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Mountain Hideaway

Mountain Hideaway

By Pepper


Rated: PG-13

I want to thank my beta for all of her help.

(Main characters: John "Hannibal" Smith, Templeton "Face" Peck, Howlin' Mad

Murdock and BA Baracus)

(An Alternate Universe A-Team fan fiction story. It is a Discipline story.)

(In this universe Face is in his early 20's, but looks much younger; Murdock is

a bit older at 26; Hannibal is in his 50's; and BA is in his middle to late

20's, but looks older. They served two tours in Viet Nam but were never

captured by the Viet Cong or held in any prison of war camp. They did carry out

the order that led to their incarceration. The year is 1974 and the team has

just finished a job that has earned them enough money to last them for the next

few months. In this series, corporal punishment is looked upon favorably in the

United States as a determent for misbehavior of children of all ages.)





Part 1


The team was on the run once again due to Lieutenant Peck. He'd followed a

beautiful girl into a trap laid out by the military, but fortunately the team

was there to pull him out just before the trap was set, otherwise, he'd have

been cooling his heels in the stockade by now and wearing army green..

"The A-Team van screeched on the scene moments before the military police

closed their trap on Lieutenant Peck. Colonel Hannibal Smith and HM Murdock

manhandled Peck into the van and BA Baracus hit the gas. They sped away under a

hail of bullets."

"Face, I think I made it crystal clear what I would do if you got into trouble

by chasing after another pretty lady?"

"Hannibal, you can't be serious. I'm an adult; you can't punish me like that. I

won't let you," Face said angrily.

"Well it won't happen until we leave the area and find a good hiding place. Now

where is the most unlikely place we can hide?" Hannibal pondered out loud. Col.

Smith pulled out his atlas that he always had on hand, for emergencies just

like this and tried to pick the most unlikely place. He suddenly got a strange

look on his face and Murdock remarked, "Now you've done it Face...he's got that

look of being on the Jazz again and if this turns out bad, I'll help Hannibal

with your punishment."

Face did a double take when he heard Murdock and said, "BA, can't to go any

faster? My butt depends on it."

"Well, I've picked the most unlikely place to hide: in the Appalachians

Mountains. We will go in as a father," pointing to himself, "with his son,"

pointing at Face, "nephew," pointing at Murdock, "and friend and partner,"

pointing at BA. "It will be perfect," he said, ignoring the stunned faces of

the other three, although it didn't matter too much to the rest with the

exception of Face.

"Oh, Hannibal, I don't want to play the part of your son; you'll get into the

part and I'll be the one who pays the price. How about Murdock and I change


"Nope, I like you as my son. Face, you are the youngest and when I pick out

what you will be wearing, you'll look even younger. If anyone asks, you are my

17-year-old son, Tommy. Don't worry -- we'll all have aliases by the time we


Along the way, the team made several stops at Wal-Marts and other stores to get

everything they would need to live undisturbed in the mountains. They knew

they'd have to fit in or get caught. The place Hannibal finally settled on was

the small community of Del Rio in North Carolina, situated up in the mountains.

It had running water and electricity, but little else. Hannibal made plans to

rent a furnished place back in the country. They had a general store nearby and

a few neighbors, but overall it was as isolated as he could find.

The van pulled up and parked in front of a rambling house. It had two floors,

with bedrooms on the top floor. The front door opened into a large living room

area, and the kitchen was in the back. The downstairs also included a half bath

and a small room that could be used as a study and to store their papers, etc.

Hannibal led the way upstairs saying, "There are only three bedrooms so I'm

taking one for myself and one is large enough for two beds..."

BA broke in and said, "Murdock and Face can share it; I'm taking the other

room," and stalked off to find it.

Hannibal just looked after him and sighed. "Well, that's settled." Hannibal

turned as he walked to his bedroom and said, "The bathroom is there," pointing

across the hall from their room. "Face, do not make a practice of living there;

we all have to share it."

He left Face and Murdock to look their bedroom over.

Face hurried to the bed by the window and yelled, "Mine," and promptly put his

gear down on it.

Murdock just went to the one next to the door and started to unpack.

Soon all of their gear was stowed either in the dressers or on hangers in the

closet, and they went downstairs to see what else they could do. Hannibal was

there to put them to work and soon the van was unloaded and everything was


"Face, you and Murdock stay here. BA and I are going to get food and another

vehicle so we can park the van and not use it while here."

Before they could voice their protests, BA and Hannibal were gone.

Face looked at Murdock. "Well, what do you want to do?"

"Let's walk around outside and get a feel for the place."

After leaving Hannibal a note telling him where they would be, Face and Murdock

went out the door. They had to admit, the country was beautiful. They walked

and talked and soon lost all track of time and location until they came in

sight of a rustic cabin. Before they even made it to the cabin, dogs began

barking announcing their arrival. Several men came out of the cabin and looked

their guests up and down. Finally one of the older men asked, "Is there

something you want?"

Face looked at Murdock, trying to come up with the right answer. Their

inability to answer right away annoyed the man. He looked at Face and asked

again, more harshly, "I said is there anything you want, Boy? You look awful

young. Why aren't you in school? Are you playing hooky?"

Face was about to answer just as rudely when Murdock grabbed his arm and

whispered, "Remember, you're young enough to be in school.... Hannibal's

orders, and remember -- your name is Tommy."

Face just nodded and answered, "We don't want anything. We were walking around.

We just moved in back there." He pointed behind them. "My cousin and I are

walking about to get familiar with the place. Now if you will excuse us," Face

said as he made to walk away. This seemed to satisfy the man, who just watched

as they walked off.

When they were out of earshot, Face turned to Murdock and exploded. "Why did

you stop me? I really wanted to tell him a thing or so. He looked like he came

out of a story book, such old clothing and ways."

"Facey, you might not have noticed but there were more of them than us. It

didn't hurt you to back down. Now come on, I'll race you to that tree." Murdock

pointed down the road to an old oak, and off they ran. It was a tie and they

collapsed in a heap under the tree.

They took their time returning home and arrived at the same time Hannibal and

B.A. drove up. Hannibal was driving a blue 1978 Ford Bronco. He motioned for

B.A. to park the van in the garage, and he pulled in behind as Face and Murdock

walked up. "Well, guys, what do you think of our new vehicle? We'll be using

this instead of the van so we won't draw attention to ourselves."

Murdock and Face gave it the once over and agreed they saw the reason behind

getting another ride. They helped unload the groceries and put them away.

Afterwards they went into the living room, where Hannibal asked, "Well, what

did you two do while we were gone?"

"Facey nearly got into it with some of the local folk," bragged Murdock to

Face's disgust.

"It wasn't like that at all, Hannibal. We were walking along taking in the

sights when we came upon our neighbors and they asked a few questions; that's


Hannibal just looked at them and questioned Murdock a bit more. "Okay, give.

What happened, and I want all of the details."

He looked gravely at Face when Murdock finished. "Now Face, remember, we're all

undercover, so to speak. You are my 17 year-old son. Your name is Tommy Taylor

and you must act your part. My name is John Taylor; Murdock is your cousin

Harry and B.A. is Ralph Young. You know your new identities and I want you to

be using them and acting your ages. You know I haven't punished you yet for

disobeying me in the first place. Either act the part or prepare yourself for


Face saw how serious Hannibal was concerning punishing him for his recent

disobedience, and muttered, "I'll behave, but it isn't easy to act the part of

a teenager again."

Everything was running smoothly for the next couple of days until Wednesday

afternoon, when they had visitors. Hannibal answered the door at the first

knock and ushered their visitors in. "Can I be of service?" asked Hannibal of

the two men present.

One of the men was the one that Face and Murdock had met that first day and the

other was a giant of a man nearly the size of B.A. The giant turned out to be

the local teacher, named Peter Matthews, and the other was a Mr. Clem Parker.

After introductions were exchanged, Mr. Matthews got down to the point. "Mr.

Taylor, I understand you have a son who should have been in school these last

two days. I'm here to tell you that if he isn't there tomorrow, I will be

forced to report you to the authorities."

Face jumped up and before Hannibal could stop him shouted, "School! I'm not

going to school. You can forget it," and would have said more if Murdock hadn't

wisely grabbed him and hustled him from the room.

Hannibal turned back to his guests and tried to calm ruffled feathers. "I'm

sorry for that, gentlemen; my son feels that he is too old to go to school and

unfortunately has voiced his opinions out loud. He will be punished for his

actions. Of course, he will be there tomorrow. With the move this was just an

oversight. I don't want any trouble with the authorities."

With their mission accomplished the two men turned to leave. Mr. Matthews

turned back and remarked, "The schoolhouse is just a mile beyond Mr. Parker's

place; it shouldn't take your son that long to walk it. Others do it every day.

We start at 8 o'clock sharp; tardiness is punished immediately. I do not

believe in slackers. Your son will buckle down or you can be sure he will be

punished. I hope this is understood?"

Hannibal nodded, and showed them out.

Face and Murdock came back as soon as the door closed. "Hannibal, you can't be

serious. You aren't actually going to make me go, are you?"

"I'm sorry, kid. It's too hot for us in the real world. You're going to have to

go or the authorities will be called. So starting tomorrow, you are once again

a schoolboy, and I wouldn't be late. I believe him when he said he would punish

you for any of your infractions."

Face nodded glumly and left the room.

Murdock went after Face to try and cheer him up, and succeeded for a while to

get his mind off the fact that he had to become a schoolboy once again. After

supper the team returned to the living room to see if the could find anything

on the TV. Because of the mountains, they were unable to pick up much but did

happen to find a ball game on. They settled back to watch until around 10 p.m.,

when Hannibal turned to Face and said, "It's time you were in bed, young man,"

in his best fatherly voice.

Face looked up and replied, "Hannibal, its only 10 p.m. It's too early to go to

bed. I'm going to finish watching this game and then if I want to go to bed, I


Hannibal looked at Face a moment before asking B.A., "B.A. please help Face get

ready for bed. He has school tomorrow."

B.A. growled at Face, saying, "Little brother, we can do this the easy way or

the hard way.... It's up to you."

Face quickly got up. "That's okay, B.A. I feel a little tired and I think I'll

go to bed," and retreated to his room. There wasn't another peep from him for

the rest of the night.

The team realized that Face was going to need help to get going the next day so

they all went to bed earlier than they normally would have. Murdock had

volunteered to fix breakfast for them all while Hannibal and B.A. took it upon

themselves to get Face up in the morning. It was going to be a team effort, at

least for the first few mornings, until Face got into the habit of doing it for


At 6 a.m. Thursday morning Hannibal turned off his alarm and went to make sure

his "son" was getting up. He found him fast asleep; his alarm hadn't even been

set. "Wake up Face," Hannibal said as he shook Face by the shoulder.

Face looked up sleepily and said, "I'm awake, I'm awake," and made to get up.

Hannibal, thinking he was getting up, left him to go downstairs for breakfast.

As soon as he saw Hannibal leave the room, Face turned over and closed his eyes

for a catnap.

When all of the team, except for Face, made it to the breakfast table, B.A.

returned upstairs to get Face up. He stalked into Face's room and yanked him

from the bed. He quickly marched Face into the bathroom and stuck him under a

cold shower and stepped back. Face roared as soon as the cold water hit him.

"What...what...that's cold!"

"Face, I'll give you 15 minutes to get downstairs for breakfast. If you don't,

I'll be back to bring you down, personally."

Face turned the hot water on and stepped out of his wet pajamas and took a

quick shower. He ran back to his room and got dressed and hurried down to

breakfast. The rest of the team looked up in amusement as he screeched to a


"Nice of you to join us for breakfast, kid," said Hannibal.

