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Title: The A-Team The 2nd Generation: Hannibal-Matthew's Idea

The A-Team The 2nd Generation: Hannibal-Matthew's Idea.

By Georgia  Bentz


Rating: G-PG.

Disclaimer: The original characters don't belong to me. They belong

to Stephen J. CANNELL.  The 2nd generation all belong to me. Hannibal-

Matthew, Nikolas-Alexander, Erin-Alexandra and Erica-Allyson Murdock

are mine, as well as,  Ceiceily, Carmen,  Jessica, and Jarred

Baracus, And even  Tanya and Timothy Peck are mine too.   Tessa,

Clara, Claire and Hanna-Belle Smith (Who come in later are all mine

as well.)

Archive: Yes But more parts will be forthcoming RL willing....

Now onto the story....




Hannibal-Matthew Murdock was watching the news.  He was sitting on

the couch, he'd tuned out the laughter of his sisters and twin

brother Nick. 


Nick was acting out another personality.  He had joined in the fun 

for a while  but then had focused his attention on the television. 

He slammed his fist down on the coffee which startled the others, and

they looked up.  The two sets of twins had moved out of their

parents' home long ago.


The sisters worked in a restaurant, and lived in a couple of

apartments away from their brothers. The younger twins shared a two

bedroom apartment. 


The girls were currently going to college and the boys were working

at a local convenience store and were freshmen in college as well. 

The girls were nearly twenty.  And the boys were almost eighteen. 

The children always acted older then they really were, and had

matured really fast.


Their parents had had no qualms about them moving out.  Erin looked

over at her brother and sighed.  "What is it Hannibal-Matthew? You've

been staring at that television for over an hour, and that's the

fifth time you've slammed your fist on the coffee table."  Erica



"Yeah! What gives Little Brother?"  Hannibal-Matthew sighed.  He only

pointed at the screen. At times like these Erica often wondered if

Hannibal-Matthew was really her brother.  He acted totally like her

adopted grandfather John 'Hannibal' Smith.  Hannibal  was still alive

and he and Gramma Maggie had just celebrated their forty-first

wedding anniversary. 


She thought of all her 'cousins' and smiled.  She loved everybody in

her mixed family.  Uncle Face was her favorite uncle. She didn't know

why though.


But Erica and Tanya got along great.  Tim Peck was just like his

father, in that he was into how well he looked and a little of a

whiny streak in him as well. He also was charming, and had a natural

knack of scamming. As did Tanya.


She knew had to scam as well.  Jarred was just like his dad, a scowl

ever present on his face and hardly being able to stand Nick's crazy



She smiled and then turned back to her brother...."Now what is it?

You've been staring an' pointin' off an' on...."  Hannibal-Matthew

sighed. "Look at this. Look what's going on right as we speak." There

on the news was yet another robbery. 


The news reporter started to speak. "We have it on good information

that the thieves just walked out of the building with a bag of money,

and they disappeared without a trace.


The police are stumped as well as the FBI.....Then she made a

statement that confirmed what Hannibal-Matthew'd been planning for a

long while.  If only the A-Team hadn't retired we'd be able to get

more scum like this off the streets. Back to you Marla."


Hannibal-Matthew jumped up. He ran to the phone and dialled up

his 'cousins' Jarred Baracus and Tim Peck. First he dialled up

Jarred's number.


He asked Jarred to meet him at an old warehouse that all the kids had

deemed as their 'clubhouse' so to speak. Jarred had hooked up the

electricity as well as some air conditioning or anything else they

thought they needed. 


Jarred quickly agreed, and so Hannibal-Matthew called up Tim. Tim

quickly agreed. He went back into the living room. He motioned for

Nick to come to his bedroom. 


Nick quickly complied, but not before Erin and Erica protested.  "Hey

Boys. What's going on?" 


Hannibal-Matthew sighed. It's not that he didn't want his sisters to

join in his plan, but he wasn't sure they'd approve, much less his



Or his uncles or his 'Grandpa' Hannibal.  "Nothing. It's just that I

need to talk to Nick privately. Very privately. So could you both go

wait out in the living room? Please?"


But the girls were adamant. "No way Muchacho. I'm not going anywhere,

until you include us sisters in on whatever you've got planned."

Answered Erica.


Hannibal-Matthew knew it was fruitless to argue with his sisters,

besides they would probably not leave him alone. 


He sighed, and shrugged his shoulders.  "Okay. You promise not to

laugh, and do you promise that whatever you do....You're not going to

tell Dad or Mom or Grandpa Hannibal OR anybody until the others

agree?"  "What others?" Questioned Erin.  "Tim, and Jarred." Hannibal-

Matthew said matter-of-factly. 


His twin sisters nodded, and he said, "I've decided what with all the

crime going on it's about time the A-Team went out of retirement.

Just like that reporter said. I've been thinking about this for quite

some time.


We're capable of fighting. We've been trained by the A-Team....." His

voice trailed off as Erin spoke up. "That's only if we're kidnapped

by Dad's old enemies Hannibal-Matthew.  You know that. Grandpa

Hannibal, and Uncle BA and Uncle Face were very adamant about that.

And we all promised. We made a pact.... 


Her voice trailed off. You're not thinking of using our skills other

then for that, are you?"  Hannibal-Matthew nodded, his eyes flashing

with eagerness. "Never have I been sooo sure of that in my whole

entire life. Believe you me, we're not getting any younger. The Team

needs to get out of hiding. I'm serious.  I've been feeling like this for

quite a while. It's nothing bad. It's not like we're going to get into trouble.

Everybody knows we're responsible adults. Nobody'll be mad. In fact I

think Grandpa Hannibal will be very pleased. Especially knowing that

we want to help people out. Come on please....Just give this idea a chance.

That's all I'm asking.  Is that fair enough?  Let's just go. I'll

explain it in further detail when we get to our clubhouse."


The twin girls nodded and they followed Hannibal-Matthew out of the

apartment. Nick was unusually silent. He was thinking that what

Hannibal-Matthew was proposing was dangerous, yet sounded like the

right thing to do. 


The four arrived at the clubhouse and Hannibal-Matthew was surprised

by the fact that not only had Tim and Jarred come, but all the

sisters had come too.


Tim smiled his best charming smile and said, "She threatened to pound

me if I didn't reveal why you'd called, and you know me....I'm a

lover not a fighter."


