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Un Uomo E Suoi Elefanti

Un Uomo E Suoi Elefanti Or "A Man and His Elephants"

By Lacy


Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Cuss words here and there. A really smart female, who I hope doesn't turn into a Mary Sue. Trouble for the team.

Summary: Remember the story of the original Hannibal and Publius Cornelius Scipio? If you do, this story is kinda like that. If

not....well, read and find out!

Disclaimer: Not mine, again...*sigh*

Copyright: Loraine Writing Inc. 2001




Part 1


The door opened to the room I was in. I didn't even look up.


"At it again I see."


"Yes, sir."


"Do you ever go home?"


"Yes, sir."


"I've never seen you leave. You're here before me in the mornings and you leave after me in the evenings. You really sleep here don't you, Colonel?"


"No, sir."


"Well, at least your dedicated. That's more than I can say for the others."


"Permission to speak freely sir?"




"Could I speak with the others?"


"Do you think it would help?"


"Couldn't hurt sir."


"I'll make the calls in the morning."


"Thank you sir."


"Get some sleep, Colonel. That's an order."


"Yes, sir."


The door closed and I went back to the files. I could sleep in the morning.



Part 2


"Oh Hannibal. Do we have to do it again?"


            "Yes Face. We were all a little to relaxed the last time Decker got close. All right, let's go guys. Ready, set, GO!"


            The four men attacked the obstacle course again. Hannibal, despite his age, moved as well as Murdock. B.A. Was quick. Face was keeping up this time. The all finished close to each other.


            Hannibal grinned. "Nice guys. Now, let's run back to the cabin." B.A. frowned. Face whined and Murdock grinned. Hannibal said "It's only five miles guys." He laughed and started to run.


            I stood in front of the building. I was here. I walked up the steps and up to the apartment. I wiped my hands on my pants and knocked. I heard a shuffling and the locked turned. The door opened and a pair of blue eyes met mine.


"Colonel Decker sir?"


"No one's called me that since my discharge. Who are you?"


"Colonel Shiver, United States Army."


            The door closed and reopened a few minutes later. He motioned me inside. I stepped in and closed the door. I looked around the small apartment. He looked at me.


            "You're thinking that on my pension I could afford more right?" He chuckled slightly. "You don't get much of a pension when you're an Army joke. Come sit."


            I followed him in to the small living room. He offered me a drink but I refused. I sat and looked at him for a minute. I

said "Permission to speak sir?"


"I'm not in the fucking Army anymore Colonel. Just call me Roderick."


            I nodded. "I've come to talk to you about the A-Team. What can you tell me about them?"


            He laughed. "How much time do you have?" I smiled. This was going to be very productive.



Part 3


Murdock sat in his room at the VA. He was starting to get concerned. Decker usually came by for his weekly "You're still working with the A-Team" session. He still hadn't shown up.


            Murdock sighed "I had such a good personality for him this time to." The stuffed armadillo in his left hand said "Well, better luck next time, pard." Murdock smiled and sat Arnie back on the dresser. Maybe he'd call Face. Have him come pick him up, go to Captain Belly busters for dinner.


            I smiled as I walked out of his apartment later that night. I patted the tape in my pocket. One down, on to go. I got in my car and drove by the Westwood VA. I smiled when I noticed the lights were all out. I'd be visiting there soon enough.


            My stomach growled. I had been so lost in our conversation, the thought of dinner hadn't even crossed my mind. I pulled off at the next fast food joint.


            Face and Murdock sat at a back table. Murdock was playing with the toy from his Captain's Kids Meal. Murdock said "Decker didn't come to see me today."


            Face chuckled. "Maybe he had a date or something? He has been kind of quite lately. Think he's got a girlfriend?"


            Murdock started giggling. Face smiled. His smile got bigger when he saw the woman walk in the door. Murdock followed his gaze. "Go on Face. I don't want to hear any of your lame excuses." Face gave his arm a squeeze. "Thanks man. Maybe she has a sister?" He grabbed the empty tray and started towards the woman.


