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Well, at Charon's insistence (Grrrrr, Charon

Caving Into Desire   (A VERY Harlequin-esque Encounter)

by  Cat


RATING:    NC-17


DISCLAIM:  Not mine. Never were. No money made. Just borrowing to entertain a few bored masses. :)

WARNINGS:  Explicit sex, some language and really bad writing, LOL

AUTH NOTE:  Well, at Charon's insistence (Grrrrr, Charon!), I'm reluctantly posting this tidbit to the Cave-In scenario. (And I DO mean reluctantly.) <biting lower lip and crawling under rock> The character in here is a SHAMELESS Mary Sue. I know this and expect to get heck about it. LOL :-D She's being developed in another story, so I apologize if her background isn't detailed. (Can you tell I'm REALLY nervous about posting this?) Shameless PWP!! Please do NOT take this thing seriously! LOL

SUMMARY:   Catherine Smith (shameless Mary Sue) and Face find their own way of coping with the cave-in. (blinks innocently)

SPOILERS:  None that I know of, but if so can someone send me those epis? <EG>


* - denotes thought

< - denotes emphasis



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


            "Cat?" Face asked softly, his voice sounding incredibly loud amid the deafening silence that now wrapped itself around them like a thick blanket.


            She opened her eyes, keeping her back against the stone wall, her legs stretched out in front of her, goose bumps prickling the skin of her bare legs. *Why the <hell> couldn't I have worn something besides these <stupid> shorts?!*, she thought with a sigh, taking a moment before replying quietly, "Yeah?"


            "You okay? What are you thinking about?"


            She paused, surprised by the nonchalant tone as well as the question. After all, the silence between them had been almost as oppressive as the surrounding darkness and had seemed just as endless.  How long had they <been> in there, anyway? Hours? Days? <Weeks?> Time had definitely become a <very> elusive entity. Death was imminent, after all. Or at least it <seemed> that way. The chances of B.A., Murdock, Hannibal, and Sharel finding them alive were steadily dwindling, and the air around them was growing more stale and thin as  more time passed.


            Cat thought about how to respond.  She had been thinking about a <lot> of things, and while she didn't know Templeton Peck very well yet, she had a feeling that he probably <really> didn't want to hear about the little quirks and ticks of her mind; how this whole nightmare had brought to the forefront of her mind some less than pleasant memories of Vietnam---growing up despised by everyone but her mother, outcast in almost all ways.


            Hell, he couldn't want to hear about <that>. He had his own issues to deal with from that time and that area of the world.

Stranded or no, the last thing he needed to hear was one of <her> sob stories.


            Finally, a response came to mind, albeit an extremely lame one. "Oh......things," She half-laughed weakly, glad the single

flashlight they'd managed to nab from the backpacks (before the rocks blocked access to the rest of their equipment) had died some time ago and he wouldn't have to see the embarrassing blush that she felt staining her cheeks.




            "What <kinds> of things?" He insisted after a few moments, his voice soft and, she thought curiously, even a bit wistful... <curious>.


            Like he <wanted> to know.


            "Just...<things>," She swallowed, leaning back a bit further and sighing, wishing she had one of her infamous flavored toothpicks.


            Or one of her father's cigars...<unlit>, of course. Even this close to death, the thought of actually <smoking> one of those damn things made her skin crawl.  She <did>, however, like to have <something> in her mouth as a sort of relief for a strange kind of oral fixation, as if that would either to help her think or to keep her nerves in check from time to time.


            "You <said> that already," He quipped, the distinct lilt of sarcastic humor in his tone.


            She felt her left eyebrow arch and turned her head in his direction.  "I...<meant> that already. Face, look, what <is> this?

The third degree? I'm tired. Let me <rest> a little, will ya?!" She yawned and started to slide her way down the wall, surprised to feel a hand suddenly on her arm, stopping her in midflight and when Face spoke again, the humor was gone and he was completely serious.


            "Sorry, Cat.  <Not> a chance. You know as well as I do that with the thinning air in here we can't <afford> to sleep. C'mon....we gotta hang in there...the others will find us soon. Just...hang on!"