To which Tanya rolled her eyes. Jarred scowled out an

explanation. "They wanted ta come. So bein' the nice guy I am....I

let 'em Jessica giggled, and so did Ceiceily. Carmen said, "No. We

told him we'd take away The Van if he didn't tell us why you



Hannibal-Matthew motioned for silence. "Okay Okay. Since we're all

here, I'm going to tell you my big idea. Here's what I want to do. I

want us all to become the A-Team.


I'll let you decide who should be the leader, but my idea is that we

become the A-Team. I saw yet another robbery on television, and the

police are stumped. We've got the law on our side though. We won't be

running....What do you all think?" 


The others gathered in a huddle and they finally turned around. Tim

spoke up. "Okay here's our decision. We've decided that since it was

your idea, that you should be the leader. That and your name. A

Hannibal should be the leader."


Hannibal-Matthew grinned. If he'd been the type to blush,   he would

have done so. But his big brown eyes lit up. Hannibal-Matthew looked

exactly like Murdock, as well Nick. But the two's personalities were

so different you could instantly tell which was which.


Tim looked exactly like his father Templeton Peck, and Tanya looked

like her mother Amy A. Allen-Peck, although she did share the same

colored eyes as her brother.  Even though Face had known that his

real name was Bancroft, he'd decided to keep the name Peck since he'd

become so used to the name.


He never went by 'Face' anymore. Well except when either Murdock, BA

or Hannibal called him by the moniker.  Hannibal-Matthew grinned all

the more. He then became serious.  "Well as my first action as 

leader, I suggest that both Jarred and Nick go and get the van." 


Now the van had been handed down from BA to Jarred. Jarred had tuned

it up, and had given it a very good clean shine. He'd even waxed it.

Jarred grumbled a little, but he finally went to get it. He

grudgingly took Nick, even though the van was parked right outside.


Nick saluted and spun on his heels, he tipped his hat to the others

then he put his hands in pockets and started whistling a happy tune. 

Jarred grumbled, but he grabbed Nick and the two scrambled out of the



Soon the Van was brought inside the warehouse, Nick was babbling

about a talking cat named Rolf.  And how his socks danced underneath

his lamp....Jarred held him by the jacket identical to Murdock's

tiger jacket.


In fact Nick dressed identically like Murdock, down to the cap and

the shoes. He adored Converse hi-tops. Jarred practically flung Nick

at Hannibal-Matthew. "Here you deal with this kid's jibber jabber. I

can't get him to shut up...."


Hannibal-Matthew smiled and shook his head at his brother. "You know

you really shouldn't annoy Jarred." Nick shrugged. "I like annoying

the big angry teenager type dude. He's fun, and besides I know he

really likes me. Really he does. Don't you? You Big Angry type dude?"

He fluttered his eyelids at Jarred. Jarred scowled. He touched a

finger to his mustached lip. "Keep him quiet for at least a little

while Hannibal-Matthew." 


Hannibal-Matthew agreed, and he gave Nick a commanding stare, then he

winked at him. Nick grinned and promised that he'd stop annoying

Jarred. While two fingers were crossed behind his back. "Yeah I

promise on the unblown up half of Bogey the Bear. I promise to be

s...a....n....e....yeah baby."



That did it. All the warehouse rang with laughter. Well almost

everybody was laughing. Jarred was not amused.  Finally everybody

calmed down and went about their business.


They all called up their parents, and everybody was excited for them.

They even called up Hannibal Smith's residence. He congratulated them

as well. But he was very sorry to say that his girls didn't share the

same interest. Hannibal-Matthew knew that that was true.


The girls all took after their mother. Except for Tessa, but she and

Hannibal-Matthew weren't on speaking terms at the moment, so he knew

she'd decline the first chance she'd get.  "I understand Gran'pa

John. I totally understand." The only people who weren't pleased with

this venture was Face and Amy.


But Tanya knew how to appeal to her father's side. "It's okay Daddy.

I'll watch Tim, and make him behave." Tim had only groaned. "Thanks

Sis." Tanya had smiled and answered. "You're welcome dear brother."

To which Tim groaned again.


Erin and Erica asked for extended time off from their work and

Hannibal-Matthew and Nick did the same. Soon everybody was ready to

go. They all hopped into the van, and they sped away. "Okay Hannibal-

Matthew where to first?" Jarred asked. "First we go to the police and

tell them that the A-Team's on the case."


Hannibal-Matthew occupied the front passenger seat, and the girls

were in a bench seat in the back, while Tim and Nick occupied

Templeton's and HM Murdock's old seats.  Hannibal-Matthew kept



Then we ask them what leads they have, and what evidence they've

accumulated so far."  Nick spoke up. "Nice plan. Very nice." He did a

little head bobbing.


Then he stared out the window. Nick was intrigued to say the least.

He couldn't believe this was happening, everything was just like

twenty years ago, except that there would be girls riding with them

all the time.


 But they were sisters. They were also older bossy sisters, but maybe

if the original team, had had bossy sisters while on the run, they'd

have fared better and not have gotten caught by Stockwell? 


Nick shuddered. Noticing the shudder Tim turned to him. "What's wrong

Nick? What are you thinking about?" Nick turned to his friend and



"Well I was thinkin' of all the stories that our dads told us of 

that Stockwell dude. They said that he wasn't a very nice guy. You

suppose if the Team'd had sisters riding with them they wouldn't have

gotten caught? I mean if they'd been older sisters like ours? You

think the sisters could've prevented our parents' demise? I mean it

took them six years to get outta that creep's clutches and by then it

was 1992." 


Tim shrugged. I dunno. Maybe. Like the sisters could've given

themselves up but the brothers could've gotten away scott-free or

something like that?"


Nick nodded and continued to speak. "Yeah. Like if  our dads did have

older sisters then the sisters would've probably given Stockwell a

run for his money. I'm even sure they could've destroyed his 'empire'

and yet gotten pardons for themselves, and for their brothers as

well. Then they could've  re-joined their brothers and helped each

other out. Think it could've happened?"


Tim shrugged again. "Maybe. Let's ask our sisters." Presented with

the question, Ceceily spoke up. "I don't know. I think it's possible.

But I think our dads would've still gotten caught."  "How come?" Nick



Tanya spoke. "Because Stockwell was only after one thing. Four crack

commandos with bounty on their heads. People that would be

expendable, and useful for his 'empire.' He didn't care about anybody

else, just  all our dads." 


Erin and Erica Murdock snorted. "Yeah and he didn't like our dad at

all." Hannibal-Mattew and Nick both nodded their heads. Ceiceily

Baracus spoke up. "Nope. Dad told us of the time Carla tried to kill

Uncle Murdock." Carmen Baracus chimed in.


