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The A-Team

The Vampire Slayer

Name: The Vampire Slayer

From: Tans

Rated: PG-13

Warning: some angst

Summary: its a POV

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Part One

It was around about 12.00 at nigth time and i was just walking around and looking for Vampires to kill. It was and has always been my job to look after LA and its people of wampires. No one knows i'm a slayer not even the team and well last nigth they found out about me and well it didn't go down well, heres my story.

I was working and then i saw some Vampires go after some people, i did not see who it was but i just ran over to help them so i killed the Vampires well there were only two. But only looking up to see Hannibal and BA (oh no) "what are you"? Hannibal asked me, looking at the ground I said "I can't tell you" I did the only thing i can thick of at the time I Ran off. How can you tell someone that your a slayer?, I can hear them raning after me thats when BA got my arm and asked "what are you not tell us man?"

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry but i just can't" I said. BA and hannibal just looked at me maybe its time to tell them (oh well here goes nothing) "I'm a Vampire slayer" then they said to my face "you need help" and walked off.

I walked back to my home, the guys are mad at me. Open the door to my room and put away my Vampire slayer weapons away so no one can see them, only i know they are there. I went to bed not that i can sleep but you never know.

The sun was coming up and i'm still awake i wanted to talk to the team and explained to them what i am. But why would the talk to me. just then the phone rang i got up and went to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey Facey! whats up?" Murdock asked you know murdock always in a happy mood.

We talked for a long time (hey we are the best of friends) and then there was someone at the door. "hey Murdock there is someone at the door"

"ok" murdock said, hanging up the phone i went to open the door and there i was standing face to face with Hannibal "Hello" i said looking at Hannibal (oh great he's mad).

"Are you insane Face, slayers are not real" he said to me.

Thats when i got mad (slayers are real its what i am) i just lost it "get out" i yelled "just leave me alone" i said going to my room. Hannibal just walked out of my home.

well there you have it, oh i got myseft a new car its a write and red corvette its great.

so here i am looking over Los Angeles and its people from evil vampires I'm the Faceman rigth.

Part two coming soon.

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