            She laughed sarcastically, acclimating herself to having his hand clamped around her arm and not letting her slide down the wall into a sleeping position.  "Oh, I have no doubt they'll <find> us all right, Face.  I just...I just <doubt> we'll be around to say <thanks> when they do! So, might as well let me sleep a little..."


            A moment of silence passed between them before she felt his hand tighten on her arm, then gasped as he eased her further up and then, much to her astonishment into his embrace. She opened her eyes wide and looked in his direction, despite the blanket of darkness that kept her from seeing anything.  "Face?" She whispered, feeling a strangely pleasant sense of discomfort tightening in the hollow of her abdomen.


            "Everything's going to be <fine>," He half-whispered back. "We're going to be fine. Have a little faith in the Colonel and

the guys, huh? Your old man's no slouch at this kind of thing. He <knows> what he's doing."


            "Uh...I do. I mean, I <do> have faith in them. It's just...I just..." She let her voice trail off, noticing that his free hand was

not so subtly sliding into hers in a gesture that was surprisingly intimate and took her <completely> off guard. "F...Face?" She

stammered after a moment, surprised by how comfortable it was sitting like this with him. Not that she hadn't harbored her own fantasies about the man or anything. Hell, she'd had <more> than her share, ever since she set eyes on the man. But, she really didn't think...


            And then she noticed that his hand was starting to wander, ever so slowly, ever so semi-discreetly, almost as if he'd been

waiting for this opportunity. "Face..." She breathed again after a couple of moments, feeling his fingers trailing lightly over her left





            "Your...uh...your hand..."


            He laughed softly, his voice deepening to a decidedly husky tone as he asked, "What <about> it...darling?"


             "It's,'re, uh...I mean..." Her voice trailed off and she swallowed, trembling slightly with the feathery sensations

elicited from his fingertips brushing over her legs as they slowly started to make their way further up her leg, toward her knee.


            "Are you all right, Cat?" He whispered huskily, his voice so close to her ear she could feel his breath on her face.


            She felt herself tremble at the sound of his voice. No, she thought, swallowing rapidly. *I'm <imagining> this. He is <not>

coming onto me. He's <not>...*


            And yet, she felt his fingers sliding even further up her leg, his fingertips gently brushing over her knee, sending prickles

of pleasure traveling through her. She gasped but didn't move, not wanting him to stop.


            <Never> wanting him to stop.


            "Mmm hmm," She murmured, gasping again when she felt his fingertips brushing further inside her thigh, lightly traveling

upward before resting against the center of her shorts. "Ohhh..." She gasped as his palm flattened against the area and even through the shorts and the panties she wore underneath, she could feel the distinct heat his hand possessed and she drew in a deep breath.


            "Are you <sure> you're all right?" He whispered against her ear, gently trailing his tongue over her lobe. She moaned and

trembled slightly against him, but the arm around her shoulders gently served to hold her in place. "You're not...<cold> or anything... are you?" He rasped as he let his hand slide up to start unfastening her shorts.


            She gasped and offered absolutely no protest to his efforts, leaning her head back slightly and groaning as his mouth found hers and kissed her deeply. "N..o," She whispered after a moment, not believing this was happening. "N...not c...cold by a ...l... <long> shot..."


            His lips found hers again and any rational thoughts she had left at that point disappeared almost immediately as  the cave floor seemed to suddenly disappear from beneath her. All light, sound, <everything> else became completely inconsequential. She felt like she was trapped, drowning in a sea of helpless desire and mutual aching need and moaned as her mouth parted willingly beneath his.


            Within a matter of moments she was wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down on top of her, their mouths staying sealed over each other, locking even tighter as their kiss deepened rapidly.


            Cat sighed inwardly with deep pleasure as he slid even further atop her, his body so easily conforming to hers, almost as if

they were made for each other.  She thought she was in an Earthly sort of paradise as his hands slid all over her, exploring her in the dark with the expert finesse of one carefully trained in the art of lovemaking, which of course he <was>. Cat was more than sure of <that>.


            And yet her attraction to the man had persisted.


            Hell, it had <grown>.


            She'd dreamed of this for so long, had <literally> ached to have his hands on her body for what seemed like an eternity. And now, now that it was <happening> all felt so...surreal, dream-like, an impossible occurrence.