All heads nodded. Tanya Peck spoke up. "Yeah they all said it was 

the worst years of their lives. Besides the war and all. Working with

Stockwell was like contracting a cavity. The more they tried to

ignore his being there the worse he became. It was awful. Finally

though, he released them all in 1992, and now here we are." They all

solemnly nodded.


Tanya continued to recite the History of 'B.S., A.S.' Before

Stockwell, and After Stockwell. "Well Aunt Marlene, and Uncle Murdock

were married in secret, she was one of their clients and they fell in

love, and got married while the Team was still on the run, Aunt

Marlene got pregnant with Erin and Erica a few months later. Then the

boys came along 2 years later.


Aunt Marlene was heartbroken when Uncle Murdock had been let out of

the VA courtesy of that snake Stockwell and hadn't been able to

contact her or all the twins for six years. Gramma Maggie and

Gran'papa Hannibal were also married in secret and while he was on

the run.


They  of course had Tessa while Gran'papa was still on the run, but

the triplets didn't come later until after Gran'papa was released

from the clutches of that guy. Daddy and Mom married while Daddy  was

on the run, and so did Uncle BA and Aunt Rachael. That explains why

we're older then we would've been if we'd all been born after they

were released. Except for Claire, Clara and Hanna-Belle. They're just

what? nine now?"


The others continued nodding. After Stockwell we all moved into the

area with each other, so we'd never be apart, and continued growing

up with each other. I think it'd would have been different if

Stockwell had never let them out of his clutches and had kept them

there forever and ever."


The others invariably shuddered. "How awful to suggest such a thing

Tanya." A horrified Carmen said. "Yeah." Ceiceily and Jessica

said. "Fine. Fine. I was just saying." Replied Tanya. "Well don't

suggest such a thing." Answered Erica. "At least they got free." Erin



"Yeah." Ceiceily said. "We've got an extensive history." Nick

commented. "Yup, and very rich too. Hannibal-Matthew answered.

Hannibal-Matthew continued. "We're going to keep with tradition.


Although I doubt we'll need guns either.  Well maybe guns....But

we'll also have skill on our sides and muscle. Lots and lots of

muscle." Hannibal-Matthew said, glancing at Jarred with emphasis.


Jarred actually grinned a little. He continued with his driving

though, and soon they all ended up at the police department. A

Sergeant Allex greeted them. He was very nice when they asked to

speak with the Chief of police. Chief Augusta Lorenzo of the LAPD.

She invited them all up, and Hannibal-Matthew started to speak. He

grinned a wide grin, and put a gum cigar in his mouth.



"Hello Chief. We're here on business." She nodded for him to go on.

So Hannibal-Matthew continued. "We're the new A-Team. I'm Hannibal-

Matthew Murdock, and here is the rest of my team, Ceiceily, Carmen,

Jessica, Jarred Baracus, Tanya and Tim Peck, Nikolas, Erin, and Erica



We've come to ask you a few questions about the robbery seen on

television. We're here to offer our services...." His voice trailed

off as he noticed that she was frowning. "Have I said the wrong

thing? I was just offering my help."


She stood up and pointed towards the door. "How dare you bring those

criminals called the A-Team up in my hearing. Why if I didn't know

any better I'd say you were all the crooks themselves. Or you're

accomplices for those crooks. OUT! OUT I say!!!! Or I shall have you

all arrested on the spot!"


The ten fled and hopped back into the van. "Well that was really

rude." Nick huffed. "I say she didn't want us there did she Hannibal-

Matthew?" Nick questioned.  Hannibal-Matthew answered.  "Didn't seem

like it. Did it? I think she's covering up for something....I bet

those thugs paid her off." Okay Folks let's go into action. We need a

plan and quick. I need some scammers, and I need some people who know

how to wire people.


Who'll volunteer for scamming and wiring?" Ceiceily, Carmen, and

Jessica all raised their hands for the wiring parts, and Tanya, Erin,

Erica and Tim all volunteered for the scamming part.


"Good. Glad I have volunteers already. I need to think. What would

Gran'pa John do? How would he assemble the team and get them ready

for action? Hmmm...." He glanced at the gum cigar and then spoke



"First of all I need  something more realistic then this gum

cigar...." He paused as his sisters shook their heads no. "Fine. Can

I go to the nearest grocery store, or hospital or whatever carries

gum cigars, and get me some? Please?" Nodding their consent Jarred

drove to the hospital, and Tim got him a box of gum cigars. "They

were really cheap too. I got you two boxes one's here and one's under

my shirt."


He handed the box that was in plain sight to Hannibal-

Matthew. "Thanks Tim. You're a regular Faceman." He grinned as Tim

blushed. "Okay all. We need to figure out nicknames for ourselves.

For me you can call me just plain Hannibal, for Nick I was thinking

of calling him Murdock, or NM for short. For Tim I'll give you

the 'Face' title, and for Jarred....For Jarred I'll call you what

they all call your dad still. BA.  How's that?" Jarred smiled and



Indicating that he loved the idea. "Now for you girls." Hannibal-

Matthew continued. "What would you like to be called? We need a code

for you. Something that represents you, and yet something that means



His voice trailed off as everybody thought and thought. Finally Tim

hit on an idea. He flashed his infamous 'Faceman Smile' and

spoke. "I've got it. How about G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.? It spells Gorgeous,

but it has a meaning. Going Out Regardless of Great  Extenuating

Outrageousness Under Stress.... What do you ladies think?"


The sisters thought it over, and finally nodded their heads. "Okay we

agree. It's a very good name. We're called the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Group

from now on." Erin said. All the sisters nodded their heads. "Okay.

That's a great nickname. That's a great idea Tim." Stated Hannibal-



Tim grinned again. "Thanks." They felt much better having nicknames.

Then Hannibal-Matthew said his plan. He said, "Here's what we do

Gang. We go back to the police station,  Tanya, Tim, Erin Erica you

all go in dressed as reporters.


Try and get chummy with Chief Lorenzo. Tell her you are from a

newspaper and a television station  and  you both want to interview

her for all four of the papers. Your editors are really anxious to do

a story on a police chief for Safety Week, which I believe is



They passed by a sign which confirmed that that week was indeed

Safety Week. "Good. Now I need you four to be realistic. And Jarred,

Carmen, Ceiceily, and Jessica how fast can you four make wires?" "Be

done in less then half an hour." Jarred gruffly stated.


His sisters and he had all possessed BA's innate mechanical ability.

