
front door. He looked at his grandparents. Gran'pa John, Gramma

He went outside and started to walk around his block. Nick caught up
with him, and he started to walk beside his twin. "Hannibal, Grandpa
didn't mean it. He was just getting too way into the story. You know
how he is. He worries 'bout all of us." But Hannibal-Matthew was
still not convinced. "Later Murdock. I'm going to walk a little while
and clear my head. I think I've still got some of the old Jazz in
my head still. And I need to think a little more clearly...."

He paused and Nick nodded. He was sure that his dad wouldn't fault
him any. But if his mom played the tape, then he was definitely
sure that his mom and dad would be sided together. Nick went home,
but not before he ran into Tessa. As soon as she saw Nick walking
down the street she got panicked. She thought at first it was Hannibal-

She immediately started running, and only stopped when he called out
to her. "Hey Tess-Girl." She skidded to a stop and turned
around. "Nick! Don't do that! You nearly scared me back there, I
thought you were Hannibal-Matthew. I don't ever want to see him
again!" Nick sobered. "Why? What is about him that ya hate? Hmm?
Why? You two don't explain much. He keeps mum, you keep mum. What is
goin' on 'round here?

Thought we were all close?" She shrugged. "I don't have time for this
Nick. I don't want anybody to know. Not now, not ever. I'm just glad
we're not going out anymore." She quickly changed the subject and
then she asked a question. "Sooo what'd the 'Mighty A-Team' run into
this time? Was it guns, drugs, kidnappings? The usual things that
always happen when the A-Team's on a mission?" She bitterly laughed
and Nick felt urged to slap her across the mouth.

He knew that if she and Hannibal-Matthew hadn't been arguing that
she'd have joined the new Team. "Stop actin' the brat an' start
actin' like a big girl. What is it that's been goin' on around
here? Are you jealous?" He caught her look and knew immediately
that she was jealous. "You're jealous cause Hannibal's the leader
arent'cha?" Tessa cruelly smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know? Now
let me go, I'm going home. " She pushed past him and scurried down
the street.

Nick chased after her, but being trained by her father and the others
as well she soon lost her pursuer. Not giving up Nick doggedly tried
to keep up. No matter how much he'd used his training he still
couldn't catch up with her. Skidding to a stop he turned mournfully
to Rolf. "Ya know what Rolf? I wish that Billy was here. He'd know
what to do." Just then a bark sounded and Nick looked up. "B-
Billy?" Billy spoke and bounded up the front porch stairs. "Yes
I'm Billy.... He turned to the cat. Whom might you be?" Rolf
spoke. "I'm Nick's faithful companion Rolf. Nice to meet you

'Billy' and 'Rolf shook paws and Nick squatted down in front of
them. Urgently talking to them both. Meanwhile Marlene was
apologizing about Hannibal-Matthew's and Nick's behavior. But
Hannibal Smith' d only waved it off. "It's okay Marlene. He'll calm
down eventually. He's young. He reminds me of me at times. Then of
course he's got his dad in him all the way as well." Marlene
cracked a smile. But Erin and Erica were itching to go find their
leader. "Let's go G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. we're burning daylight."

The others agreed and bade their 'grandparents' and all their parents
goodbye. Kissing their mother on her cheek Erin and Erica exited
followed by Tim, the rest of G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S and they all fanned out
to see if they could locate their leader.

But Tim was worried about Nick. He furrowed his brow and went to see
if he could find Nick. He needn't have worried. He arrived at the
front of Nick's house, and was overhearing Nick's 'indepth'
conversation with both 'Billy' and 'Rolf'. 'Billy' was
speaking. "Don't worry about Hannibal-Matthew. He'll work things out.
You'll see Young Master Nick. Things will be okay. " 'Rolf' joined

"How can you be so sure 'Billy'? I'm sure you're just making all
this stuff up..." Before a civil war between invisible dog and
invisible cat could erupt,

Nick stopped them with a wave of his hand. "Rolf quit being mean. Let
Billy talk, he used to accompany Dad everywhere on his missions. I
think he's rather wise when it comes to things like these." Tim at
that moment chose to speak up. "Ahem. Am I interrupting something?"