            And had there not been this cave-in, it probably would have <remained> so.






            A <dream>.


            She drew in a breath as she soon found her hands sliding around the small of his back, hands sliding beneath his shirt to

caress the smooth flesh beneath, gratified by a small groan of pleasure that erupted into her mouth from him, even as his hands slid their way beneath the front of her tank top and caressed her braless breasts, hardening the nipples immediately and causing her to gasp and arch upward slightly.


            She moaned  as he eased the top up and away from her body, slowly lowering his mouth away from hers to claim one achingly hard nipple and suck it gingerly, savoring it and teasing it lovingly. A low groan escaped her throat and she let her fingers fly up to entangle in his thick mane of flaxen hair, holding him against her almost desperately. She sighed softly and  murmured his name as his mouth moved to the other breast and started applying the same ministrations to <that> sensitive area as well.


            Her breathing quickened dramatically while his mouth continued exploring her aching breasts, savoring the feel of his

tongue brushing up and enveloping each hardened peak. Reality dissolved around her as she clung harder to him, then  gasped when she felt her shorts, then her panties being slid away and a hand gently finding its way over her dampening center. "Face," She moaned, trembling as his fingers brushed inside the dampness, coiling around the whispery tendrils of hair that they encountered. "Face, <please>..."


            She felt her breath intake sharply as she heard a series of noises which sounded like more  clothing being removed.  Her need for him was intense and she was literally aching to have him within her, trembling as his mouth burned a trail of hot exploratory kisses down over her abdomen, lingering over her navel to let his tongue teasingly flick inside.


            *<Still> think he's nothing but a silver-tongued sex machine?*, her Inner Voice chuckled, having a laugh and a half about this whole thing, referring to a remark she  had once made after first 'witnessing' Face in action.


            *Of course.  But with <one> major difference now..*


            *What, praytell might <that> be?*, the Inner Voice replied cheekily.


            *He's MY silver-tongued sex machine. At least for now, whatever now I have left.*


            The Inner Voice had no response to that.


            Cat's moans and whimpers of pleasure filled the cave as she writhed beneath his ministrations, swallowing to keep her breathing under some semblance of control. Her  body quivered all over and she gasped as his tongue gingerly found its way around the edges of her throbbing center.


            It was all going so fast, so dizzyingly fast.


            What was her father going to say?


            *"Lieutenant, that was some <damn> good work in there! Fucking my daughter with your last breath? <Good work>, kid! <Real> good work!"




            But that didn't really matter now, did it?


            *Quit <thinking>, dammit!*


            A low groan of pleasure erupted from her mouth while his tongue eased around the outermost fold, tasting and teasing her, seemingly taking its sweet time in doing anything else,  savoring her, his hands gently easing  her thighs further apart. "Ohhh,

<Face>," She purred, opening herself to him as much as she could, gasping yet again as his tongue gently eased further inside her

recesses. "Yes...please...<ohhhh>..."


            She licked her lips and writhed against him when  he nuzzled his face against her, letting his tongue probe deeper, exploring her hungrily and with careful finesse and precision, hands sliding around her thighs and holding onto her.  Instinctively, Cat grabbed at the cave floor beneath her, clawing at whatever she could find, a frenzy that became even more urgent when Face's tongue found her swollen bud and licked it gently.


            The low whimper of pleasure that escaped her lips sounded extraordinarily loud in her ears. She felt her thighs quivering

harder even beneath his gentle restraint, his tongue curling around inside her and started thrusting back and forth within her.


            She cried out louder, not expecting such deliberate movements on his part, and felt her body tremble even more at the sensations that his tongue thrusts instilled within her. "<Face>," She cried out, louder and more insistent as she pushed herself harder against him, urging him onward with his ministrations. "Oh <yes>, Face! Oh <please>, Face! <Harder>!"


            She gasped as she felt the heat building within her,  his tongue thrusting harder against her bud, driving into her and sending her closer and closer toward orgasmic heights of pleasure, heights she didn't think she'd ever experience with him.