"Here, Facey, here's your breakfast," said Murdock as he handed him his plate

of bacon and eggs. "Sit down and eat. It's 7 a.m. and you have to be at school

by 8 a.m."

Face sat down glumly and began to eat. He took his own sweet time, not caring

that it was getting later and later. Finally Hannibal looked at his watched and

said, "That's have 30 minutes to get to school. I would suggest that

you hurry," pulling him up and handing him a notebook full of paper with

pencils and pens and pushing him out of the door. "Murdock will be bringing you

your lunch at noon. While you are at school B.A. and I will be out getting

school supplies."

Face left but took his time in getting there. He reached the schoolhouse late

by 15 minutes. As he entered, the entire class turned to watch him walk in. Mr.

Matthews looked up from his desk. "Thomas, you are 15 minutes late. Put your

stuff on one of the vacant desks and come up here." He pointed to a spot in

front of his desk. While Face was depositing his stuff, Mr. Matthews stood and

selected a hickory rod from his collection and waited for Face to appear in

front of him.

As Face slowly made his way to the front, he could feel every eye upon him. He

came to rest in front of his teacher. "Thomas, you were told to be here by 8

sharp and here you are 15 minutes late. That means 15 licks; bend over my desk

now." He waited for his instructions to be carried out.

Face just looked at him in shock. He'd had no idea this school used corporal

punishment. As Mr. Matthews waited for him to obey, Face stuttered, "No, y-you

can't be s-serious. I w-won't do it," and made to leave when Mr. Matthews

yanked him back and over his desk and easily kept him in place. He then lifted

the hickory stick and brought it down forcefully on Face's backside. The effect

was instant, with Face yelling out his pain, "YEOWWWWWWCH," and trying to come

off the desk.

Mr. Matthews shook Face and said, "I do not like tardiness or your attitude,

and I have the means to adjust the attitude and punish the tardiness. You will

receive 15 licks for being 15 minutes late, plus 5 licks for your smart mouth."

He then proceeded to "wail the tar" out of Face. He had Face dancing to the

tune of his hickory stick and when he finally released him, Face jumped up and

hastily wiped his tears and nearly rubbed his bottom in public. He stayed his

hand just in the nick of time.

Mr. Matthews then pushed Face into the nearest corner and told him to stay

there. He was to rethink his actions that caused him to find himself in the

corner with a sore bottom. Face stayed there for 15 minutes before Matthews

finally released him and sent him to his desk.

Face slowly walked to his desk and winced at every step he took. He gingerly

lowered himself in the seat, hissing in pain as his burning bottom made contact

with the seat. He then tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying in

an attempt to stay out of trouble. He almost succeeded. In history class, right

before lunch, he let his mind wander and was given an additional two licks for

not paying attention in class. He nearly cried out loud as the hickory stick

made contact with his already sore bottom. He was first out of the classroom

when class was dismissed for lunch.

The first person Face saw upon leaving the schoolhouse was Murdock with his

lunch. He hurried as fast as his sore bottom would allow, a fact not lost on

Murdock, who saw him wincing with every step. He hurried Face alone until they

were out of sight of the schoolhouse, where he asked, "Facey, what's wrong? You

act like you're in pain."

Face finally replied after a long pause, "I got a licking in school for being

late, mouthing off to the teacher and not pay attention in history class."

Murdock winced in sympathy. "Here's your lunch," he said, handing him the paper

sack and soft drink, "let's find you somewhere soft where you can eat it in

some comfort." Just around the next corner they found a patch of grass under an

old oak tree and with Murdock helping him Face was able to lie on his side and

eat his sandwich and drink his coke. It was a large ham and cheese sandwich

with lettuce and a tomato slice. Face consumed it and reached for another and

finished it soon after. He swallowed the last of his coke and looked up at

Murdock. "I don't think I can take much more of this; my butt is on fire as it


Murdock was sympathetic to Face but was unable to comfort him much. "I

know...and it'll only get tougher if you let it. Face, try to make the best of

it and as soon as things cool down for us in the real world, we can leave."

Murdock helped him back up and pleaded for Face to let him see the condition of

his backside, but Face declined. "I'm all right, and I've got to get back

before I get in trouble again. I'll see you around 3:30, I hope," and left

Murdock to return to school.

The afternoon was long and boring to Face, but he did manage to keep his mind

on business and succeeded from being punished further. When class was finally

dismissed for the day with homework, Face was first out of the school and

nearly ran the whole way home. Opening the front door he threw his books across

the room, not caring what they hit. The team knew that he had been punished

already, thanks to Murdock, and were eager to help him now. Hannibal was at his

side as soon as the books hit the wall. "Face, Murdock told us what happened. I

want you to loosen your jeans and lie face down on the couch so I can put some

lotion on your backside."

Face's bottom hurt too much for him not to take Hannibal up on his request.

With B.A.'s help, he was able to accomplish the order in record time. Hannibal

approached with the lotion. He slowly pulled Face's jeans down and then his

boxers to find a welted backside. There was a loud gasp as the team saw the

condition of their friend's bottom.

There were several welts across the meaty part of his backside, as well as some

on the area where thigh and buttocks met. Hannibal as well as the rest of the

team knew he had to be in considerable pain. He carefully applied the lotion

and winced as Face hissed in pain. He was as gentle as he could be, and once he

was satisfied that he had covered the area well; he backed off. "Now Face,

leave your pants down until the lotion has absorbed in to the skin." Face

closed his eyes and did as he was told.

Hannibal and the others moved off, giving Face some peace and quiet. Murdock

was the first to break the silence with a loud whisper, "Hannibal, what are you

going to do? Look what that teacher did to Face's backside. He won't be able to

sit comfortable for days; you can't send him back."

Hannibal said sorrowfully, "What choice do I have? Face's alias is one of a 17

year-old. He has to go back. What he needs to do is buckle down and do as that

teacher tells him. This could have been prevented if he'd gotten to school on

time and paid attention in class. He didn't know he was going to be punished

like this. If he had, he wouldn't have put his tail in jeopardy like he did.

Now, B.A., I think it's your turn to fix supper," and at B.A.'s nod continued,

"Murdock, you go and help him. I want to talk with Face."

Hannibal moved to sit close to Face so they could talk when he awoke. While he

was waiting he was trying to think of a good way to tell him he had to go back

to school. He soon found out the impossibility of that thought. Face turned

over and cried out in pain when his abused bottom touched the sofa cushion. He

awoke in a hurry and turned over quickly. Hannibal was able to help him turn on

his side without causing him any more pain. He pulled his boxers back up but

pulled his jeans off completely.

"Kid, we have got to talk about what happened today and how it could have been

prevented," Hannibal started out.

Face nodded and truthfully told him the tale. "Hannibal, I couldn't help it

about the extra two licks. It's hard to think about a lesson when your butt


Hannibal nodded sympathetically and said, "Well, now that you know how to act,

you shouldn't have any more trouble with him."

"I'm not going to have any more trouble with him because I'm not going back.

Hannibal, that hickory rod hurts and I'm not going to have him use it on me


"Kid, I'm sorry but you have to go back. Your alias is that of a 17 year-old

boy, and in this community that means at least one more year of school. You

just have to put up with it for a couple of months, just until the hunt for us

calms down. Anyhow, just consider this the punishment I had wanted to give you

for putting us in this situation to begin with. I've always thought that what

you really needed was a whipping. You're lucky, kid; what I had in mind was a

bare bottom spanking or paddling, and if you give me any more trouble, you just

might be on the receiving end of one."

Hannibal had to laugh at the outraged and then embarrassed looks that crossed

his lieutenant's face. "Face, just rest here and think over what I've said. BA

is cooking tonight so you should be in for a treat."

Face watched him go and then with a cunning look on his face remarked to

himself, "Well, I'll leave the cabin every morning but I'm not going back

there. I just have to remember to take my own lunch and return after school and

none will be the wiser." With his plan of action for the next day worked out,

he turned back on his stomach and went to sleep.

When Face was called to supper he was surprised and pleased to find a nice soft

and fluffy pillow in his chair. He eased himself into the chair finding that

the pillow cushioned the pain quite well. He was able to sit and enjoy his

supper. B.A. had fixed his famous chili; only this time he toned it down a bit.

This time he put a bottle of hot sauce on the table for those who liked the

chili a little hotter.

After an enjoyable time with his friends and a good meal, Face wandered out

into the living room and positioned himself on his side on the sofa to wait for

his family to join him. They had stayed to police the kitchen. By the time they

finished they found Face fast asleep on the couch. BA carefully picked his

friend up and helped him to his bed. He tenderly stripped Face down to his

boxers and placed him on his stomach, pulled the covers up and left him to


Upon returning downstairs he came upon Murdock and Hannibal talking. "Hey man,

you aren't really going to make him go back to that school tomorrow?" asked BA.

Hannibal replied, "Murdock was just asking me the same thing. I don't know; it

depends on how he is tomorrow, but eventually he has to go back. When I

assigned that alias to him, I didn't know they took discipline and schooling so

seriously down here. He's a 17 year-old boy and that means he has to go to

school. I'll tell you this, when he does return I'll go with him and have a

long talk with Mr. Matthews. I'll act the part of an outraged father and demand

that he never use that rod on him again. I'll tell him that if Face misbehaves

so seriously, just tell me and I'll punish him. I'm an actor -- I know I can be


"Hannibal, you'll be believable because you won't be acting. You know that in

your heart Face is more of a son to you than just a friend, like to BA and I

he's our younger brother. We feel that if he's to be punished, we should be the

ones to do it -- not that 'teacher.'"

They talked further about the situation and then all went to bed. Face slept

the whole night without waking. Hannibal was waiting in his room when he opened

his eyes and casually turned on his back. When his sore and abused bottom made

contact with the mattress, he let out a yell of pain that brought BA and

Murdock running. By the time they arrived they found Hannibal in the process of

lowering his boxers and taking another look at this backside. He didn't like

what he saw. Face's bottom was still inflamed and warm to the touch. "That's

it, you're staying home today and I'll be accompanying you to school tomorrow.

I'm going to have a long discussion with your teacher, and especially about how

he disciplined you."

The younger man's face fell at the mention of Hannibal going with him, but he

was glad he didn't have to go that day. He didn't see how he could learn

anything squirming in the seat. The rest of the day was wonderful for Face; his

family treated him like an invalid. They spoiled him so much that when the next

day finally came Face truly did not want to get up and go to school. It only

took BA growling at him to change his mind, and soon after breakfast Hannibal

and Face started out for school.



Part 2


"Face I know I should have asked before now, but you did do the homework that

was assigned earlier?"

"Yes, Dad. I did my homework yesterday. It was easy; I've learned it before."

They walked on in silence a little longer before Hannibal spoke. "Kid, I'm

sorry about this. I had no idea that this was going to turn out like it did,

but you must admit -- you do look the age you're playing. It was just natural

for me to make you my son."

"Hannibal, I know that this isn't you're fault, but I sure wished you could

have made my alias a couple of years older," Face said with a grin.

They arrived soon afterwards and saw Mr. Matthews coming out of the building.

"Mr. Matthews I wish to speak to you," called Hannibal.

Mr. Matthews looked up at the mention of his name and frowned as he saw whom it

was. He was looking straight at Face when he spoke. "Boy, you were absent

yesterday; I hope you had a good excuse for missing class yesterday," he said

as he strode forcefully towards Face. Confronted with the one who had caned him

severely the day before, Face unconsciously stepped behind Hannibal.

Just as Mr. Matthews was reaching to take Face by the arm, Hannibal spoke. "I

kept him at home yesterday due to the caning he received at your hand."

Hannibal turned to Face and said, "Tommy, I want you to go and wait for me over

there," pointing to the stand of trees near the school's entrance. "Mr.