Nick looked up. "Good thing you're here Face. These two were about to
get into it. I was trying to convince Rolf that Billy is Dad's
dog...." Tim frowned. "I-I, uh, thought your dad 'sent' him away?"
Nick shrugged, "I dunno. I guess so. But Billy's come back." Tim
nodded in a sort of condescending patronizing way. A way that
Templeton had used to mollify Nick's father whenever he went off into
a crazy role.

"Now Nick, where are they? I don't want to sit on them." Nick
pointed. Tim answered. "Good, I won't sit on them now. Sooo what was
going on?" Tim tried to be understanding, but it sort of wasn't

He'd tried to do everything his dad taught him, but sometimes that
didn't work. So he drew his knees up to his chest and hooked his arms
around them. He looked at Nick, as Nick talked to the animals....yeah
definitely the way his father described HMM in his younger days. He
couldn't believe that the offspring of the Original Team was now the
A-Team. Ohhh they'd never replace their fathers, but looking at Nick
he was amazed they'd gotten him out of captivity when they did and
vice versa.

But they were joyous when they'd finally come to rescue him.....

*Nick's imprisonment.********* Hannibal-Matthew was pacing around the
room. "He's what?" Hannibal-Matthew asked incredulously. "Nick's been
kidnapped." Tim had answered slowly..... Tim had watched as
Hannibal-Matthew had run his hand through his hair. "So what's the
plan Hannibal?" Jessica had asked. "I don't know Jessa. Lemme think
here.... Face, you say you saw him being carried away. What'd they
look like?" Tim went into thinking mode as well. His keen mind had
mentally photographed the men in his head. "Oh the usual....Big. At
least a ton each, had on dark sunglasses and cheap suits.

He'd looked down his chic clothes when he'd mentioned the bad guys'
clothes. They were hustling Nick towards this dark navy blue
car...." Hannibal-Matthew'd stopped pacing and he'd just looked p at
at them all. Hannibal-Matthew spoke. "We're going after them. They
haven't been gone that long the trail's hardly even cold. We're
hitting the highway, and Face you'll have to show us the car.
Alright?" Tim'd nodded and they all piled back into the van.
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. in the special bench seat in the back Tim in the
first passenger seat next to the door, Hannibal-Matthew next to the
driver, and of course Jarred who was in the driver's seat.

Scowling that someone had dared kidnap one of the Team. They'd
hardly been driving five minutes when Tim spotted it. "There it is!
Look! I'd recognize that car anywhere. BA get close to it, and I'm
betting they've got Murdock in there." Sure enough Jarred was almost
tail to tail with it, and they'd caught a glimpse of Nick in the
backseat. But the baddies knowing they were being followed by now
panicked. They started weaving in and out of lanes and so did the
van after a little bit of indecision....The New Team gave great chase
as well, but then the car got lost in all the traffic, and the Team
was stuck.

Now they had to start planning, that and emotions were rubbed raw. Of
all the stuff they'd had to put up with in Nick, they'd always valued
him, not only for a friend just now, but for a Team member as well.
Even Jarred was starting to worry. And when Jarred worried, you knew
that someone somewhere was going to pay. Like his dad he had a quick
temper, like his dad he love mechanics. But unlike his dad he hardly
groused. Except when Nick was nearby, and then there was friendly
word exchange going on, but it'd all been in fun. An hour had gone
by and Jarred was quietly stewing. His arms crossed over his t-shirt,
his scowl deepening....Tim knew that those guys were going to get
something coming to them. Just he didn't know what yet.....*******

"Uh Face? Ya okay? Ya zoned out on me...." Tim's head raised
slightly. "Sorry Nick. What's up? What do you need? Nothin'. But
Rolf's hungry, an' so's Billy, so let's go inside and see what we can
round up. Okay?" Tim nodded and followed his friend inside. Nick
spoke. "I hope Dad's still got dog biscuits laying around here
somewheres....." They entered the house and found HMM cooking at the
stove. Nick posed the question. "Hey Dad? Ya got any doggy biscuits
on you?" HMM turned to his son. "Uh, well, Not that I know of. Why
Son?" So Nick calmly explained.