They were nimble with their fingers. "Okay. Good. I'm expecting you

to make wires in less then half an hour. In the meantime, let's get

something to eat and we can strategize some more."


They turned into the parking lot of the nearest Burger Heaven. A

favorite delight of the Murdock children.  Nick nearly crowed with

delight, but settled on howling. "Yes Burger Heaven! I want a kids'

meal! I want a kids' meal...."


His voice trailed off as Jarred started growling. "All you're going

to get is a punch to the face if you don't stop that howling."

Immediately stopping, his howling out loud, Nick howled under his

breath. He rushed inside and Hannibal-Matthew took everybodys'

orders. Nick of course got the Captain Bellybuster Meal, and received

to his delight, the Captain Bellybuster hat, and an action figure



He put the hat on, over his navy blue baseball cap, and he sat down

with the others. Nick ate his food quickly, and he soon was playing

around with his hat and action figure. "I'm a bird I'm a plane I'm a

choo-choo train! Whoohooooo!!!!"


He stated as he made his action figure 'fly.' He had his ears tuned

in to what Hannibal-Matthew was saying though, even if he didn't look

at them all directly.   After they'd eaten Jarred and his triplet

sisters took out their wiring things and set about making wires and



Exactly half an hour later the microphones were all finished. The

triplets attached the girls' wires and microphones. While Jarred

attached Tim's wire and microphone. "Good. Now you know what to



He was interrupted by Nick. "What about me Hannibal? Can't I scam

too? Please?" Nick pleaded.  He'd temporarily stopped playing with

his action figure. "Well one set of the reporters could use a camera

man. Why don't you and Tim scam up a video camera. I'm sure the others

wouldn't mind if you came along. Would you?" All the scammers shook

their heads no, that they wouldn't mind at all.  "See? What'd I tell

you? Now Tim you take Nick to go with you and scam up a video camera.

We're starting off A-Team style. Guns ablazing....The Jazz lighting

the way. The way it's supposed to be...." Hannibal-Matthew's voice

trailed off as he started to grin really wide.


The others agreed that it was indeed starting off the way the

original A-Team had described their adventures.  They were just glad

that they had the permission of their parents to go ahead. Even if it

meant breaking their pact. The original Team knew that the kids were

breaking their pact, but they felt that their kids deserved a chance

to prove themselves.


If it meant that the A-Team reared its head again, then so be it.

They original ones were sorry they couldn't join in the action, but

they'd promised their kids they'd be there if ever they were needed.

They didn't know that the time would come a few years later, when a

shadowy figure named  Harrison Stockwell entered the scene. But that

wasn't to be until later.  Tim took Nick to the closest video camera



He made up a story and went up to the manager. "Hello I'm doing a

documentary on wild birds in the greater west side of the Los Angeles

area. But unfortunately my video camera broke, and I can't find

enough money to pay for a new one. Could I just borrow one, and bring

it back later?"


The manager thought for a minute, but he shook his head. Until Tim

added the little whine to his voice. "Please? I'll be really careful

with it. I promise it'll come back in one piece. Please? I promise I

won't break it!"


Finally the manager handed over the very nice expensive looking

camera. It was perfect for the scam. "How'd you do that Face? How'd

you manage to do that? I could never be that good...." Tim smiled. "I

don't know. It just slipped out. Guess I do take after my dad after

all. Okay so I'm not pleased that I lied but it was still a good



They arrived back at Burger Heaven all ready to continue with the

reporter thing. Nick was on Tim's 'reporter side' and the Erin and

Tanya were their own 'reporting team'.  Tim and Erica were the other

ones but they had Nick recording everything.  They arrived back at

the police station all the microphones and the wires had been



They'd disguised themselves of course and had shown them their fake

reporters' identification cards. The sergeant waved them all through.

Nick thoughtfully got a closeup of the sergeant's face. The sergeant

smiled into the camera and Nick jogged to catch up with the rest of

the group. 


As soon as she heard that four reporters  wanted to interview her,

Chief Lorenzo fixed her hair and put on a little bit of makeup. She

was patting her hair and soon she was ready. She sent for the two

sets of news reporters, and  invited them to sit down.


As soon as she saw the cameraman she immediately paled. "No cameras

please. I don't want this interview broadcast to the whole city." 

Tim said. "Oh don't worry about a thing Ma'am. We edit our stories,

and what we don't feel that is important to air, we'll just cut it

out. Chief Lorenzo turned to the girls, and asked. "Who are you?"

Tanya said, "We work for the LA Courier Express.  Don't worry we'll

print only the truth. Don't you worry about a thing."


Chief Lorenzo breathed a visible sigh of relief.  "Right. So what

have you come to ask me? I didn't even know I was up for an award.

Much less for Safety Week." "Well we thought there'd be more people

interviewing you.  At least we got the scoop before the others found

out." Tim replied. Chief Lorenzo asked them to be seated.  Nick

preferred to stand. Just as they were getting started the phone rang.


"Hello?" Chief Lorenzo asked into the speaker phone. "Chief? This is

your friendly neighborhood watch dog. We need to speak with you

privately...." The chief paled. She looked up at the 'reporters' and

said, "Please. I need to take this call. Alone!" The five nodded and

they exited the office, but not before they dropped a bug onto her

desk in the shape of a ball point pen. 


Now they were all set. They were going to listen in on the

conversation, and see why the thieves were blackmailing the police

chief.  The chief was the first to speak. "What have you done with my

daughter? Why are you doing this to us? We've done nothing to you."

One of the suspects laughed and said, "Because we needed collateral

Lady. You're the police chief, so we needed to take the police chief's

daughter as insurance that you wouldn't do anything rash like come

and capture us. Now would you like to speak to little Susie?"


A muffled, "My name's Elizabeth." Was heard.  The Team looked at each

other. This was why. She wasn't crooked they had her daughter, and

those crooks were going to pay, and pay dearly. They heard the chief

talk to her daughter, and then the main thief got on.


"We're waiting for the coast to clear, and then we'll release your

daughter at the sum of $20,000.00. You got that? Put the money in a

sealed envelope, and don't you bother to tell the FBI or the CIA

about us. Or you'll be in big trouble. Understand Lady? Or else

little Susie gets it!!!!" He laughed a  short laugh, and the

said, "Put the money under a tree in the Park. Now be a good police

chief and do this little deed for us." *Click*. 


The phone went dead, and the chief was heard crying into the

bug.  "We've got to help her." Jarred said.  "Yeah. We've just

gotta." Nick pleaded. 