Matthews and I have some things to discuss." Face nodded and moved off to wait

the outcome of the discussion.

"Mr. Matthews, I wish to discuss your recent encounter with my son. I don't

approve your use of that hickory rod on his backside. Please don't use it


Mr. Matthews looked at him and said, "How am I to keep him in line, if I don't

use corporal punishment?"

Hannibal countered, "I didn't say you couldn't punish him, only not to use the

hickory rod."

"How about if I use a paddle on him if he misbehaves?"

Hannibal nodded, "Okay, I approve of the paddle."

"What happens if he misbehaves to a point that the paddle won't handle the


"If he does that, tell me and I'll punish him personally. You have my word on


"In what way do you propose to punish him?"

Hannibal was quick with his answer. "I propose to punish him like my dad did

me, with a razor strap to his backside to the tune of 10 to 20 licks, depending

on the seriousness of the offense." Hannibal had always felt that discipline

delivered to Face's bottom was long overdue, and if this worked he would

incorporate it for Face for now on.

Mr. Matthews shook his hand, knowing that by doing so the deal was set. He

instinctively knew that Hannibal would honor the handshake above all others. He

then went in to ring the bell calling his students to class. While he was doing

that, Hannibal went over to break the news to his boy. "Face, I've cleared it

with Mr. Matthews. He will no longer be using that hickory rod on you." He

watched the Lieutenant's face brighten considerably and then watched it fall as

he continued, "but he will be using a paddle when you misbehave, so watch out

for yourself. One other thing, kid; if you do anything he feels is too serious

to be taken care of with a paddle, he will inform me and I will take a razor

strap to your backside, so behave."

Face's mouth dropped open and he would have spoken except for the voice of Mr.

Matthews calling, "Thomas, unless you want to feel my paddle to your backside I

would hurry to my seat, if I were you. You have 5 minutes." Face gave Hannibal

a sour look and then ran to his seat, making it there just in the nick of time.

Knowing what would happen if he didn't pay attention in class, Face was the

model student. At lunch Face met a student named Mary, and the two became

friends instantly. Maybe school wouldn't be so bad after all, thought Face.

After school was over he walked Mary home and discovered she didn't live far

from him. It was just a short run and he was home. During the short journey

home Face remembered what Hannibal had said earlier that day, and got mad over

the fact that Hannibal was going be punishing him as well.

Upon entering the cabin Face yelled, "Hannibal," as he dropped his books on the

sofa. "Hannibal, I got to talk with you."

"In here, kid," Hannibal called out from the kitchen.

"Hannibal, how could you?" Face began. "You told him that you would take a

strap to me. You aren't really going to do it, are you?"

Hannibal met him at the kitchen door with a "Yes," and then went on into the

living room with Face, Murdock and BA following behind. "I had to, kid. I gave

my word and even shook on it. You may not like him but I feel he's an honorable

man. I just can't lie to him about this."

Face turned to Murdock and BA. "Guys, you aren't going to let Hannibal go

through with this, are you?"

BA answered for them all. "Little bro, you know how much we love you." He

paused as Face slowly nodded. "Well, we support Hannibal. We think that a

paddle or strap to your backside may help you think before you act. You're

notorious for following every skirt you see, and on several times they've led

you and ultimately us into danger of capture from the Military. That's going to

stop. And while we're at it, if we ever give you a spanking or paddling it will

always be on your bare bottom."

Face had been following this conversation with a sinking heart, and now that it

was over he spoke without thinking. "You spank me? I don't think so," he said

with a sneer and turned to go when BA reacted to it quicker than Face could

have predicted. He soon found his jeans and briefs down and himself over the

big man's thighs. BA used only his hand but it was enough as he quickly turned

Face's pink bottom red in color. He had Face yelling as the sting in his bottom

returned. After only a dozen licks BA released Face who jumped up and moved

away from his chastiser. One hand moved toward his bottom to rub the sting

away, while with the other he rubbed the tears away. He hitched his boxers and

jeans back up.

BA said with a grin, "You were saying?"

Face glared at BA and turned to leave. Once again BA grabbed him and engulfed

him in a hug. "Oh, no you don't. You aren't getting away without being hugged.

My mom always ended a spanking with a hug, when I was young. As she explained

it, the hug was a sign that all was forgiven and the slate was wiped clean."

Face resisted at first but finally laid his head on BA's shoulder and returned

the hug. Hannibal and Murdock were quick to join in, making it a group hug.

When they broke free, all of the tension was gone. Hannibal broke the silence

that followed. "BA, I need you to be in disguise tomorrow morning when we


"Don't worry Hannibal I'll be ready," replied BA with a grimace.

Face looked back and forth between them and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Well, Face with you in school we thought we'd go shopping tomorrow and on our

way back stop at the local country store. The rest of us can change our

appearance easily, but BA will have to make a bigger sacrifice to hide his

appearance and he'll unveil it tomorrow at breakfast."

"Shopping, aw man, why can't I go?" whined Face.

"You have school, remember? The place where you were all day today," replied

Hannibal teasingly.

"Hannibal, you could write a note telling them I was sick and then I could go

too," Face said cunningly.

"Kid, with your luck you would run into someone from here who would tell on you

as soon as they got back," Hannibal said regretfully. He tried to placate his

friend. "Look, we'll go out again Saturday and then you can go."

"Damn this plan of yours that made me a teenager again," Face shouted as he

stormed off. The tension was back and the rest of the team just looked at each

other. Hannibal felt bad enough for seeing this plan backfire, costing Face the

original caning. Now he'd had it thrown back in his face. Seeing the pain in

their friend and commander's face, BA and Murdock started to follow and

"convince" Face to apologize. Hannibal guessed what they were up to and waved

them back, "Guys, leave him. He'll be back after he cools off and then he'll

apologize. He's just upset about reliving his teenage years."

Face did come back and apologize for his words, but not until he had thought

out a plan to play hooky the next day. He had a paper that Hannibal had to sign

since he made an F on a test that he hadn't studied for. He would use that

signature to get him out of trouble the day after he played hooky. He would

trace Hannibal's signature on to a blank sheet of paper, excusing him for being

sick and missing school.

That night after supper Face produced the test that Hannibal had to sign. "Hey

dad, I need your signature on this piece of paper," Face said flippantly. He

handed the test over.

Hannibal raised his eyebrow over the grade printed in red on the top. It was an

F. "What happened kid, didn't you study?"

Face belligerently mouthed off again, "Hannibal, you only made me a student.

That does not mean I have to pass any damn test. I only have to pay attention

enough to keep from being paddled, nothing else. Just sign the damn paper."

Hannibal did, and Face yanked it from his hand.

Hannibal said quietly, "Face, be warned; he might paddle you for your bad marks

as well as your inattention."

Face only glared at him before leaving. He had something important to do; he

had a permission note to write.

Face started with a blank sheet of paper, which he positioned under the test,

and then he carefully wrote over the signature making sure to indent the paper

underneath. He pulled the paper out and copied the signature again with his ink

pen. When he had finished it was an exact copy of the signature. All he had to

do his print a note stating that Tommy had been sick the day before, and he had

his permission to be out.

Now he was ready to play hooky tomorrow. He'd show them that he couldn't be

pushed around.

The next morning everybody but BA was down for breakfast and Face was still in

a bad humor. Then BA walked in and shocked everybody with his disguise. All

they could do was stare. BA had taken off all of his gold with the exception of

a small cross that he put under his shirt, but the major change had been in his

face. He had shaved, and with the stocking cap on his head he was a totally

different individual. His own mother wouldn't recognize him now.

"What do you think, Hannibal? Will this do as a disguise?" BA asked anxiously.

All Hannibal could do was smile and nod. He then found his voice. "It's great,

BA. Thanks again for making such a large sacrifice for the team." Hannibal

glanced at his watch and remarked, "Face, it's getting close to the time you

must leave to make it to school without getting a paddling."

"Hannibal, please let me go with you. I'm tired of this alias. A trip out would

really help to make being a teenager more bearable," pleaded Face.

"I'm sorry Face, you have to go to school. We'll go again Saturday and then

you'll be allowed to go," promised Hannibal.

"Hannibal, I want to go now!" shouted Face. He grabbed his books and left.

Face ran out of sight and waited for the Team to leave. He only had to wait

about 30 minutes before the rest of the Team piled into the Jeep Cherokee and

drove off. He waited a few minutes more before making his move. He then went

back into the cabin and to his room, and after setting the clock went back to


While Face was sleeping the Team made good time, arriving at their destination

is about 2 hours. They all went in separate directions, each buying from a

list. Hannibal got groceries, while Murdock picked up books, magazines, and

games, and BA picked up what he would need to keep everything up and running.

They met back with what they had bought and then went for something to eat. On

the way home they stopped at a quaint general store and discovered some useful

items. It was while they were there that Hannibal saw something he knew he

could put to good use against Face's bottom. It was a full-size hairbrush. The

brush was made of wood and had an oval head. It could be easily mistaken for a

paddle if the bristles were removed. It even felt good in his hand. Just heavy

enough to inflict a painful lick but not so heavy that the chastiser would tire

out quickly. He added it to his basket.

Hannibal went up to the clerk, an older man, and asked in a low voice, "Sir, I

was wondering, do you carry razor straps?"

The old man looked Hannibal in the eye and asked, "Are you wanting the type

most suitable for the applying to the backside of a young man?" At Hannibal's

grin and nod, he produced one on the spot. "I think you will find this is just

what you want. It isn't a razor strap liked my dad once used, but it is just

the thing for adjusting the attitude of many a young man," and handed over a

leather strap that had a handle at the end. "The handle makes it easier to


Once all of their purchases had been paid for the Team headed home.

The alarm had gone off at noon and Face went downstairs and ate the lunch that

Murdock had prepared for him. Murdock had fixed him a ham sandwich and had

included an individual bag of chips with a bottle of coca-cola. He policed the

area and even took the trash out so the others wouldn't find it. He was so

careful to make sure the Team didn't find out about his day of freedom that he

failed to notice that he was being watched by a nosy neighbor.

The observer wondered why the new boy wasn't in school. He noted he'd have to

inform the teacher of this development, and left.

Face figured that the Team should be back by 3:00 or 3:30 at the latest. He

left the cabin around 2:45 and hid himself nearby. He picked a tree that gave

cover in its branches and waited it out. The Bronco pulled up around 3:15 and

Face waited 30 minutes more before climbing down and brushing himself off, and

reentered the cabin.

Hannibal looked up as he entered. "How was school, kid?"

Face gave an incommunicative shrug and threw the books down on the sofa. "It

was fine."

"Kid, we brought you some things that might bring a smile to your face," piped

up Murdock.

Face turned an interested look in his direction. Hannibal brought out a box of

expensive cigars. "Here kid, these are yours. I bought 3 boxes all totaled. One

for you, one for me and one for us both, and a backpack you can carry your

books in."

Murdock then showed him the magazines filled with the beautiful people and

fashions, and BA brought him a large container of Maple Syrup. He had

remembered how much Face had liked the Maple Syrup over his pancakes. Face was

touched by their treats and said so. "Guys, thanks."

The rest of the evening went well and Face even started to smile as he lit up

one of the cigars Hannibal got him. Later on he didn't make a fuss about going

to bed much earlier than the others, and Hannibal was beginning to feel he'd

accepted his alias better than before. It looked like their troubles were

beginning to lessen considerably.