            Face was good. He timed it just right. He managed to bump into the woman. She recovered, but not in enough time to save her drink. Face apologized and offered to buy her another one.  The lady smiled at him, but refused. She went to a side table and sat alone.


            Face walked back to the table amazed. Murdock didn't giggle. He didn't smile. He was to busy belly laughing to do either one! When he recovered his power of speech he asked "Did she have a sister Face? Maybe you'd have a better chance with her!" Face mumbled and pulling the still laughing Murdock out to the Vette. Obviously he wasn't in the mood for questions.


            After a quick bite, I went back to my apartment. I replayed the tape of my interview with Decker. I made notes on Colonel Smith's disguises, Lieutenant Peck's scams and Sergeant Baracus's machines. I read and reread the notes, re listened to the tape and make more notes. I finally put everything away at 4 a.m. I fell into a very dream filled sleep. The A-Team had finally met their match.



Part 4


Hannibal woke up early that morning. He drove down to the studio. The director introduced him to a college student that was observing that day. Hannibal smiled when he shook her hand. She was an attractive woman. A little young for him, but still attractive. He walked to wardrobe to get into his suit.


            The girl stayed on the set all day. She made notes on the camera angles, directors comments, and actor's positions. Hannibal was impressed how calm she was. He thought to himself "I wouldn't mind working with her again."


            I pulled up in front of the house. My first appointment had gone better than I expected. I locked the car and walked to the front door.


            I knocked. The door was opened by a small boy. I smiled "Is your father home?" The boy nodded and took my hand. He led me into the kitchen.


            The family was cooking dinner. I didn't even realize the time. I introduced myself to the gentleman. "Colonel Lynch. I'm

Colonel Shiver. If it's not to much of an inconvenience, I'd like to talk to you."


            Lynch nodded and lead me into his study. He offered me a drink, but I refused. He sat behind his desk and nodded towards the chair in front of it. I sat down and pulled out my tape recorder. "Tell me about The A-Team."


            B.A. walked into the apartment he shared with Hannibal. He sat the containers of take out on the table. He sunk into the couch and sighed. He was dead tired. They needed more help at the Youth Center. A lot of new kids were coming in. All he wanted to do tonight was sleep.


            Hannibal came in a few minutes later. He shifted through the mail and food on the table. He came and sat down. "Hard day?" B.A. snorted. "Need help down there bad." Hannibal nodded. B.A. made himself get up and go get a shower. "Going to sleep soon." Hannibal just nodded.


            I walked out of Lynch's house later. I was looking at the tape in my hand. Another lead. Add that to my list of things to do

tomorrow. I stopped and got some dinner. I had a lot of things to get ready for tomorrow.


            Face sat kissing the newest love of his life. The rejection of yesterday already forgotten. What was this girl's name? Beth? Ginger? Tracy? Did it really matter? They hadn't had a mission in a while, the military was quite, his love life hadn't been better. He smiled as he lay what's her name on the couch.


            I was re listening to Lynch's interview. It amazed me that the military hadn't put two and two together. That wasn't my concern now. I had to rest. It was going to be a big day tomorrow.


            Murdock was playing one of his video games when Dr. Richter knocked on the door. Murdock didn't even look up. Dr. Richter said "You wanna talk here or in my office?" Murdock was still glued to the TV. Richter started to turn it off. Murdock said "Ask me Doc. I'll answer." Dr. Richter pulled out his notebook. This had to be his favorite part of the day.


            I woke up and got dressed. I couldn't wait to see their faces when all my work was done. Imagine me, Colonel Shiver, finally capturing The A-Team.



Part 5


        B.A. looked at the new volunteer. He'd never seen this person before. She was great with the kids. Pretty to. The kids seemed to like her to. She ran and played with them. B.A. smiled. Finally a good volunteer.


            I stood in front of The LA Express. I couldn't just come right out and ask her. If she was working with them, she would warn them. I just had to watch. I saw her come down the steps. I stepped into the phone booth. She wasn't going to see me till I wanted her to.


            Murdock looked up as Amy walked in. He turned off his game and gave her a big hug. "Ames! How are you?"


"Good Murdock. How you feeling?"


"Better now that you're here. Wanna play a video game?"


