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Title: After All

After All

by Danielle


Rating: PG

Comments: Please

Summary: Years after they are pardoned, Face reflects on their lives.

Warning:  Angst

Disclaimer: I know, not mine.

Note: Special, special thanks to Cathy for beta reading this for me and

not complaining too much that this isn't the next part of "Alight".

It's coming.  I promise.




It was quiet in the old house, but that was the way they liked it.

After years of gun shots and squealing tires, all they had really wanted

was quiet.  Face still found that funny.


Sometimes he would find himself listening to Hannibal's respirator.  The

soft hisses reminded him of the ocean.  He would close his eyes and feel

young again.  Often, BA would have to shake him awake for dinner.  Face

could never explain why he liked sitting by Hannibal, keeping a silent

vigil.  Maybe it was because neither Murdock nor BA did.  He knew why,

and it didn't bother him that they didn't.  They wanted to remember

Hannibal when he was well. Face didn't care; he just wanted Hannibal to

know someone was there.


Sometimes he would watch BA work in his greenhouse.  When they where

younger, he would have laughed if someone had mentioned BA and flowers

in the same sentence.  Now, Face's conversations with BA would often

center on the blooming of a special rose.  Walking into the greenhouse

was like walking into paradise.  BA would always welcome him, offer him

tea, and show him what was new.  The other man would radiate the

calmness that had been so lacking in his early life.  If Face would

happen to mention a date that night, BA would simply smile.  At supper

that night, a bouquet would be ready for the date. 


Sometimes he would try and find Murdock, but more often then not he

couldn't. Out of them all, Murdock had changed the least.  Every

morning, he would be gone before anyone else got up.  It had taken

years, but now he left a note saying what he thought he would be doing

that day.  Usually, he and Elliot, his dog, would wander around the

nearly 100 acres of land they owned.  If Face found him, he kept his

distance, allowing Murdock to live in his imaginary world.  When he came

home for supper, he inevitably told them about his day. BA would grumble

and call Murdock a crazy fool, and Murdock would laugh and ask how his

girlfriend rose was. 


Sometimes he would smile at dinner and pretend that he could hear BA and

Murdock's voices.  Pretend that they were young and quick.  Angels of

justice for the average man.  And when this happened he would cry,

excuse himself from the table and hope he hadn't disturbed them too

much.  He would walk up to his room and hold the picture of the four of

them taken on the day they had been pardoned.


Sometimes, he wouldn't cry himself to sleep. 


"…then Elliot and I ran down the hill, just like that time in Da Nang."

Face moaned slightly as he woke up.  Rolling his face over he saw

Murdock sitting on the ground, his face close to Hannibal's. Murdock

looked over at Face and their eyes connected.  For a second, the years

disappeared and Face saw the Murdock from his picture.  Face blinked

once, and time returned to normal.  He looked down, and saw the flowers

in Murdock's hand and felt the tears spring to his eyes again


"Did you think we could forget him, Muchacho?" Murdock asked in his

quiet voice.  Face shook his head.  Murdock stood, a bit slower than he

used to, and put the flowers in a vase.  Without another word, he left

the room.


Sometimes, Face believed time stood still.



The End


After All by Danielle



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