After Face left for school, Murdock took his invisible dog, Billy, out to

explore his surroundings. He ran into an old woman picking berries. He stopped

to help and they began to talk. Murdock learned that her name was Rose but

everybody called her Granny; she was the local folk healer. Besides berries she

was also gathering roots and herbs for her medications. Once she showed Murdock

what she was looking for he was glad to help. They met day after day and a

friendship blossomed. He accompanied her back to her home several times and met

her family. The family name was Williams and besides her son, Pete, there was

her daughter-in-law, Beth and their two children, Petey, age 12 and Lizzie, age


Murdock was there when her grandkids got home from school and they were full of

news about Face and Mary. It seemed that Face had found something he liked

about school and her name was Mary Parker. They ate their lunch together and

seemed to have eyes only for each other. Murdock knew he had something to tease

him with, and then the last name finally registered. "Wait a minute, her father Clem Parker?"

Petey piped up, "Yes, she's his youngest daughter and he's very protective of

her. Last year he whipped that older cousin of Rickie Barton, a neighbor of

ours, who had kissed her in front of her father. He couldn't sit comfortably

for weeks. Took his strap to his backside."

"Does Tommy know this?" asked Granny of her grandson.

"No ma'am, I don't think so. If he does it hasn't stopped him from sitting with

her at recess and lunch.'

Murdock turned to Granny and said, "Excuse me Granny, I need to warn him...'Bye

kids," and he turned and went home.

Face was talking to Hannibal and BA about his new friend, Mary when Murdock

walked in. Face looked up and said, "Murdock, I met a girl the other day, and

she's beautiful. I don't know why she wasn't there when I started but she's

there now. Her name is..."

"Her name is Mary Parker, and she is bad news buddy," interrupted Murdock.

Face looked at him, puzzled. "You know about her?"

"I was at Granny's when her grandchildren got home from school and they told

me. Facey, she's Clem Parker's youngest daughter and he is very protective of

her. They told me of a local boy who made the mistake of kissing her in front

of Clem, and Clem took his strap to his backside and injured the boy so badly

that it was weeks before he could sit comfortable."

Hannibal looked concerned at that bit of news and said, "Face, you might want

to stop seeing her, for safety's sake. I know you like her, but is she worth a


Face looked around the room and said, "Hannibal, guys, I know what I'm doing

and I like her. Don't worry, I know she's younger than me and I'm just her

friend and nothing else. Trust me," and he gave his winning smile.

As a group they all groaned and hoped for the best. They knew Face and his

comment to "Trust Him" was famous for leading him and them into trouble. They

hoped it wouldn't lead Face into trouble this time.




The next morning Face was still in a good mood and went off to school in the

best of spirits. That was going to change very soon. When he arrived he had

time to visit with Mary until school started. Face then handed in his signed

test and false note from Hannibal excusing him the day before. Mr. Matthews

took both without a word and directed him to his desk. He waited until the

whole class had assembled and roll was taken before taking action against Face

for playing hooky the day before. He had also taken time to examine both

signatures on the test and note and found them to be the same, he then noticed

that the signature on the test paper seemed to have been gone over several

times with an ink pen, even to the extent that an indention had been made.

Mr. Matthews decided to let Face think he had fooled him, and it wasn't until

History class that he jumped on him. "Tommy, you missed the make up test

yesterday and you can stay in during recess to take it. I always allow those

who have done badly on a test a chance to pull their grade up. Class dismissed."

Face vaguely remembered now that the teacher had mentioned something about

those who did poorly on test being given a second chance. Obviously he had

given the makeup test to everyone else the day before. Now it was his turn.

Face sat at his desk waiting for the teacher to hand out the make up test. He

had no intention of trying to pass this test either and when the test was

handed out he just let it lie where it had been put. He flunked by not even

trying and this angered Mr. Matthews greatly. It seemed he would have to put

the "fire" of learning back in him. As he took out his leather paddle he knew

the perfect way. Face was watching with great tribulation as his teacher

approached with paddle in hand.

Before Face could even think, he was yanked up and bent over his desk with his

bottom in the perfect position for a paddling. The teacher lost no time in

obliging. He brought that paddle down for 10 hard licks. He put all ten on

Face's sit spot, where thigh and buttock met. He visited the same buttock for 5

licks and then the other buttock for the other 5. He had Face yelling by the

3rd lick given and he didn't stop until all ten licks had been given; Face was

eternally grateful that this paddling had taken place on his jeans-clad bottom.

He started to get up when another lick pounded into his bottom.

"What's that for," screamed Face.

"Oh, just the little matter of you playing hooky yesterday." Matthews proceeded

to add licks to Face's already smoking bottom. He didn't stop the second time

until 12 more licks had been given. Mercifully Mr. Matthews had spaced these

additional licks to cover his whole backside, and only visited his sit spot

once or twice.

After the last lick was given, Face was pushed into a corner while Mr. Matthews

read a book. He kept Face in the corner for the remainder of recess and for 15

minutes into the next class. Face was then sent to his desk.

Face was nearly in tears as he sat down. He squirmed for the rest of the

morning, as was unable to find a comfortable spot to sit. He flew out of the

classroom for lunch, vowing not to return that day. He ran all the way to the

cabin, startling both Hannibal and Murdock as he raced up the stairs and threw

himself on the bed. BA was outside taking the bristles off the brush and hadn't

seen him arrive.

Hannibal came in minutes later to find out what had happened this time. He

approached Face cautiously. "Face, what's wrong? Why aren't you at school?"

Face muffled an answer, "I got pad...twice...not...back."

Hannibal grabbed Face by the shoulder and physically pulled him back. He saw

the embarrassment and pain in his "son's" eyes. "Face, a little slower and what happened?"

Face took a big breath and said, "I got paddled twice and I'm not going back."

Hannibal asked, "What did you do to get paddled?"

"Apparently this teacher paddles you for not trying. He gave me a makeup test

and I didn't try to pass it and he paddled me for it. You were right." The last

part came out in a whisper; he hated having to admit when he was wrong.

Hannibal had to hide the smile that threatened to come out, and was about to

ask about the second time he'd been paddled when they heard Murdock downstairs


"Uncle John and Tommy, can you two come down for a moment, please?"

That was their cue that someone was there. Hannibal came down leading the way,

with Face a close second. When they saw who their guest was, Face stopped

quickly. He made sure that Hannibal was between him and Mr. Matthews.

"Mr. Matthews, what can I do for you? Won't you have a seat?"

Mr. Matthews took a seat facing Hannibal and Face, who still stayed as close to

Hannibal as he could. He stood while Hannibal sat. His bottom was still sore

from the double paddling he'd received earlier.

"Mr. Taylor, I'll get right to the point. This morning I had to punish your son

twice. Once for not even trying to past on a test I gave him earlier. I can't

stand it when a student won't even make the effort of trying to pass a test. I

have found that a paddling will work wonders on waking a student up. And you

young sir," looking at Face, "can expect paddlings for any other 'F's' you get

due to not have been warned. While this paddling was done to help

improve his grades, the other paddling was for deceit. He played hooky

yesterday and then gave me this note from you excusing his absence."

Mr. Matthews handed the note over to Hannibal, who took it and read it and then

turned to Face and said, "Tommy, you lied to your teacher and me too. What do

you have to say for yourself?"

Face blurted out, "I wanted to go with you yesterday and you wouldn't take me

so I fixed it so I didn't have to go to that damn school either."

There was defiance in his eyes and Hannibal had no choice but to punish him for

his disobedience and defiance. If they had been alone, Hannibal wouldn't have

done any more than spank him, but he had to pull his little "act" in front of

the teacher. He had to live up to his promise.

"Murdock, go ask Ralph if he's finished with his project. I have need of it


Murdock, seeing the situation and how Hannibal's hands were tied, took off to

get the paddle. "Poor Face," he thought, "you only thought your bottom was

sore. When Hannibal gets finished it will positively be smoking."

By the time Murdock returned, Face was getting a tongue lashing to match the

paddling he was about to get. BA followed carrying the paddle. "Here Mr.

Taylor, I hope this will do?"

When Face saw what BA was carrying, he tried to flee the cabin and would have

gotten away if it weren't for BA who caught him in mid flight. He held him

easily while Hannibal approached with paddle in hand. He nodded at BA to bend

him in place and was about to apply the first lick when Mr. Matthew's spoke up.

"I was thinking that this offense should be punished with the strap."

This startled Hannibal who was trying to avoid using the strap on Face.

Hannibal turned to Mr. Matthews. "I disagree, but it should be more than just a

paddling; this paddling will be applied to his bare backside." He then

approached Face and within minutes his 'son's' jeans and briefs were at his

ankles. He whispered, "I'm sorry Face, but you left me no other recourse."

Hannibal took up his position behind and to one side of Face's backside and

applied the first lick. SMACK!!! Face jumped as if shot and yelled,

"Oooohhhhwwww." He tried to get away but BA held him secure. SMACK!! Again Face

yelled, "Owwwwwww." and on and on it went. Hannibal would give him another hard

lick and then Face would buckle and yell. Hannibal soon had him sobbing and

after the 12th lick put the paddle down.

Face's bottom was painted a bright red, especially the area where thigh and

buttock met, the sit spot. Hannibal had tried to keep from focusing entirely on

his backside and had also visited the back of his thighs. Face's backside and

thighs looked like sunburns and Hannibal knew he would feel this paddling for a

long time. "Harry, Ralph, would you mind helping Tommy to his room. I'll be up


BA and Murdock sprang to help Face up to his room. Murdock pulled the jeans and

briefs completely off, knowing Face would be unable to bear having anything

touch his tortured backside and thighs for some time. Once out of sight of the

teacher, BA reached down and carried Face to his room. He gently laid him on

his stomach while Murdock got a cool wet washcloth to put on his backside and

thighs. Face hissed when it touched his backside but after a moment it started

to feel good.

Mr. Matthews nodded when Hannibal said Face wouldn't be back to school that

day, nor maybe the next. Matthews felt the boy had been dutifully punished and

he left to get back to school.

As soon as the door was closed, Hannibal raced upstairs to be with his "son".

He sat on Face's bed and said, "Face, I'm so sorry."

"That's okay. I know I didn't leave you any other choice, but did you have to

play the part of the angered father so well? That paddling really hurt."

Hannibal smiled as he reached to rub Face's back. "Kid, I always like to play

my parts well. Now you have two days to recover before you return to school."

Face groaned and whined, "Do I have to go back, Hannibal?"

"I'm afraid so, kid. But now that you know what ticks off your teacher, I'm

sure you'll do better in the future."



Part 3


Face was out of school for the next two days. During that time a new boy came

to school. Bo Miller was 17-years-old but larger than the boys his age. He

surveyed the kids and when his eyes came upon Mary Parker, it was love at first

sight -- at least from his standpoint. Unfortunately for him, Mary didn't care

for him at all, but being so kind hearted she hated to hurt him when he

declared his love for her. Before Bo could say anything more Mary went into


At recess Bo tried again, and again he was rejected. Mary was getting tired of

the whole thing but still didn't want to hurt him. The final straw for her came

at lunch. She had just finished and was walking by herself to collect her

thoughts, like she always did, when Bo appeared and grabbed her. "Mary, I want

you as my girl friend and you might as well accept it; I always get what I


She looked at him, no longer caring if she hurt him or not. "I am not your girl

friend. I will never be yours. Leave me alone!" With that she kicked him in the

shins and fled as soon as he released her.

As he watches her go into the school, he became aware that he was the object of

everybody's eye and turned around and addressed them. "Listen up, everyone.

I'll beat up any boy who I see talking to Mary Parker. She's my girl friend,

even if she doesn't want to admit it. Stay away from her or else," Bo cried and

limped off.