HMM nodded. Having had put up with his son's 'good craziness' for
quite some time. "Sure Billy's welcome here anytime. An' I know
Rolf don' like Doggy biscuits so we'll fin' him somethin'
special 'kay?" HMM asked. His question pointed at Nick. Then he
turned to Tim. "Hey Tim. What's goin' on?" Tim and Nick exchanged
glances and Tim just shrugged. "Nothing more then usual Uncle
Murdock. Just the same things as the year before I guess." HMM
nodded knowing that they'd tell him when they felt the time was

Nick sniffed the air, like his father he was a virtual bottomless
pit. And HMM was always cooking up something good. "What's for
dinner Dad?" HMM grinned a grin that was reserved for whenever he
was feeling either especially artistic or 'especially insane' that
day. Not that he never projected his craziness hardly anymore, but
that'd been the sign that HMM was finally ready to be a dad. Oh he
broke out into song once or twice, he'd do little happy dances when
things went his way. He sparred with Bosco still, but....He'd locked
up the rest of his craziness he'd sent Billy away..... Not for good
mind you but he'd sent Billy away.

That'd been the part that had hurt him the most. Billy hadn't wanted
to go. Billy'd insisted that he wanted to stay. But then HMM had
promised that when he was ready to leave the world, he'd call for his
faithful dog and they'd be together for a long long long long time.
So Billy'd slunk away. Away from HMM's head. And now that he was in
Nick's head, HMM couldn't have been happier. Billy was an old
associate. Billy was welcome anytime. Just as long as Billy didn't
decide to fight with Rolf, or chew up shoes it'd be just fine with
him. With Marlene maybe not, but HMM was certainly not against
Billy's staying.

He finally answered his son. "Mmmm I was thinkin' spaghetti an'a
meataballsa ala Mu'dock would be in order for everyone's palate. And
zhe breadsteeks they are in zhe oveen." Nick grinned. "Aww Dad
you're the greatest crazy chef I know. Except for the guy who's on
the Muppets. The, uh, the Swedish Chef?" HMM grinned. "So I'm bein'
compared to a Muppet chef? Thanks a lot for the support there Nick. I
truly appreciate it." He turned back to his cooking and Nick decided
to raid the fridge. He got out some juice and poured he and Tim some
of the stuff. He walked back over to the table and set a glass in
front of Tim. Tim raised his glass and they 'cheered'.

They were both intensely worried about Hannibal-Matthew, but before
they were to go looking for him again, he arrived at the house.
Before anybody could greet him, Hannibal-Matthew went to his room. It
was right down the hall from the kitchen, and had once been a storage
room. It was also Nick's room, but at the moment Hannibal-Matthew
wanted some peace and quiet. Of course it wasn't his room now, but
Marlene and HMM always kept it in upkeep since the kids visited now
and again, and they'd let the kids keep their old rooms. Sooo for a
week or two the boys bunked together and the girls bunked together.

Their room was right across from the boys' room and the parents' room
was at the other end of the hallway. Away from the kids' rooms. Nick
slowly got up and Tim followed closely behind. Nick knocked on the
door. Just as he was knocking the whole Team decided to show up and
followed by them was Marlene and the other three members of the
Original Team. HMM hearing the voices in the living room wiped his
hand on a dishtowel, removed the floppy chef's hat and the 'Kiss Me
I'm The Cook' apron and pulled on his baseball cap.

A cap that'd been copied in the same form and design for Nick, which
Nick proudly wore on his head, and he walked into the living
room. "What brings you guys to my house? I bet it was my cookin'
wasn't it?" He drawled. But the others just sat down.