Hannibal-Matthew answered. "And we're going to. As soon as we offer

our services to her again. I'm sure she'll take us up on our offer.

We just need to go about it a different way. We're not going to storm

her office, we're going to hand deliver her a letter. I'm sure she'll

try and find us as soon as she reads the letter."


Hannibal-Matthew answered.  The Team looked at each other. They went

back to their club house and wrote up a message on their computer.

They printed it out, and delivered to the police station, via a

telegram man.


They'd put in their phone number, and address, and they stayed at

their club house to wait.  Suddenly the phone rang and Hannibal-

Matthew answered it.


"Hello?" "Yes this is Police Chief Augusta Lorenzo. I'm calling for

the A-Team...." Hannibal-Matthew answered. "Yes?" The chief

answered, "I-I need The A-Team's help. I know I threw you out, but I

was scared. I need your help now. They've got my daughter. Please.

Please help me."


Hannibal-Matthew answered. "I'll send an associate to meet you at

your office. He'll have a white hat on and a cane. He will have a

letter with him. Please let him in, and he'll tell you all you want

to know about the A-Team. Thank you. Goodbye." 


He hung up, and still on the Jazz spoke up. "Now we need to go into

phase three of my plan." "Phase three?" Tim asked. Gulping. "Yup.

Phase three. We call in the services of the master of disguise

himself.  One Grandpa John 'Hannibal' Smith. I'm sure he could help

me with my disguise."


The others nodded and Hannibal-Matthew called up Hannibal Smith. 

Hannibal Smith answered, and Hannibal-Matthew relayed his plan.


Hannibal Smith answered, "I'm on my way. I'll be there before you can

say anything."  Hannibal-Matthew replied. "Thanks Grandpa. We just

need help on things is all." He promptly arrived with his makeup bag

and various disguises. "White hat? And anything else? A mustache or a

beard or anything?" Hannibal asked. A mustache, and make me look old.

With wrinkles please." "Like me?" Asked Hannibal. "No Grandpa John.

You're not old at all." Hannibal-Matthew protested.


Hannibal Smith chuckled.  "I seem to get a new wrinkle every day. But

at least your grandmother loves me." The others chuckled. "How's

Gramma anyway?" Erin asked.  "She's fine. Just glad I'm not always

running off to an acting job."


Hannibal Smith answered.  Erin nodded, and watched in amazement as he

transformed her brother.  As quick as lightning Hannibal Smith was

finished.  Hannibal-Matthew examined himself in the mirror, and

grinned at his adopted grandfather. "Wow! That's an awesome job.

Teach me how to disguise myself sometime?" Hannibal-Matthew asked. 


"Sure anytime." Hannibal Smith answered.  Hannibal-Matthew grinned

again, and spoke again. "Thanks very much Grandpa John. I'll let you

know how it turned out. Okay?" Hannibal Smith nodded, and soon he was

gone again.


"Well? Do I look convincing? Am I good looking as an older person?"

Hannibal-Matthew's eyes twinkled with merriment as all his friends

and his brother and sisters examined him. They finally all came to

the same conclusion. Hannibal-Matthew did indeed look convincing.


"Nice disguise. Very nice." Nick said. "Thanks." Hannibal-Matthew

said.   He took a cane from a back closet, and called up the Lone

Star Cab Company to take him to the police station.  He arrived at

the police station in record time.


He hobbled to the police chief's office, and knocked on the door. He

had clutched in his hand a letter. Presently the door opened and

Augusta stuck her head outside the door. "Ohhh you must be the

associate for the A-Team. Please come in. I've been expecting you.

Please sit down."


Carefully sitting himself down, and still not saying a word, he let

the police chief do all the talking. "I believe you have a letter for

me?" He looked up at her and then he looked back at the letter, and

nodded. "You don't say anything?"


Hannibal-Matthew pointed to his throat indicating he had

laryngitis. "Ahh I see. Well where's the letter you've got for me?"

Hannibal-Matthew indicated he wanted something to write with. She

nodded and handed him a notepad and a pen.  "Oh right. Here you go." 


Hannibal wrote quickly and yet purposefully messed up on some words

so that she wouldn't suspect that he was in disguise. He wrote: "I

need to ask you a few questions." 


He handed her the notepad back, and when she saw what he wrote she

nodded. "What would you like to know? I've got plenty of answers." He

nodded and again asked for the notepad back. Again he wrote with

flourish: "I need to know how serious you are about the A-Team and if

you believe they can do good in your situation. There's still time, you can

still back out." She read the question/sentence, and she replied with a tremble

in her voice. "I-I believe the A-Team can do very well in my situation. I need

help and I don't have anywhere else to turn. Please go back and tell them so."


Hannibal-Matthew nodded and decided not to do the whole interrogation

thing. He stood up and gave her the letter indicating that she not

open it 'til he'd gone.


She'd nodded and he left the premises. She opened it up, and found

directions to a local diner. She grabbed her purse, and told her

staff where she was going. She arrived at the diner, and was soon

awaiting the Team's arrival.


They presently arrived. Hannibal-Matthew was in different clothes and

he was followed by his teammates.  Jarred and Ceiceily came in right

behind him, followed by, Carmen and Jessica, as well as Tim and Tanya

and closely behind them  came Erin Erica and Nick.


Hannibal-Matthew of course was in the front of the group. They took

up two  tables, and they proceeded to sit down. She felt a little

uncomfortable with a group this size but she swallowed several times.

She smiled and looked directly at Hannibal-Matthew while stating her

business. "Okay.  Like I said I need your help.


My daughter Elizabeth-Susanna has been kidnapped. You see the thieves

that were broadcast on television, got wind of my position as a

police chief and they picked up my daughter at school, while she was

still in school.


I got the report right after it had happened. They'd brazenly walked

into the school and taken my daughter from the cafeteria while they

were serving breakfast. I do have a description of them. The

cafeteria server gave them to me after the men had left. Now I'm

desperately seeking your help. I know I threw you all out of my

office today.


And I'm deeply sorry, but I was scared. Then they called back and

they told me I couldn't call the FBI, or the CIA. I'm still scared. I

know it's silly, but my daughter is very important to me. Ever since

her father walked out on us....Well it's been hard, but Elizabeth's

the joy and the light of my life."


She took a deep breath and waited while the new A-Team huddled

together.  Finally Hannibal looked at her again. "Ma'am you've just

hired the A-Team. Congratulations." She smiled, and the two shook

hands. Augusta gave them the address to her house, and they split up

for the time being.