The rest of the day was miserable for Mary. Bo was forever trying to attract

her attention and glared at any boy who so much as smiled at her. By the end of

the day there wasn't a soul there who didn't believe that he would do as he

threatened. Even the younger boys stayed away from Mary. After school Bo even

walked her home. It took Mary threatening to tell her father that he was

harassing her for him to let her walk all the way home. Mary knew that it was

an empty threat; her father was away from home working as a guide, as were most

to the men in the community. This was one of the ways they could put food on

the table throughout the winter.

The next day Bo was waiting for her at school and Mary avoided him as much as

she could. She stayed with her girl friends until Face showed up. As soon as

Face arrived, he could feel the tension in the air but didn't know what was

causing it. He headed towards Mary and upon reaching her said, "Hi, Mary," and

gave her his famous smile. Mary turned upon hearing her name and whispered

fiercely, "Tommy, go away. It's too dangerous for you to be here."

Face was puzzled and was about to ask why when he was suddenly grabbed from

behind and spun around.

The first person Face saw was a giant of a boy. He was huge and had a scowl on

his face. "Hey, you," Bo started to say when Mary interrupted.

"Bo, he wasn't here yesterday. He doesn't know."

Bo took in the slight built of the boy in front of him and sneered, "Mary is

off limits to every boy here. I'll beat up any boy I see talking to her; now

beat it."

Face took in his size and recklessly said, "I'll talk to whomever I like.

Mary's a friend of mine, so buzz off." The bell sounded before Bo could follow

through with his threat.

Bo followed them in sullenly, thinking that he'd take care of the new boy at

lunch. All through class he tried his best to get Face into trouble; what he

did instead was to get himself in trouble. In fact he got in so much trouble

that Mr. Matthews kept him in during lunch to explain why he should always pay

attention in class. By the time Bo emerged from the schoolhouse, he only had

time to eat his lunch. While eating he was seen rubbing his backside and

scowling at Face.

Mary tried to persuade Face to leave her alone. She didn't want to see Bo hurt

him, but Face insisted that he'd be all right. Eventually she listened; she had

gotten tired of not having anyone to talk with and she really liked Face.

As soon as school was out, Face walked Mary home and then slipped away from Bo

as the bigger boy tried to waylay him. This was getting Bo angry. He vowed he

would make Face pay for all of the trouble he'd gotten into that day as well as

for talking to "his" girl.

The next morning Face was waiting for Mary when she left the safety of her

house. They walked past a stunned Bo on the way to school. Face knew that Bo

wouldn't do anything while Mary was around. If he was to have any trouble from

Bo, it would happen when he wasn't in Mary's company. As soon as they arrived

at school, they went right in.

Bo didn't get a chance at Face until recess. Face went out to wait for Mary

when he was grabbed and pulled out of sight of the school. It was Bo. Bo didn't

waste any time; he just threw a punch at Face. Face dodged the first punch and

threw one of his own. His connected solidly against Bo's jaw and Bo went down.

While he was down Face hit him again and suddenly they were in the dirt

fighting. The fight finally drew the attention of Mr. Matthews, who appeared

with hickory stick in hand. He used it freely and the fight broke up


He grabbed both boys and escorted them into the schoolhouse. "Okay, who started

this?" Both were silent and Mr. Matthews knew that it was the "code" that was

keeping them silent. "Okay, since you won't tell me, you both get the same

punishment. You will stay after school and then punishment will be handed out.

Now clean yourselves up and go to your seats."

It was during recess that Bo sought Face out and stated, "We settle this

tomorrow after school, away from here. Either show up or everybody will know

that you are a chicken." Face nodded and walked away.

It was the talk of the school for the rest of the day. At lunch Mary tried to

talk Face out of going. "Tommy, you can't go. He'll tear you apart. He

outweighs you by at least 50 or 60 lbs."

"Mary, I've got to go. If I don't, he will constantly be bothering you. This

way he'll leave you alone, if I win. I know how to fight; my dad taught me.

Don't worry. I'll be fine."

After school was out everybody but Bo and Face left. Mr. Matthews turned to Bo

and said, "Bo bend over my desk and stay there." He picked out a sturdy hickory

cane and gave Bo 12 hard licks on his backside. He hit the same area over and

over until he had Bo yelling and begging for mercy. After the last lick had

been given, Bo was dismissed and he ran out sobbing.

Mr. Matthews turned to Face and said, "Follow me. Your father will be the one

to give you your licks. I will insist that they be given on your bare bottom. I

will not tolerate fighting on the school grounds." Face had no recourse but to

grab his book bag and follow Mr. Matthews. The journey to his cabin was quiet;

Face was not looking forward to another licking and he knew that Hannibal would

give it to him for fighting.

As soon as they arrived at the cabin, Face went on in calling as he did, "Dad?

Come here for a minute. Mr. Matthews wishes to speak to you."

They waited until Hannibal, alerted by Face's shout, came into the room. He was

in character when he greeted Mr. Matthews. "Mr. Matthews, what can I do for


"I'll make this quick. Tommy is in need of another paddling or strapping. He

got into a fight on school grounds. The other boy was caned and I have brought

your son to you to punish."

Hannibal looked at Face and back to Mr. Matthews before asking, "If I may, who

started it?"

"They wouldn't say. They are standing behind the schoolboy code."

Hannibal sighed and said to Face, "Go get the paddle and then get into

position. I'll be waiting."

Face went and soon came back with the paddle, which he handed dejectedly to

Hannibal before lowering his pants and briefs and bending over the supper

table. Hannibal reluctantly asked, "How many licks?"

Mr. Matthews said, "The other boy got 12 licks."

Hannibal lifted the paddle and struck hard on the upturned bottom. He visited 6

licks upon each buttock. He placed all of the licks on Face's sit spot, the

area where thigh and buttock met. It was becoming a favorite spot to land the

licks. He had Face yelling from the first stroke and sobbing by the time he put

the paddle down.

Mr. Matthews nodded, satisfied that Face had been thoroughly punished, and

left. As soon as the door closed Hannibal yelled for BA. "BA would you help

Face upstairs, please."

BA came out and after taking one look at Face's backside, pulled his pants and

briefs completely off and picked up the protesting man up and easily carried

him to his bed. BA gently laid Face down on his stomach. Hannibal came in

moments later with lotion to put on his abused bottom.

"Okay, tell me what happened."

Face told him what exactly had happened at school, but made a point not to tell

him of the challenge Bo had thrown at him. He would meet Bo to finish this once

and forever.

Murdock came in while Hannibal was seeing to Face and said, "Not again...what

happened this time?" Hannibal told him and Murdock said, "Facey, if you keep

this up you are going to have a permanent red bottom."

The next day Face surprised them all by getting ready for school, but as soon

as Hannibal saw how much he winced as he tried to sit, he vetoed the idea.

"Face, you can barely sit. There is no way I'm allowing you out today. I'll

accompany you to school tomorrow to inform your teacher that it was my idea to

keep you home today. Now go back to bed."

Face acted like he hadn't heard one word and continued to sit there and eat his

breakfast. Hannibal looked at his stubbornness and knew something other than a

want to go to school was at work. "Kid, what's up? I know you; any reason to

stay away from school is applauded and here you sit raring to go. I want the

truth or I might be tempted to add some more heat to your sore bottom."

That stopped Face in mid chew. "I have to go, Hannibal, and let's leave it at

that," pleaded Face.

"No way. Now talk or you will spending the day in your birthday suit with a red

bottom showing," Hannibal threatened.

"Hannibal, there's a new kid at school who has claimed Mary for his own, and

he's promised a licking to any boy who even looks in her direction. Mary can't

stand him. I found that out yesterday and I stood up to him. We had a fight at

recess, which resulted in both or us being punished. The new kid was caned and

you paddled me. The kid's name is Bo and he's thrown a challenge at me...either

we fight it out or I'll be branded a coward. I have to go to prove him wrong

and to rescue Mary. Her father is out of reach for at least the next month and

something as to be done. Hannibal, I have to go."

Hannibal nodded but said, "Face, I understand your dilemma, but you can't go. I

did too good a job on your bottom and I bet he's in the same shape as you after

that caning, and he won't be there either. You will have to postpone your fight

until tomorrow. If I find out that you have sneaked out to fight I will spank

you and then you will be doing corner time showing off your red bottom until I

say otherwise. Do I Make Myself Clear, kid?"

Face nodded slowly, all the while his mind thinking on how he could get out and

to the meeting place at least. If he couldn't make school, maybe he could still

get to the meeting place for the fight. He gingerly got up and returned to his

room and bed, got on his stomach and waited for an opportunity to arise.

BA and Murdock looked at each other throughout the whole exchange between

Hannibal and Face and it was BA who voiced their concern first. "Hannibal, he

gave up too quickly. He's up to something. I bet he's going to try to get away

and meet the boy at the location where the fight is to take place."

Hannibal nodded his agreement. "We're going to have to watch him very carefully

to see that he doesn't succeed. I understand what he's going through, but he

needs to be in better shape to win."

Face was the picture of obedience for the remainder of the day. At lunch

Hannibal slipped Face a doctored drink to make sure he slept the afternoon

away. Minutes after drinking it, Face was out. BA carried him to his room and

gently placed him on his bed, on his stomach and pulled a light blanket up to

cover him. Around 2 p.m. Hannibal checked on him later to find that he was

still asleep.

Hannibal went to report that to the others. "Well he's still sleeping, so I

guess we can ease up on our surveillance of him."

About 2:30 Face opened his eyes. He had figured that Hannibal might try and

drug him and had gotten to the drug first. He'd poured it out, replacing it

with water. He had played his part well to fool his commander and now it was

time to keep an appointment.

He hurriedly got dressed, wincing as he pulled his jeans up. He then went out

the back way.

Some time later Murdock came up to get something out of their room he

discovered Face was missing. "Hannibal...Face is gone," yelled Murdock as he

came running down the stairs.

Hannibal went to the bottle of knock out drops and sniffed. He hurled the

bottle down in disgust. "It's water. Face pulled a fast one. When I get my

hands on him...." He left the threat open; the others knew what he meant. They

hurried to the school and reached it too late. School had let out a few minutes

earlier and there wasn't a kid in sight.

"Spread out, this meeting place has got to be nearby," instructed Hannibal. The

team all went in separate directions, hoping to find Face before the fight


Hannibal came upon a clearing and there was Face fighting a mountain of a kid.

"Face, you didn't mention how big this kid was," muttered Hannibal as he saw

the size of the kid. He knew he couldn't stop it now, and had to just watch and

wait. Face took several blows to his midsection but he was winning the battle,

and before too long he had knocked the kid out. It paid to know how to fight,

and the army was a great teacher. Hannibal watched as Face went to a pretty

girl and walked away. He would get hold of Face afterwards and then he would

pay. Hannibal retraced his steps and met up with BA and Murdock. He told them

what he had seen and they made plans to return to the cabin and catch Face as

he was sneaking back in.

It was an hour later that Face returned. He sneaked back in the same way he had

left, but as he opened the door to his room he was quite surprised to find

Hannibal waiting. The Colonel was sitting in one of the armless wooden chairs.

"Hi, Hannibal. I woke up and decided to take a walk to clear my head." Face

tried to bluff his way past Hannibal to his bed.

Hannibal got up and pushed him onto the bed. "Kid, are you hurt? I saw he

landed quite a few to your midsection."

Face realized that Hannibal not only knew about the fight, but that he had seen

it, too. "Hannibal, I'm okay. He just bruised me -- nothing more."

Hannibal pulled up his shirt and said, "If you don't mind I'll check for

myself," and poked him about the chest and had to conclude the same. "You're

not hurt?" He asked again, and when Face repeated that he wasn't, Hannibal

struck. "You're going to be," and quickly pushed him down and was in the

process of pulling his pants down when Face started to struggle. "Hannibal,

nooooooo, my bottom is still sore from yesterday," Face cried as he tried to

break free.