            "Sure why not?" She sat on the floor next to him and took up a controller. She loved visiting Murdock. She always had fun.


            I waited outside. My civilian car wasn't as noticeable as those military sedans. I don't even think she knows she was being followed. She's been in there for a while. She'll probably head home after this. Oh, there she is. She's looking around. Probably for Military. Colonel Smith had her well trained. She didn't show any signs of seeing me. I'll let her get ahead of me a few minutes. It's not like I can lose her.


            "Why are we meeting her here Hannibal?"


"Because Face, Decker's been getting closer to the other sites. I told Amy to meet us here."


Face nodded. B.A. came back in the warehouse. "She's here Hannibal."


"Was she followed?"


"There was a white truck behind her, but it went on up the street."


            Hannibal nodded. B.A. Opened the door and let Amy drive in. He quickly closed the door behind her car.


            I watched her turn into the warehouse entrance. I went on up the street and turned into another entrance. I kept at least two buildings between me and her and I watched where she was going. She disappeared and I parked the truck. I snuck over two buildings and climbed up the side of the building they should be in. I had changed out of my uniform and into civvies. If they saw me, I could come up with an excuse. I peered down through the skylight.


            "All right guys, here's the problem. Decker hasn't tried anything in a while. He must be up to something big. We've really got to be on our toes."


            Face said "Does that include finding out who the person on the roof is?" B.A. Nodded. "They've been there awhile, man." Hannibal nodded. "Let's get them in here." They started moving around the building.


            I saw them starting to move. I knew they would be leaving. I started down the side of the building. I heard a small click. I knew it was the hammer of a 9 mm cocking. I knew they were looking for me. I slipped down the ladder and hid. I didn't want them to see me just yet. I saw Sergeant Baracus go by me. I knew that there were at least three others looking. I would just hold position until I knew what they were doing.


            "Not on the roof Hannibal" Face shouted down. "Not here either!" B.A. said from the ally. "Not on this side either" Amy

called. Hannibal shook his head. They couldn't have just disappeared. Come on back guys. Let's go!"


            I watched as they all regrouped. They reentered the warehouse and I slipped back to my truck. That was close, but at least now I know some of their tactics.


            In the van, Face said "I don't like that Hannibal. No one just disappears like that. What happened?" Hannibal shook his head and puffed his cigar. "I don't know kid. But I get the feeling we'll meet them again."


            I sped out of the warehouse district. I didn't know if they were following me or not. I pulled off and waited for them. I needed to follow them.


            The black van speed down the street. "I don't like it Hannibal. Someone got to close" B.A. growled. Hannibal puffed on his cigar and nodded. B.A. pulled off at a gas station.


            I sat next to the building. I saw them pull into the station. I had already hidden my truck. The owner thought I was a bum. I pulled the hat lower over my eyes. I saw Sergeant Baracus get out and walk to the side of the van.


            "Need anything Hannibal, Face?" They both shook their heads. B.A. filled the tank and started inside. He glanced at the person sitting next to the door. Poor thing. They looked like they hadn't had a decent meal in days. They were trembling and looked like they could fall over at any minute. B.A shook his head and walked on inside.


            I watched him go in. I needed to get close to the van. I had to be quick. I lurched forward and staggered towards the van. I got close enough and fell into the back door.


            Face jumped and pulled his handgun. Hannibal calmly opened the door and walked towards the back of the van. Face stood at the side, staying hidden, in case Hannibal needed him.


            Hannibal saw the bum leaning against the van. "Hey. Hey there. Are you all right?" The bum nodded. "You sure?" The bum nodded again. B.A. walked around the van. "Hey man! What you doing on my ride?" The bum pushed off the van and stood on wobbly legs. B.A  reached out a hand and steadied the bum. "Here you go man. Some crackers and water. It's not much but it'll help with the shakes." The bum accepted the food and nodded walking away. Hannibal shook his head as he and B.A got back into the van and left.


            I waited until they were gone before I sprinted back to my truck. I pulled off the hat and ran my fingers through my hair. I

flipped on the tracking device and smiled at the beeps. I opened the crackers and took a bite of one. For the A-Team, they were making this chase rather enjoyable.