"Okay where do you think scumbags like this hang out? Hmmm?" Hannibal-

Matthew questioned.   Nick raised his hand and answered. "In a cave?"

Jarred shushed him with a look. Hannibal-Matthew answered. "Well it's

possible, but I'm looking for maybe somewhere closer. Like say in a

warehouse, or a ship place. Or something." Hannibal-Matthew 



"I've got it!" Tim practically shouted.  "What? You've got what?"

Asked his sister. "I think they might be hiding in the San Marina

area. That place has lots of hidey-holes and warehouses. We could

check out that place. What do you think Hannibal? Think it's



Hannibal-Matthew nodded.  "Okay. Here's the plan, we're going to the

San Marina area, but I need my scammers. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S why don't

you go in you're due for a scam.  Aren't you?"  G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S all

nodded their heads, and they waited expectantly for Hannibal-Matthew

to issue his plan.


"Okay....I need you all to dress as ladies of the evening, try and

get some information for me. I'll need to call up the police chief

and ask her for any pictures of these guys. Based on the description

of the cafeteria lady."


He went to the phone and asked if they had any drawings on the people

who had her daughter. She immediately complied, and sent a courier to

the warehouse. It arrived thirty minutes later. Having the artists'

pictures, Hannibal-Matthew made copies and he handed it to the six



The women, went the hidden closets and pulled out all sorts of

dresses. They were all ones that the original A-Team had collected

over the years.  The ladies all started giggling. Especially when

they pulled out a wedding dress. It was still dirty, but it was

easily recognizable.


Erin said, "I know what this is....This is the wedding dress Daddy

wore." Her twin sister nodded. "Yup. Daddy was crazy back

then."  "Was? Questioned her sister. He still is. Remember all the

trips we've taken to Burger Heaven, and how Daddy would get the kids'

meal? Then he'd make all sorts of silly voices to match with the

action figures." Both twins enthused. 


"He still makes us laugh though." Erica added thoughtfully.  Erin

nodded. She put the wedding dress back, and rifled through

more 'newer' clothes. Finally they were all dressed in outrageous



They put on outrageous makeup. Tanya the first one ready went over to

Tim, and puckered up her lips. He grimaced and moved away from

her. "Awww come on Timmy do I look that bad?" He nodded. "Yes. I'm

glad Dad's not here to see this. He'd have a cow.  His little girl

dressed like a hooker!" Tanya's face went red underneath the

makeup. "Don't you ever TELL HIM Tim. Or I swear I'll pound you into

the ground." She stood by him again and raised a fist under his chin.



"All right. All right. I swear, I promise, I won't tell him a thing.

But hey this is great blackmail. Smile sweet sister of mine." He

whipped out a polaroid camera, and snapped her picture. "TIM!!!!!"

Tanya yelled.


Tim grinned.  "Oh you think I'd actually show Mom and Dad?" "I

wouldn't put it past you!" His sister answered.   "Sleep with one eye

open Sister dear. Who knows? I might actually put this on a greeting

card.  I'm sure Mom and Dad'll want to put this on the next Peck

Family Christmas Card...."


Tanya's face flushed even more. "I'll get  you back Tim. Just you

wait and see...." Tim grinned and immediately pocketed the picture.  

Tanya muttered her brother's whole name under her breath. "Timothy

Allen Peck. You'll sooo regret this. I will get you back." Tim heard

her and grinned all the more.


There were rare moments that he could actually pull things over on

his sister. He loved doing things like that. Because she'd beat him

up when he was younger. But as he grew older, and his 'Peck' nature

came into maturity he'd figured out how to get out of her clutches. 


He put the picture in a secret hiding place and went around business

as usual. Hannibal-Matthew grinning at the 'fight' between Tanya and

Tim, decided it was time to get down to business. He clapped his

hands and soon things were in order. "All right G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S are

you ready? The G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Group nodded. "Yup. We're all ready

Chief." Answered Erica. She saluted.  "Good. Here's the artist's

pictures of the men who took Elizabeth.


They should be around the area. So good luck, and I give you

permission to mess up any uncouth character who attacks you." Erica

grinned.  "Good. Cause I'm not in the mood to be nice. Those men are

going to pay." Erin nodded emphatically.  All right then let's move

out.  Ladies you've got your wires and mic's hooked up. Am I right?"


The G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Group nodded, and Hannibal-Matthew

continued. "Okay, now we'll be closely following your actions in the

van. Nick'll be our map guide, Tim'll listen in on the conversation,

and possible back up. We'll keep tabs on you. Everybody understand?"


Everyone nodded. "Let's go then." They guys took the van and the

ladies walked to the San Marina area. Good thing it wasn't that far.

But the ladies unaccustomed to heels started to complain about

hurting feet. 


"How can those kinds of ladies wear heels? I much prefer my

Converses." Erin complained. Nick agreed whole heartedly. "Me too."

Erica answered. "Spiked heels are for the birds." Ceiceily said.

Everyone of the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Group all complained except for



She was used to wearing high heels. "Aww they're not that bad." She

said trying to calm everybody down. Finally they were in the area and

they spread out. Two to a group. Every stop they came to produced no



Until they reached a warehouse off to the side and sort of hidden

from the rest of the world. "Uh-oh I think we found the spot." Tanya

whispered.  The others nodded in careful anticipation. "Okay so kick

down the door already." Erica said. "Yeah! Let's go through the front

door." Erin stated. "Yeah!!!!" Said the others.


Tanya answered. "No way, we've got to plan for this. Erin Erica,

Jessica, and I'll go in. You two stay hidden in the shadows. We'll

call for backup if we get taken prisoner. Okay? Does that seem like a

good idea?" The two others nodded. "Yea Ceiceily and I'll call the

boys and tell them, and we'll all go through the front door." Carmen



Nodding at the backup plan, she motioned for Carmen and Ceiceily to

hide in the shadows, then she knocked on the door.  Warily one of the

men who matched the description, once he saw the ladies he grinned

and motioned them in.


"We've been lookin' for some fun good thing you all stopped by."

Batting her eyelashes, Tanya answered. "Oh we're here to provide some

fun now. Don't you know? I mean the girls and I were sent to provide

some fun from our pimp, Marty. He's been hassling us for dough, and

we've been running a little short. So if you'll just give us the

money up front...."


Her voice trailed off as the four found that they were surrounded by

a group of men. They looked a lot like the pictures the group'd been

given. She smiled nervously. "Now be careful with these three.

They're novices.