Just as he thought he was going to make it, he saw additional hands grab and

hold him while Hannibal finished pulling both his pants and briefs down and

off. He looked up and saw he was being held by BA, and out of the corner of his

eye saw Murdock as he came into the room.

"That's not fair; three against one!"

"Kid, I promised you a spanking if you left this cabin and I'm a man who keeps

his promises. You scared us and we were searching all over for you, so now your

butt is going to be spanked and I'm going to share."

"Share! What?" asked Face as a sinking feeling overtook him.

"Your butt, of course. I'm starting and then after 12 licks from me, Murdock is

going to take over for his 12 licks and then BA is going to finish with his 12

licks. Your bottom is going to be so red that it's going to be glowing, but

maybe next time you will heed me."

"Noooooooo, Hannibal you can't," cried Face as he felt himself placed over

Hannibal's thighs. Hannibal lost little time in beginning. He had Face yelling

from the first lick. A slow burn had started in Face's bottom by the time

Murdock took over. Murdock kept the heat going as he addressed mainly his

bottom cheeks. By the time BA took over, his bottom was cherry red and burning


"No more, please...I've learned my lesson, pleaseeeeeee," cried Face.

BA just grinned at him and said, "Little bro, next time I guarantee you'll

think twice before disobeying Hannibal again," and began his extra hard licks

on his little brother's already tenderized butt. He had Face screaming as his

bottom heated up past a boiling point.

"Owwwwowwwwwhhhhh...Oooooohhhhhhwwwwww" ...and the licks didn't stop until the

last lick was given and Face was sobbing in pain over his "big brother's" lap.

When Face was pulled up they could almost see his butt throb in pain. At

Hannibal's nod, BA led his little brother downstairs to the corner in the

living room. Face winced at each step. Hannibal and Murdock followed behind.

"Kid, you will stay here until I release you. Am I making myself clear?" asked

Hannibal. At Face's nod he was left alone. After 30 minutes he was released

from the corner and fled back up the stairs to throw himself on his bed, bottom

up, of course. He had been very embarrassed by this spanking but deep in his

heart it felt nice to know that his "family" cared enough to spank him when

he'd been so disobedient. With that thought he fell asleep. Hannibal came up to

check on him later and covered him with a light blanket. Face slept undisturbed

until supper, when Murdock awakened him.

"Facey, it's time for supper, wakey, wakey," Murdock shouted in his ear. Face

awoke with a start and turned on his back, as was his custom when sleeping on

his stomach. The pain in his bottom caused him to jump out of bed with a yell.

"Oohhhlllwwww, that still hurts." Face looked at Murdock, confused, and said,

"Repeat that, and not so loud this time."

Murdock said with a smile, "It's time for supper, Face. Your presence is

requested at the supper table. BA has fixed supper. He says that you inspired


Face looked dumfounded. "I inspired him? How?" he said suspiciously, but

Murdock had already left the room. Curious now, Face pulled on a pair of

sweatpants, minus boxers, and followed him downstairs. When he appeared he

found his chair was the only one with a pillow in it. Face sat

gingerly and waited for BA to appear with his supper.

He was quite unprepared for the ceremony as supper was served. First Murdock

came out carrying crackers, which he distributed all around the table, then

Hannibal came out with a huge pitcher of tea and a bucket of ice. He then

filled all of the glasses with ice and poured the tea. Then BA arrived carrying

a huge pot of something. He left for a moment and reappeared with several

bottles of hot sauce. Face just looked on suspiciously. He knew something was

up, he just didn't know what...yet.

BA opened the pot and with a large ladle filled Face's bowl up with chili.

"Face, the color of your bottom inspired me to make this chili. So eat up --

it's made in your honor. If it isn't as hot as your bottom was after the

spanking, you can always add some heat to it from this bottle."

Face only looked at him and then surprised him by laughing out loud. With a

smile on his face he dug in. After the first bite, he choked, "It's fine, BA."

Soon everyone at the table was eating. Murdock was bickering with BA and vice

versa and everything was back to normal. After supper Face told Murdock and BA

of the fight, since they hadn't seen it first hand.

"Kid, are you sure this is the end of it now?" asked Hannibal. He had first

hand knowledge of how bullies could react to being beaten at their own game.

Sometimes you never heard from them again, and other times they brooded about

it and struck when least suspected.

"I don't know Hannibal. I guess I'll find out tomorrow at school," said Face

with a grin.

Hannibal looked at his "kid" and asked the same question he had asked every

night. "Face, do you have any homework to do before bedtime?"

"Hanniballll. You ask me that every night."

"Well, do you?" Hannibal wouldn't be put off. He didn't want Face to be paddled

at school for not doing it.

Face looked at Hannibal and sighed, and then dragged himself to his backpack

and pulled out several books and his notebook. He then went to the table and

sat on the pillow and opened a book and began. He had some questions to answer

at the end of the chapter of each subject and some math problems to do. Two

hours later he slammed the last book closed and rose wearily to his feet. As he

passed Hannibal he said, "Satisfied, now?" and went up to bed.

The next day at school Bo didn't even speak to Face or Mary. He looked so

subdued that Face figured he'd have no more trouble form him. He would watch

him carefully over the next few days to be sure.

What he didn't know was that Bo was planning his revenge against the boy he

held responsible for his defeat, Tommy Taylor < Face >. Everyday after school

he went to the spot he'd picked to carry out his revenge. He had scouted out

the terrain just off the path that Face took to walk to and from school, and

found a secluded spot that even had a rock cave he could use. He took a metal

stake and soldered a metal ring to it. He then took a hammer and pounded the

stake into the rock face. When he was finished he put all of his weight to it

in trying to pull it out. He was pleased when it wouldn't budge. He soldered

one end of 6 yards of heavy chain to the ring. He fixed a lighter chain, a

dog's choker chain, to the end of the heavy chain and waited for the time he

would bring his adversary here and chain him. Once he was chained, then Bo

could exact the punishment he dreamed of without his escaping.

Face was alert for the rest of the week, waiting to see if Bo would attack him.

After several days with no hint of retaliation, he began to let his guard down.

He had other things on his mind and Bo slipped lower and lower on his list of

cares. By Friday his mind completely closed down to the thought that Bo might

have anything vengeful on his mind. He had been told by Hannibal that very day

that they were going into a nearby city for supplies and mechanical parts and

wouldn't be returning until Saturday, and he couldn't go because of school.

Face had pouted for a time and then reconsidered his possibilities for

recreation, and gone off to school without protest. He had left the others in


He knew he was 25 but since Hannibal made him a 17-year-old boy, he would act

the part and ask Mary and a couple of the older kids over Saturday for lunch.

He could fix sandwiches and persuade the girls into bringing food as well, and

they could really party at the cabin. When he was asking around, Bo overheard

his invitation and perked up when he heard that Tommy's folks would be gone

Friday night and probably wouldn't be back until late Saturday. He looked at

Face and grinned; that day after school, Tommy would be his for punishment.

Face hurried home after school on Friday. He wanted to pick the cabin up before

the kids got there the next day. He was so intent in his future plans that he

didn't notice Bo springing from the bushes until he had been struck and fell to

the ground. Bo sprang upon him and struggled for control. During the struggle

with Face, his backpack fell to the ground. Bo gained control and quickly tied

Face's hands behind his back. While he had Face on the ground, Bo quickly tied

his feet together. He left enough rope between each foot so Face could walk but

not run away. Only then did he pull Face to his feet. Face opened his mouth to

yell for help but Bo stuck his handkerchief in and tied it around his head. He

then pulled him along to his "secret place."

It took about an hour to reach the cave, but before entering Face was led to a

nearby tree and tied to it. Bo looped a rope around his waist and looped it

around the tree until he was tied securely. He approached him with a knife in

his hand. He noticed that Face was sweating from the walk and thought to

relieve him of his clothes. "Tommy, I see you're hot. Let me help you out of

those hot clothes," and proceeded to cut them from his body. Face tried to

struggle but was tied too securely. He had to stand helplessly and watch all of

his clothes being cut from him. Bo stopped when he got to his boxers and

grinned, and then calmly cut those as well. He then removed his boots and socks

and suddenly Face was in his birthday suit and was turning red with


Bo cut Face free from the tree and led him into the cave and the stake. As soon

as Face saw the chain, he began to struggle in earnest and it was all Bo could

do to hold him there. He pushed him down and once again found himself lying on

his stomach. This time Bo knelt down on him facing his legs, and put Face's

left foot through the dog's choker chain and pulled it tightly. He temporarily

tied it in place and the pulled out a padlock and locked the chain in place

forming a cuff, with Face's left foot within. He left hardly any extra room in

the cuff, to prevent Face's escaping from the cave. Only with Face finally

chained did Bo both remove the gag and free his hands. He hastily stood up,

allowing Face to move.

Face tried to remove his foot from the chain and then the stake from the wall

before admitting defeat. "What are you going to do to me?" he finally asked Bo.

"I'm going to give you the beating you deserve for taking my girl away from

me," he said as he picked up a leather strap and struck Face on his thigh. It

left a red welt and got a yell from Face. Face realized that he was in real

trouble now and curled up in a ball to protect his head and "treasures," thus

allowing Bo to stripe his backside and thighs to his heart's content. By the

time Bo tired of the game Face was striped from hip to knees and sobbing

bitterly. Bo didn't stop until he had drawn blood on his bottom and thighs. Bo

stepped away and when Face realized that he had stopped, he uncurled. The

motion brought on new waves of pain to his backside and thighs, and he cried

out, "Ooohhhwwww... You've had your fun; now let me go."

Bo stepped forward and backhanded him, leaving a scrape on his cheek. "You are

mine to do with as I please. My slave, who must be marked with my name, so

everybody will know you as mine." Face saw that he had gone over the edge now

and he was facing a madman, and began to struggle with the chain.

Bo walked over to the area he had set aside for a fire and calmly began to

build one. Soon he had one roaring and the cave got warm. He pulled out a

homemade poker with a smaller head and put the end into the fire to heat. He

approached Face, who had scraped his ankle in the attempt to remove the cuff

from his foot. The foot was now bleeding. Bo hit him on the jaw, knocking him


When Face woke up he found himself spread-eagled and staked to the ground face

up. He saw the grinning face of Bo as he approached with a red-hot poker in his

hand. Face struggled to free himself, but as usual Bo had done an admirable job

of tying and he couldn't move a muscle. Face watched as Bo placed the hot poker

against his inner thigh and smelled the burning flesh as the pain engulfed him;

with a scream, he passed out. Bo calmly wrote "BO" on Face's upper inner thigh.

The name was the size of a fifty-cent piece. All he would need to do to show

his property would be to either lower his pants or push up his pant leg. Of

course, he could just keep him naked and then everybody would know.

When Face came to some minutes later, he was no longer spread-eagled on the

floor. He could feel the raw pain on his thigh as well as the pain in his

backside. He was still lying on his back but Bo had thrown a blanket over him.

Face turned on his side and surveyed his surroundings for any hint of Bo. He

was dismayed to find him sitting not 10 feet away watching him closely.

Suddenly he spoke. "Are you thirsty? Hungry?" and at Face's nod brought him a

pan of food and water and put it near him. Face crawled to them and ate the

bread and meat and drank from the water bowl.

When he had finished Bo announced, "See ya later. I've left you two blankets

for the night. I would cover up if I were you; it gets cold at night. I'll be

back tomorrow to finish your punishment." Before Face could do anything more

than stare Bo left. "Wait, you can't leave me like this," Face yelled but Bo

didn't come back.

