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Title: I Never Asked

I Never Asked
by Dana

Rating: G
Warnings: A very unhappy injured character. This is not slashy I promise.
Summary: It's a poem from Face's POV. Face is uh brooding after being shot.
Author's note: I wrote a wrestling poem called You Never Asked which was as if Stevie Richards was asking his non fans why they never asked the questions. Well this is almost the opposite. And no Facey's not asking why his non-fans never asked lol. Oh and I bet you can guess who Face is 'talking' to.
Episode spoilers: Without Reservations.
Thanks to: Jules for helping me decide to finish it.
Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team characters I just like playing with them.

Why haven't you gone?
I never asked for you to care
It's not your fault I'm here.

Don't look at me like that
Just leave me alone
I want to be left alone

No one else stayed
No one seemed to care
But I never asked you to be there

You are going now
The room is now quiet
I hate the silence

I never had to ask
You always knew
What I really wanted

I see you standing in the waiting room
I never asked you to stay
But I never had to

Why are you back?
Didn't I just say leave?
No don't sit there

Don't apologize either
You didn't have to ask
I would have helped.

It's not your fault
I should have come up with
A better plan or asked for help

If I close my eyes
Would you go away?
Or would you stay?

I never asked you
To be my best friend
But I'm glad you are

You know me better
Then I know myself
And you are always there

I never had to ask
You always knew what
Was in my heart



I Never Asked - Poem by Dana