            And then it happened, striking her like a tsunami and causing her to cry out so loud that the shriek echoed like thunder throughout the cave room, her body shaking with violent rapture as she rode the crest of her amazing climax, loving the feeling of his tongue within her cleaning her hungrily. She let her head loll listlessly from side to side, fighting to steady her heavy breathing, amazed by the heart pounding peak that he had driven her to just by using his mouth.


            *Imagine what his hard shaft could do...*


            The thought stirred her even as she felt him draw back and take in a breath, could hear him swallowing.  She sighed in contented pleasure.


            "Oh Face," She murmured after a couple of moments, hearing her heart thudding wildly in her chest. "That was... <incredible>..."


             She swallowed, using her mind's eye to picture his erection and moaned as she listened to him discard his clothes.


            "It's not over yet, darling," He rasped. "In fact..." He began, then crawled back onto her and eased himself down to where she could feel the throbbing hardness of his arousal against her pelvis. "It's just <starting>."


            She moaned deeply, once more willingly spreading her legs for him and letting him ease them onto his hips before easing himself into her. She gasped at the sensation and then groaned as he lowered himself over her, continuing edging deeply inside her, his mouth clamping down over hers and claiming it again.  He wrapped his arms tighter around her and groaned, easing himself further within her warm recesses.


            "Cat," He murmured, breathing just as deep, just as fast as he moved within her, groaning as he felt her hands snake around to clasp his buttocks and hold onto him tightly.


            Her clasp on him tightened further, nails inadvertently sinking into his flesh as he increased his movements within her,

slowly at first, so that his hips ground against hers. Cat cried out softly in pleasure into his mouth, and  as they began to move in a

passionate <pas de deux>, the cold of the cave floor was completely forgotten since the heat between them was rapidly increasing and blocking out awareness of anything else, for either of them.


            *I must be dreaming, she thought in dizzying pleasure. This CAN'T be real!*


            All of those fantasies...the hidden glances, the discreet brushings against his arm and leg...the many times she'd listened to

tales of his 'escapades' and found herself actually wondering what he was like...


            He was <good>.


            So very, <very> good, indeed!


            Each movement of his body within her, each deep, exploratory, sizzling kiss on her mouth and touch of his hands on her throbbing breasts, made her think she would die from pleasure and overwhelming emotion.


            *I love you, Face.*


            *I think I've always loved you.*


            The thought hit her just as her body exploded with both his cry of passion and his shuddering release, filling her with a warmth that transcended the physical. Or at least, that's what her overly active mind processed it as.




            *No, no. Can't be. It cannot be.*


            *Just the air. Running low on the air. That's it.*


            But as their breathing slowed, and he withdrew from her, falling back away, she was surprised to find herself pulled into an embrace, felt his chin resting comfortably on her shoulder.


            "Face?" She breathed after a few moments, listening to his heart beat almost in tandem with hers.




            She swallowed and closed her eyes. "Thank you..."


            She felt his arms lower around her waist and she wrapped her own over them, smiling softly. "Mmmm...on the contrary, I think I should be thanking <you>, hmm?" His breathing continued to be labored, as did mine.


            *What a way to use up the thinning air, kiddo.*


            She blinked, could swear she could hear her father's voice, chuckling wickedly, somewhere just beyond Face. "Sorry, Colonel," She murmured, feeling her eyes growing heavy. "Didn't mean him...just happn'd..."




            She heard the surprise in Face's voice and was surprised to find herself being turned around, thankful for the darkness more than ever. "<What> did you just say?! He exclaimed, his voice, previously sounding almost as sleepy and languid as hers, now sharpened dramatically and Cat could all but picture his eyes flying open, staring at her in astonishment.




            She felt his hands tighten around her arms. "I...uh, er...well, I..."  She stopped as a loud noise suddenly reverberated

from somewhere off to the side, followed by a familiar voice, calling their names.


            Perfect timing, guys, she breathed as he drew back, releasing her.  Silently they scrambled to find their clothes, the tension between them more than a little palpable.


            "Face..." She started as she finished dressing.


            "Oxygen," He muttered strangely. "Lack of oxygen."


            She grimaced at the inflection in his voice and as the rubble started moving and a shaft of light became visible, Cat nodded

stiffly. "Yeah. That's what it was."


            *Like hell*, they both thought.







Caving Into Desire by Cat



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