Meanwhile.....Nick was knocking on the bedroom door. "Come on
Hannibal-Matthew it's me. Just open up for me? Please?" There was a
mumble and sort of a sniff then a snippy "No!" "Hannibal-
Matthew....Please? Grandpa's here...." The mumble turned into a sort
of anguished scream. "NO! I don't want to face him right now. He-He
said...." But Hannibal-Matthew didn't continue. It was very unusual
for Hannibal-Matthew to act out on his hurts. He never screamed,
never took things personally, at least not to where everybody could
see his hurt, and he almost never locked himself in the room either.

This was very frustrating for Nick. He sighed. Obviously he wasn't
going to be let in, unless Tim could charm their way in. But Nick
seriously doubted that that would happen. Everyone was immune to
Tim's charms except for the ladies and the people they needed to
scam. But they could never scam their leader. Hannibal-Matthew
stood with his arms crossed looking out their picture window. It
overlooked a nearby playground.

A playground he'd played on a million times when he was younger. He
expertly lifted the latch of the window, climbed out, and shimmied
down the trellis. He looked around and made sure nobody was watching
and ran to the playground. When he got there, he climbed a big
slide. Not so big to his adult self, but big enough to where he
felt he was on top of the world still. He hung onto the bar just
above where one was supposed to have slid down. He concentrated on
the dirt below and he remembered that fateful day....

*Nick's imprisonment.****** Hannibal-Matthew and the others had
stopped off at a local gas station, going to get milk, and things.
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S needed supplies and they'd gone in with Hannibal-
Matthew and with Jarred as well, while Tim had chosen to stay outside
and charm one of the locals, and Nick had begun a fetish for wild
flowers. All of a sudden Tim had raised an alarm and that had begun
the most terrifying day/hours in his young life. His brother, his
twin even had been targeted.

He as the leader should've known what to do. And then as a result of
them trying to get Nick out, they'd all been captured in the
process. "Hannibal? What's the plan Man?" Asked a worried
Jarred. "I don't know Jarred I don't know.... We nearly had him out
of there and they grabbed us too." Erin spoke up. "Did you see how
bad off they made Nick? His head. Everything?" Everyone nodded.
Hannibal-Matthew had continued pacing around, hope had been out of
sight when suddenly....*****

"Helloooo what are you doing up there I wanna slide too...." Said a
young boy's voice in his head. Hannibal-Matthew looked down and
smiled at the 8 year old. "Sorry....Kid...It's just that this place
is my favorite place to be...." The boy nodded and watched in
amazment as the grownup expertly slid down the slide with arms raised
above his head. "There you go Kid. I guess I'd better go. See you
around." The boy didn't answer he was having fun sliding.

Meanwhile.... The expert hands of one Templeton Peck unlocked the
door. "Ahh there we go, and that's how it's done Tim." He flashed
Tim a 'Peck' grin and Tim returned it. "I'll, uh, I'll remember that
for next time Dad. Just a little flick of the wrist right?"
Templeton nodded. "Yep. A little flick of the wrist." Then he
clapped his son on the back. Then they all stood back and it was
revealed that the room was empty. Nick groaned it was also not like
Hannibal-Matthew to go running off in the middle of anything.
Especially not dinner.

Both boys had inherited their father's virtual bottomless pit of a
stomach, and right now his was rumbling. He put a hand to his
stomach to quiet it, and then he went towards the living room again.
Apparently everyone decided to play Follow-The-Leader because they
all followed Nick to the living room as well. It'd gotten quite
unnerving but not unusual in the way things just flowed around
there. Ignoring the fact, he sat crossleggedly on the floor, and he
grabbed Rolf as he and Billy were just about to have a lovely

'Rolf': "Hey Billy and I were just about to head out for the patio.
We were going to swap and tell stories...." 'Rolf' looked pleading
at his young master. Nick sighed, there was no use in telling Rolf
he couldn't. "Go ahead Rolf, but be a good kitty and don't let Billy
chew up any shoes that are out there." Jarred growled. "There isn't
a Cat There Nick!" "Oh yes there is...."