If you'll show me the back room.... I'll be happy to show you my

services." Sashaying suggestively around the room, Tanya knew she was

heading for trouble, but she knew that she had to keep up the act,

somehow the others knew what to do, and they took her lead. They

walked up to the other men, and did the same. Batting their

eyelashes, and swaying around. Erica even drew up her dress and

revealed her long leg, she pretended to examine her high heeled shoe.


She felt someone's eyes on her leg, and she smiled suggestively at

him. She gave him a come hither stare, and started to speak. "Come

over here big boy. I need some help with the strap of this darned

shoe." Erin did the same, and revealed both legs. "Oh darn it, my

slip's slipping. Oh please someone come help me."


Three men surrounded her, and three men surrounded her sister.  Three

surrounded Jessica, as she revealed a leg herself. "Oh darn it, that

stupid shoe keeps falling off! I need some help over here." Three men

surrounded her instantly.  And three men surrounded Tanya.


Twelve in all. Tanya grinned and met all the girls' looks. They

quickly 'adjusted' their 'misbehaving' pieces of clothing, and then

Tanya spoke again. "Oh now I think we're all okay." The men started

to disperse, until Tanya grabbed one, by the collar.


Now she wasn't very tall, about the height of her mother, but her

turquoise eyes bored holes into the other man's eyes. "Where is she?

Where is she I ask?"


The man asked. "W-where's who?" "Elizabeth Lorenzo. Where is she?"

Tanya asked. "We ain't tellin'." The man answered again. Getting

angry about the conversation, Tanya continued. "You'd better or

else...." "Or else what little girl? You're going to hit me?" The guy

started to laugh, and Tim who was in the van and listening to the

conversation, silently warned the bad guy not to mess with his



"Don't do it man, she'll hit you. She's done it to me plenty of

times." But the guy didn't listen to Tim's silent plea. "Oh I might

just have to." Tanya answered. "Oh yeah right. You might break a

nail, I'm sure you'll not want to break a nail, it'll hurt so



He was cut off as Tanya hit him squarely in the chin. Knocking him

out of her grip and onto the floor. She looked at all the other men

in the area. "Care to try your luck Gentlemen? I'm sure not to break

a nail now." The guys all volunteered.


But they were soon quieted down by the leader of the group. He spoke

up. "I'd like to try. The name's Kyle. David Kyle.  Son of Douglas

Kyle. I know we haven't met yet, but you see your parents and that

detestable Hannibal Smith were all thorns in the sides of my dear old

departed father. He died penniless and me living on the streets ever

since I was fourteen. I just wasn't loved enough as a child. Pity!

Guess I'll have to finish my father's work...."


He squared off in front of Tanya. "So Peck. Think you can handle a

Kyle? Your father couldn't. Let's just see if his offspring's a big

chicken or actually has inherited some iron balls...." "Oh now you're

gonna get it." Tanya fumed. 


A full out brawl started inside the warehouse. The ladies fought

bravely, but they were soon captured. The plan hadn't gone as

planned, and Hannibal-Matthew knew he had to get inside the



"Face, BA, Murdock, everything's gone dead.  He must've found the

bugs. We've gotta get in there, and find the ladies and Elizabeth.



All heads nodded. "Alrighty then. Let's do it. We can go in through

the front door and beat up some bad guys. What do you think?  Think

we're up to it?!?!" The three others nodded. They were ready. They

were after all the 2nd Generation. They were trained for these kinds

of situations.  Especially of the kidnapping kind. They gunned the

van into gear and hid it near the warehouse.


Meanwhile in their cell....

The ladies were planning their next course of action.  "Okay now

what?" Jessica asked. Tanya answered.  "We wait! That Kyle guy won't

know what has happened once the boys get in here." The ladies nodded.

They waited expectantly.


But time went too slow, and the ladies were getting impatient. The

men who had almost fought with them in the warehouse, were the ones

guarding the ladies.  "Now that wasn't too smart." Tanya whispered to

the other ladies. She raised her eyebrows and indicated the men. The

others nodded.


Rubbing her hands together Erin said, "This is going to be so fun.

Erica answered. "Oh yeah. They won't know what happened to them."

Jessica said. "Just wait til they taste the wrath of the new A-

Team." "Hey Tubby get your lard-butt over here, and look at something

for me." Erica shouted from the interior of the cell. "What do you

want?" The one nicknamed 'Tubby' asked.  "See my sister over there?

She's gone gonzo baby.  Absolutamente crazy. She's delusional I tell

you. Delusional  as the day is long."


She looked over at Erin, and Erin started to convulse on the

ground. "Hey doc don't lemme die with my boots on, tell ol' Rufus I

loved him. Just don't lemme die with my boots on. Just give my boots

to Sarah, and she'll know what to do with 'em. She closed her eyes

and in one dramatic long sigh she uttered one word. "Woof!"


She put a hand over her head, and she 'died'. Erica sighed a

dramatical sigh, and looked at the guard. Then she started to speak.


"See? What'd I tell you? She started to do that all of a sudden, and

now I can't get her to stop!" Just then Erin started up again, her

arms out in front of her and she looked like a zombie. "I am  of the

living dead. I have come back to tell you to let us out of this

cage....Let us out and the wrath of the dead will not come upon you. 

I have spoken!" She fell down on the floor again, but this time not

in a dead faint.


She'd put her back against the walls, and had drawn her knees up to

her chest, she started to scream. "


I want ttttrrraasssshhhhhh bbbbbaaaggggsssssss!!!!! I WANT


bags. STAT!!!!" The guard didn't know what to do. The more time he

stood there, the more Erin screamed for trash



Now the trash bags saying was a code devised within the Murdock clan.

If one or more of them were in trouble, one of them would start into

a crazy act.  Now Nick was well versed in crazy. In fact he'd been

born crazy. The good kind of crazy as his father HM Murdock had

dubbed it.


The minute Hannibal-Matthew and Nick heard the sound  of their sister

calling for trash bags coming from inside the warehouse, they got

some guns from the van, and stealthily went inside.  "They're in deep

trouble Hannibal.  Nick warned. 


That's our' it's Erin.  She's started up the code."

Hannibal-Matthew nodded. "Yeah I know. I know. We've got to be very

careful, or we might end up wherever the ladies are.  I don't want

that to happen right now.


Anybody got a fix on where the scream's located?" Hannibal-Matthew

asked.  "Um down that hall." Answered Tim.  "Yeah sounds like it."

Jarred said.   Nick nodded in agreement.  They started down the hall,

and there were the sisters. They also noticed that they were well

guarded and that David Kyle was with them. 


