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Title: Bottle Of Worry (Poem)

Bottle Of Worry

By  Murdock's Crazylady


Rated: G, I think

Disclaimer: Yes I wrote it, it's mine.

Copyright: 2001 Murdock's CrazyLady (MCL)

Author's notes: PLEASE send comments. This is just something I wrote, hope ya like it. It's just basically what I think of






There's a war raging inside

It boils, it rumbles

Maked me want to hide

It's like hot lava

The pain of holding it in

The hurt, it's surreal




We all hold secrets in our minds

Ones we won't share with anyone else


What would they say? How would they react?

Those are 2 good enough reasons for me




I have a bottle inside

Where all of my dark secrets hide

I shoved them in and jammed in a cork

Labling it to forewarn,

Do not pull this cork, or you'll be sorry

For this bottle contains

100 percent Pure Worry




Bottle of Worry - Poem by Murdock's Crazylady



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