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Author: That's me, Reagan @ moniker11@b


by Reagan

Rating: Mostly PG-15 for language, but the last part is a strong R for adult content. I'll rate each part individually.
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own the A-Team, Hannibal, or Face...they all belong to Stephen J. Cannell and I am making no profit from this. I don't have any money and suing me would cost whoever far more money than they'd receive in return.
Synopsis: Um, Face is afraid of prison.
Author's Notes: It's been spell checked but not beta'd. Should be about four or maybe five parts. Contains some adult words and mature subject matter. Don't read unless you're over say, 15, and not easily offended.
Feedback: Would be most excellent. Tell me what you think because I
don't know what to think myself.

Thanks for reading and now on with the story.



Part 1


The apartment was completely dark as Hannibal stepped through the door. The darkness outside didn't help illuminate the interior
either. He had tried calling for the last hour, eventually giving up and driving over to the young lieutenant's new abode. It was still
relatively early and he couldn't imagine Face asleep just yet.

"Face?" Hannibal called out softly, not wanting to startle the kid if he just hadn't been answering the phone. When he received no
response, he began to really worry. While there were plenty of reasons why the kid wouldn't be here on a Tuesday night but, Face
rarely went out without his car. He had once cataloged the virtues of his corvette in picking up women and thus rarely left home without it. Still there was no obvious reason to worry, but Hannibal couldn't help himself. Face had been really quiet after his
disastrous encounter with Decker. The kid hadn't given him all the details but from his haggard appearance and cut up wrists from
handcuffs that had been put on too tight, something had happened. And Hannibal hated not knowing. So instead of brooding over whatever had happened he decided to come over and well, basically interrogate Face until he heard the whole story.

The older man moved cautiously throughout the condominium reluctant to turn on the lights himself. Eventually he noticed the billowing of the curtain which hid the sliding glass door to the balcony. Hannibal was perplexed, Face should have heard him come in and certainly heard his name being called out. He pulled the curtain aside sticking his head out the door to see if he was out there.

Bathed in moonlight Face was sitting at the table looking out at the ocean. He seemed oblivious to everything around him except the cigarette burning in his hand and the glass of scotch clutched in his other hand. Hannibal didn't say anything for a minute just watching as Face took a long drag, then finish off the remains of his scotch and poor another mouthful from the bottle sitting on the table. Watching a contemplative Face made the colonel uneasy. It wasn't something he was used to and reaffirmed that something had definitely happened with Decker.

"Face?" Hannibal called out softly again from the doorway trying not to startle the young man. There was still no response as he took another drag. Now Smith was truly concerned. He moved out onto the balcony stopping less than two feet from the conman who had yet to acknowledge his presence. Reaching out to touch his shoulder he called, "Hey kid, you alright?"

It was an instantaneous reaction, an instinct born of years spent being on guard. He had twisted Hannibal's hand and pulled out
his .357 before even realizing who had touched him.

"Hey Face it's me!" It took what seemed several beats for Face to focus on who was actually before him. "Jesus kid! Don't break my wrist."

Hannibal had turned with him trying to decrease the pressure on his wrist while not moving too suddenly because of the pistol aimed at his heart. Face finally blinked out of wherever he was to find an astonished, not to mention worried and angry commander in front of him. It was a complete surprise to find his hand gripping Hannibal's and his gun pointed at the silver haired man.

Blowing out a shaky breath, "Geez, Hannibal don't you know better than to sneak up on me? That's a good way to get yourself killed." Releasing his hold, Face bent to pick up his dropped cigarette taking a deep drag in an almost vain attempt to calm his frazzled nerves.

"Christ kid! Didn't you hear me call your name or your phone ring for the past hour? Sneak up on you? I coulda been yelling at the
top of my lungs for all you woulda noticed. Where were you?" Hannibal exclaimed gingerly rubbing his wrist and shoulder.

Face sat back down in his chair gesturing to the one next to him for Hannibal. Putting the gun back in his holster he shrugged. "Just thinking...about stuff. Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked contritely.

Waving away the inquiry. "Nah, I'm fine, you just caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting to have to defend myself while visiting." Raising an eyebrow, in a clear I'm not buying your lame excuse movement, "Stuff huh? Why don't you tell me what's really going on in your head?"

He waved his hand trying to brush off the question. "Nothing important." Jerking his head toward the bottle, "You want a glass?"

Peering at the label of expensive scotch, Hannibal nodded his head in approval. "Yeah, thanks."

Templeton rose from the table heading inside to grab another glass, reemerging a minute later with another tumbler and clean ashtray. Hannibal had a cigar lit before the lieutenant sat back down. They were silent for a minute each absorbed in the beauty of the night and peacefulness of the waves rolling onto the shore.

"So what brings you by?"

"You. You were pretty quiet after escaping from Decker. I want to know what happened. I tried to call but you're not answering so I came over to find you so wrapped up in your thoughts that you almost broke my arm when I touched your shoulder. What's going on kid? And don't insult my intelligence by saying it's nothing. That's evidently not the case." The stormy blue eyes bored into the young man, demanding answers.



Part 2


Sighing, "I really don't want to talk about it." At Hannibal's glare he reluctantly continued, "Decker and I literally ran into each
other on the street. He chased me into an alley practically launching himself at me, which knocked us into a wall. I must of hit
my head and passed out because the next thing I know is that I'm face down on the ground, handcuffed. He was on his walkie-talkie requesting a car and backup. He wasn't looking at me. I don't think he expected me to wake up soon. So I rolled over pulling my legs up to maneuver my cuffed hands from behind my back to in front of me again. I saw my .357 stuffed in the back of his pants. It was unbelievable. I walked up right behind him grabbing my gun and cocking it right behind his ear."

