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Face Writes A Story For The VA

by Susie Owens


Rated G

Summary: Murdock reads Face's story

Disclaimer: I do not own The Ateam or anyone else in this story.

Copyright 2000

Author's Notes. These four people will be Face's Facial One Patrol. Kimberly, MCL, Dana and Niki. I will also be in. Part of Face's story will be told but not the whole story. This is only in fun. I hope I don't offend anyone.


- - - - - - - - -


Face leaned back in his chair. He had just finished writing his story and he was so proud of it. He could not wait until Murdock read it. He knew Murdock would love it as much as he did. Besides, he needed someone else to check over any grammar



He turned around when he heard the door open and saw Murdock standing there.


"Hey, Murdock! Come here and read my story!"


Yeah thought Murdock. It was supposed to be my story.


"Sure Face. No problem."


He sat down and began to read.


Title: The Magnificent Facial One.


"Hey didn't I name this "The great and wonderful Faceman"?"


"Yeah, but don't you think the Magnificent Facial One, captures me better?"


Murdock stared at his friend's radiant smile and shook his head. "Whatever you say Faceman."


"Glad you agree, Murdock. please read on."


Murdock skipped over the introduction and got to the story.


He read:


The three women waited for their leader. He was very late.


"Something is wrong!" cried Dana "my telepathic powers tell me something has happened to our magnificent leader."


Murdock looked up. "Who's Dana ?"


"She one of my fans, Murdock."


"Oh, and she has telepathic powers?"


"Well, in my story she does. As a matter of fact each of the girls in my story have special powers. You will see as you read on."


Murdock nods and reads more of the story.


"Yes, Dana, I feel it too replied Kimberly. She then suddenly fell to the ground. Susie ran over to her.


"Kimmy, are you all right?"


"Yes, Susie, but our magnificent leader is in danger. I feel his pain."


"Face if you are so magnificent? How can you be in pain?"


"Murdock, I said I was magnificent. Not someone who could not feel pain."


"Whatever, Face."


"We must save our magnificent leader girls!" cried MCL ."Quick! To the Facial One mobile."


"Face, do you say magnificent leader all the way through this story?"


"Yeah. Why?"


"Oh no reason. One question. "Why aren't we rescuing you?"


Face hesitated. "Murdock, think about it. Would you rather be rescued by men or beautiful women?"


"Do these women know how to rescue?"


"In my story they do."


"Say, Face. Why is Susie part of the Facial One Patrol? Isn't she my fan?"


"Murdock. She is not part of my team just part of the VA. She is just concerned for Kimberly. She is not a strong enough fan. You are still number one to her."


"Okay because I need all the fans I can get."


"Are you kidding? Murdock, we are the most popular ones on this list. There are a few who love Hannibal, but I 'm not sure about BA. "


"I'm sure there are BA fans on this list too."


"I guess you are right Murdock."


"Okay back to your story."


Kimberly ordered the girls to get ready while MCL got the car running. Kimberly turned to Susie. "We are going to help our magnificent leader. If we are not back in an hour contact the Ateam."


Susie nodded and watched her friends leave.


"So what do you think so far?"


"Oh I can see you worked really hard on this story Face."


"Then you like it?"


"Yeah. It's great."


"Tell me the truth, Murdock, Do you like it or not?"


"Face. Are we in it? I mean, the Ateam, us are we in it?"


Face stared at it. "I think?" He scrolled down to see if they were in it. Although, he referred to himself as the magnificent one. The Ateam was mentioned but they never had a speaking line. Just the girls with their special powers.


Dana with her telepathic ability .... Kimberly who was an empath..... MCL who could become anyone just by a snap of her finger..... Niki ..... who could walk thought any solid material, good for getting into places, and Susie for her talking ability. She

could talk circle around anyone.


"Hmm, I seem to have forgotten to give us a part. Now what do I do Murdock?"


Murdock said nothing but finished reading the story. Then he sent it to the VA.


"Murdock why did you do that? We don't speak in this story. We are just mentioned and this is an Ateam list."


"No, Face. It's a VA list and the girls are in it. Well, at least five of them are. They will love it."


"I love the part where after you are rescued. Kimberly is feeding you peeled grapes and Susie is feeding me peeled grapes. Dana is doing your nails and MCL doing mine .....and Niki is dancing for us."


Face smiled at Murdock "Yeah I thought that was the best part. Thanks Murdock."



The End


Face Writes A Story For The VA by Susie Owens



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