But before the sparring could continue, Hannibal-Matthew walked in
through the door. He was smiling. But not a smile of the Jazz, not a
regular smile...Just a well pasted smile. "Hi. What's everybody
doing here?" Hannibal Smith spoke. "We were worried about you Kid.
You just stalked out of my house, and ventured on your own and you
lock yourself up in your room? Then you disappear again? What's the
matter Kid? And it better be the truth!"

Hannibal-Matthew sighed. "I can't Grandpa. I can't tell you. I'm
embarrassed and for what it's worth I hate this feeling." He shoved
past them all and tried to head out the door. But BA blocked his
way. "No way. You ain't leavin' til you tell Hann'bal somethin'
Matthew." BA was really upset this time. Nobody called him just
Matthew. Unless he was in HUGE trouble.

But BA'd used Matthew and Hannibal-Matthew knew he was in for it this
time. But he'd inherited his father's stubborn gene. And he he
shook his head 'no' profusely. "Matthew...." BA warned again. "No!

I can't! Can't you see? You all think I'm a failure, that we should
give up The New Team! That we should just settle down...." His voice
broke off...."Sorry Grandpa. Sorry Uncle BA....I apologize...." He
sat down beside Nick. Mirror images of each other. Though one's face
was a fury of mixed emotions the other's was calm cool and
collected. One with his arms crossed the other carressing the tops
of his Converse Hi-Tops. One fretting the other not knowing how to
bring comfort to his brother.

Hannibal-Matthew looked around. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S was stunned into
silence. They each remembered that fateful day as well....Erin and
Erica especially. (

Erin's reminiscing)******Nate's imprisonment.....The G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
Group needed to refresh their makeup supply and figured by the looks
of it this place would be it, so while the two others went shopping
for Milk and other supplies, the girls were perusing the
lipstick/makeup aisle and trying on ear rings and the like...When
all of a sudden an ear splitting alarm was raised outside. "NICK'S
BEEN KIDNAPPED COME QUICK!!!!!!" Everybody'd rushed outside, Erin
pushed to the front of the Group. Shading her eyes against the sun.
She couldn't see anything and soon she was pulled with the rest of
the Team into the back of the Van.

They were zooming along the highway and she was looking at each and
every car hoping that they'd catch a glimpse of Nick, and suddenly
Tim shouted out his recognition of the car. She'd blinked and before
she'd known it they were gone....Then by some miracle they'd found
out where Nick had been taken to, and then they'd been kidnapped as
well....But....Then a miracle had arrived....*****

Someone nudged her and she blinked her eyes open. "Huh? What's the
matter?" "Meeting time." Erica whispered. Hannibal Smith was pacing
and starting to speak. He made sure that nobody moved and stayed
right where they were. "Nobody moves til we get this ironed out.
Firstly I was not meaning to suggest that you give up the New Team
Hannibal-Matthew. That was a wrong on my part and I didn't mean to
make you feel so guilty. It's just that I was angry. That you didn't
do what your fathers and I had always done....But I can't expect you
to be the exact same. I can however, expect you to do your best.
That's all I ask. Understood?"

He kept pacing and talking, not taking his eyes off of the group, or
the others. Nick noted that the three elder men sat a little
straighter when Hannibal Smith started pacing, and how they all kept
quiet. Not even BA and HMM took the time to whisper zinging remarks
to each other. Templeton Peck didn't even dare kiss Amy's head. Or
carress her in any way. This was serious. Hannibal Smith felt he
needed a cigar. He searched his pockets for a cigar. He searched
and he searched....But he couldn't find one.

Suddenly Tim handed him a gum cigar since Maggie forbade Hannibal
Smith to smoke. And he'd agreed since his girls had been born.
Hannibal Smith took it in his mouth and he grinned. He chomped down
on it, and began pacing with renewed vigor. Now we've got to put all
this bickering aside and get on each others' good sides....." At
that moment

Jarred started reminisce.....****Nick's and the others'
imprisonment......* Jarred was mad. They'd been caught and they'd
nearly gotten Nick out too. It was just sooo unfair. They'd located
Nick by a phone message left by one of the kidnappers. They'd gone
through the front door and had found Nick's cave-cell. They'd busted
down the door, and had nearly gotten him out when...."Stop right
there you're all coming with me." The man'd thrown them into one
cell shackling their ankles to the wall....And had taken the
lockpicks that had been on Tim's person.