The guys didn't know him, but he seemed to be the leader. "Okay, we

need to re-group, and strategize. We've been through the front door,

so we can't use that move...." He decided to use the front door

tactic though, and he  decided to use a duck call. Jarred groaned an

spoke. "Aw man not the duck call. Remember those hunters that almost

got dad, both the uncles and Grandpa Hannibal? I don't want any duck

hunters comin' after us...."


Hannibal-Matthew shrugged, and blew into the whistle. As before

almost twenty years ago, a perfect duck call sounded throughout the

warehouse. Erin stopped screaming, and cocked her head. "Listen I

hear ducks." She screamed all the louder. "I WANT




She hoped against hope that the bad guys would be dumb enough to

follow the duck sounds. She was right. David Kyle sent the men to

find what was making that sound, but he stayed by the ladies' cage.


"She's not really insane. So tell her to shut up!" He leered

manically at the ladies. Tanya glared back. She tried to talk but

couldn't hear herself think over the shouting of the trash bag and

duck soup song going on. "TTTTRRRAAASSSSHHHH

BBBBAAAAAGGGGGSSSS!!!!" Erin screamed all the louder. 





"Shut up you crazy lady!" Said Ceiceily who was very cross with her. 

But Erin screamed all the louder.  Finally David had had enough, and

stepped into the cell to grab her. She stuck out her foot, and

tripped him up. Just then the guys entered. Once seeing the ladies

were safe, they all stared at David Kyle. 


Nick grinned and asked. "Did somebody order some trashbags?" Erin

grinned back and momentarily stopped her screaming. Nick

continued. "Not bad for a first timer Sis. I could've done a lot



He started screaming at the top of his lungs for trash bags, and all

of a sudden one pelted his face. "See? It works much better if I do

it." Erin said answered with a grin on her face. "Yeah. You seem to

have a knack for that kind of thing." He put the trash bag in his



He knew he was going to use it soon.  "Ahhh welcome to my pocket

Trashie....." "Quit talking to your stupid trashbag and let's get

these people tied, and get some answers." Jarred said as he glared at

Nick. Nick just grinned and batted his eyelashes at Jarred. "Oh

you're just a big teddy-bear like your dad. I know you really care

about me. I know cause if you didn't you wouldn't say such nice

things to me. Did you know I care about you a great deal?"


Smiling and turning back to his pocket before Jarred could make up

his mind to either be flattered by Nick's comment, or whether to

punch Nick's lights out.


He instead opted on  turning to David Kyle. "So who are you?"

Hannibal-Matthew asked. "What's your name?" Tim asked.  "What city

are you from?" Nick questioned.   Kyle just grinned and said not a



Not even when they threatened Jarred on him. His grin stayed in

place. Finally he seemed to get tired of the game. "Oh okay, you

people tire me out. I'm David Kyle. The son of the infamous Douglas

Kyle. Ever heard of him?" The boys looked at each other, their eyes

grew wide.  Yes they'd indeed heard of him. "Yeah I remember stories

about your dad. My dad used to tell me about them late at night." Tim



"Your father was a pea-brained man." David replied in turn.  Tim's

face flushed.  He balled his hands into fists and stood close to the

guy. "Don't you ever say that about my father. My father was a whole

lot better then your father would and could ever be!" He got ready to

swing at the man, but Hannibal-Matthew held him back.


"Face stop! We don't need to sink to his level.  Let's just get him

out of here, he belongs in jail anyway.  Agreed?" The others

nodded.  "Good, now let's grab him." They took a hold of his arms,

but he'd learned some moves from his father.


He surprised them all, and started to take off in a dead run, but

Hannibal-Matthew asked everybody to spread out, and soon they had all

the exits covered. 


Soon they were all back at Hannibal-Matthew's side.  Jarred and Nick

triumphantly carried the man in front of Hannibal-Matthew. "Here he

is! He couldn't escape!" Hannibal-Matthew grinned. "You know what

guys? I just love it when a plan...." Everyone said, "Comes



Hannibal-Matthew nodded. "Yup. Now where's Elizabeth? I haven't got

all day Mister. Where is she?" David remained silent, but he finally

opened his mouth. "She's  down another hallway. I can show you if you

want me to." Hannibal-Matthew nodded.  "Okay, on one condition, you

get your hands duct taped behind your back. You're not escaping again

for quite a while mister. No matter how crafty you think you are.



They thoroughly duct taped his hands together behind his back.  He

shuffled between both Nick and Jarred, and they came to

Elizabeth's 'cell'.  "Well here's the little brat. And look she's

wide awake too." Hannibal-Matthew made sure that both Nick and Jarred

were keeping a close eye on their prisoner, and he peered inside the

room, with Erin, Erica, Ceiceily, Carmen, Jessica, Tanya, and Tim

peering over his shoulders.


She was in a corner wide awake, but she seemed drugged or something.

Hannibal-Matthew stepped away from the door, and motioned for his

sisters, Tanya, Ceiceily, Carmen, and Jessica to step inside the

cell. The ladies all spoke soothingly to her.


She soon wrapped herself up in Jessica's arms.  She fell asleep

before they'd even gotten out of the cell. They took her and David

with them in the van, first they wrote a note, and then they duct

taped it to his chest, and threw him out right in front of the police



Fortunately some police people were walking by and they saw him, and

took him inside the station. They then contacted Chief Lorenzo. She

nearly cried with happiness and waited for them at their clubhouse. 

By the time they got there, Elizabeth was wide awake, and she didn't

seem  drugged anymore. 


In fact when they pulled up inside the clubhouse, and they opened the

door, she flew to her mother's open arms. "MOMMY!!!!" She

squealed. "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy!!!!" Chief Lorenzo smiled hugged

her daughter and turned back to the Team. She thanked them, then paid

them for their services.


She also told them they were a welcome sort of people to have on the

street again. It would be as if the A-Team'd never left.


The whole Team was really excited, it was their first reward, they'd

gotten and they just stood and smiled at each other. They hopped into

the van, and dropped off their clients at the Chief's home.  She

thanked them again, and they started for home  themselves. They had


Tim invest their reward, and they were soon on to other adventures. 

One of them being in the clutches of someone evil. But he wasn't

coming any time soon. They were soon on to more adventurous times.

But for right now they were content to go home, and relax. A job well

done, a plan coming together, and friends and family just a phone

call away. They were very lucky.





A-Team The 2nd Generation: Hannibal-Matthew's Idea by Georgia Bentz
A-Team The 2nd Generation's Next Adventure: Nick's Great Escape by Georgia Bentz



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