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My Poem Dwight Schultz/Murdock Week: "How I Fell In Love With

How I Fell In Love With Murdock!

by Georgia Bentz


Rated: G

My Poem for Dwight Schultz/Murdock Week.

Warnings: None. Just a poem dedicated to this week.

Comments: All comments are welcome.



Murdock is the love of my life, that's who I accredit my Craziness to.


But how did I love the crazy man?


Was it part of an amazing plan.


You see I used to be a fan.


A fan of the man with the plan


A fan of the con man


A fan of the growly man


And of course the CRAZY MAN!!!


But he was not my first choice Alas!


In fact he'd come in last!


Then the show got cancelled


Life went on no more men with cons....


No life saving plan....


No Growly mandika'd man


No more Crazy man...


No more Con man...


I grew and I dreamed


Life went on it seemed.


LO and BEHOLD one day supreme.


Who was on the Tv?


None other then my beloved Team!


But one man who stood out the most.


He had gorgeous brown eyes, the most gorgeous brown eyes on the coast.


He was talking to a sock guy.


I was shocked and amazed


As my wondering eyes gazed at the man


The man with the cap


The man with jacket.


The man I'd take home and wrap as a packet.


He was insane, he was crazy...


He was not Lazy


He sang he danced.


He took nothing to chance.


He had an accent tis true.


But he was almost never blue


From there on in I watched just for him


When he got shot my eyes grew dim


I cried and tears fell from my eyes


But he was okay thanks to the guys!


He was great in scams he was great in disguise.


He was crazy he was part of the guys.


And now I am in love with him


The crazy man and I've joined a list.


I visit and I insist.


That though he's crazy


The man I love is not lazy


He's sweet he's lovely


He is supreme


And My Guy's part of


The A-TEAM!!!!




*The End.*


How I Fell In Love With Murdock - Poem by Georgia Bentz



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