Face realized he would have to act fast to keep warm that night. The first

thing he did was to see how far a reach Bo had left him. He reached a bit past

the fire. Face then sat near the fire to stay warm; there was a nip in the air

and he was getting chilled. He waited until the fire had completely died down

before moving. He pulled the coals from the ground and made sure there were no

live embers left. He then put one blanket down over the area where the fire had

been burning only moments ago, and he curled up in the other and lay down to

sleep. He had a hard time sleeping due to the brand on his thigh and the

whipping on his backside and thighs, but finally through exhaustion he fell

into a pitiful sleep somewhere around midnight.

The heat from the fire had left the ground for the last few hours, and even

with the blankets Face got cold and woke shivering. With the blankets pulled up

close, Face once again tried to get out of the chain around his ankle. He

pulled and pulled until he finally had pulled the chain off his ankle; of

course to accomplish this his ankle was bleeding freely. The blood had made the

chain slip over his ankle. He didn't care as long as he was free. Pulling the

blankets around him, he dashed out of the cave into a drizzle, which chilled

his already cold body even more. He hoped to find some remnants of his clothes

that he might be able to use, but Bo had carted them all off the night before.

With the thought that Bo might be coming, Face ran off to find somewhere to

hide. Along the way he ran into a barn and burrowed into the hay. He started to

feel a little warmer and drifted off to sleep.



Part 4


He was awakened later in a fluffy soft bed and looked into a kind old face. She

put her hand on his forehead and felt the fever there and soon put a cup of tea

to his lips and bade him to drink. Soon he felt sleepy and went back to sleep.

Granny looked down at the boy she had found in her barn. She'd been distressed

by the condition he was found in. Her son, Pete, had helped to remove him from

the barn and into the cabin. They cleaned him the best they could before

putting him to bed. Once there, Pete stayed to help her turn the boy in the bed

while she cleaned his many cuts and welts. She put a healing poultice on his

burn and wrapped it in a clean cloth. She cleaned out the dirt and debris she

found in his cuts. She feared infection in some of the cuts and had taken great

care in cleaning and disinfecting them. All she needed now was to get his

temperature down. Her grandson had told her that this was Tommy Taylor, cousin

to Harry, her friend. In his delirium he called out for Hannibal, over and over


Face tossed and turned with the fever and Granny stayed at his side the whole

time while administering to him. She bathed his hot body with cool wet rags and

gave him some of her special teas to bring down the fever. It took most of the

day, but by early Saturday night Face's fever finally broke. They quickly dried

him off and moved him to another bed with clean bedding. It was during this

time that Granny dressed him in a soft nightshirt. Once back in bed, Face fell

into a peaceful sleep. They placed him on his stomach to take the pressure off

his bottom and thighs.

It was only after she was sure her patient was sleeping soundly that Granny

took a rest. She eased herself into her favorite chair with her feet propped up

on a footstool. She then wondered what was keeping Petey, her grandson. Earlier

in the day she had sent him to go and get the boy's father.

It was a few minutes later that Petey came in followed closely by an older man

with white hair. Her friend Harry followed behind, along with a muscular black

man. "Granny," Petey said as he introduced the men, "this is John Taylor,

Tommy's father. You know Harry, and this," pointing to BA, "is their friend

Ralph." Turning towards the men he pointed to his grandmother and said, "This

is my Granny. She is the one who discovered your son."

Granny and the men exchanged nods and Granny invited them to have a seat. "Let

me tell you about your son, Mr. Taylor."

Hannibal spoke up, "Please call me John."

Granny nodded and continued, "I found him in our barn early this morning. He

was in the straw; I guess he was burrowing in the straw to keep warm, because

except for a wet blanket he was completely unclothed. With my son's help we got

him into the house and in bed, where I tended to his injuries. I must tell you

that he's been beaten from hip to the back of his knees with a leather strap of

some kind. He was struck often on his bottom and thighs to the extent that

there are several places that were bleeding. His ankle is swollen and was

bleeding when I found him; his feet are scratched up, making me wonder how he

managed to move at all. His captor also branded him on his upper, inner thigh.

Now, he'll recover, but sitting is going to be a bit uncomfortable for a few

days. He's going to need help in walking and will probably have to be carried.

He had a raging fever from the time I found him until about an hour ago, when

his fever broke. I can take you to your son now, John," Granny said as she rose.

Before leaving the room, Hannibal asked the question running through all of

their minds, "Granny, has he said who did this to him?"

Granny shook her head. "No, the only thing he's said is to call for a person

named Hannibal. Do you know who that is, John?"

Hannibal took a deep breath before answering. "It's me. Tommy is my adoptive

son and to make it easier on him, I allowed him to call me Hannibal instead of

Dad when he was younger, and it just stuck. Hannibal is a nickname. I know he

isn't mine, but I love him like he is."

The answer satisfied Granny and she answered his earlier question. "John, I

believe it was that bully, Bo, who did this to him. When you see the brand

you'll understand. He burned his name into your son's thigh. It's about the

size of a fifty-cent piece. Remember, this boy is the same age as your son,

only much larger. Now if you'll follow me, I'll take you to him."

Hannibal only nodded and followed her to Face. When he saw Face lying in bed,

he nearly broke down. Granny motioned him to come a little closer, and pulled

back the covers and carefully lifted up the back of the nightshirt so Hannibal

was able to see his much abused bottom and thighs. "I have a healing poultice

on his burn, wrapped in a clean cloth. The poultice will also help with the

pain of the burn. I'll be able to remove it tomorrow."

She tiptoed from the room, leaving Face alone with his father. By the time she

returned to the front room, she was pleased to see her daughter-in-law,

Elizabeth, serving Murdock and BA tea and sandwiches. Lizzie was sitting next

to Ralph, and Granny saw how gentle BA was with her.

Hannibal stared at Face for some time before touching his hair. He whispered,

"Kid, I'm so sorry. We should have been home last night and may have been able

to prevent this from happening."

Face reacted to both the touch and voice. He rolled over and woke up.

"Hannibal, is that you?"

"Yeah, kid."

"Hannibal, he took me by surprise. I'm sorry; you trained me better than that

and I let him take me. Oh, Hannibal, he branded me like I was his slave,"

sobbed Face as he remembered the embarrassment of the preceding day. "I was so

scared of what he would do next." He broke down crying in earnest.

In trying to comfort him Hannibal climbed up next to his "son" and pulled him

to his chest and enveloped him in a protective hug, and that was how Granny

found them later. Face had sobbed himself to sleep with Hannibal holding him

and stroking his back. After a while Hannibal was able to untangle himself from

Face's embrace and leave the room. He made his way to the others and motioned

for BA and Murdock to go and stay with Face. He accepted the tea and sandwich

from Elizabeth and started to eat. "Granny, when can we take him with us?"

"John, I would like to keep him with me, tonight, just in case. You are welcome

to stay with him. If everything looks fine in the morning, I'll let you take

him then."

Hannibal nodded in agreement and when BA and Murdock came out of the room, he

sent them back home. "We'll probably be able to take Tommy back home with us in

the morning. I'm going to stay the night with him, and we'll see you in the

morning. Ralph, I may have to ask you to help carry Tommy. His feet are pretty

torn up."

BA answered respectfully, "That's okay, John, that boy is as special to me as

he is to you. I'll be proud to carry him home."

BA and Murdock left Hannibal at Granny's. He found a comfortable rocker to

spend the night in while he kept watch over Face for the night. He knew Face

was liable to have nightmares and wanted to be close. During the night Face did

have a nightmare but Hannibal was there to head it off before he got too loud.

"Face, wake up; it's okay. No one is going to get you. You're safe; you're

safe." But Face wouldn't be comforted so Hannibal climbed back on the bed and

engulfed him in a hug. As soon as Face felt Hannibal's arms around him, he knew

he was safe and was able to go back to sleep. Granny found them during the

night like that and covered them both up.

BA and Murdock didn't rest very well and were back at Granny's early to take

their little brother home. As they were welcomed into the cabin they found

Granny feeding Face his breakfast by hand. It was oatmeal and he was eating it

obediently. He looked about 10 years old and they all had to laugh. He joined

them in the laughter. When he was through eating Hannibal came up and said,

"Well, kid, are you ready to go home?"

"Yes, Dad, but I don't have anything to wear, only this nightshirt," Face said

as he looked down at himself. Granny turned with a smile and said, "I would

recommend you keeping that on for the next few days."

Face turned to Hannibal and whined, "Do I have to, Dad?"

As soon as he began to whine, the rest of the team uttered a silent sigh of

relief. They knew that everything was okay when Face whined. "Son, you heard

Granny. I for one am not going to disobey her." Then turning towards Granny, he

asked, "You wouldn't happen to have an extra one we can borrow so this one can

be washed? As soon as he's well we will return them...laundered, of course."

Granny smiled and motioned to her daughter-in-law, who came forth with several.

"I was thinking of loaning you a few to for his use for the next few days.

Return then whenever you like."

Hannibal turned to her and said, "Granny, I want to thank you and your family

for taking such good care of my boy. If there is anything I can do to return

the favor, all you need to do is ask." After Murdock and BA made their

goodbyes, it was only Face left to say thanks.

"Granny, thanks for everything. If I had known my Grandmother, I'd hope she

would be as loving as you," and he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. That

pleased Granny so much that she kissed Face on his cheek, and said, "Tommy, you

are such a good boy and it was my pleasure to take care of you. Now you behave

or I might have to come and spank you if I find out you've disobeyed any of my


BA made his way over to Face and in one fluid motion picked up both him and the

blanket he was lying on. Granny tucked the blanket around Face to protect him

from the cold and stood out of the way as BA took him down the stairs. BA had

no trouble carrying the slim younger man to their cabin and just as gently put

him to bed. Hannibal came in moments later with the salve Granny had given him

to put on the cuts and abrasions that the leather strap had made on Face's

bottom and thighs. Granny had told him that it would be okay to remove the

poultice from his thigh, revealing the brand to everyone -- especially Face.

Face didn't take the brand very well and cried as he saw it. "Hannibal, that

bastard branded me like I was a slave to do his bidding. How am I going to get

rid of it now?" He sobbed out his humiliation and anger. This time his family,

who held him the best they could in their effort to show their support,

surrounded him. He cried himself to sleep and they eventually left him, except

for Hannibal who couldn't leave his "son" like that alone.

For the next couple of days, Granny came and checked on her patient and

insisted on putting the salve on his injuries, much to Face's embarrassment.

"Daddddd, she wants to put that salve on my bare bottom, feet, ankle, and

thighs," cried Face as he tried to fight her off.

"Hush, boy. I saw all you have that first night when you were found in the barn

shivering beneath that wet and dirty blanket. You forget that you were wearing

no clothes when I found you. I treated your bare bottom and bathed your hot

body when you had the fever, so hush up before I spank your bottom for

disobedience," admonished Granny to the totally embarrassed Face.

He hadn't forgotten how he had been found, but had assumed that her son had

treated his injuries. He didn't even remember her being the one who had bathed

his hot body; he only remembered the cool water on his feverish body and the

kind words spoken to him. He blushed now when he realized who had done that for


Hannibal not only didn't prevent Granny from treating him, he also helped her

to turn him over and hold the back of the nightshirt up so she could treat his

injuries more easily. Face stayed red from embarrassment the whole time.

After Granny had treated his injuries, she then brought him some of the cookies

she had baked for him along with her special tea. He ate and drank it all, not

realizing for a second that she had just got him to take her medicine in the

form of the cookies and tea. She left instructions for them to give him more of

the cookies and tea the next day, and that she would see them then.

As soon as she left, Hannibal came back to check on him. Face just glared and

cried, "Hannibal...that wasn't funny. How would you like it if it had been you

she was treating?"