Part 6


B.A dropped Face off at his apartment building. He wanted to take a hot bath. He got into the elevator and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. He felt the elevator stop and he cracked his eyes and saw they weren't on his floor. He leaned back again.


            "Hard day at the office?" Face snorted at the question. He opened his eyes to a woman. He smiled. "You could say that." The woman smiled. "Well, I hope you have something or someone relaxing to go home to." She smiled at him. Face moved a bit closer. This was going to be a wonderful night.


            Hannibal was in bed before the news went off. He had a big day tomorrow. They were wrapping up the new movie. He was really excited. The only bad thing was that the college student wouldn't be around anymore. Maybe he could keep in touch with her.


            B.A turned off his light. It still bothered him that someone was spying on them. Decker may have gotten close to them. They'd have to watch people closer for a while.


            Hannibal was on set early the next morning. He was in make-up when the student came to talk to him. He turned to smile at her. She was asking him out on a date! He chuckled. This was very flattering. He had to turn her down though. The team had to go on a mission. He thanked her but he told her that he had out of town business.


            B.A looked at the girl. She wanted him to go out with her. He smiled as he thanked her and turned her down. The team had to go out of town for a while.


            Face smiled as the girl from the elevator came in his apartment. It wasn't often that he let a woman stay as long as she

did. Maybe he needed to learn her name. He had to tell her sometime that the team was going out of town. What was his latest scam? Who could think with her kissing on his neck like that. Ah, he'd tell her in the morning.



Part 7


            Yesterday morning had gone well. Recon had found that Colonel Smith, Lieutenant Peck and Sergeant Baracus were leaving town. I only had to find out about Lieutenant Peck and Captain Murdock. Peck wouldn't be difficult to find out about. Most of his scams were see through at best. I straightened my shirt as I pulled up to the VA Hospital. My last contact. I hoped I wasn't going to be showing my hand.


            Dr. Richter sat listening to Murdock's latest personality. He looked at the clock. Murdock suddenly stopped talking. "What's the matter H.M.? Murdock shook his head. "I've got to get back to my room." He stood and walked out of the office. Dr. Richter sighed. Sometimes it was best not to argue.


            The nurse was showing a visitor around when Murdock headed back to his room. He didn't pay much attention to them. He was leaving in about five minutes. They had a mission.


            I saw Captain Murdock walk by. He looked very preoccupied. I wondered what he was up to. I had to get to his room later. I turned my attention back to the tour. I would find away to get next to his room.


            Face straightened his tie. He had the papers in his pocket. Just smile and be convincing. He walked to the nurses station and started his scam.


            Murdock watched as Face and the nurse came to pick him up. He wondered what the scam was this time. He shrugged. He'd play along with just about anything to get out of here today.


            I saw Lieutenant Peck walk into the VA. I tried to keep my back to him until he left. He was picking up Captain Murdock. Decker had been right. He was still with them. This was going to be prefect. I finished out my tour and drove to the base. I needed to make a few phone calls.


            Hannibal met the client like usual, fake mustache and all. Murdock annoyed B.A. like always and Face and Amy bickered good-naturedly with each other. "This mission is just like all the others," thought Face. Right in, right out, pick up your money on the way home. Then he could get back to Carley.


            I smoothed my Class A shirt. I knew they wanted to capture the A-team but I never figured when I made my call they would convene the Board so quickly. I waited till I was told to enter the room. I walked in, back straight, eyes straight ahead, the picture of a true solider. I saluted and waited on their orders.


"At ease solider." I went to parade rest.


"What do you have for us Colonel?"


"Permission, sir?"




            I let myself go lax and walked up to the desk. I handed them the manilla envelop in my hand. "Everything is in there sir." I

waited while they passes the reports, pictures and transcripts back and forth.


"Very nice Colonel. Most impressive."


"Thank you sir."


"What will you need to accomplish this?"


"Just the unit I have now sir."


"What make you sure you can capture Colonel Smith and his men?"


"Sir, The Romans defeated his namesake using the same tactics. Surly we can defeat him as well."





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