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Murdock and Face Wish The VA List Happy Birthday

by Susie Owens


Rated: G

Summary: Just wishing everyone a Happy Birthday

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Author's note: Happy Birthday everyone




Murdock sat at the computer and started typing.  TA ala la. Happy Birthday, terrible twos. TA lalalala Happy Birthday terrible twos. Then he types. Two little candles. Then happy, happy, birthday VA lists.


Face stood looking over Murdock's shoulder. "Hey Murdock. What are you typing?"


Murdock turned and looks at Face  "Oh hi Face. Guess what today is the VA list second birthday and I was sending them greeting.  Using my favorite birthday songs."


"Oh what about the main one?"


'You mean the usual one?"


"Yeah I do."


"Oh okay."  Murdock began to type


Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear VA List. Happy Birthday to you.


"Is that better?"


"Yeah much."


"Okay but I like mine better."


Face put his arms around Murdock. "Murdock everyone knows that birthday song. It's universal. Where ever there is a birthday that song is played. "


"Okay Face."


"Hey did you know their going to be a party at Jipster tonight?"


"Sure do. I'm all ready to go."


"Me too."


"Okay I just got to send a card to the list and then we will get be on our way."


"What about Hannibal and BA?"


"They are down in the van waiting."


"Okay, Face. Can I help you pick out a card?"


"Sure Murdock. Let's go to the A-team fan fic and get a card from there."


Murdock and Face went there and pick out a card and send it to the list.


"Boy Face as slow as the email is I hope they get it today and not tomorrow."


"Me too Murdock. Me too."



The End


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