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Snake Oil

By Ellen Brand

Category: Poem
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Do I have to say who this is?

Snake Oil

A gleaming smile and a silver tongue,
Easy charm and a handy gun,
And eyes that give no sign, no clue
To the man behind. Nothing but blue.
He weaves a web of truth and lies,
Shadows and light to blind your eyes.
But fairy gold fades with the dawn.
The web dissolves, and he is gone.
Hard to catch, first here, then there,
But in the end, well worth the wear
Of winning trust. Worth more than gold,
More fragile than glass, like water to hold.
Heart of gold-- gold's not so tough.
A heart should be made of sterner stuff
To weather all life's cuts and blows.
So bury it deep, where no one goes.
Perfect image, perfect face,
Perfect angel, perfect grace.
Spin for your friends the perfect con
Your life's a lie-- and life goes on.

Snake Oil by Ellen Brand