"Oh man Hannibal, you should have seen his face." Laughing, "He was livid, at himself, at me, hell he was cursing you and your influence on me, like I wouldn't have pulled the gun on him on my own. It was hysterical. A few minutes later I had uncuffed myself, taken his gun and made him put on his own cuffs, conveniently attached to the nearby dumpster. I knew I didn't have much time to get away before reinforcements arrived but I couldn't help taunting him. I mean he was begging for it." Shrugging again like it was no big deal, "I took off and met up with you guys. My only regret is not having a picture of his face."

Laughing at the picture he presented. "I can just imagine, but kid if it was no big thing, then why are you out here brooding?"

Raising an eyebrow, "Brooding?"

Glaring at the obfuscation, "Yes brooding. Expensive scotch isn't your first drink of choice and you don't normally smoke. Not to
mention that you had no clue I was here when I called your name. You're apparently focused on something, what is it?"

"Hannibal..." He spoke the name like a plea.

"No way kid. I'm not going to let this go. Talk to me." Smith was firm in his command drinking down his scotch and refilling the glass.

Sighing Face ran a hand through his hair as though it would somehow bring the words to the surface. "Today was the first day I really realized how serious Decker is about putting us in jail for the next twenty years. I mean, yeah sure I always knew he wanted to catch us and what would happen if he did, but this...when he was looking at me and cursing, hell everything, it was personal. He's determined to see me rot in prison for the rest of my life if he has his way. Today just intensified that. I don't think about it a lot, ya know? It's just...the army's chasing us, so what. But today when I felt those cuffs on me and later when Decker swore, come hell or high water, he'd see me in jail. It was real, in a way it hasn't been since Fort Bragg. So I've been thinking about how close I ended up back in jail tonight."

Face involuntarily shuddered at the thought. "I can't do twenty years, Hannibal. You remember how I was. The only reason I didn't lose it completely was because I knew you had a plan to escape so I played it cool and we were out of there in less than a month." Taking the last drag of his second cigarette since Hannibal's arrival he shrugged, "It just became to real a possibility today."

"You know that I would never let you rot in prison for twenty years, right?" Hannibal tried to reassure the shaken lieutenant.

"I know, but I'd also never forgive myself is something were to happen to you, BA, or Murdock trying to get me out." Quietly under his breath as he took another swallow of scotch. "Besides I don't know if I'd last that long."

Hannibal rocked back in his chair surprised. "Whoa, where did that come from?"

Face looked at him funny, "What do you mean?"

Incredulous, "You don't know if you'd last that long? The hell does that mean?"

Peck's head jerked up in shock, not realizing that he uttered those words aloud. It took a second to school his features before he
replied. Waving his hand to blow the gaffe off, "Nothing Hannibal, I didn't mean anything."

Angry at being deliberately lied to. "Bullshit. Don't feed me that crap, kid. Obviously the thought of prison bothers you. That's
understandable. I'm not to fond of the idea of spending twenty years behind bars either, but for you it seems different. You're right, I do remember how edgy you were at Fort Bragg. In fact there were a couple of times I didn't think there was anything I could say to reign you in or those two days where you were so far inside your head I wasn't sure you'd ever come out again. What is it about prison that spooks you so bad? You're not claustrophobic and this is nothing like Chao's camp. Why wouldn't you last that long?"

Face mentally berated himself for letting his fear of prison slip. He really didn't want to explain the reasons for it. "Colonel, let's
just leave it at I don't like prison and move on." The stubborn set to his jaw was noticeably visible.

Rubbing his own hand across his face, Hannibal attempted to hide his now peaked curiosity. He took a deep drag in order to give him a moment to choose the best words for his argument. "Face, I'd love to leave this alone. It just seems to me that you're the one who can't. The smoking, drinking, and the fact that you're out here brooding are all signs that it's you that can't let go. There's
something here that's bothering you and I can't take the chance that if sometime in the future we end up in jail, even if only temporarily that this won't effect you. I can't concentrate on getting us out if I'm worried about you. Did something happen at Fort Bragg that I don't know about?"

Shaking his head, still hoping to sidestep Hannibal's question. "No, nothing happened at Fort Bragg. We shared a cell together, I
couldn't even go to the bathroom without you knowing." He gave a rueful grin at waking the colonel that one night he had gotten the runs from dinner.

Smith wasn't to be deterred though he mentally chuckled at the memory. Still the concern and frustration with his lieutenant wasn't
abated. "I remember, but can we stop with the twenty questions and you just tell me whatever it is?"

"Let it go Hannibal." Face reached for the bottle to refill his glass but was stopped by a forceful grasp on his arm by the older man.

His blue eyes were like the hottest fire, burning with ferocity into the conman. "No. You're not going to get drunk and pass out on me. I'm not going to let you blow this off, as I know you will in the light of day tomorrow, blaming the drinking for your maudlin mood. There's a hell of a lot more to it and we both know it. We're a team kid. That means we help each other out, no matter what. I thought you knew that you could trust me with anything. Don't lie like there's nothing going on and don't insult me by pretending everything's okay. It's not. You are not. So let's stop with the evasions."

Face couldn't look at him. He'd never dealt with the colonel's anger or disappointment well. This time was no different, especially since he didn't want to speak about it at all. Praying that he'd be let off the hook. "Some things are better left in the past." Bowing his head as though pushed down by a great weight. "Please Hannibal..."

to be continued

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