Now Jarred was pound the wall with ferocity and had snapped at both
Tim and Hannibal-Matthew...."Stop this. Hannibal-Matthew had
pleaded. We've got to keep our heads on our shoulders. And no more
fighting. Got it Jarred?" Jarred had nodded and he was still pacing
around, they'd been in the cell for hours, and still no plan was
forthcoming. Until.....****

Someone nudged him. "Jarred pay attention." Whispered Carmen.
Jarred nodded He paid attention to what his 'grandpa' was saying to
him. The triplets were reminiscing as well and Jarred could tell.....

***Nick's and the others' imprisonment....* The triplets had hung
onto each other as soon as the news had reached them that Nick had
been kidnapped, they didn't know what to think, so they didn't say a
word, they didn't say a word throughout their whole ordeal, they'd
tried picklocking their shackles with tiny nailfiles they still held
but nothing worked. They were stuck...Stuck until.....*****

"Pay 'ttention mamas." Admonished their father. "Quit zoning out."
Warned their mother Rachael. Three heads nodded in unison. But
Erica had 'zoned' out this time....

*Nick's and the others' imprisonment....**** "Oh no! They've got
us." She'd barely whispered this as she noted they were vastly
outnumbered and these henchmen weren't dumb at all. The others had
nodded and they'd done the only they could've done, they surrendered,
and they were thrown and shackled into a cavelike cell. No way out,
no tools, nothing!

Erin wanted to cry but knew she had to be strong with them all. So
she'd mentally composed herself and tried looking out a tall solitary
window. But it was too high and her chains were too short. Jarred
had been shackled next to her and seemed to realize what she wanted.
So he lifted her up a little, after she'd gotten done looking she
motioned for him to put her down....He'd done so and soon he
reverted back to pacing, but Erin stood as still as a statue. Not
moving until a familiar shadow had passed by their cell....She knew
that shadow could only belong to one person and she let out a barely
audible squeal it'd been....****

Someone nudged her and she blinked her eyes a little. She must've
uttered the squeal again and she composed herself. "Sorry." She
mumbled. "Now if you're all done zoning out...." Hannibal Smith was
getting a little agitated and the soggy gum cigar was doing nothing
to improve his mood.

Now it was Nick's turn to remember....****Nick's and the others'
imprisonment....* He'd gotten out by the oldest trick in the book.
Stay quiet til someone, preferably the guard came to check on you.
Which is what had happened. He promptly jumped the guard and had
taken the keys leaving the 'guard' locked in the cell. He needed to
find his team, since the 'leader' of this kidnapping outfit
had 'confessed' that he'd captured the others.

Actually he'd boasted he'd done so, and so Nick had gone to find
them. He finally found their cell, and he'd unlocked the door, and
had unlocked their shackles, they'd then banded together to capture
the 'Company' madman, and had successfully done so, using spare
rope. Then they'd driven the baddies to Chief Lorenzo's station.
She'd taken the baddies into custody and had once again rewarded them
for their good deed.....*****

"Nick. Hannibal-Matthew hissed. Stay alert, Grandpa's still
talking." Hannibal Smith nodded. "Now I need to know what the
matter is...." His voice trailed off as he noted
his 'grandchildrens' smiles. "Sooo I take it this plan has already
come together?" They all nodded in unison. "Good. Then go be with
your families. Lecture over. Night all." Taking Maggie's hand he
led her home, and the others separated for a week or two to
recuperate, and they were all very happy indeed.


(Another part to be coming shortly I hope.)


A-Team The 2nd Generation: Hannibal-Matthew's Idea by Georgia Bentz
A-Team The 2nd Generation's Next Adventure: Nick's Great Escape by Georgia Bentz



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