"Kid, she has your best interest at heart and I guess I wouldn't like it, but

if I had a good friend there I would hope he would do anything to help me get


"Well...I guess you're right but it's so embarrassing, and it always seems to

be me who gets hurt," whined Face, looking for sympathy. Hannibal just laughed

at him as he ruffled his hair. "Forget it kid...most of the time you get just

what you deserve, although I must admit, you do get hurt on other occasions as

well. Now why don't you lay back down and try to get some rest?"

Face lay back and did go back to sleep as Hannibal left the room.

Face suffered through Granny's ministrations for the next few days and the

salve did a wonder on his injuries, making it possible for him to sit

comfortably within a couple of days.

It was a week later that Granny decided he was well enough to go back to

school, which he didn't take with good grace. "No, I'm not going," shouted Face

when Granny told him that he was well enough to go.

"Boy, I will not be spoken to in that tone of voice. I think you need a dose of

my discipline," and she left the room. She searched her bag and came up with a

bottle of dark liquid.

She produced a tablespoon, filled it to the top with the dark liquid and held

it to Face's mouth. "Open your mouth or suffer a spanking as well," she

commanded and to the surprise of everyone present he obeyed. As soon as his

mouth was open Granny emptied the spoonful inside and quickly tickled him,

forcing him to swallow. The result was instant. Face made the worst face and

tried to spit out what was left. He bolted for the bathroom and began drinking

water straight from the spout. He was trying his best to remove the taste of

the liquid he'd taken. He stayed in the bathroom as a greater need took

preference. When he finally emerged, he glared at Granny and demanded, "What

was that?"

"That was a large dose of castor oil. I have found that castor oil is a great

form of discipline for talking back. Now I repeat, you will go to school


Face looked at Granny and just nodded. "Yes, ma'am. I'll be in school tomorrow."

Granny smiled at the boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a playful swat on

his bottom. "That's my good boy. I'll be checking on you off and on." She made

to leave and Hannibal offered to walk her back. She smiled and said she would

be honored.

As they were walking back, Hannibal asked how she got Face to obey when taking

the spoonful of castor oil. She explained that he must have recognized and

obeyed her authoritative mother's voice. She turned to him and said, "If you

want him to obey, you must use your authoritative father's voice and if he

doesn't, give him a spanking right away." They talked for quite a while as

Granny gave him some of her secrets about making kids obey. It was a very

thoughtful Hannibal who returned about an hour later.

Face was a little nervous about going back to school, mainly because he didn't

know how much everybody knew about Bo's attack on him. Hannibal went along to

act as a confidence builder and to explain Face's absence to the schoolteacher.

Mr. Matthews meet them and explained that they'd heard about the attack and of

course Tommy was excused, but he needed to talk with Tommy about all of the

assignments he had missed. Seeing he was in good hands, Hannibal slipped out.

After talking with Mr. Matthews about how he was going to make up his

assignments, Face went out to wait for the rest of the students before class

was to start.

Upon exiting the building, the first person Face saw was Mary and he went

towards her with an apologetic smile on his face. "Mary I'm sorry about last

Saturday. Bo detained me. We need to try it again real soon."

"Oh, Tommy, that wasn't your fault. We all heard that Bo attacked you and took

you captive. You know he hasn't returned to school since he attacked you. We

are all hoping that he's gone away for good."

They continued to talk, and Face learned that all that the kids knew was that

Bo had attacked him and had taken him captive, and that he had been beaten

badly. There was no mention of the brand, and he was relieved to learn that.

All went well that first day until lunch, when Face and Mary were eating

together and they suddenly heard that hateful voice. "Slave, that's my girl you

are eating with." It was Bo and he wasn't alone. Mary turned to Face and said,

"That's Clem, Bo's brother, and he's even meaner than Bo."

While Clem and Bo were occupied with Face, Petey ran into the schoolhouse to

get Mr. Matthews. He came out with the hickory rod in his hand and thundered,

"Bo! You are not wanted. Leave or suffer a beating."

Bo didn't even bother answering. He grabbed Face and threw him down. "Slave,

grovel at my feet."

Face surged forward and before Bo knew what had hit him, he was on the ground

holding his nose. "You hit me, your master! You're in for a real beating now."

Mr. Matthews moved to intervene when Clem hit him from behind with a weighted

sap. It was an underhanded trick and Mr. Matthews fell, unconscious. There was

no one to stop Bo and Clem from hurting Face.

Petey had stayed in the schoolhouse. Seeing how things were going, he snuck out

the back and ran to Face's father for help. He remembered the size of BA, and

knew he was the one to stop the beating Face was otherwise sure to get.

He took the shortcut and arrived at the cabin about 15 minutes later. He'd run

the entire way and was out of breath as he knocked on the door. Hannibal

answered, and Petey gasped out the words, "Bo's back...Clem knocked Mr.

Matthews out...Tommy's in trouble...HELP!!"

Hannibal didn't even try to hide who they were, and roared, "BA! Murdock!

Face's in trouble! Come on." Petey watched in awe as they all moved like the

team they were, mustering supplies. It was only a matter of seconds before they

were ready to move out. By the time they had assembled, Petey had his breath

back and he explained in more detail: "Bo came back with his older and meaner

brother, Clem. He attacked Tommy and threw him to the ground, calling him his

slave. Tommy took him by surprised and fought back and knocked Bo down. Mr.

Matthews tried to intervene but Clem hit him from behind, knocking him out. As

they moved on Tommy I snuck out the back and ran here."

"Petey, I want you to go to your Granny and tell her what has happened. I feel

her healing talent is going to be needed real soon. We'll take care of

Fac...uh, Tommy. Now go," said Hannibal as he watched Petey run towards home.

"We'll need to approach carefully and see how things are before moving. BA,

Clem is yours...Murdock and I will take care of Bo. Let's go."

By the time they arrived, Bo and Clem had stripped Face and were taking turns

in using Mr. Matthews' hickory rod on him. Face had stripes from hip to knee

with some also landing on his shoulders. Fortunately he wasn't bleeding from

any as of yet. He was trying to keep from crying but Hannibal could tell that

he would be unable to continue that for much longer.

Mr. Matthews hadn't moved from where he'd been cold cocked, and he saw that

Mary was trying to tend to him. As she looked up, he caught her eye and smiled,

and motioned for her to come towards him. She looked around and seeing how the

brothers' focus was entirely on Face, she complied.

Hannibal was located beside the schoolhouse behind the trees. Mary moved

towards him and soon Hannibal pulled her behind the trees as well. He had a

plan but first he needed to know that the children were safely out of the way.

"Mary, I want you to herd the children into the schoolhouse and stay with them.

Do it quietly so they won't realize what you're doing. Don't worry; we're going

to take care of the brothers," instructed Hannibal and was pleased when Mary

complied. He was about to attack when he noticed that Mary hadn't stayed in the

schoolhouse with the children but had moved towards Bo.

"What is she up to now," mused Hannibal and stayed his attack. He watched

anxiously as she moved to try and protect Face from the brothers' further

abuse. While she had been herding the kids, the brothers had tired of sharing

the hickory rod and taken their belts off, and were now using them on Face's

backside. Mary had seen that Face was now crying out and had moved to try and

protect him. She threw herself on him, completely covering his body with her


Clem continued to strike and hit her a couple of times before Bo reacted. He

pushed his brother and said, "Stop! You're hitting Mary."

Clem reacted and said, "She's protecting him. I'm going to make her move!" He

tried to continue but Bo slugged him.

This was the kind of commotion Hannibal needed. While they began to fight among

themselves, he attacked and sent the team forward. It only took a hit from BA

before Clem went down for the count and Hannibal was able to put Bo down as

well. He turned to Face, only to find Murdock already there trying to cover

Face's nakedness. Murdock pulled off his jacket and put it over Face's

shoulders. BA picked him up and carried him carefully over to the schoolhouse

and gently put him on his stomach, putting the jacket over his backside for

now. He then went and helped Mr. Matthews move into the schoolhouse as well.

Mr. Matthews had recovered during the attack and had been trying to move when

BA took matters in his own hands and helped him.

Hannibal went to Face and was dismayed to find him hurt again. He turned around

as he heard, "Where is my boy?" It was Granny, and she moved to help Face once

again. After examining him carefully she turned back to Hannibal. "Hannibal, I

need BA to carry him to my place so I can treat his injuries again."

At her mention of his and BA's real name, Hannibal looked up into her smiling

face. "Yes, I know who you are. I've known from the very first time I met you.

Your secrets are safe with my family and me. Now we need to get your 'boy'


Hannibal made sure that the Miller boys were tied up and Mr. Matthews was on

the road to recovery before leaving with Granny. Face was carried by BA to

Granny's, and as before was put to bed in his naked state. BA placed him gently

on his stomach while Granny tended his back, backside and thighs. She first

cleaned them and applied her special salve. She waited until the salve had been

absorbed before she pulled the covers up.

"Now don't move and I'll be back with something to ease your pain," she warned

Face. As before Face had turned red from embarrassment at Granny's examining,

cleaning and tending of his injuries. He remembered the castor oil, so he did

as he was told. Soon she returned with the tea that did ease his pains when he

drank it, and made him sleepy enough to drift off soon afterwards.

Leaving his son in Granny's capable hands, Hannibal and BA returned to be sure

the Miller boys were taken care of. They found the sheriff already there taking

Mr. Matthews' statement. There was no mention of the Millers' attack on a

student, only of their attack on the teacher. The boys were taken away since

Mr. Matthews formally pressed charges.

After the law had left, Hannibal approached Mr. Matthews with an expression of

curiosity. "Mr. Matthews, I don't understand. Why didn't you mention the fact

of their attack on my son?"

Mr. Matthews smiled at him and said, "Well, I didn't think you would want the

law to know that they had four fugitives living right under their nose."

"You know?"

Mr. Matthews nodded.

"Since the beginning?" asked Hannibal.

Mr. Matthews answered, "No. I took your story at its value and that you had a

17-year-old son called Tommy. I only learned of your true identity recently. I

decided that you all were innocent of the charges and discussed it with my

neighbors, and we decided not to turn you in. Mr. Smith, you have a home with

us whenever you need a place to hide out. We haven't cared much for the

government since the War Between the States, and the general view is if they

are after you, then you must be all right."

Hannibal thanked him for his support and turned to leave when Mr. Matthews

added, "Mr. Smith, you can tell your son that he no longer has to come back to

school. I'll put it on my roll call that he just turned 18 and no longer is

required to come to school."

Hannibal smiled. "That alone will make him feel much better. Thank you, sir."

Hannibal returned to Granny's in high spirits and asked about Face's condition.

"He'll be fine. I got him in another nightshirt and you can carry him home.

I'll be by tomorrow to redress his injuries with more salve. You are in good

spirits; do you want to share?"

Hannibal smiled at her and said, "I just had a nice talk with the schoolmaster

and now know we're save here, for as long as we like and Face doesn't have to

ever go back to school."

"Face will like that."

"Oh, yeah...he will probably jump for joy when I tell him. Granny, I want to

thank you so much for taking care of and before," said Hannibal.

"Don't mention it...I really like your son, Face." Hannibal started to clear

that up when Granny continued, "No don't try and tell me that he isn't really

your son because you know in your heart that he is."

Hannibal nodded and admitted, "You're right. I've always treated him like a son

and the others treat him as their little brother. We try to protect him, but

sometimes he just doesn't listen and gets into trouble anyhow."

Granny then said, "When he does that, use your paddle on his backside. Trust me

-- if you do so enough he will get the message and think before he acts. Don't

let him get away with tempting fate. If he was mine, I would keep his bottom

red and sore until he learns better."

Hannibal said, "I will, and we'll enjoy the rest of our stay here in this

Mountain Hideaway of yours..."



The End


Mountain Hideaway by Pepper



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